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  1. I'm surprised Brett hasn't yet posted a "Guns N' Roses Confirmed for Atlantic City Show" article.
  2. I want that on a shirt.
  3. Trying this again. I'm looking for the unnumbered, heavy-stock Vegas 11-17-17 'slot machine' lithograph. Buy outright, or can trade TWO of the Vegas 11-17-17 white 'praying hands' lithos, #'s 247 and 248. Or the aforementioned UCAP 2012 litho.
  4. Hopefully it's full of reproduction flyers for the Bridge School show, with certificates of authenticity for each.
  5. Looking to replace my opened MFSL Appetite for Destruction CD with a sealed copy. Will trade mine plus cash (let me know what you need) for your sealed copy.
  6. Nice job, my man! (I’d buy *that* giant box for a grand.)
  7. LOL they're verifying the banner is a replica with a COA. Does anyone care about this garbage?
  8. This is a fair guess. The USB stick might include everything musically, aside from the blu-ray 5.1 mix.
  9. Jesus Christ, you take that back right now! (And where the hell can't Rocket Queen be played on the radio? Eastern Nofuckingstan?)
  10. Likely. Enjoy this heady, romantic period we're in right now... the "announcement of the announcement" phase.
  11. Well, to be fair they had 30 fucking years.
  12. The "YOUR TIME IS RUNNING OUT" in the email is kinda ominous. Maybe *we're* set to self-destruct in 2 days?
  13. Yeah. Without the CD/Facebook nonsense in the corner.
  14. I'd be interested in one of the Vegas 11-17-17 'Slot machine' lithographs - the unnumbered version, on the heavier paper. Can trade one of the Vegas 11-17-17 'Praying Hands' lithographs or pay cash. Might even have an Up Close and Personal 2012 lithograph around here, if I can get into storage any time soon.