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  1. God, why the fuck are they clowning around like this all the time?! You got Axl Rose, Slash and Duff at the very least, just write and record some songs and put them out. As Guns N' Roses. They're touring under that name, so stop the pussy shit and release NEW Guns N' Roses music. I feel better now.
  2. As a musician myself, I hear it much more than I would like to sometimes. In my opinion Steven was just as important as the other 4 original guys. When he played with them on this tour it sounded phenomenal, so, so much better than any other drummer. Steven Adler is the real deal for Guns N' Roses. The other drummers all have their strenghts and weak points but as long as it's not Steven it doesn't really matter to me personally.
  3. Give in to me Always on the run I did u no wrong feat. Axl from Steve Jones' Fire and Gasoline album
  4. Maybe Axl feels it would make him look bad, like, people wondering if he was unable to sing it. Which would be right.
  5. Gelsenkirchen then for me, probably. It's gonna be the exact same show though, I'm afraid. I'd rather see them hit the studio...
  6. How many more shows are they gonna play? I'd like to hear Street of Dreams...best song on CD along with the title track imo and very slash.
  7. Complaints, complaints, complaints Unbelievable. I hope nobody from the band waste even one minute reading any of this.
  8. If Axl hasn't enough motivation to deliver something better than this he should just fucking quit performing with Guns for good. If he physically can't do better than this he should cancel all the remaining dates and explain. Everything else is an insult to his audience and "bandmembers".
  9. I just watched a couple of songs on youtube. If this is the new standard they can not charge that much money for this, it's criminal. You could be mine made me laugh out loud, it's sooo bad. I don't want to know what Slash is thinking at this point.
  10. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    All they should do is new Guns N' Roses music, anything else would be another dissapointment. So that's whats gonna happen, of course.

    It's so izzy Really, it's Izzy.
  12. 1. Ain't Life Grand 2. Apocalyptic Love 3. Slash 4. It's 5 o clock somewhere 5. World on fire
  13. What was the first GNR song you heard?

    I think it was Shadow of your love! The song was on a Vinyl Sampler album called "Time to Rock", I can remember some other bands were Raven, Faster Pussycar, Mötley Crüe, Loudness and Manowar. It was not the "usual" version of SOYL. That was around the time Afd came out, I was hooked. The sampler did it's job.
  14. I can't help but feel a bit dissapointed by the fact that Slash and Duff didn't make sure Izzy was on board as well. I'd love Steven to be there but it's understandable they didn't wanna take that risk. An honest interview about these things (and the topic of new music) would be helpful.