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  1. They all seem to be still in Hawaii. Wonder if something is happening recording wise there.
  2. Haha probably felt like a real douche bag and had to change it. Kill them with kindness Meegan
  3. Ash is horrible and definately not talented (wannabe graffiti artist, wannabe graphic designer, wannabe photographer). His just another hanger on . He just seems to want to ruin shit for slash . Example 1 slash is in a happy relationship lets cause drama calling his partner out and insulting her. Example 2 in late 2015 slash is getting back with guns lets call axl fat and insult him. I like what meegan does for the fans and she seems to be very supportive of slash. They both seem very happy together
  4. Its my opinion. Go roll around in glitter, listen to keshas autotune vocals and have a cry.
  5. To have a nobody like kesha who wouldnt have any idea who trex is anyway on that album. Now that would be an insult to trex if anything. Rumored guests u2, foo fighters, elton john, joan jet, perry farrell and kesha?? Doesnt really fit the mold for me. Now slot gnr in the place of kesha and it fits perfect along side of those other artists/bands for the tribute. *update* did some googling and supposedly she is on the tribute err terrible choice in my opinion.
  6. Not necessary true. If they cared about the press they would of been using them more for their tours but we got hardly anything from the band. They also have always guested on friends of the band or solo albums etc steve jones, seb bach, gilby Clarke, the outpatience, this rumored trex tribute song which again isnt the most mainstream song for a comeback. Heres hoping 2019 brings us alot of new material.
  7. I think we may be likely to hear something on the new duff lp firstly if we are lucky. A gnr song on there to start with. Duff would of been recording on the road with those guys and you never know whats happened with all of them together in the same space during touring and duff recording.
  8. Im sure slash would be down for a joint SMKC and GNR show. If they were to do a double. He just needs more coffee between bands.
  9. The only thing confirmed is Axls love of taco bell.
  10. I cant believe Frank is still in this band. He drains all energy from the songs. Thinking of his tone and style I can't imagine him sounding good in any band actually. 4tus is good. I can live with a useless blue haired headbanging chick but Frank is unavoidably bad on every track.
  11. Reminds me of that bloody creed videoclip with all the shitty special effects I loved blade 2. Awesome movie
  12. Happy 30th anniversary to Lies!

    To celebrate gunners have added new lies stuff to their store. https://gnrmerch.com
  13. Lack of partners? His had plenty. Heres a good place to start https://m.ranker.com/list/axl-rose-loves-and-hookups/celebrityhookups
  14. Funny thing I bet half the idiots saying shit are the ones just watching the show via streams online at home LOL.