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  1. Come on, people - Taylor is great but he plays it not like the original version at all. I don't mind at all, but if he really was in Guns he would be slaughtered for that by the same people that are praising him now.
  2. Frank really doesn't fit unfortunately. Best solution would have been Steven AND Matt for the NITL tour, as long as they don't record anything new it doesn't feel like a real band anyway. All imo of course.
  3. No way Frank has any say in this (or anything, really). Same with Fortus. By the way, can anybody confirm that Richard's nick name within the band is "Fortus Longus" because of his very large genital?
  4. Now I want a GnR studio recording of Slither! You can hear what Axl is trying to do with the chorus, it would sound great if the volume levels would be better (Duff louder as he is the lead vocal here).
  5. Would be better for everybody than charging top dollar for shit like that. Most ticket buyers don't know about all of this. Like, don't ever go to one of the earlier shows of a tour because Axl "needs a couple of shows to get going". It's just wrong.
  6. How come every other band as big as Guns manages to sound good at their concerts? You pay for that as well. And on the vids (Slither, TIL, etc, etc) you can hear very clearly he sounds like shit anyway. Why the excuses?
  7. All I can say is I'm glad I didn't buy tickets for any German shows. If you charge ticket prices like that, FUCKING PREPARE. Just listen to Slither - there can be no doubt he cared about it at all. What he gave people for their hard earned money with this song alone - fuck this shit.
  8. This could very well be it...I'm starting to really lose interrest in GnR, which is a bit sad since Slash and Duff are finally back but...almost all their decisisons piss me off somehow! The boxset...the silence...the greed...latest addition: the way they're dealing with the It's so Easy video... I don't know, anything but new music won't cut it anymore. And I am not even sure that new music is a good idea either. I won't go to any shows this summer. I don't think I'll miss out on much. :/
  9. I'm in the "I just want the music" camp as well...The documentary would be nice to own, but since there is youtube...
  10. No, but you can buy plastic toy trucks soon, be grateful man.
  11. Can we get more detailed info on these terrific trucks, pretty please?
  12. This. Very full of himself and he said nothing.
  13. So they will keep on touring, got "something" in the works and just released a "brand new single". That's the info we got?! Yay.
  14. Oh boy, i'm too sleepy - I thought "Wow, Billy Idol looks bad these days" for much longer than I should. This whole concept, playing only GnR songs with this dork singer...I feel ashamed for Steven. And with all this bullshit talk of his and that annoying singer...I totally can see why GnR don't wanna deal with him on a regular basis.Kinda sad.
  15. I would love the following songs to be added: Nice Boys, SOYL, Street of Dreams, Jumpin Jack Flash, Dead Horse, Right Next Door to Hell, Since I don't have you. Locomotive would be cool, but it would probably sound like shit vocal wise and bring down the vibe for most people in the crowd.