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  1. Mean Bone?

    Loved Road Rash!! The ALG artwork is by some german guy named Krüger I think. He did a lot of similar stuff for german metal acts like Tankard.
  2. Yes, he really should do an album like that! Then put him in a room with a grand piano, lots of candles, his cats and some cameras, let him play that whole album by himself and put it on youtube, please. Maybe a guest spot by Slash.
  3. What about Robin's solo album, is it ever coming out? Does anybody have any infos on that? I always thought that might be very interessting since Robin's studio work for Chinese was so good and creative. While he was in Guns I pretty much hated him back then. He was really, really bad with Slash's stuff plus the goofy stage moves, skullets and all that. Ashba was the worst, doesn't even matter how or what he played. Shame.
  4. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    "THEN I WOKE UP." Sorry, mate!
  5. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    Fuck, that pretty much means nothing will happen next year regarding Guns writing new stuff. A whole year wasted on a shitty solo album is something to be pissed about at this point, imo.
  6. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    I heard Axl has been working really hard on his vocal delivery and sounds like he did in 2016 again and that they will open with a new song. Locomotive replaces Coma and the shows will be shorter (less solos and bloat). Then I woke up.
  7. It depends on how hard they are willing to really dive in and find the monkey. Both Axl and Slash.
  8. Street of Dreams (I wish they kept The Blues as it's title) would be much better than TIL at this point. Plus, it sounds good without rasp. IF they go for it, let's just hope Slash puts in a bit more effort with the solo instead of noddling along as fast as he can.
  9. Favorite Slash albums

    Ain't life grand Contraband Libertad Slash It's five o clock somewhere Apocalyptic love World on fire/ Living the dream
  10. Look for GNR rig rundown on youtube if you want to learn more about it and see it. Slash's rig is super complicated and technical these days.
  11. This is kind of the typical change for many players over the years - think Clapton, for example. As a player myself, when you're young you tend to use more distortion and go for a big, fat humbucker tone. Later on, you try to use less and less dirt and many start to appreciate single coil pickups, Strats etc. because it's more musical and has more clarity. I used to play Les Pauls, then Teles, now Strats. That being said, it's not always a change for the better. Many prefer Clapton's earlier, Les Paul stuff with Cream. Personally, I loved Slash's UYI era tone and playing best, but I understand his journey to different tones. BUT the fast, noodling aspect of his playing these days just sucks to my ears. Since he is aware of it, it might change again for the better though, especially in the context of new Guns material. I hope so.
  12. Agreed. I never thought about it this way but your 100% right. Lack of dynamics like this make a lot of rock music boring. Guns had it figured out. Would be interesting to know if only one of the bandmembers focused on this and, if so, who? Probably Axl.
  13. On "Don't Damn Me" they were doing it as well, for example. You got good ears.