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  1. New Cds your looking at $20. Still too expensive and yes Australia gets ripped off hard. Does not help having our government taxes the shit out of everything.
  2. Australia and thats how much new compact disk albums costed back then.
  3. It pained me buying the album chinese democracy on release day for $30 and finding I only liked maybe 4-5 songs. A boxset for that album for $1000? No thanks.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bi-gxzDlOrq/
  5. Theres alot of keyboard warriors and whingers on here. Be grateful. I dont see managers or band members ever bothering to chat to any fans be it official or unofficial boards. Some people on here I have never seen say anything positive. Makes me wonder if you are even fans of the band or just fans of complaining or ruining things for everyone else.
  6. @Fernando thanks for taking the time to drop by our little forum. Would like to first thank you and your mother for looking after Axl because if it wasnt for you both I have a feeling he wouldnt of made it out of the 90s. He seems to be in a great place now. Just a few questions if you are kind enough to answer I would be grateful. First question I have is axl recording for ac/dc? It was mentioned by angry anderson he was. Second question would a new tour be on the way for acdc? Would love to see axl/dc down here in Australia. Third and final. Will guns n roses mix up there setlist on this leg of the tour and include songs they have not played yet? Thanks for your time.
  7. Wow guys your overreacting abit over Fernando there. Anyways lets get this back onto topic. Official GNR posts. Mel Reese is ready to get lit...
  8. Yea thats what he said and he was going to perform them the "right way they are supposed to sound" lol.
  9. Classless Act band sounded pretty good. Full set below. l
  10. I heard Adler on triple m (radio station) and saw on Adlers instagram live video (same interview) that he has no idea who did the drums on Shadow but it isn't him. Said its not his drum setup and style. Do you think the drums were re-recorded? Or were they Rob Gardners or even.... Frank? If they were re-recorded by Frank he did a top job. But yeah I have a feeling the guitar licks and solo are re-recorded and touched up by slash too.
  11. Sydney prices were starting at $80. Guessing Melbourne would be the same.
  12. His next record is a hollywood vampires record. Doesnt mean that izzy/axl/slash arent involved somewhat. Maybe a feature heres hoping. https://mobile.twitter.com/alicecooper/status/993280106180349952/photo/1?tfw_creator=noise11tweets&tfw_site=noise11tweets&ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.noise11.com%2Fnews%2Falice-cooper-is-back-in-the-studio-with-johnny-depp-and-hollywood-vampires-20180507
  13. These 1993 shows were incredible. Makes me sad we missed another 90s era album with that voice on it.
  14. Hear him slaughter tracks on fb live now. Just heard night train be abused.