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  1. I bought a duke Hawaii shirt last night at the show. I get the significance of the skeletons and surf boards, but what about the mountain in the background? Is that Diamond Head (extinct volcano on the island)?
  2. Slither. Axl is doing well...all things considered 😉
  3. Coming out shortly. Playing intro video. Stadium is probably 40-50% full. GA is less than half full. Think they mispriced the tickets for this region
  4. Wish I cld get you all a litho, but there are hardcore fans there who shd have them. . I got one for myself. Got to the venue at 330p. They were sold out (at least outside merch). I got the one with the 3 surfboards. 250 total.
  5. They just did it’s so easy. Walking to pearl. Harbor now. Just a cool scene overall. Will write other updates as the day develops. Only 412p here. Doors open at 430p. Opener at 6p
  6. at the venue. They are rehearsing Coma and Paradise City. Duff on vocals
  7. Surprised by the number of floor and GA tickets still available on ticketmaster. Heck a lot of seats available throughout!
  8. That would be! I feel like they must do something special to commemorate the night and the tour. Won’t get my hopes up, but there is chance for a surprise. Even a speech by a Axl would be great!
  9. Awesome. I get in Saturday morning out of SFO. Aloha Stadium says there is an opener. Do you know what time GNR goes on? 8p? Apparently the concert starts at 6p, which strikes me as super early.
  10. Going to try to get a lithograph in Hawaii. Has the merch stand sold non-crushable tubes? How do you protect these things at a show? Have a GA/PIT ticket.
  11. I am doing it! Just bought PIT tickets on Slash’s side. Happy to try to meet fellow gunners on Saturday at the venue. So psyched! This will be my 3rd NITL show (went LA 2016 night 1, GNR MSG 2017 Night 1).
  12. Different markets. NYC ticket prices are insane. I think a comparable ticket at GN’R @ MSG was at least $500. I just paid $400 for half decent seats for The Rolling Stones at MetLife.
  13. Is anyone going to this? I am in LA for work (based in nyc) and debating flying over to see this show. $250 for the pit is a steal. Any others here to meet up with?