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  1. Yes, feels like Slash is some kinda guest musician, the way he talks about GnR these days.
  2. None of us knows anything.
  3. Happy Birthday Izzy!

    Avocado party!
  4. What's Rotten's opinion of GnR in general? I think he mentioned Guns in his book but can't recall.
  5. It really is! Guns fans starving since forever, what do we get after 3 years? Some fucking tenderness!
  6. More Conspirators. Nothing at all happened with Guns music so far. It's like they enjoy torturing us.
  7. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    - Slash should quit doing these mega long solo sections at the shows. The stuff he plays is not interesting enough to do it, it's just noodling. Boring. - Steven Adler made GNR sound cool. The more time passes by, the clearer it is to me. - They shouldn't dress like their 20year old selves anymore.
  8. Yes, that's what I meant. Patton would never want to be associated with them.
  9. Axl loved Faith No More's music, afaik. And yes, VR (or Slash) asked Mike Patton to be their singer, which is quite delusional I would say.:D
  10. Mh, I can't find anything interesting here. It's not bad, it's not good, it's totally forgettable. I don't know, all these side projects and all that...I just don't care anymore. New GNR or nothing.
  11. Interesting that about nobody (me included) here thinks of SCOM, which most people would probably choose.
  12. The one two punch from the first album known as Welcome to the Jungle and It's so easy. Can't seperate them for this topic.
  13. Fuck this shit. How old is she, 10 years old?