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  1. Then South America again, why not USA again, and again...and again...
  2. Was he singing whole lotta rosie an octave lower ?
  3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Me neither haha, only the soft reboot
  4. Axl after the solo killed it with his deep voice
  5. Favorite GNR Concert

    you on acid bro?
  6. He can reach the same notes and stuff, but the tone of his voice has changed, its obviously a recording from the 80s.
  7. But his last album was in 2016 so theres still enough material for everyone who isnt a collector.
  8. Axl cant sound like that, dont be foolish cmon.
  9. Its hard for me to believe all of this corporate bullshit is canon, a new empire rises from who knows where, they have a whole planet to make a giant death star, Rey is more powerful than the son of freaking Anakin Skywalker (when she discovers the force), now you can do everything with the force (force ghosts that seem real, projections that seem real, no aura, flying, what the fuck) what happened to the knights of ren?