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  1. Melissa on lead vocals?

    She should sing the "love's so strange" lines in Locomotive, like many have mentioned since they started playing it live again. Apart from that, maybe something similar on a new song where it would make sense lyrically to hear a womens voice interacting with Axl.
  2. Dj Ashba proves he is shitter than ever

    Ashba sucks. What was Axyl thinking?
  3. Why the negativity towards Axyl and GNR?

    Yeah, the way Team Brazil acts and treats the fans is a big part of it I believe. The whole Chinese era was very exhausting for the fans as well, not just for Axyl. With very little reward to most. Now we have Sluff back since 2016 and still not a single new song, at least it looks like that will change relatively soon. It's hard to be a GnR fan and it would take very little effort from the band to change that for the better.
  4. Better song: Coma or Locomotive

    Locomotive is the stronger song to me. Slash absolutely slays, the main riff is super cool and the mack daddy delivers all through the song. The last part is perfection.
  5. Right? I think Axl went into the next section to early and everybody else followed, surprisingly well I must say. I didn't check it though.
  6. Just saw Locomotive vid on youtube, great performance! Apart from a few sections Axl sounded supercool, his whole approach was awesome. Bit older, more relaxed but just cooler because of that. I'm sure somebody already mentioned it but Melissa should sing all the "Love's so strange" lines while Axl does his "Hay Hay" stuff, would sound awesome!
  7. slash's hat

    It's gotta be taped or glued to his head. And I agree, since he wears it ALL THE TIME on stage it becomes to cartoonish.
  8. Hard School on GNR's setlist!

    It's pretty much impossible to do live, no breathing time before the chorus.
  9. Is Robin's SRV style solo that Axl mentioned anywhere to be heard on these tracks?
  10. Mh, 1. It's so easy 2. Estranged 3. Sweet Child (tired of it, but still) 4. Jungle 5. Perfect Crime/Right Next Door/Dead Horse/YCBM/14 Years/everything else from AFD ah fuck I can't do this.
  11. Nah. You have to see the context here. Have we heard even ONE finished song with vocals with all the leaks that comes close to former GNR material? The Rough Mix #3 stuff is great but very differnet, so it might have bombed hard. And the leaked songs with vocals? I enjoy hearing them a lot, but after a while...Atlas? No. Perhaps? Kinda cool but come on, doesn't make anybody dance in a hallway, right. Hardschool is great, but not a big gun too. You're just excited about the leaks, that's it.