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  1. At 1.47 Guns n Roses Welcome to the Jungle. From coachellas official youtube. Wonder if this new documentary will have much proshot gnr or even a interview. It's released April 10 on youtube originals.
  2. I enjoyed backspacer too and felt a majority of the songs were great. They were quick and in your face. I was disappointed when they followed it up with lightening bolt in which I liked maybe 3 songs off.
  3. Some fans if they want to obliviate gnr from all media and fans. They are killing off their current fanbase and any potential for new fans.
  4. Slash has been posting pictures of Axl again on his insta. They must be busy recording something.
  5. Every now and then slash posts something great
  6. So that explains why Axl sounded so good. He was back to being pissed off Axl heh.
  7. Bloody hell unless they close with Hard School thats all folks
  8. Not really i have been watching this show from 4 or so streams today and all have been fire. Watched other bad shows on multiple streams didnt improve them either.
  9. I agree his sounding ok here for me too
  10. Love how all the streams go dead when duffs on LoLoL
  11. Best YCBM since 2016 for me
  12. Yep i thought that was just me. Its struggling. Oh no it died
  13. Anyone after streams join facebook and search for guns n roses under live videos. Its So Easy yep pun intended.