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  1. How bad did the CD tour do?

    I remember stories of the 2002 tour selling poorly. A few sold out shows (MSG). Cleveland was good that year. For the post 2008 tours, I can’t help but think those tours were impacted (i) by the global recession and (ii) DJ (line up changes were a joke and he was the low point imo). I remember buying CD in November 2008 at an HMV and the financial economy was collapsing at the same time. That was the last physical album I have purchased. For sitting on an album that was in the can for a few years, the timing of this release couldn’t have been worse
  2. Hopefully someone on this forum is generous enough to do that! 🙏
  3. Is there anyway to get the tracks on the cassette? Has anyone found a way to convert them from cassette to online? Would love have those, but can’t pay $1000 for them. I’d drop real money for this box set if they loaded this it with music instead of trinkets. Love these 3 songs from Marquee.
  4. It’s a real shame. Whole Lotta Rosie is just incredible. I now have a much better appreciation for why Axl was dragging this song out for all these years post Chinese. I am absolutely kicking myself for not seeing him with Ac/Dc
  5. These Live at the Marquee tracks are great. Fuck, why didn’t put this full show in this box set? Knockin on Heavens Door sounds better than 88 Ritz. Damn
  6. Well said. This Sound City Rocket Queen is freaking fantastic! Amazing what these guys did in such a short amount of time. Not even a full decade
  7. Just downloaded from Amazon and on my iPhone for $29 or so. We all have an issue with the $1000 monstrosity but I think the digital download is a fantastic deal! i never found an old school bootleg of these demos and have had poor quality downloads of only a handful of songs from the Napster and Limewire days of the early and mid 2000s. I am excited! Not quite like the tease of hearing The General, but this certainly better than nothing Enjoy!
  8. Got it. The video is meaningfully better than all of the backing videos for NITL. I always thought the 2002 concert backing videos were pretty good. NITL is a bit cheesy
  9. Yes, talking is brutal. It makes me question the authenticity a bit. Why do we all know this cellphone recording is real? The “studio clip” with the ticking sounds actually similar to the cellphone recording so I am surprised the studio version is “confirmed” fake I hope the Prostitue video is fake. It’s a poor man’s Gorillaz video. Given how bad the Better video was, perhaps it’s the only thing that’s legit! 🤔
  10. Is the guitar solo at 31 or 32 seconds Finck? I’d like to think so. He was the f-ing man. 2006 Guns should have been sooo successful. What a shame to music history we lost that anyway, love that guitar. Wish I could hear Axl more
  11. You probably know more than me. I basing my back of the envelope math on the first article of this thread. Maybe $350k per month is a post-tax number. That would make slightly more sense. Plus, the royalties they make on sales and publishing and merchandise. Those income streams will run in perpetuity for the rest of their lives. Not a bad living
  12. I am surprised he only makes ~$350,000 a month, or $4.2 million a year. Post taxes he’s probably around $2.5 million. After she gets her share (which may be tax deductible although I think that changed in the new Trump tax plan) and pays child support, maybe he has $1.2 million to $1.5 million a year left. He wont starve but not what I’d expect for one of the biggest guitar icons in history. He must have other income streams
  13. So lucky you saw those Hammerstein shows. This performance is fantastic. It’s refreshing to see relative to some of these limpish 2018 shows. So much fire and passion. Arrogance, yes, but I think that was always part of Axl’s appeal. I hope these videos stay up and can be consumed by his hardcore fans. We’ve been starved for so long. Dropped hundreds or thousands of dollars on NITL. Let us enjoy this! 🤘🤘🙌🙏
  14. Very interesting viewpoint. Makes a lot of sense, actually. One would think that fire would come back organically, given they are performing to sold out stadiums and arenas globally. I am actually surprised how well the tour has done given “true” Gn’R had been silent for 23 years. Goes to show how big of an impact they made in such a small amount of time. I loved Chinese Democracy era Axl (he was a badass in 2006) until Bridge School-ish and RIO yellow raincoat debacle. Even the Vegas residency was cringe worthy. Getting off topic. I am not a singer, so I don’t know if he can ever get it back. I hope he does. But Angus has to be wondering if this is the partner they went to take on the road and record an album I’d be curious to know what Slash + Duff think
  15. He must. If there is one thing we can all agree on is that Axl always seemed like a relatively smart guy What makes no sense to me is how can a guy who had some much pride and vision for Guns N Roses between 1996 and 2006 devolve to this? Bad vocals, terrible physical shape, and playing the same set list show after show. It can’t be for money at this point. His cut of the profits from this tour must be well north of 8 figures post taxes His physical appearance - beyond the vanity - is also concerning. It’s not healthy lastly, what the heck is up with his stage presence? I loved the NILT shows I attended but Axl didn’t really try to connect with the audience whatsoever. Now he sort of limps around on stage Don’t mean to be too critical. I just love this band and want the best for them!