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  1. More like Axl loved the instrumenal, got Robin Finck to write the chorus (he's credited) and Caram and Eric Caudeux got credit for editing the song into a cohesive song. Brain and Pete Scaturro got credits because this is a song from Brain/Buckethead/Scaturro band Giant Robot, same as Sorry.
  2. 10/04/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    There was official livestream?
  3. I dont think it was a Slash&Duff composition. I mean that time Axl was trying to distance himself so far from that guys musically speaking
  4. Puerto Rico 2010 Proshot

    The music before Chi Dem is The General. We never had a "studio" snipet for the orchestra part
  5. I will cut my dick in half and eat it if Oklahoma/Berlin Leaks with vocals. What the epic fuck is this song.
  6. My theory is that Scraped is made of ... well scraps from Bucketheads sessions, since Caram is credited in the Songwriting. Maybe that was one of the songs he worked in 2002-2006
  7. My dick got off when Devoius Bastard began, RELEASE THE FULL ALBUM AXL PLEASE
  8. Billionare NO VOCALS Dub Suplex NO VOCALS State Of Grace VOCALS Oklahaoma NO VOCALS Devious Bastard NO VOCALS but amazing I.R.S VOCALS Hardschool VOCAL (with superior quality than first leak Dummy NO VOCALS Dummy is a pop ballad ... with industrial guitars, amazing BUT WHERE ARE THE VOCALS HAHAHA
  9. zeppelin shit going on, needs vocals ...
  10. It is confirmed at some point that buckethead and Josh were in the band at the same time?
  11. When was Buckethead announced as a official member?
  12. i guess not, the mix is from March 27th ...
  13. Hard School on GNR's setlist!

    Unlikely since Hardschool was the title in 99. Axl mentioned the title as Jackie Chan in 08’. I think its fake since the last setlist that surfaced was in a different order and also taken “from backstage”