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  1. Broadway Musicals- I need your guys help

    Moulin Rogue has some songs in it like Your Song by Elton John, Roxanne by the Police, and if I remember right Smells like Teen Spirit for a moment. The show Glee had a ton. Journey, My Chemical Romance, REO Speed Wagon. Too many to name, check out this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_songs_in_Glee American Idiot was adapted to broadway. Davey Havok of A.F.I. did a run of it, so that might be a comparable voice to you.
  2. I put Misfits on from time to time. I got into them after hearing A.F.I.'s covers of Last Caress and Halloween. A.F.I. has evolved and I like everything they put out, but I was turned onto them around the Black Sails era.
  3. Best Bands of the 2010s

    Glad you bumps Kendrick on the list. I realized Glitch Mob's Drink the Sea was 2010!
  4. Best Bands of the 2010s

    This was a little hard to find bands that started releasing in this decade, but here are the ones I thought of. First Aid Kit - My personal favorite, they just hit the right spot. Chvrches - "Mother We Share" grabbed me right away, fell in love with their albums after that. Kendrick Lamar - I can't seem to get into him, but really try and understand why he gets all the props. Just not something I ever think to put on. Lumineers - solid group Alabama Shakes - hope to see them live sometime. Fantastic sound. some close calls that unfortunately had 2009 releases: Fun. Florence + The Machine, Twentyone Pilots (didn't realize they were so old...)
  5. 15 Years Ago: Alice In Chains Frontman Layne Staley Dies (TRIBUTE)

    I was gutted when he passed. AIC does not get enough play in my stereo anymore, which I'll remedy tonight. Music bank is the perfect box set in my opinion. Favorites of mine are Brother, Nutshell, Bleed the Freak, and Would? Right Turn is awesome to have Jerry, Chris Cornell, and Mark Arm each sing a verse. I'd recommend the B side Social Parasite to everyone. Love the song and has a gnr vibe to it.