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  1. Wow, so lame to remove. And it’s one guy, who has likely been socially distancing for years before we needed to do it? Get a life, mate. Be kind to others. Gn’R’s history is longer than its future. Stop preventing people from enjoying music and the band they love.
  2. You’re right. That was the policy the day before all of the show cancellations / postponements. This is a new policy for COVID-19. It’s Ticketmaster’s form of price gouging - akin to asshole’s selling Purell and Clorox wipes for $50 Hope the media picks up on what TM is doing It was until COVID-19. I’ve spent hours on the phone with Ticketmaster and they will not budge. Their message: we are offering no refunds. If you can’t go, sell the ticket. It’s completely outrageous
  3. Ticketmaster either moved or deleted the language on ticket refunds for postponed or scheduled shows (their pre-COVID-19 policy). I was supposed to see the Strokes tonight in LA. I can’t make the make up date and, as of now, LN/TM aren’t offering refunds unless the show is canceled. Boston Calling on May 22nd hasn’t been canceled yet. Would suck to miss that. I could see GNR downscaling the US stadium tour to an arena tour. Even when shows start, I am sure it will take months for some causal fans to get comfortable going to shows again
  4. This is an absolute nightmare unfolding. On the ground here in Nyc. The city is in process of shutting down in ways I’ve never thought. MSG closed for months, everyone should work from home if possible, after school programs canceled, schools could close, etc. Stay safe everyone. Really scary what’s happening. We need leadership to get us through this. It’s a national shame people can’t get tested
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/gustavoposse/status/1238110187501826049
  6. Third Eye Blind just canceled their tour opener on Seattle tonight. March Madness college basketball will now be with no fans in attendance
  7. Fucking bummer but likely the right decision. I am supposed to see the Strokes in LA on Saturday. They are playing Seattle tonight. Unreal they haven’t canceled
  8. Has any one notably canceled in Europe or the US? I am supposed to see the Strokes next week in LA - they are playing 3 dates in Seattle, Vancouver and LA. Hope they don’t cancel... I assume GNR wouldn’t cancel anything for a few months
  9. Yes - you’ll get a shot at getting a litho if that’s what you’re thinking about it. That said, the premium on these early entry tickets is so high I’d rather take my shot of getting it myself post early entry or just buy it on eBay (it will still be cheaper than upgrading to a VIP ticket for an extra $250 or whatever it is)
  10. I got it for Vegas 2019. It was pretty worthless - a bandana and some other crap I would never want. If you want to get in first to the venue, then this will facilitate it. That said, I would never pay that premium again
  11. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Yes, NYC MSG and London. You? Planned to make a summer vacation out of the London trip with my gf. Hope it doesn’t get canceled. Just a brutal week for stocks and the pace of this health scare. Folks are definitely pricing in a bad scenario
  12. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Would be brutal. I have Guns, Aerosmith, Pear Jam, Rage, Liam, Foos, RHCP, and the Strokes. Will suck to miss any of it. Fingers crossed this doesn’t get worse
  13. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Definitely hope GNR is NOT canceled. A lot of people spent hard earned money on travel arrangements (and tickets), so it would suck to miss it. I planned to go to London for Pearl Jam in July. Hopefully this crisis is over well before then. If not, we could be looking at a global recession, which will be painful for everyone here!
  14. Got my printed tickets yesterday. For what it’s worth, they say “summer 2020 tour” and not Larger Than Life
  15. Invest in some good ear plugs. Best decision I made. I enjoy concerts more - I can ear things more clearly and my ears never ring when I walk out.