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  1. Am listening now about 20 mins in. Appreciate the love for angel dust my fav fnm album. Definately underrated album. First album i bought with my own money rhcp blood sugar sex majic or NWA efilrofzaggin back in 1991. Started collecting albums that year. I love the michelle banter. Everyone expecting the worst when her first album was going to be revealed lol
  2. Im listening via Spotify. Great episode so far. Convos flowing along much better. Side note pm dawn also had hits with looking through patient eyes and gotta be movin on up. Both were big in Australia in the 90s. Not a one hit wonder here. Excellent to hear the vast range of genres you all enjoy.
  3. Narr fuck them. They have had so much time to record and give us even 1 song tonight but nothing. Not even 1 new song. So fuck this band. I give up on them. This fuckhead singer can go back to his Malibu mansion tonight with 1 less fan. Hate to say this but i now hope slash leaves and makes some new music elsewhere because we wont be hearing fuck all from guns n lazy fuckin roses ever
  4. Why? Rolling stones do it. Metallica do it. Plenty of artist do it. The casuals dont even know 90 percent of the shit they have on their setlist already so i say f the casuals
  5. 2 weeks old. They barely got 12k followers on the page. Might be under the radar or they are trolling us hard with that post.
  6. Had anyone noticed this post from the official superbowl music fest instagram. Richard fortus hopes new music will be released this year. Hmmm "And we're here for it"?
  7. A new album for the fans? Not In This Lifetime
  8. The next chapter of Not in this lifetime lol. Hope its something else. Something big.
  9. Marc Canter's videos

    Probably got a legal threat for using the material.
  10. How many times do you think casual fans (the so called bulk of concert goers) will go to see gnr? Maybe once or twice max. If the set is the same and they keep touring the same cities again and again with nothing new. The crowds are going to get smaller and smaller when the casual fans start dropping out. There's only so many times a casual fan will go see them for scom etc. They need something to tour off. Its not sustainable otherwise. They are not the stones or another band that has a big catalog of music they can keep touring off. Dropping new music will help them get exposed to a new generation of fans and please the existing fanbase. I have hope GNR will see the light. Bring on the 31st.
  11. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    Underrated band. The Black Sorrows - Harley and Rose (Updated with clip from the artist due to youtube policy here)
  12. Something does drop they have a full month next month to promote it before the tour starts.
  13. Surely though this will get widespread media attention and hype if they did drop a new live song at the venue no matter the crowd attendance. These concerts are also being recorded for tv/media. Its still mysterious what this upcoming tour is called. Fingers are tightly crossed for it supporting a album. We can only hope. Side note I had no idea singles were always dropped on Fridays. Learn something new every day.
  14. If they want to truly be a surprise they will perform the song live then drop the single immediately afterwards. I doubt they would drop a single before the performance. The surprise elements gone.
  15. Off an old Axl chat Q: Did you do a song with Eazy-E [late American rapper, producer, and record executive] in the early '90s. I read it somewhere. I think it would be pretty cool. Did you hang out with Eazy-E ever? What was a cool moment hanging out with N.W.A.? Axl: He recorded with Slash and Duff. He really wanted to attack the media over attacking me for "One in a Million". There wasn't really any Easy on it. I wasn't there. He gave me the tape to consider. Sounded a bit like the other guys doing BODY COUNT. The idea was OK but the track wasn't really there and I felt it would get more heat than the track could stand up to. Only hung a couple times after a show with any of them. Was glad I got to meet Eazy. Guess we can go back to the thread topic now lol
  16. Do we know if axL recorded with them though Could of just been the band or a different version of the song luv 4 dem gangstas that slash did with e. I do remember the eazy e advertisement (in the cd album for 187um ep) for the str8 off the Streets upcoming lp had a song featuring guns n roses advertised. This song had been pulled when the LP actually was released after eazys death.
  17. You know infectious grooves is a bloody great band right. Will check out your podcast later tonight.
  18. They need those for close ups of the new range of toy trucks they will be selling.
  19. If this tour doesnt have any new music then the only other way the tour will continue to be successful would be if afd 5 has gotten back together.....heres hoping for either new tunes or afd 5.
  20. Not sure if melissa will even be there still. Isnt she still suffering some health issues?