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  1. Loudest show you've been to

    Marilyn Manson 2001. Mindblowing loud, could not here anything after that (great) show
  2. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    Just woke up, can some kind soul recap the show for me (setlist / anything new)
  3. Jungle from the front
  4. Not defending, we Finns are a bit odd Just saying we are not THAT bad
  5. Is it over? Any news from encore, apart from Don' Cry?
  6. This is from 2010 Finland
  7. Don't Cry is played... according GNR twitter
  8. Any information about the encore? that's always the interesting part...
  9. I really think the Golden Circle is going nuts, we'll see this maybe later from tube. We are reserved, but not braindead...
  10. stream is back, which song they sang
  11. Mustikka streamer has to take a leak, will be back shortly
  12. yes those are exclusive fr the concert. this will go 45min-1 hr over midnight let's hope for something special. again.
  13. Yes I think so.... all the extra trains out of Hämeenlinna etc. are schechuled with that
  14. 30 min till midnight... wonder if its going to be a short one.