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  1. I look forward to the “I’m at Barnes & Noble and some douchebag just bought the last 30 coffee table books” posts.
  2. With a six-month break, it's fair to say this tour is over and 2018's a new one, even if they want to keep calling it NITL.
  3. Tokyo 2009 VS Los Angeles 2017

    No one could say that with a straight face.
  4. I can get past that, but the apostrophe missing from the Duff poster would ignite my OCD. They can’t even keep it consistent over the span of a set of three posters?
  5. Steven Adler’s mom.
  6. If that box is where they number them, I’m OK with that. (I’m sure “they” will be glad to know that.) If not, it’s butt.
  7. Article from the Las Vegas magazine in the room at the Hard Rock. Nothing big, though I didn’t know about the dinner in Spring of 2015.
  8. Merch trailer had some issues - got three of the white lithographs there, and while they had the black neon slot machine lithos, they weren’t “in the system” yet so they wouldn't/couldn’t sell them yet. ”Little Rock” (guy in a Little Rock GNR shirt and riding a scooter) was waiting on a pile of those for them to be active in the system. We had dinner reservations, so got the white ones and took them back to the room. So... I’ll be happy to trade a white litho for the black when I get back home Monday.
  9. Official start time is 7:30pm as per the other shows in this arena leg. Expect them on-stage before 8pm.
  10. GN'R? Or Beavis & Butt-head?
  11. They really should’ve had a vague billboard and social media posts about a “huge” announcement.
  12. I expect more. I’ll accept more. Except I’d rather have new music.
  13. Louisville’s missing apostrophe would keep me up at night. WTF? I guess it’s no big deal, only the band’s fucking name... (Admittedly, the band itself hasn’t been consistent in this regard... but I still hate it.)