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  1. Do you really think that the AFD5 reunion didn't happen because Fortus und Frank didn't wanna leave the band? If Axl, Slash and Duff would have wanted an AFD5 reunion, it would have happend. And if in your mind Richard is still in the band only because Axl didn't have the nerve to fire him, despite wanting Richard out and Izzy back, then isn't it Axl's fault? He is a grown man and ownes GNR.
  2. Finally some sense here. Axl sounded exactly like in Rio, it's just that through cellphone audience recordings everything is a little more distorted (if that is the correct word) and his singing is mixed with the audience singing along and screaming.
  3. I Feel Good Discussion Thread

    From 1:50 to 1:54 it looks like Axl is singing into a huge microphone
  4. PowerBall GNR

    Now I get it. Thanks!
  5. PowerBall GNR

    Seriously, what the hell are you talking about? What is this PowerBall?
  6. Oh I didn't know he played an acoustic during Patience. Didn't he play an electric guitar during that song? That means he also plays an acoustic solo during patience? I gotta check this out!
  7. During which song does Slash play an acoustic guitar?
  8. 06/13/17 - Munich, DE - Olympiastadion

    No, thats before the show startet. Probably during one of the support acts.
  9. 06/13/17 - Munich, DE - Olympiastadion

    https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/9h-mtf#db25493 They're in Munich!
  10. Chesney/Atkins (Definitely NOT Guns N' Roses) - Full Tune

    It feels so real. So I'm expecting the song to come out in 2028, right? But hopefully there will be a leak in 2026
  11. Chesney/Atkins (Definitely NOT Guns N' Roses) - Full Tune

    These constant delays make it only more similar to real GNR music. Is "soon" the word?
  12. Ask Staff Anything!

    Thanks a lot!
  13. Ask Staff Anything!

    Why is my profil picture displayed with such shitty quality, even though the orginal picture is good quality? Any solution there? Thanx
  14. Stephen Chesney

    Those are the two tracks he finished and posted yet. According to him, a third track, called "Moving on" (that you can hear at the end of the Vehicular Blues video), will be finished by the end of this week. Check out the thread on this forum.
  15. Chesney/Atkins (Definitely NOT Guns N' Roses) - Full Tune

    Awesome News!