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  1. Damn. That’s pretty bad. Looks very tacky. They could have done something cool with a “down on the farm” theme
  2. Well said and totally agree. I had some sympathy initially, but this is just stalker-like behavior. Also, who has time for all of this bullshit? Naming your child Axl is legit scary. Axl and TB may need to look into a restraining order

    What is up with the “Guns AND Roses”?🤔
  4. Looks good and it seems like NITL branding isn’t used on these new shirts. Thanks for posting!
  5. Sorry if it’s in here, but what specific nights are GNR playing the shows in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia? They are listed first on all 4 posters, but the dates on some shows overlap (Chile + Argentina and Brazil + Colombia). Separately, anyone know which festival is better? Are the VIP tix worth it? Do you get a better view?
  6. I feel bad for Rick. He could easily just be an unfortunate scapegoat here. Axl & co. have a legitimate right to be upset. I hate how GNR fans are treated and the lack of no new music, but it’s the artist and/or the owner of contents call on how he or she wants to sell and market their work. That said, banning him from a show is just a dick and petty move. These guys are giants relative to him - both in the awe / respect he has for GNR - and financially / power wise. Their lawyers could bankrupt this guy. It’s a bad look on GNR’s part - seems to be a recurring theme.
  7. Agreed. It would suck if there was something actually damning in there that made us think less of Axl personally. Releasing someone’s personal communications is so uncool - and it’s so easy to be taken out of context. I’d hate to have a legitimate “me too” like issue with any of my favorite bands. Ignorance is bliss, sometimes
  8. Wow. Locomotive was awesome. Was that the first time since 1992? He sounded great! Hope it stays in the set for Vegas!
  9. Still digesting. Shocked how much of 2008 CD was in the can by 2000 and 2001. Also weird to hear 2001 ITW with close to the same vocal track as the 2008 version. The guitar on I’m Sorry is nasty good. Still, it’s a bummer Axl had to burn the house down for this. Glad we finally got it at least.
  10. Concerts in 2019

    Saw Incubus this past Thursday night at Radio City. It was surprisingly exceptional. They sounded way better than in the studio. Excellent set list, which included the entire Make Yourself album, which was a big one when I was in high school. Brandon Boyd has a great voice and stage presence. Check them out if you can!
  11. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Has anyone purchased the VIP packages for this or prior tours? Any thoughts on the “patience” VIP pack that comes with early entry for the GA pit? Is it worth it?
  12. YouTube isn’t a problem for this band...unfortunately
  13. Isn’t this subject heading a tad bit misleading? Maybe it could be “Fernando doesn’t confirm or deny that a reddit account with his name claims a new album within 6 months” Doesn’t sound like he expressly confirmed an album release

    Could be cool but the GnR logo looks relatively tiny. Also, they shd include the other band members. Reinforces the idea that everyone else is just a hired hand
  15. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    The Charlotte videos are already coming down. Does someone just sit at a computer all day filing these false reports? It’s really damaging to GNR’s online and social media presence, which indirectly impacts ticket sales. Still don’t understand why this is permitted to continue.