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  1. He's the only one that Axl can't afford to lose again.
  2. Songs about GNR

    I think that was confirmed by Metallica? King Nothing is about Axl as well, probably.
  3. He was in Guns N' Roses. HE WAS IN GUNS N' ROSES!
  4. Yeah, it really feels like it's too late now for something great. Hope they prove us all wrong.
  5. Right? It's sounds alot like a part of an actual song.
  6. Chinese Democracy, There was a time, Street of Dreams (what a lame title, "The Blues" was perfect), Madagascar. Everything else is way below GNR standard for my taste. Then and now.
  7. Are there any good quality full shows with Finck/Fortus on youtube? Or is it all gone?
  8. Maybe it's all a big joke...the whole hiring of Frank. Frank the prank.
  9. The chorus of Better is the weakest part of the song along with the emo intro. It's a very weak chorus imo. So we really can't judge Fortus as a writer. So far, he hasn't written anything great in any of his bands, right? But who knows what he has done/ can do with the current Guns line up.
  10. I like the title track!
  11. No, because Axl would have to bring 100%. He can't hide behind a wall of sound, light, effects, volume, etc in such a setting.
  12. Anything else but new, unheard ORIGiNAL music would be absolutely ridiculous. An EP? Why not, combined with the announcment of a new album later it would be a smart move.
  13. Nooo, for my taste this is the worst direction they could choose - Slash's Manga Metal songs. Thats why they need Izzy...to bring the coolness.