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  1. Let's hope that it's gonna be this way...imagine this, they're having a blast in the studio and everything gets done really fast. Then the album comes out next year and becomes a huge success. Then, because of all of this, they start working on a follow up immediately. Slash is so busy and happy with Guns that he declares the end of his collaboration with Myles & the Conspirators and apologizes for their boring albums! Ah, the possibilities!
  2. That would be cool, but it's very unlikely. Seem like Axl wants to release everything under the GNR name. Which is understandable, the same songs have a much better chance to get a positive reaction if Slash and Duff are on there, even if they'd play the exact same parts Finck or Bucket did. And he probably doesn't want to put something out NOW with Pitman, Finck etc. on there.
  3. That's true, no movements like grunge or new metal or britpop in sight. Would be a good time for Guns to come out with a new album.
  4. I'm sure they don't think for a minute they would need Izzy.
  5. To me it feels like IF Izzy gets involved somehow he would only do it for the money. And the others guys would only WANT him to be involved because it would help to sell their product. I don't wanna feel like this about it but that's the vibe they are giving me, including Izzy. Hope I'm wrong and that he will be there, for the right reasons.
  6. It really ain't easy for GNR now. Are they trying to do a "dangerous" album next? Something with sleazy/ offensive lyrics to keep the "fuck you" attitude alive somehow? Or are we getting songs about saving elephants and being nice to everyone? In a way, they're fucked - what do they have to say? Must be hard for Axl to give it a direction at this point.
  7. In the 80s: Axl In the 90s: Slash Chinese Era: Axl Now: Err...hard to answer. I don't enjoy Slash's playing these days too much, it changed alot. Hate those wankish, super long solo sections and all Conspirators records since Apocalyptic Love. Axl seems to be a shell of his former self. Duff comes across as a real dork these days. Mh. I'd say Axl, I hope he leads Guns into making a great new record.
  8. It's even funnier/ more sad if you look at their official video for the "misunderstood" song. Duff is really coming across as an uncool spineless dork lately. :/
  9. Kill Your Idols

    Lol, maybe in the early 90s.
  10. Loco-Motive

    The pre chorus parts are probably the hardest to sing, a lot of words with no breathing time.
  11. Because I'm interested to hear what they have to offer and what they have to say NOW as a reunited group. A relevant artistic statement, if you will. Hearing something Axl wrote while he hated Slash and was dealing with stuff not relevant to him anymore would be kinda lame to me. An artist that lives in the past is not very exciting to listen to, imo.
  12. New stuff with all new vocals, please. How lame it would be if they had to rely on former replacement's ideas and super old recorded vocals where Axl was in a completely different state of mind. No true artist would do that.
  13. That's the big question - will Slash's ego allow Axl's approach? Or can they meet somewhere in the middle, which would probably be the best scenario? In the end, I'm much more for Axl's approach. Slash NEEDS to be challenged at this point of his career, it really pisses me of that he wants to do ANOTHER boring album with Myles. So for Guns, more power to Axl!
  14. Oh Man...why can't they just give a clear and meaningful answer in the first place for once?! Following Guns is so not fun, we're all insane!