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  1. For a second i thought that was Axls reflection in the glass watching on lol
  2. Izzy vs vince part 2 would be more likely
  3. And slash with his anti gravity cigarette With the feb sydney show I was there and thought axl was abit too mickey on nice boys. Rest of the concert he nailed.
  4. Ill take their 86 version without angry 😂
  5. In 2014 I know appetite for democracy was released by interscope/universal/geffen so they were still contracted to them at that point however theres no longer any mention of guns n roses on the roster lineup of interscope/geffen anymore https://www.interscope.com/artists And gnr have no mention of any record label on their site. Im guessing here that appetite for democracy was the last release to fulfil their contracts and they are no longer signed.
  6. Yes Geffen was bought out by interscope and jimmy iovine helped push through chinese. I dont think GNR have a contract for a major record label anymore for a new album .
  7. Heres something for you. Slash is no longer following Myles Kennedys official on Insta or twitter 🤔 Could there be a riff between the two? Could the conspirators have a new singer? 😁
  8. Ask Staff Anything!

    Thanks for the quick response. I assumed it was a spam pop up especially since I'm not from the US.
  9. What Are You Listening To 2017

    These kids are fire. New led zep for sure.
  10. Would love them to release Michaels album. Been on hold forever. Kik It sounds stellar and Save My Life.
  11. Ask Staff Anything!

    Everytime I go to the site I get this advert whether it be PC firefox browser or samsungs mobile browser. Im also a paid subscibed member so shouldn't get any adverts. Anyone else getting the same and is there a fix in place?
  12. Go to the downloads section its in there
  13. Full show sirus sb rip is already in the download section