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  1. Locomotive

    its kinda weird to have the original voices backing track when axl harmonizes.
  2. Rick arrived home kinda mad and saw the Rough Mixes #2 cd in the table
  3. Puerto Rico 2010 Proshot

    But it leaked years ago.
  4. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    Dont Cry is coming
  5. hahah this is just funny now, all of a sudden the vault is open, we even got the hob new years show.
  6. Which are the best GNR perfomances between 2011-2014?

    Best post 90s Estranged.
  7. Honestly I took the "Slash is recording at Axl's" rumour with a huge grain of salt when someone said he brought his amp for live performances.