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  1. Axl Political Social Media Post Discussion Thread

    It wouldn't surprise me if there are some fans who would change their political views to match those of Axl's. But that's on them and you can't really blame it on Axl.
  2. Axl Political Social Media Post Discussion Thread

    If it's some senile old lady in a fur coat that she inherited from her great-great-grandmother, I might not feel too good about somebody throwing paint on her. In most cases I'm with the animals and the people who fight for them.
  3. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    BTW, if it's true that the band is currently all "woke" (even to a point of rewriting their own history), it would be pretty funny if they were to lose all their fans with the slightest feminist leanings, who supposedly never should have liked rock bands to begin with, and were left with a fanbase of nothing but individuals completely at odds with what the band currently wants to represent.
  4. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    There's no denying the misogyny and I suppose I've always had mixed feelings about GNR because of it, although the stories of Sheila Kennedy and Little Michelle only came to my attention in recent years. Still, I wouldn't say that is all there is to GNR. I might like Civil War, Coma and November Rain even if I don't like It's So Easy or Used To Love Her. At one of the shows I attended there were some girls who were only there to hear November Rain. That is as valid a position as any.
  5. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    That's the type of mindset that so often leads to date rape. It may or may not be that she had an initial plan to have sex with him that specific night. It isn't "obvious" and the mere fact that she was attracted to him or wanted him doesn't make it so. But I probably shoudn't be talking to you if I don't want to have my posts deleted.
  6. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I don't think she said that she went there specifically to have sex with him. She was invited to an afterparty he was throwing in his suite. There were other people there at first but at some point when she got out of the bathroom the other people had left and it was just Axl. Then things got ugly.
  7. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I have a lot of mixed feelings from time to time about whether I should continue to support GNR in any way. There are other reasons, but their history of abusing women and girls is high on the list. I suppose the way I currently see it is that it's okay for me to be a fan as long as I make it clear that I don't condone any wrongdoings. There is good and bad in people. The good stuff doesn't magically disappear when you become aware of something bad. But I don't find this approach 100% satisfactory by any means. I don't want to turn my back on the victims by selfishly continuing to enjoy the music as if nothing happened or by forever sitting on the fence because I can't be 100% certain whether someone is telling the truth.
  8. GNR music played at Trump/Epstein party

    Was that Trump's decision though? I thought maybe somebody who didn't like Trump put the song on because they thought it was fitting and/or to make Trump look bad/worse.
  9. Beavis and Butthead being revived at Comedy Central

    I used to watch Beavis and Butthead when I was around the same age as the characters. It was funny then. Not certain about now, but I wouldn't have liked it even then if it had been just fart humor without funny characters and a storyline. It was sort of clever as a satire from what I remember. Antifeminists of the past decades would say the same thing. And the antifeminists of the future decades will probably say the same thing. The "good feminist" is always the one of the past.
  10. Story of the white G string...

    Yes, it was reported that he had his stars and stripes boxer shorts ripped off by an overzealous female fan, revealing a G-string underneath.
  11. The Axl Rose doesn't like Michael Jackson story

    Are you insinuating that he was sexually interested in Shirley Temple as well? Previously people were arguing that there was something suspicious or sinister about the fact that he supposedly only liked boys. Not that I have much insight into the thinking of pedophiles, but I think it would be unusual for a practicing pedophile to have paintings like the fairytale one where he's reading a bedtime story to a bunch of children or the other one where the children are depicted with angel wings. Wouldn't it make it harder for you to molest children if that's how you see them? I think you'd be a lot more likely to find child pornography than pictures that emphasise the innocence of children if he really was a pedophile. As for the dummies, not sure if it's any more disturbing than, say, a wax museum.
  12. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Biologically, some girls are sexually mature at age 9 or even younger. However, biologically, sex tends to result in a pregnancy and the risk of complications for the mother and the baby is far greater if the mother is in her teens or younger. So, I wouldn't say that even biology supports the viewpoint that sex with an underage person is acceptable - at least if it's her biology you are concerned with (which it probably isn't).
  13. The Axl Rose doesn't like Michael Jackson story

    I wouldn't be surprised if Axl is actually one of the few people out there who can relate to Michael Jackson with ease when it comes to his efforts to create a happy childhood for himself as an adult. Axl himself was well into his 30s when he started referring to Beta as his mother as if he was one of the Lebeis children. Similarly, Michael Jackson surrounded himself with families that he liked and behaved as if he was one of the children. I don't know if Axl ever took it quite as far as MJ, but overall it's easy to see the similarity.
  14. New Melissa Reese Article

