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  1. Infectious Groove - A Music Podcast w/ RussTCB

    You know infectious grooves is a bloody great band right. Will check out your podcast later tonight.
  2. They need those for close ups of the new range of toy trucks they will be selling.
  3. If this tour doesnt have any new music then the only other way the tour will continue to be successful would be if afd 5 has gotten back together.....heres hoping for either new tunes or afd 5.
  4. Not sure if melissa will even be there still. Isnt she still suffering some health issues?
  5. The "New Album" Thread

    His done another 2 albums with sons of apollo after those. Sons of Apollo is his more recent band. Check them out.
  6. The "New Album" Thread

    I read somewhere slash had said he was writing material for both gnr and smkc at the time. Im sure a new smkc album/tour is on the cards during the next gnr break.
  7. The "New Album" Thread

    No idea what the sales numbers were.
  8. The "New Album" Thread

    the last album was a dud compared to the previous ones. Myles just sounded very bored and generic. The lyrics were bland. Instrumentally it was good though.
  9. MCG show https://www.triplem.com.au/story/eddie-mcguire-says-ac-dc-to-play-melbourne-s-mcg-october-november-2020-154416
  10. The "New Album" Thread

    If anything with home recording studios and the ability to upload and stream your content its far cheaper than releasing albums in the past. Why would you waste both time and money recording if you dont bother releasing it anyway??
  11. My first thoughts on the new single? Its very different from what i was expecting. I think i gotta listen a few more times. Not a fan of it quite yet but may be a grower.
  12. He is high up the chain on radio, television and aus media. The industry talks.
  13. Off topic abit but after looking at that picture I reckon Axl could rock a full bald look. Would look pretty bad ass.
  14. The "New Album" Thread

    I dont know about acdc opening for guns. If anything it would be a joint headliner concert like the gnr metallica ones in the 90s