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  1. just an opinion. But Billy refers to how Guns handled Adler when he was texted with Darcy. Have a look at the texts if you haven't already.
  2. In my opinion if you want to gain perspective of how Izzy and Steven were dealt with for the reunion, look up the leaked text messages between Billy and Darcy from the Smashing Pumpkins regarding their recent reunion. I can just see Duff texting the same stuff to Steven and or Izzy. Concerns about their ability to play, their health and telling them that they have started to rehearse with Frank and Richard already and that Axl wants to work them in somehow for the fans.
  3. I like your podcast but if I may be constructive, I wish you would follow up more with Alan in this interview. "Izzy is angry" ok got it. You never ask why is Izzy angry? What do you think happned etc. Listen to how Stern interviews musicians, celebs etc to see what I mean regarding follow up. I know you want to be delicate but how often do you get info like this out of a guest? Otherwise I appreciate the podcast and think its good.
  4. Why would Izzy be annoyed with Adler?