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  1. It's not Axl. The music is played really shitty as well. Never liked the song anyway. The more I think about it, the more I feel like this whole Slash/Myles thing should end right now, it's such a waste of time.
  2. I was hoping we would have left the already far too long "I'll take what I can - better than nothing" phase of GnR history with the return of Slash and Duff.
  3. If you want new GnR music another boring album with Myles is about the same as no new music. I get that Slash enjoys that band and it's all nice and comfy, but really - it's just super boring. I really hope he sees and feels the difference, being on stage next to Axl vs Myles. Too bad they won't ever tell us anything.
  4. How do you know that? You don't. Would be interesting to know though, do they really don't hang out? Do they have fun?
  5. That would be so lame. All of them should focus on new GnR material. I don't think I would even buy this.
  6. Next GN'R Album Name Rumors?

    Self titled would only make sense if it was the AFD band. Otherwise it would be super lame. So it might be an option.
  7. Yeah, really. All this super extended noodling is boring as fuck. I'm a guitar player as well and it's just way too much because it adds nothing to the songs, it hurts them.
  8. I liked Mötley when I was younger. Later on I realised they suck. Plus, I find them highly unlikable as people with the exception of Mick Mars. He' s a good player as well. Compared with Guns? That's like comparing Ratt, Great White or any of these bands with Gnr, not even the same sport.
  9. Oh my God would be cool
  10. Add: Dead Horse (if possible with ACDC style rasp) Nice Boys Shadow of your love Bad Obsession Right Next Door to Hell Street of Dreams The Garden with Special Guest Alice New Songs Drop: Everything Chinese except Title Track and Madagascar You could be mine if Axl can't handle it
  11. Really? The Paris 92 is one of the greatest GnR moments ever imo.
  12. What is the best GNR opening song?

    That's...insane. Not in a good way.
  13. It's just not that good. It's not even a real album, it's just stuff put together with maybe a handful of good songs somewhere in there. Not Guns N' Roses at all, imo.
  14. What is the best GNR opening song?

    Welcome to the Jungle is just perfect. The structure of the song, the intro, the lyrics...just perfect. It's so easy is cool as well and makes total sense since it's rather easy for Axl to sing (I suppose) and gives him the opportunity to warm up his voice on stage Chinese Democracy works too, but it's a bit of a "poor mans Jungle" since it copies that build-up too much.