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  1. Bumping this old thread. Happy to buy if anyone is willing to sell. Would pay an attractive price!
  2. Europe 2017 stuff for sale/trade

    Would you be open to trading for a large LA Axl shirt (brand new, never worn)? It was the last show of the tour Alternatively, how much for the shirt? I am in NYC
  3. Europe 2017 stuff for sale/trade

    Hi - which shirt is the Northern Lights shirt? http://www.lithorati.com/europe2017/europe2017.html
  4. Hello - looking for a Large Duff MSG shirt. Willing to buy at prevailing market prices or trade for an Axl LA Forum shirt. Thanks!
  5. Not in this lifetime tour items

    Paul. Sent you a DM
  6. Not in this lifetime tour items

    Have an LA Forum Axl shirt (Large). Will trade for another city shirt. Ideally searching for the Duff MSG shirt (Large). Will pay also if not interested in trading
  7. Hello - apologies if this is the wrong place. I have an extra LA Forum Axl shirt (size Large). Brand new. Not worn or washed. Does anyone want to trade? Ideally looking for the Duff MSG NYC shirt (Large)