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  1. Punk as fuck! But that cool song, "Welcome to the jungle" sounds great, is it from the upcoming album? No fun following GnR, it's torture really.
  2. They did that the last time already so who knows.
  3. Dizzy Reed on Mitch Lafon

    Totaly irrelevant Diswald is.
  4. Why exactly is Frank called "Thunderchucker"?

    An open mind leads to happiness.
  5. Dj Ashba proves he is shitter than ever

    I can't help it, everything about him is annoying as fuck to me. What a dick.
  6. Inbefore Ralph Wiggum "I'm special!" pic gets posted. It's hard to describe what made them so special back then and even harder to accept how little is left of it now. If they somehow would be able to capture that magic one more time, man, that would be the best thing ever. Chances are very slim, imo.
  7. Video Games You Never Finished

    I agree, too bad the games pretty much sucked.
  8. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    Having loving and caring people in your life that speak their minds openly and can give you perspectives, tell you when they think you're wrong, etc. is pure gold, man. You can't buy that. Does Axl have even one person like that in his life? I doubt it. Lots of Col. Parkers though for sure.
  9. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    Are you serious?? Yes, look how well that played out for Elvis and Michael Would you like to live like that?
  10. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    That's my guess as well. What a sad life that must be. Not to mention the horror of realising it someday.
  11. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    I wonder if Axl has even one single person close to him in his life that would/ could talk to him this way without being banned/fired/removed from his life, either by himself or the leeches.
  12. It goes nowhere, has no strong/ memorable parts, no great melodies and is overall boring?
  13. European Leg

    Just when you think following GNR can't become any worse, DJ ASHBA rears it's ugly head in every other thread lol.
  14. If I was them I would try this: After the verses let Slash play a few seconds of lead guitar licks, Locomotive style, so to speak. Then go all in on the chorus vocally. Would make the song more organic, Axl gets his breathing time and Slash gets extra noodle time, which he seems to enjoy so much.
  15. So Ashba is your least favorite?