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  1. This could be good news. It’s a high profile opener, unlike most of the openers for the NILT tour, Lenny Kravitz notwithstanding. Hope it puts more attention on this show and just maybe we get new music 🤞
  2. I just watched ISE with Foo Fighters. Axl sounded incredible. And he appeared to be having fun. I feel like his vocal issues exist b/c he just doesn’t care like he used to. Could be wrong, but my $0.02
  3. Damn. I forgot to join and am now kicking myself. I am surprised it’s only $20! Going to try to get tix for nyc through work
  4. Old School Tix

    WSJ had a great article over the holidays on why ticket prices are so high. It’s not just GNR. Good read https://www.wsj.com/articles/why-concert-tickets-are-so-expensive-11577371024?emailToken=68907e641c2d921dc88172885a25de3aEOce5bAcRpUZHmD9A0QNxokGCq++iJxKFLN2Dw9LxAWHgYwqhr/LecZIqe9gI9y+MNebVEmbbLX7LrHYCA9+kB+I9EZi7s5KfWM2q2ciAHw%3D&reflink=article_copyURL_share
  5. Hopefully there is a new song and album. I do wonder the logic of putting Axl in front of a national television audience. I hope it’s not a 2002 VMA debacle - rooting for him!
  6. Agree with MidnightToker here. Prison rape is somehow socially acceptable, when it’s actually a grotesque problem and fundamentally not funny. Perhaps the original post isn’t literal, but certainly is in poor taste (at a minimum) On topic: glad the story of the leaks has finally gained some media attention. Hopefully it results in us learning something more about GNR’s album plans.
  7. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Where did she leak a US tour? Don’t see anything on her instagram
  8. Thanks for the interview. I don’t get why these guys are so fucking coy with the album talk. You’re either doing it or not. It’s fucking childish and, in the grand scheme of things, not that important. This isn’t a matter of national security!
  9. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    We need all new music. Hope that is part of the all new show semantics
  10. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    I have had GA tixs to a few NITL shows and definitely didn’t see many / any C-level executives there. I think this is a mischaracterization - generally saw a lot of die-hards and then older folks who have been fans for decades. I think the gigs are less rowdy because everyone is 10+ yrs older! The corporate element to gigs is in the suites/boxes, not the pit. Hope we get something new in 2020
  11. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Happy for the local fans who want to see GNR but can’t travel internationally. Hope they enjoy.
  12. Candidly, I am surprised they are doing a US date so close to Vegas, “the final show”. The branding of this show and whether or not there is a new single by this date will certainly be indicative of what 2020 will look like.
  13. Is anyone here a member of their fan club? Worth it? I am thinking of joining just to have a chance to get concert tickets. Side note - just purchased one of their official bootlegs to show I attended back in 2010. What a treat to hear again!
  14. The song is nice - thanks for posting this. I'd be inclined to go to this show, assuming ticket prices are reasonable. Surprised all of the pre-sale tickets to the two NYC shows are sold out.

    The Maxfield stuff is up. Some jackets, shirts, pins and hats. The one Axl skull shirt is sort of cool but doesn’t say GNR anywhere. All a pass for me. Was hoping for that LA Dodgers AFD shirt. Separately, there Is now a limited set of lithos of live shots + 3 LA 2017 Buhler lithos (zoomed into the faces)
  16. Solutions

    Thanks for all you and the team does to allow this forum to function. I am sure I don’t have an appreciation for the time commitment! 🙏👍 What is the “latest development”? I’ve been trying to follow this thread and others but must have missed something. Did something happen beyond YouTube takedowns?
  17. Solutions

    3000 seems like an arbitrarily high number. Appreciate the intention but that cutoff penalizes many forum members in good standing. I’ve lurked here since the mid 2000s and even have a prior user name (forgot the password and the college email it was tied to is long defunct). Maybe there could multiple qualifiers: post #, years registered, pay a fee, no new users/visitors, etc.
  18. RATM are back

    This is the most exciting thing in music (at least for me) in 2020. Listening to Battle of Los Angeles now. What a fucking album. Politically, I rarely aligned with them, but I respect the passion and their purpose. Could be incredibly compelling given what’s happening in the US and around the world.

    Not In This Lifetime is quickly approaching a duration longer than that of GNR’s core career
  20. Copyright Strikes....

    Has Team Brazil ever tried to shut down this forum? Given their history and this site’s record of open dialogue (especially relative to other GnR outlets), I am surprised they haven’t made an attempt. I still can’t understand why TB would sanction the video takedowns. Maybe Bridge School and Rio 2011 since they were so epically terrible. But why takedown content that shows the band in a favorable light. It defies logic
  21. Quick update: 13 have expressed interest in a Vegas / Mygnr run from Facefirst. 3 of the 13 have caveated their interest for price, shipping, and/or final design. FaceFirst, will DM you.
  22. Done. I have an Excel spreadsheet going.
  23. I'll volunteer to head this in terms of helping FaceFirst coordinate logistics. As of now, I have 5 people who would be interested (nycgunner, Mcs953, ZoSoRose, alangarcianr, rossco). Assuming we get critical mass for FaceFirst, I can help coordinate names, mailing addresses and email addresses. Or if easier to protect people's privacy, I'll keep a list of user names and then we/FaceFirst can create a private Google Doc (or something) so only FaceFirst gets in the contact details. For example, I have no interest in getting anyone's personal details, but I am happy to help facilitate since I suggested this idea. Thanks!
  24. Got it. Obviously you need to be comfortable if you did a forum run. Selfishly, I’d love to own and frame one as is with the GNR labeling or something that signifies Guns N’ Roses. Maybe welcome to the jungle is enough. Perhaps you could number them and then you’d know who has what (and buyers can verify their address and payment info with you). Again, happy to pay whatever for a proper print on that high quality paper that is typically used. Totally get the secondary market concern. I do think the China / Indonesian bootleggers frequent this forum because I’ve seen shirts for this tour with the litho image for sale hours before the show occurred (But after the image is posted here). Just wanted to flag
  25. What it still have the dates and the 3 band members? Is it just the GNR name is deleted or would there be other modifications / deletions. Silver lining here is people loved your work!