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  1. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    Just had a listen. Sounds like someone doing karaoke and not jbj. No power or balls. He really needs Richie back to help with backing vocals/harmony too.
  2. Show Opener and Closer

    Opener Perfect Crime Closer SCOM just to force the casual fans to stick around until the end of the encore.
  3. Looks like Duffs been busy recording bass for the new Ozzy solo album. Him and rhcps Chad Smith are the studio musicians for the entire lp it looks like. Ozzy Osbourne has released his new single, “Under The Graveyard” below. The song is the first track to meet a release from his upcoming twelfth studio album, “Ordinary Man“. Osbourne recorded that album earlier this year with producer Andrew Watt after working together on a collaboration withPost Malone. Despite reuniting with guitarist Zakk Wylde for live shows, Wylde was not involved in the sessions for this upcoming record. Instead, Osbourne enlisted Guns N’ Rosesbassist Duff McKagan and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith for the studio sessions, with Watt taking on the guitar duties. Speaking of the forthcoming album, Osbourne stated: “It all started when Kelly [Osbourne] comes in and says ‘do you want to work on a Post Malone song?’ My first thing was ‘who the fuck is Post Malone?!’ I went to Andrew’s [Watt] house and he said we will work really quick. After we finished that song, he said ‘would you be interested in starting an album.’ I said ‘that would be fucking great, but now I am thinking I don’t want to be working in a basement studio for six months! And in just a short time, we had the album done. Duff[McKagan] and Chad [Smith] came in and we would go in and jam during the day and I would go work out the songs in the evenings. I previously had said to Sharon I should be doing an album, but in the back of my mind I was going ‘I haven’t got the fucking strength…’ but Andrew pulled it out of me. I really hope people listen to it and enjoy it, because I put my heart and soul into this album.” https://www.theprp.com/2019/11/07/news/ozzy-osbourne-enlisted-guns-n-roses-red-hot-chili-peppers-members-for-his-new-album-premieres-new-single-under-the-graveyard/
  4. Watt did a great job in my opinion. Good solo at 3:30 too. Yes it's different but better than hearing the same old stuff that zakk did the last few albums.
  5. His still great but he doesnt play with that bluesy feel anymore. Some of his solos are just fast noodling now. He also doesnt bend the notes like he used to. Other than that im glad his back with gnr
  6. Great night train. Raspy. Probably best this year.
  7. RATM are back

    Coachella confirmed head liner https://www.triplem.com.au/story/rage-against-the-machine-announce-2020-reunion-shows-150771
  8. What was the full setlist please? All i see is the usual complaints lol
  9. Dont think so. Stevens on the kiss kruise and izzys harvesting avocados
  10. Saw this on a page I follow on facebook. First pic reminds me of 2016 axl Second pic reminds me of 2019 axl The hair similarity is uncanny. I swear.
  11. Yep thats the thing why continue to do it if fans dont like it? If his having voice problems why continue to book a massive 4 year tour instead of resting your vocal cords or getting them fixed. Nothing makes sense with this band.
  12. I definately agree and i rather a shorter show with max effort. Would be happy with a hour and a half with no fillers and rasp than 3 hours long and half effort.
  13. The thing is theres plenty fatter and older artists nailing their songs without any issues. Sammy hagar is a great example. I dont think weight is the issue. To me the problem is his insistence to now sing with his clear voice the songs he used to rasp throughout.
  14. To me as long as Axl sounds good i could not give a f what he looks like.
  15. I reckon this could be Axls hard fat and muscles underneath LoL
  16. Axl better step his vocal game up if dirty money is opening.
  17. Copyright Strikes....

  18. Copyright Strikes....

    You couldnt write a better soap opera then the drama with this band and management. I will say it does keep it entertaining.
  19. Copyright Strikes....

    Doubt its the record company. No other UMG artists are getting take downs like this.
  20. Copyright Strikes....

    You think its weird that no Axl DC videos have been removed. No slash tours or duff tours have been touched. Tells you something right there. It seems to be gnr band specific. I doubt Axl gives a f about whats on there or not it tbh. Some minion has taken upon themselves to do this. The big 3 i dont think they really care.
  21. Slither was pretty good too
  22. Much better dead horse tonight. Just listened to the fb clip.