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  1. Do you think you ever out grow GNR?

    I feel the outgrowing part a little, but only with the early stuff and only regarding the lyrics. Anything goes for example. Apart from that, GnR music still sounds great to me and it will probably stay that way. What I definately don't feel anymore is Metal, apart from the classic stuff of my youth (Slayer, Pantera, Maiden, Metallica, etc.) it leaves me surprisingly cold now.
  2. What is Axl up to these days?

    I would say the negativity is really selfmade, it's just frustrating to follow Axl/ GNR. Maybe he was getting all amped up for AC/DC and just found out about Brian being back in the fold? I hope he is looking at his options now and starts putting a new GNR album together as the result.
  3. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    Of course they (Axl, Slash, Duff) know about things like this. Don't be stupid.
  4. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    Nice thread title! There's not much left to enjoy about Guns these days. It's sad and pisses me off. It shouldn't, but it does. Duff, for example - punk as fuck? On a shirt with his name on it? And he agrees with something like this (topic)? It's disgusting, it just is. Fuck.
  5. Myles is boring and Slash wants it easy and boring these days. No drama, no edge, no thrill. It's understandable but it sucks. Can we all agree to this?
  6. I'm already bored without even listening to it. Definately won't buy this album. Axl/Dc, ok. Thats interresting. This? Zzzzzzzzzz
  7. I think it says in the booklet that it's Axl on lead vocals? Can't check. It sounds a lot like him to my ears, it's just another of his many, many voices.
  8. But he wasn't, it was always song oriented, apart from stuff like eruption of course. But that was short. You could say the same about Hendrix then, he blew everybody away. But he had the songs and the taste. That's exactly the big difference. Could Slash come up now with something like Little Wing? I don't feel it.
  9. Eddie was always very song oriented player, his rhythm work is actually as impressive as the leads. But in the end, it's all a matter of taste. If Slash could get that mojo back with his new skill level, that would be so exciting to hear! I got a crazy idea, put him in a rehearsal room with Axl fucking Rose and let them work on each others stuff to bring out the best, inspired and cool stuff they had since the 90s. Oh, well.
  10. We all love Slash. But really, what Finck did on the album with This I love is so, so much better than Slash's "version". Come on, listen. If you know guitar playing and you know Slash it is clear as day: He doesn't care for the song and just noodles away. I really think he believes everything he does is great anyway these days. Too much worshipping, no critique from no one at all for years and years.
  11. As a player you should know that Slash was the "Anti-Yngwie" when he came up. If you prefer aimless wankery that doesn't serve the song at all, more power to you.
  12. Favorite post 93 version of Axl

    This. In 2006, I thought man, Axl finally found a style that works great for him after 93.
  13. God, I hate it so much when people use THAT song to prove their point. Go listen to Yngwie Malmsteen then, you'll love it.
  14. I'm a guitar player myself and in my youth there was no other player I loved more, you could say I studied Slash thru the years. In my opinion, his absolute peak was during the Illusion years, including his guest spots at that time. Stuff like Give in to me and Always on the run, as well as everything on the Illusion records were (and still are today) pure perfection . He just had more style, more tone and more TASTE than any other rock guitarist ever. That's what really made him so unique and so great - there always been thousands of guitarist better than him from a technically point of view. Now, it seems like he more or less lost that taste. I think it sucks extremely hard, but everything I hear from him since at least Apocalyptic Love indicates that. Could you imagine the 2018 Slash write and record something as cool as Always on the run? I can't. It's a million miles above the wanky shit he gives us now. I'm afraid he really gave in to the whole world kissing his ass for years and years.
  15. Every other singer would have rehearsed it to sound the best way the first time around. But Guns fans aren't worth that much effort and they are ok with it.