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  1. This isnt just Guns n Roses. Plenty of concerts/songs i had from other artists have had their vids removed. Think this is more of UMG and other recording companies doing than the bands themselves.
  2. Unfortunately your probably right.
  3. Brian Johnson will tour with AC/D.C. again

    Ah ok. Thanks for confirming its fake. I couldnt find it anyway.
  4. Brian Johnson will tour with AC/D.C. again

    A tour poster with brian and cliff was supposedly leaked and quickly removed in the last 24 hours. Im trying to find it.
  5. Nov 23 is only 221 days away. Sure something will be released even if its a ep
  6. What do you guys think slash has been doing in LA for the last month or so since smkc has been on tour break? Sure somethings in the works
  7. Pretty sure he did it last year
  8. The concert promo said the words " full lineup on sale". A fan advised the mistake and she acknowledged replying "for once its not one of my typos".
  9. Yea i saw that. Lucky Slash reads our posts here or he would of forgotten.
  10. That was last year. Nothing this year.
  11. So slash says happy bday to everyone under the sun including elton john today but doesnt bother with Frank Ferrers which is also today. I find that funny lol
  12. Rammstein

    Loved their old stuff. Thought they had broken up.