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  1. INFO: Open 1130 -1300 sqm with outdoor seating 100 meters from the concert area - Age limit 18 years in part of the area on the outdoor seating -20 years old in the East -Annis Sausage Mathallen grills burgers at the outdoor seating "In East, there will be East Burgers, Pizza and Chilli Con Carne -Water stations at all bars Capacity 3500 pcs when it gets ugly will be left guided into the concert area -Recommended not to have big bags / bakers take time to check then it gets fast in our runway -Sales of smoke and snuff Sunscreen is available -Ladders to the phone are available All concerts deserve a good spring game especially GUNS N` ROSES on July 19th Valle, ØST and Guns N` Roses we look forward to you! "Not In This Lifetime Tour" sold over 1 million tickets in 2017 and became the most successful tour of the year. Something that undoubtedly shows that the attitude, spirit and influence of both Guns N 'Roses and rock & roll are still as strong. We are looking at the East! Hehe Google translate🙂😂🤘🏿🍾