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  1. Listened to the first hour. Awesome so far. Teddy sounds like a really nice guy and a has a great insight into the illusions tour.
  2. I'm sure they have done the instruments for a new SMKC album but who knows if Myles has done any vocals at all. It could be years before that's completed then mixing and so ons done. His only just started his solo tour in support for his new record and supposedly has to record and tour with Alter Bridge in 2019. The other possibility is maybe this is a new project without Myles......
  3. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    Anyone heard anything about a new izzy album? He dropped a few singles and then everythings gone silent again.
  4. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    Izzy did get paid out by the others though for selling his share of the partnership. I wonder if izzy would of repaid that money at all or he just assumed they would let him back in equal share for nothing.
  5. Saw this in another thread so yes nashville
  6. Its not the stroke or his speech its the way Alder acts and behaves which makes people think his back on something.
  7. Yeah sorry cant remember which show. Your source though proved correct after 2 years lol
  8. Pretty sure it was one of the first Adler ones. Remember hearing there was arguing between Izzy and Adler at the sound check
  9. Lol what's going on with Matt Sorums hair these days
  10. http://themusic.com.au/news/all/2018/02/16/guns-n’-roses’-dizzy-reed-joins-this-weeks-the-music-podcast/ With his debut solo album, Rock 'n Roll Ain't Easy out today, Dizzy Reed dropped by the studio to appear as this week's special guest on The Music Podcast With Dave & Neil. Recorded out of Vienna People studios in Sydney, the Guns N' Roses keyboardist touched on why he decided to release his first-ever solo LP after over 30 years as an active musician and his favourite spots in Sydney. Reed also touched on future GNR plans, the iconic rock band's upcoming European tour and the possibility of new music. He will launch the album this Sunday at Frankie's Pizza in Sydney; click on theGuide for more details.
  11. Not sure if you still use this @Fernando @Dexter 😊 @Gambit83 try messaging and asking Meegan on insta if slash will sit down for a chat. Shes very responsive to fans. Very nice woman.
  12. Yeah I will agree. No matter what some people say on here Beta and Fernando seem to be doing a great job for the fans and for Axl and crew.