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  1. Greta Van Fleet

    To me, it's almost unbelievable that this band is even a thing. Comes across like some kind of parody to me, like Bad News or something.
  2. Yes, the live album is probably it. Let's see, how could they ruin that one? - It won't include any or just very few of the more interesting things that could be on there: Chinese songs with Slash/Duff, the covers, guests like Angus, Dave Grohl, Coma, Slither, Shadow of your Love. - It won't be a "Best of" of various shows, just a single show with bad vocals. - No Blu Ray/DVD to go along with it. Anything else?
  3. Oh great. Amazing how they always find new ways to dissappoint. That How to be a man (cringe) EP was absoluetly horrible. Worst lyrics, too. Talk about wasting your time with shit because they are unable/ too afraid to create and release Guns music. Punk as fuck, no trickery!
  4. Please, no covers...please, no! XD
  5. The raincoat is alive and well, I like it!
  6. "SLASH Guitar Fail?" - Discuss.

    I watched the whole thing yesterday. How did you come to the conclusion I didn't?
  7. "SLASH Guitar Fail?" - Discuss.

    In my opinion vids like this are completely pointless. Guitar was a little out of tune and Slash just played a solo close enough to the original. Nothing out of the ordinary here. I hate this putting every single note under a microscope approach, this is so not Rock n Roll. Stay in your basement dude, you're annoying and not funny.
  8. 11/08/18 - Jakarta, Indonesia

    When BB King improvised, for example, you would hardly call that noodling, would you? It is what it is, Slash improvising these days doesn't appeal to me either, not at all. Richard is more interesting to listen to to me as well, no need to put him down to make Slash look better.
  9. 11/08/18 - Jakarta, Indonesia

    I can't bring myself to watch/listen to any of these current vids. I don't wanna see this. New recorded music or trying to ignore it all, that's where I am right now. It's depressing.
  10. Lets face it, the only time where there was serious hope for Axl to change his ways was when Slash and Duff rejoined. He sounded good that but it didn't last long Now, it is what it is and it will not get any better I think.
  11. You sure you like Guns N' Roses?
  12. Always loved everything about it!
  13. Mean Bone?

    Loved Road Rash!! The ALG artwork is by some german guy named Krüger I think. He did a lot of similar stuff for german metal acts like Tankard.
  14. Yes, he really should do an album like that! Then put him in a room with a grand piano, lots of candles, his cats and some cameras, let him play that whole album by himself and put it on youtube, please. Maybe a guest spot by Slash.