    "When" they record a new album? You are very optimistic.
  15. New Melissa Reese Article

    I'm not sure if there's still uncertainty about her age, but for what it's worth, in another interview Melissa talks about a dog she and her family had for 15 years. The dog died in 2016 right before the band went onstage headlining Coachella. She doesn't specify when exactly she got the dog, but she says she got it through Tom Whitlock, whom she first met when she was 13. 13+15=28 so in 2016 she must have been 28 or older.
  16. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I disagree. He has a right to tell his story even if it isn't a pleasant one. Could be. Apparently, it isn't unusual for children to engage in sexual activities with other children. However, even Matt with the benefit of hindsight felt something wasn't right with the girl.
  17. New Melissa Reese Article

    I find it unlikely that she was completely unaware of the women who were there before her. More likely she just didn't think they counted for anything because she's a "member-member" whatever that's supposed to mean.
  18. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    It says "We were only seven...." so apparently they were both seven years old. Arguably, Matt himself was a victim in this situation if the girl was more developed and the one who was touching him and telling him what to do.
  19. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    My impression is that Matt was a simple guy who went by a simple moral code. He didn't think he was doing anything wrong as long as the girls were of age and he wasn't forcing them into anything. Hard to say whether he has since then realized that it's a little bit more complicated than that. He doesn't seem to go into much detail about what his current thoughts and feelings are about the way they treated women. At the end of the day, it's hard to avoid the conclusion that all of the GNR guys were scumbags, and I don't think Matt was even the worst of the bunch. At least he didn't beat up or rape women or go for underage girls, as far as we know, (except for that story where he was a child himself).
  20. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I don't think he's boasting about it. "With all this going on, I started to experiment with sex. I remember going over to the place next door and playing doctor with the girl who lived there. We were only seven, but she was pretty developed for her age. Looking back now, I guess she must have gone through something bad. I mean, she knew exactly what she was doing and told me how to please her while she played with my dick. For my part, I think it was just a way for me to express my feelings. My brothers and I tried to adapt to our new situation. Mike switched off and withdrew. Mark became rebellious, and I became obsessed with sex."
  21. New Melissa Reese Article

    This is what Axl said about the "member" thing back in the day: AXL: This "member" thing is quite interesting, I read in an interview where Matt [Sorum, drummer] said that if he didn't get made a member, he wasn't going to be in Guns N' Roses. The truth of the matter is, Matt's a member of GN'R, but it doesn't really mean anything. It's kind of like a clubhouse/gang thing. We're all members of this gang. What it boils down to is, whose yard is the tree house in? Matt's a member of GN'R, and his opinions are taken into consideration. As far as that's concerned, Gilby is a member too, Dizzy is a member of the band. With all the background singers, horn players, keyboardists - we look at it like we're all Guns N' Roses. But the bottom line is, the business is basically run by Slash and myself. Then we run whatever it is we're discussing by Duff and see if he's cool with it. Guns N' Roses is basically Slash, Duff, Doug Goldstein and myself, but there's a lot of other people involved that are a part of our lives and a part of our family. DEL: Do you think Matt's gonna be pissed when he reads this? AXL: It would be nice if he wasn't. I love everybody in this band. It's kicking ass and feels really warm and really cool onstage. At this point it's the 12 of us that get onstage and f?!king go all out. DEL: There's 12 of you? AXL: There's Teddy, there's Dizzy, there's Roberta, Tracy, Lisa, CeCe, Anne, Gilby, Matt, Duff, Slash and me. Slash put this new band together, did all of the groundwork. He did such an amazing job that I just can't believe it really happened. I'm glad to be a part of it. It's a pretty huge thing, and we might even add some dancers, like we used to have back in the old Troubadour days. It's something we've considered.
  22. New Melissa Reese Article

    I'm with Roberta on this one. For Melissa to talk about "breaking the glass ceiling" is embarrassingly stupid. It really makes her come across as if she was born yesterday. Makes me wonder what world she lives in if a tiny role in a band of men old enough to be her dad/granddad equates breaking the glass ceiling. There are so many women who have achieved so much more in various fields. Being invited to join GNR may have been a big step for Melissa, but it certainly wasn't a giant leap for womankind.
  23. Great interview! I like Roberta a lot. She's smart (and gorgeous).
  24. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I'd assume she had Axl's permission.
  25. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    She didn't say anything negative about Axl, though. It was all praise for Axl while she did her best to depict Stephanie as a horrible person.