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  1. I believe that the perfect order would be: 1) Hard School - with the closest guitar/drums/bass instrumental as possible to Old GNR (UYI) in quality/recording style. That would create a sensation to everyone: "OLD GNR IS BACK" - PERFECT - Slash needs to create one of his timeless guitar solos for this 2) Perhaps - Radio Friendly too. Brings back memories from Estranged ... all of that ... GNR + PIANO. Has everything to be a perfect follow up. 3) Atlas - It will be easier to present a less "Radio Friendly" material but that has a lot of potential. 4) SOG - moment to really show that Chinese Democracy was a great point of the band ... and made the sonority move forward. Just these 4 songs could make a lot of "impact" if worked correctly ... they are an amazing material that the band has. If they want to be really relevant again, they have the tools to do it.
  2. Great instrumental ... simple and again with potential.
  3. Hard School on GNR's setlist!

    This is the song that sounds the closest to a CLASSIC GNR track since UYI. This and Perhaps. Hard school is closer to YCBM and Apetite stuff, and Perhaps is closer to Estranged, etc. With a Slash tone in the guitar, and his style of playing it could transport us directly to 1991 perception. For me there are so MANY points indicating that this would be the right song to start again this new "phase" of the band that the fact that it was shown in the SETLIST doesn't say much. It's the obvious choice. Aurally I would even say that if there is one song that is remanent from the the 1996/1997 sessions, this would be it. All of the aspects indicates in that direction. If I could advise de band one thing, I would say: just leave SLASH to put his "musical mojo" into the piece, just as how he did it during Illusions and you'll get a BOMB that would attract A LOT of attention immediately to the record. Starting with HARD SCHOOL would "say" to the overall audiences that you still GOT IT and that would allow you to open the music styles in the record. This is the reason why I believe that out of ALL LEAKS, this is the STRONGEST material. Because it is a link to the past without sounding self-plagiarism.
  4. THIS with a powerful Chorus is SINGLE MATERIAL. This amazing Riff is catchy as hell! Simple and catchy! Needs a better and more related to the theme solo. My god! Am I the only one absolutely convinced that CD 2 would be stronger than 1?
  5. Def! Rhiad is a great song and I really don't enjoy it in the finished Chinese Democracy. The same goes to IRS ... many of these songs in their simpler forms are stronger.
  6. MADAGASCAR sounds INCREDIBLE ... MY GOD ... 10X better than the record
  7. 09/21/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium

    Axl and the band sounded great in WTTJ. Loved the video! They looked really happy!
  8. And what about Zodiac? Are there any vocals for that one? I'm more curious about Zodiac.
  9. Quick song is ... meeh ... ok But ZODIAC IS ZEPPELIN ON STEROIDS it has something of Achilles Last Stand ... LOVE IT!! I WANT TO HEAR IT WITH VOCALSSSSSS PLEASE
  10. I really like the song. The melody is strong and catchy. The instrumental is quite dated but the structure itself is very good and could be reworked. Unfortunately the quality of Axl's vocals are ... "week" to say the least. It has potential but it's obviously a demo.
  11. It’s a member of the YCBM music family. Slash adding some stuff would make a perfect single for the new album.
  12. And how much different the material really is from song to song. I remember one comparison made by Axl with Physical Graffiti and he was absolutely right IMO.