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  1. In just under 2 days ill definately be watching this
  2. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    As a big rhcp fan i cannot be excited enough for this news.
  3. Live playing energy

    How does your response prove he sounds good with the band? All it does is show how far up their asses you are. No one can suggest otherwise or your knickers always gets in a twist about it.
  4. Live playing energy

    You werent even a forum member back then to know what we were commenting on. I remember the complaints about Frank even before Adler was in anyone's wet dream about playing in 2016. He just does not mesh well with duff and slash. He sounds flat, draining and messes with the songs. His only there because his a "yes" man to Axl. No other reason. I have no doubt if it was up to slash and duff if he stayed or went he would be long gone. There is 0 chemistry there between them. The band deserves nothing less than a world class drummer not someone thats struggles with playing everything outside of CD.
  5. I love shotgun blues. I dont get the hate of it. Yes its cheesy lyrically but still a fun song. Band rocks hard on it too.
  6. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    This is up on youtube. Both of them playing music and chatting at Johns house. Will not post here due to forum rules. Great insight from the guys in their fav tracks. Majority punk and funk of course. John sounds so comfortable here and no longer stutters and is focused. Some of their fav songs Adam and the Ants - Kings Of The Wild Frontier The Slits - Shoplifting China White - Anthem Defunkt - Defunkt Suburban Lawns - Janitor Adolescents - Kids of the Black Hole Buzzcocks - Why Can't I Touch It Devo - Smart Patrol/Mr. Dna 45 grave - Blackcross B52s - 52 Girls
  7. Live playing energy

    here from her official youtube page so should be ok to post here @Tom-Ass
  8. Live playing energy

    youtube it. Haley Reinhart, Slash and Myles Kennedy
  9. Live playing energy

    Slash has said before he likes to make new music to tour with and play live. Im sure playing the same songs for 4 years is a downer. Sure the first year or so would be exciting playing the old stuff but boredom would kick in after awhile.
  10. Live playing energy

    I feel half the time they are noodling or doing endless solos or instrumentals just for axl to catch his breath, have a break or hit up his old oxygen machine. It does not make for a good fan experience either.
  11. Live playing energy

    To me theres 2 people that are mostly to blame for the lack of energy. Firstly Frank drains the life out of nearly every song. I hate his style, tone, and fills. Give me josh, adler or sorum any day. Secondly Axls voice if his not putting in effort and dialing it in or going full mickey. If they didnt have slash I would not bother tuning in to follow the band anymore.
  12. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    This may be good. Streamin today
  13. Powderfinger - One Night Lonely (reunion)

    Bernards solo stuff is great too. Missed it streaming last night but will catch up at some point today.
  14. NITL live videos on youtube

    He for sure does not play them like he knows them by heart
  15. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    Wow what a concert and performance by Prince
  16. NITL live videos on youtube

    2017 was hit and miss. They did have some great shows during that year too.
  17. NITL live videos on youtube

    like another user said. Its great to hear them with proper sound and not a shitty cellphone clip. 2019 is sounding much better than I remember.
  18. NITL live videos on youtube

    Mods can we have one thread to discuss this? Theres two going atm. This one and the one below
  19. NITL live videos on youtube

    Props where props due. Thank you @Fernando and @Dexter definately a step in the right direction for fans.
  20. Think it may be old. Bunch of addresses for band members and band connections and leakers info.
  21. Every time they use it I cringe too. It is horrible. We are fans not fam and most of us are over 35+ years old. The band members nearing 60 years old. Dont talk to us like we are cool young hipsters in our teens. We are adults.
  22. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    pretty good for a newish band
  23. Meanwhile Metallica has put up another full concert Live in Chicago, Illinois - August 12, 1983 as well as released a performance of rearranged Blackened live from their houses These guys know how to tie fans over.
  24. GNR are far worse than KISS when it comes to the fanbase and music releases Merch wise they are similar with selling any crap merch they can think of but thats about it