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  1. Moby’s math doesn’t compute. 6 years of recording in 1997? 🙄 Correct that to 2-3 years, still a bad data point!
  2. Concerts in 2019

    Saw Tom Morello (of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave). Wasn’t sure what to expect. It was freaking fantastic. Incredible energy, visuals, and music. Good mix of his solo work, RATM, and Audioslave. One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long while. Recommend it highly if you can make it!
  3. Concerts in 2019

    I’ll also be at that Aerosmith show on the 29th! 👍🤘 How was it? Their first album (early 2000s era) was really good. Still listen to it
  4. Not sure I agree. Rock may not be too relevant on the hit lists but classic bands from the 70s-90s are the ones who sell tickets in a disproportionate way relative to other genres. The venues, labels, ticketmaster and anyone else who profits from the touring industry will be fucked in 5-10 years. There is no one to fill the shoes of U2, Springsteen, Aerosmith, etc. GNR and Pearl Jam should have some life left, but I can’t think of any mainstream artist selling tickets like GNR Is anyone really going to scramble for the NYSNC reunion tour in 10 years? I doubt it On topic: throw away article. Frivolous and nonsensical points. I actually thought the article would be about “are we really doing more shows into the fourth year of this reunion with no new music?” That would be a legitimate critique. Hoping Axl will prove me and all of us wrong!

    There was on eBay like 2 weeks ago. Not sure where one could actual wear that thing. Haha
  6. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Not sure whether this is true - frankly would be sort of disappointed as I am desperate for new music. Something certainly seems to be happening. Gnr’s Instagram is relatively active recently and I just got an email about new merchandise that is about to be posted to the GnR site.
  7. We should all stop posting YouTube links. It’s a death sentence
  8. While I am disappointed by the dismissiveness of a new album, I hope I can catch a GnR show in October. Duff solo, SMKC, and Gn’R in the same year isn’t so bad! 🤘
  9. Sorry if I missed it, but which night are they playing?
  10. The $70 front of stage pit tickets are available through night train? Is this the “oak” stage?
  11. How are you getting tix? Appears they don’t go on sale until 4/8
  12. Will there ever be another all-time great rock album?

    The cultural and commercial structure that facilitated the classic albums doesn’t exist anymore. The internet, the iPhone, Spotify, etc have commoditized the art of music. Before, there were few distribution channels (radio, mtv, music retail locations), so the population at large was fed what record labels gave them (and they definitely made some great decisions along with bad ones we’ll never know) Today, everything is so bespoke and that will only increase. If Guns put out a new album that had the great elements of Appetite and UYIs, it wouldn’t have much of an impact (imo) It’s interesting the most successful tours over the last 5+ yrs are the ones that hit at the nostalgia of our youth. Teenagers today, I don’t think, will get that experience in 30 years.
  13. Slipknot’s Chris Fehn sues band and gets fired

    Corey has always struck me as a smart, no frills, salt of the earth dude. As he has aged, I’ve more impressed with him. However, that press release is super unprofessional and not cool. It’s not how you treat a friend or a business partner.
  14. Anyone have luck with the tickets to the NYC date? Pre-sale doesn't seem to be working (and it's showing the tickets are $8.65 + fees, which can't be right). Regret buying those Philly tickets now!