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  1. This was my 7th time, iirc, seeing them on NITL. Same basic setlist but always great and cool to see Dead Horse this time. Woulda loved to see Locomotive though. I hate Black Hole Sun even by Soundgarden. Wish they'd play something else by them if wanted to do a SG cover as long as not Spoonman. Hope I don't have to wait too long to complain about my next GNR show!
  2. Night 2 is bad ass!! Wish I'd have got tix for tonight instead now but thats how it goes.
  3. It would nice if the VIP table was open before 6pm too so had more time to take whatever schwag we get back to the room and get back to the Colosseum. Can't have everything though.
  4. Bunch of stuff - shirts, beanies, leather jacket, etc. Didn't see anything related to tour; just generic GNR merch.
  5. Doesn't look like they're going to have merch stand outside Colosseum before the show like previous venues. They've got some GNR stuff in Colosseum store but nothing from tonites show atm. Gonna be arriving about 8pm so hope litho's don't sell out before I get in. :/
  6. That is awesome! Interesting to see what they go with. I do hope they have a different for each nite tho.
  7. I didn't realize Manson was in town. Kinda appropriate on Halloween. I kinda know his guitar player through my college roommate. Hope there's a merch stand open early outside so can take shirt/litho back to room before the show.
  8. That would be better, aman! The original is just so plain.
  9. I've been to cafe du monde many times & know what it means to miss new orleans so i appreciate the local flavor of the litho but its just not very exciting to look at, imo.
  10. I've got an extra seat now in Sec 203 Row A on the off chance somebody is looking for fairly good single ticket.
  11. I'm going! 4th time seeing them in Vegas.
  12. Copyright Strikes....

    Had Attitude from Nashville 7/9/16 taken down taken down this morning. My youtube channel not as great as it was a couple weeks ago, the bastiges.
  13. Copyright Strikes....

    Had Nighttrain & Double Talking Jive from 4/8/16 taken down o/n. Bastiges!
  14. Copyright Strikes....

    Had my video's of Its So Easy from Vegas '16 and Estranged from Chicago '16 taken down. Bastiges!