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  1. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    A mainstream news organization should pick up this story. There is one here and it would certainly get a lot of clicks given Guns’ notoriety A Rolling Stone or NYT-entertainment section article could shame GNR into acting. What other global band is getting erased from YouTube?
  2. I just checked Ticketmaster and there are pit tix available for multiple dates. Prices ranged from 375-675, excluding Vegas which is more expensive. Good luck!
  3. I’d be surprised if they release anything “new”. All of us would be thrilled for any form of new music - post-2016, recrafted Chinese work, or leftover Chinese-era work with Robin, Bucket, and Bumble I don’t think a new album will boost ticket sales - this isn’t 1991. A song on Terminator will not have a You Could be Mine impact - no matter how good. Modern day pop culture isn’t GNR. NILT was successful because of nostalgia. If they keep touring year after year, I doubt they could go back to stadiums (at least in the US)
  4. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    What did you think? I thought the energy / crowd was a bit reserved, but I was in the balcony. Wish they played some deep GNR and VR cuts I love Slash but I find the setlist and some of the SMKC songs to sound generic. Boulevard of Broken Hearts sounded great though. Tour shirts weren’t great. overall, I thought the Pier 17 show last year was a lot better
  5. What a damn shame. We went from the potential to finally discussing new music from a BAND to discussing trinkets and GNR-themed emojis. This is the lowest form of selling out. Would rather have Out Ta Get Me ruined by a Cadillac commercial
  6. Fucking bummer if we aren’t going to hear anything. It definitely didn’t help that this message board or whoever publicly identified the purchaser of these CDs. Would have been great if it was kept quiet, saved 90 pages of a thread that ultimately went nowhere, and dropped the whole thing for the fans who are starving for this material. Agree Team Brazil sucks. A bunch of inexperienced and uneducated clowns.
  7. All of the links were killed on reddit. Listening to those two leaks - I just don’t get the path Axl took. It’s clearly good music. Why go into hiding and only come out to tour (extensively) playing the same songs from the 80s and 90s over and over. Doesn’t that get boring? The guy’s creativity was really strong through the 90s and early 00s. We just never saw it. If there is ever an authorized biography, it would be one hell of a read
  8. Same. I’d put in some real money to @axlrosefan4life as well for the troubles to get this holy grail

    I would do it man given you’ve looked for it for so long. The one I bought last year for $150, which was also new and in plastic, is exactly the same as the one on eBay - same shirt tags. I think it’s legit. Separately, I am going to sell this 2002 shirt CD starts now Shirt since I only bought it to wear. Pissed the guy lied to me about the size - first time that has happened to me. Just need to get around to posting it
  10. Hearing Hard School is so awesome. Same excitement I had on 2006. That said, Axl sounds like a relatively young man in this recording. It’s such a shame that for whatever the reasons, he hasn’t left the mark he could have by releasing a greater and larger catalog of music
  11. I feel the same. Not sure what my reservation price would legitimately be - I’d be concerned on getting ripped off Although I’d rather spend money on this versus another GnR concert with the same setlist
  12. Someone clearly has these tracks. Just post the whole thing already. This is like the 2006 Better and There Was a Time leaks!
  13. 22 seconds of Checkmate / Hard School 3 seconds of Atlas Checkmate / Hard School sounds fucking FANTASTIC!!!!! How was this not released??? Fuck, maybe we should pay the $15k!
  14. I don’t even understand what is meant by a locker. Tom Zutaut would presumably have had an OFFICE, not a janitorial locker to store his work uniform and street clothes. If he did have a work locker, it just sat unused for 18 years? No one cleared out his shit to use it for someone else? And then some random person buys a used locker from Geffen? The story sounds like nonsense, but holy shit those 3 seconds sound like Axl not sure what to think 🤔
  15. Sorry if this was covered, but were these CDs sold on eBay? I can’t find the listing now, but wasn’t there a vaguely worded auction for unreleased GNR studio demos? Excited to hear something new, although a shame it won’t be a finished piece of work