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  1. Duff To Play Charity Event

    Surprised by the negativity here. Chris Martin has made and written some excellent music. May not be everyone’s cup of tea, but musicians can work together collobaritively and still maintain integrity Besides, this a charity for cancer survivors, not a tour. More power to them
  2. Her Instagram is incredible. Great photos. Axl looks like himself/good here. Thanks for sharing
  3. It’s so dumb and embarrassing for GnR as a rock band and its fans! Completely pointless
  4. Double Talkin' Jive

    Thank you for that. This video is legendary stuff. For me, one of the best performances is Apollo 2017. Slash’s playing is on another level and Axl sounded fantastic.
  5. Slash interview Classic Rock magazine

    Seriously, I would take any new music, especially with Axl’s vocal in 2008 Chinese Democracy quality. A lot of opinions on here. I too don’t love the idea of Bucket and Robin’s solos getting deleted, but it’s a price I am sure we’d all pay to get ANY new Guns album, especially with Slash and Duff I’ll believe it when i see it glad Slash is communicating with the press and, indirectly, fans! The virtual media black out for 28 months was bizarre.
  6. It’s absolutely crushing your YouTube page is down. Whatever was on your page, Gn’R management should help get it reinstated! That page did a lot with regard to immortalizing this band.
  7. He’s so out of breath in this recording. That entire tour Axl felt like he was gasping for air, but he did have some epic screams. Also loved the rants and his general crowd engagement. NITL-Axl feels like a hostage in some way. Was there even 1 rant on this 2016/2018 tour?
  8. Strange. Instances such as this is why I haven’t transitioned to streaming services for music consumption. I’ll stick with old school digital downloads and, to a lesser extent, CDs 👍
  9. The future for Guns?

    Axl needs to get his voice in shape before it will be exciting to see them again. NITL has been fantastic even with lackluster vocals. But I don’t think this current format is sustainable (although I’d pay to see it again, but we aren’t the mass market). The willingness to pay to see the same show and a poorly conditioned Axl has to go down. Doubt they could or would do stadiums in the US again Ideal situation is new music + a 2010 Axl. I’d also settle for one or the other. Something. Anything!
  10. Pretty bad ass song and love the energy in the video. Did they ever play this live or is this just other songs made to sync with this song?
  11. How bad did the CD tour do?

    I remember stories of the 2002 tour selling poorly. A few sold out shows (MSG). Cleveland was good that year. For the post 2008 tours, I can’t help but think those tours were impacted (i) by the global recession and (ii) DJ (line up changes were a joke and he was the low point imo). I remember buying CD in November 2008 at an HMV and the financial economy was collapsing at the same time. That was the last physical album I have purchased. For sitting on an album that was in the can for a few years, the timing of this release couldn’t have been worse
  12. Hopefully someone on this forum is generous enough to do that! 🙏
  13. Is there anyway to get the tracks on the cassette? Has anyone found a way to convert them from cassette to online? Would love have those, but can’t pay $1000 for them. I’d drop real money for this box set if they loaded this it with music instead of trinkets. Love these 3 songs from Marquee.
  14. It’s a real shame. Whole Lotta Rosie is just incredible. I now have a much better appreciation for why Axl was dragging this song out for all these years post Chinese. I am absolutely kicking myself for not seeing him with Ac/Dc