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  1. 07/07/17 - Paris, FR - Stade de France

    Honestly read this as d*cks. Need my eyes tested
  2. What time are thy coming on stage??

    7.50pm in Slane. What a show, you're in for a treat!
  3. The GNR anything thread

    Can confirm skeleton sex was at Slane
  4. 05/27/17 - Dublin, IE - Slane Castle

    I was 14, and just not old enough to travel to Slane from Dublin to make the ’92 concert. I was gutted that day, but instead I went to help my dad at work. I never held it against him but I promised myself if they ever played Slane again I would make the journey. Fast forward to 2017 and I live in the UK. I’ve seen nu’GNR several times, Twice in 2006, the infamous 2010 Dublin gig, then again in Birmingham soon after that. I’ve also been to see Slash and Miles K several times. So as I made my way to Slane last Saturday I thought I knew what to expect. I’ve also been a member of this forum for many years. I’m quiet in real life and this is reflected here also. I’m certainly a lurker, but I check in every day. Back in 2006 Axl responded to one of my comments regarding the 2006 Dublin concert Reading through nearly every thread on every concert, watching the YouTube clips, knowing the setlist and the criticisms on voice, you think you have a fairly good idea of what the concert is going to be like. But nothing can quite prepare you for the experience of seeing something on this scale. It genuinely was magical. Slane is a great venue, with traffic issues for sure, but I thought the sound in there was fantastic. Royal blood were great, and loud, but the first idea I had of how loud GnR would be was during the promo and logo animations before the band had even arrived. The robot character walked across the screen and the sound of it “shooting” was just insanely crisp and loud. I was stood stage middle about half way back in the field. I saw the helicopters circle the crowd a few times, land and then saw the blacked out busses arrive stage left. The almost immediately the gun animations played out and the looney tunes music. You could feel the anticipation in the crowd. You know the setlist, so I won’t go into it here again. What I will say is that these guys are putting in everything they have to these shows. You can see it in their faces, their reactions, their movements. Axl hardly stands still, does he sing perfectly each and every note? no, but I wouldn’t expect him to. His performance is not just his voice its his movement and interactions. If I was to call out a weak moment it would be “There was a time” but it was still enjoyable in the context of the concert and the atmosphere, and took nothing away from the show. Anyway already looking to see if I can make a UK $how. Any questions about Slane ask away my view
  5. 05/27/17 - Dublin, IE - Slane Castle

    Just home from this concert. first time seeing this line up but 6th time overall. Simply mind blowing experience. Nothing like I've seen before. Band were in top form. Smiles throughout, crowd were great. Now sleep.
  6. 05/27/17 - Dublin, IE - Slane Castle

    Watching the 'late late show' on tv here in Dublin, presenter just said they have a very special surprise later in the show for someone in the audience and then said the words 'it's so easy' was for sure a reference to GNR
  7. 05/27/17 - Dublin, IE - Slane Castle

    I'll certainly try. I watched many a concert over periscope so would like to return the favour for sure.
  8. 05/27/17 - Dublin, IE - Slane Castle

    Yeah thanks, I'm after a regular ticket though
  9. 05/27/17 - Dublin, IE - Slane Castle

    Hi long, long time lurker. Where's the best place to pick up a ticket for the Slane show. I need a ticket for a friend who wants to come. Prefer to pay face value and not to be ripped off best sites to purchase from? Thanks!