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  1. The Gear Thread

    Got a 2016 Gibson Les Paul 50’s Tribute T Goldtop about a year ago it sounds really good! And it looks very nice
  2. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    If only the album came out then. Surprised how much better this warmup show was than Rio lol. Gnr was always bad at Rio I guess
  3. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    Don't understand how they heard this vocal take and put the album version in lmao thsi band is something else.
  4. hmm I gotta check that out. Haven't seen it
  5. Imo Philly 2012 is Axl’s best gnr show since 2010

    Can you imagine wearing a shirt that says "Punk as Fuck" so cringe.
  7. Well, I mean at least he can't sound worse right?
  8. Books/Reading Thread

    "It" is such a long book man.
  9. This I Love was interesting vocally if any of you people didn't hear it he sings the second chorus in like a deep voice it was weird. Not a good weird though
  10. 09/23/17 - Rio de Janeiro, BR - Rock In Rio Festival

    Why do all the comments say Axl is sick?