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  1. Floyd Discussion

    my favorite band music wise animals and wish you were here are my personal favorite albums but im even quite loyal to gilmour and his later albums i would say there early syd albums are so abstract and pretty dark? this is the only era i don't know inside out i dont go too deep into dark side as its overplayed and cliché floyd - however the wall is an absolute masterpiece in my opinion
  2. its one of the biggest mysteries out there, maybe its in the vault - however if i remember correctly they tried to do something and maybe axl wasn't able to meet up with eazy and just slash duff jammed with them once thats my guess, but in duff's book it said they all hung out and partied a couple times, maybe it was then or after they recorded something
  3. Official GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

    i would say the afd poster along with the shout outs to adler would give credence that this afd 5 is possible, there are no other hints that have been as forthcoming as those as of now
  4. biggest holy grail of gnr of all time is whatever was recorded with eazy e/nwa back in the days
  5. ok fuck that then i edited it to be shoreline 1991 very first time they did it
  6. the first time they played it then
  7. Ha good topic Gonna blow all you's out of the water with mine. Fuck all the overplayed cliché songs Here we go!! 1. You Could Be Mine 2. One in a Million 3. Yesterdays (Las Vegas 92 Live Era) 4. Knocking on Heavens Door (Marquee 87 Live) 5. 14 Years 6. Think About You 7. Mama Kin 8. Dust N Bones 9. Used to Love Her 10. Right Next Door to Hell 11. Estranged 12. The Garden 13. Rocket Queen 14. Madagascar (Live Rock in Rio 2001) 15. Locomotive (Shoreline 1991)
  8. Floyd Discussion

    i am very much not well versed in final cut, although it was part of the box set that came out in the 90s it was the most neglected CD of the bunch, may have listened to it once on another note a perhaps unpopular opinion is that another brick in the wall 3 kicks the shit out of the other 2 versions !!!
  9. i remember watching that one or was it yesterdays live and gnr were at their right peak then what a performance last izzy show and their best performance of that song ever
  10. Open Letter to FERNANDO...

    i think he went out on a limb saying it as in him going out on his own to serve his own parasitic needs of stirring the pot and not really admitting it
  11. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    its more about the song being an equal 20% representation among the 5 band members and adler holding his own, the intro and groove is all him then izzy, duff slash axl all complimenting each other perfectly the 3/4 of the song gives the listener the absolute height of their chemsitry and especially adlers groove can't be replicated its like john bonhams intro on good times bad times this is one of the only gnr songs that i've never gotten bored of (along with think about you )its like fine wine and adlers the only one with the chops on it from any gnr incarnation izzy's solo in think about you is the best solo in gnr's catalogue, would easily go to slash for nightrain at the end but they faded it out which could have been extended by like 3 minutes
  12. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    brownstone is one of the best songs ever written by any band (top 3) and a lot of it has to do with adler
  13. Floyd Discussion

    don't know it will look it up later
  14. Floyd Discussion

    whats everyones deepest song they have with floyd very tough but for me the deepest one and not personal but just deep on an existential level is High Hopes - to me it encompasses and wraps up what was left in the floyd bank with melancholy and with some hope for what lies ahead post floyd
  15. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    wanted to see if anyone attended this show and can share more details one of the top 3 gnr holy grails??
  16. Floyd Discussion

    yeah my brother went to division bell told me he dropped acid for the one and only time and the helicopters going into the crowd etc
  17. Floyd Discussion

    yeah, it was surreal for sure the only other floyd moment i would think that tops that night would be any given night of the pulse tour to me the pulse album might be the best album of all time at least for my taste but i would argue it anyway
  18. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    the brainwashing is not necessarily the right wording its the reinforcing that axl is gnr in his head which these people constantly tell him your acting like thats not an issue, but its the main issue as soon as he realized that izzy had to go after adler had gone it was a tidal wave of constant bs led by goldstein and all the other losers that now surround him plugging his ego with how gnr has always been only him and this and that and its all his doing and nobody elses, slash is the only one that has kept axl in half check in modern times but before, when izzy was in the picture axl was real smart, for real - and its that genius level performance that axl exhibited between 84-91 has allowed him to live how he has been living...
  19. Floyd Discussion

    it was a major fluke good story! a client of mine - (who became my gf after) took me to the show after a lunch, it was in a private corporate box where i was doing some major networking nobody else knew floyd as i did, and the rumour mill started pumping saying gilmour was showing up, couldn't believe it when it finally happened both songs were amazing i wanted to cry i have to say there are some touching moments of the wall and my personal favorites are vera and bring the boys back home, outside the wall as well just brings it all together perfectly
  20. Floyd Discussion

    i was there for that ! david showed up for numb at the top of the wall and belted out the lyrics like no other nick came out for outside the wall pretty emotional to say the least
  21. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    i dont think he has a low IQ, suffers from narcissism because of the loser brainwashers he surrounds himself with which takes his intelligence and puts it on the back burner
  22. agreed but its hard to tell, knowing axl i think he mixed him and frank together à la live era to fuck with everyone and didn't tell anybody
  23. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    prostitute is the only decent song from CD but the drumming sounds like a pro tools drum machine
  24. im up there in the spend category but not at the same level as the psycho NITL fans that followed them everywhere i've bought every album including CD by far my worst investment, as i had downloaded the 2001 rock in rio songs and these were far superior to what came out multiple posters a wallet tokyo videos many t-shirts - bad apples being the best one the box set like 8 books chicago 92 bootleg ritz 91 bootleg i've gone to the concerts showed in my signature however the most telling sign of dedication to the brand not band was I bought multiple tickets for my buddies and myself to vancouver 2002 and to me this was a dream come true having been denied seeing them as a kid by my parents, when the riot ensued and I was literally crying having heard the news, i sucked it up, flew to toronto saw a kick ass show and really believed in the 2002 incarnation, the friends that endured the no show vowed to never support axl ever again and they stood by it i even bought 5 tickets to 2017 but by then the band sucked so much i basically gave them away
  25. its inconcllusive as nobody knows and it could be pro tools for all we know