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  1. This does goes to show that they have very sort of industrial production line type of approach to these shows. They go to work on time, churn out as many products (songs and jams) from the line as possible, mostly without deviation and get out. They have a schedule that contains that stuff in that order, if show has to be cut short, they don't produce other stuff, they go with the program until the line is shut down for the day.
  2. Good question. Only Axl knows for sure, but your idea sounds good. It's also a cool intro to a decadent rock band. Maybe Axl was into the duality of good and evil. They did put OMG on the End of Days movie, which is about Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting satan also. With Axl's fascination of crucifixes, this religious battle of light vs darkness also could be a theme here. Actually, here's a quote from Axl about Oh My God, which explains alot: "The fight of good vs. evil, positive vs. negative, man against a seemingly undefeatable, undeterrable, unrevealed destiny, along with the personal and universal struggle to attain, maintain and responsibly manage freewill can be and often is frustrating to say the least. In America our country's constitutional right to freedom of expression gives us a better chance to fight for that expression than many in other countries enjoy. It can be a big gig, like kickin' the crap outta the devil!"
  3. New photo of Axl Rose in 1998 surfaces

    Could be that the lens on the camera is warping things a bit. I love how everyone is probing this picture like he was an alien.
  4. He doesn't say he wants bad things to happen, he just lists all the horrible things in the world and finally has to admit he believes in the demon/satan itself. He starts off as an atheist but because of the things he sees and experiences (as a world weary cop) he has to surrender to the knowledge of the devil being the source of all of it. But it's not like he is happy about it, like he belts out "You son of a bitch!!! I believe... in you".
  5. Oh. And no it's the main character talking to the demon Pazuzu. Here it is btw: Exorcist III speech
  6. For fuck sake, the intro speech is not in OMG, it was for the Nu-GNR live shows back in the early 2000's. It's from EXORCIST III. Recited by the great George C. Scott.
  7. There really is no mercy. We all want him to sound amazing every time, but how realistic is that? He had a bad night, he has had bad nights and will have them again. Not every show can be great. He is not young anymore. So he botched that? What do you want from him? Go back and do it again? I'm sure if he could, he would do it the best he can. That was the best he could that night. There is obviously some issue with his voice that night. Give him a break, he is only human.
  8. Would it kill Slash to play them like they are in the record, at least sometimes? The record versions are epic.
  9. It is sad times in a way for Guns fan. Instead of releasing new music with a new band, Axl releases old music with the (almost) old band. Only "new" music is leaks, and even those are over 10 years old! Sighhhh...
  10. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    I love it! I can't believe how much I love it, but it just sounds really sexy to me! Axl's electric shrieking was a bit weird at start but it just gets better! Great alternative to the original, which is also great of course. Ahh, I'm in heaven.
  11. Chinese Democracy II

    Many people are happy about the reunion or whatever you call it. I'm fine with it too. But most of all I want to hear all the songs we have heard about through the years. Axl dropped some song names when he was chatting in this forum. Songs like The General, Soul Monster, Atlas Shrugged, Jackie Chan, Seven, Thyme, Quick Song, Ides of March, Zodiac... all epic, interesting titles. All sitting in some moldy vault, when they should be blasting into our ears! I don't want want those songs to never play, when they could be giving comfort to somebody or comfort from someone.. So I figured I start a millionth thread about this topic. To keep the dream alive dammit! It's only been 8 years since Chinese Democracy came out. 2016 would be a good year to release a follow-up album. The General (Intro) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEgltGwUd-k Jackie Chan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28Z77Iuux_I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDe3S8f4WBk Oh My God (This is a great song with great lyrics, it deserves to be on ChiDem II!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEpvIjVauk8 I like what I'm hearing, I don't care what anybody says!