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  1. Four simple words "I fucking love it" What else is around the corner to surprise us? In GNR world anything could happen.
  2. Well I have just had the misfortune that my old Sony HiFi gave the up the ghost after 27 years loyal service. I went out yesterday and spanked £1500 on a Yamaha amp CD player and pair of Kef speakers to replace my old friend. Have played CD today from start to finish, using the pure direct function. WOW is all I can say, I have been able to hear so many more layers and intricacies in each of the tracks. The album is even more of a masterpiece after this new listen. It still doesn't get the credit it truly deserves. Love all tracks on the album with some rotating in appeal to me over the years. My mainstays are TWAT, Maddy, TIL and Prostitute. In terms of where the band go next who knows. Hearing how they adapted the intro on Better at the start of the NITL tour leaves you salivating for how they may take forward what is/might be in the Vault or for brand new material. Nothing but potential for the future.
  3. It is a strange point in time. It would appear that Axl is now more at peace and has put to bed past demons and issues that plagued him for years. The older material that has been recorded/remixed etc etc that we have not heard or say we have heard snippets of or say we have a copy of etc maybe Axl wants to keep that in the vault as he has moved on in life, and does not feel he wants to have to explain or potentially have to deal with the situation or source that inspired those tracks. Maybe he has moved on musically and creatively and does not feel that material is relevant today? So if Axl is not in turmoil and at peace with life, what is his inspiration and muse for new material? considering that tracks like Coma, Estranged, NR, TIL, were created from Axl going through real tough times. I personally do think that the current line up could produce a great sound for a new album, Melissa has brought a great edge to the live performance and great backing vocals. Could be interesting to hear how that would play out in new material. Slash and Richard had good chemistry on stage and could inspire each other easily. Frank certainly deserves his place in the band and would love to hear how he would sound on a Guns album. I think Izzy being involved creatively wouldn't be a bad thing but certainly not from a future tour involvement as he just ain't up for that level of interaction. It just feels too good a time at the moment not to capitalize on the situation whilst everyone is in a good place. Guess we will just have to be patient and not raise our expectations too much. Take what we get when we get it.
  4. I enjoyed all three era's. It was 89 that I got into Guns N' Roses and was playing catch up with building my record collection and anything else connected with the band. Buying any magazine that had some feature about the band in. It was a tough period as did not know if they were going to survive as a band and make a new album. The Gap between 89 and the band getting back out on the road and the Illusion release seemed like an eternity at the time. Nothing compared to the wait for CD though. Was fortunate to see them play Wembley 91 and Izzy's last show as a member. Was an epic performance and one that Duff noted in his book as being a night that they were on it. Skid Row as support was the icing on the cake that day. It was such an energized day all round and one that has stayed with me since. Saw them again at Wembley in 92, that too was a great show, Axl was more rested after cancelling the Manchester show mid-week and I think this really helped him deliver a solid performance. Also had Brian May join them to play WWRY and TYMD. That concert was rated as being in the top 10 up to that point. I remember Axl having someone from the crowd thrown out, mostly because he was drunk and causing agro for fans around him. Axl mentioned about the 2 fans at Donnington and how they have taken the blame since. As the guy was pulled out Axl said something along the line of " you just lost your pass stupid fuckhead, wanker, see yer" Got to see them at MK Bowl in 93 when Izzy came back to play a few shows after Gilby had busted his wrist. Fondly remember Axl playing guitar on the intro to Dead Horse and jumping around on the sofa. It was a great setlist and great to see things stripped back from the previous year. Each phase had it's own appeal and highlights and all important in the history of the band, so can't really say I had a fave. Glad that I got to see them in each phase/era. It was heartbreaking at the reality of seeing it properly all start to come apart after the Illusion tour finished. You kind of knew it was finished for that line up with no clear sign of where or what they would do next. All the same it is part of the history of the band.
  5. Anything has got to be better than the last train crash we got! Hopefully Stevie just concentrates on his band rather than try to forge his way back into a Guns setup which just won't happen.
  6. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    I would seriously lose my shit if they were to ever play this live again. Such a powerful track and one that takes you to magical places in your mind. Sad thing is we could of possibly had a pro shot of Locomotive at Paris 92 had Jeff Beck not had his ears blown out at rehearsals the day before. That clip with Jeff playing along was such a tease. Not sure if it would have been in the main set list on show day. Guess we will never know if it had been planned.
  7. What is Axl up to these days?

    Axl is probably reading this thread in some swanky hotel somewhere in the world laughing his head off at us lot wittering away at what he may/may not be doing. Hopefully he is getting a rest and contemplating his next masterstroke. We don't get to dictate what and when he does something. If you're reading this Ax thanks for the epic performance at UK Download this year. Come back again some day!!
  8. I sure hope this is not the end of Axl's involvement with AC/DC. Having seen Axl perform with them in London 2 years ago, the prospect of a studio recording even if only a few songs with Axl would be epic. Guess time will tell how this all unfolds.
  9. Do you really think that Izzy would pay any attention to a petition for him to play a show? He may appreciate the sentiment of the idea but Izzy does things on his terms and always has. I am just grateful that I got to see him play his last show as a member of the band back at Wembley in 91