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  1. The media clip has RHDTH song playing and tagged. Even right next door to hell would be good to hear again live.
  2. intellectual property is under the copywrite act.
  3. I imagine they play a game of scissors, paper, rock and the winner takes control of that particular business decision.
  4. The other thing people arent getting is this is unauthorised use of intellectual property. Its illegal to sell or purchase it. It doesnt matter if gnr never planned to release it. Its still their property and essentially stolen property. You are not legally allowed to buy or sell a stolen car can you? Same deal with intellectual property. Rick if he had half a brain should respect the small ban they put on him and stay quiet and away from the headlines. Im sure if they wanted to they could really f him up legally.
  5. Maybe you should go find another band to be a fan of?
  6. He could have been dragged to the courts, sued or locked up. Banning him from shows is a pretty small consequence for purchasing and distributing unauthorized material. He got a slap on the wrist realistically.
  7. Pretty sure I read rough versions of prostitute and this i love had been kicking around before slash left the band in the 90s. Not sure of the third track.
  8. They had a self titled album about 4 years ago which was pretty good.
  9. That locomotive sounded great. Thanks Axl and the band for playing it. Everyone sounded great.
  10. Guys im late to the party. Anyone got a setlist so far? Actually its easier if you just tell me if anything different has been played.
  11. 10/04/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    That nighttrain sounded pretty damn awesome. Best this year so far.
  12. Wow some of you grown adults with fat shaming and criticism of pants and clothes is really pathetic. Have a look at yourselves before making any judgements. Bet you arent the perfect little canery in the cage either.
  13. https://7news.com.au/entertainment/music/metallica-cancels-australian-tour-only-weeks-out-as-frontman-returns-to-rehab-c-476930
  14. They will have the people bitch that this or that song was removed/replaced then lol
  15. Plenty of videos have been taken off youtube that haven't been on this forum. Theres a few rats out there constantly searching youtube and issuing take down notices.
  16. Slash - "Axl we need to mix the setlist up abit. Its getting boring". Axl - "How about we put a dinosaur on the big display instead". Slash - "Woo hoo Sold".
  17. I have health reasons (liver) so I cant touch the stuff any more. Not worth it for me. As long as others can control their substances theres no reason why you cant enjoy it in moderation.
  18. I hope not. I would hate to hear another cover.
  19. CD 2008 vs CD 2001

    That's your opinion. I actually enjoyed a majority of the illusion tracks.
  20. This thread has turned into a toxic whinge fest.
  21. Only 2 changes you get for these 2019 shows is the new lithos and seeing the new attraction, the new haircut. Is it worth the ticket price? well i dont know.
  22. Ive been sober since feb 2018. Maybe thats cheating if i played.
  23. There will still be the complainers dont you worry. People upset they didnt use CD leftovers. People upset it doesnt sound like appetite. People upset theres no rasp. People upset over the drumming/bass/vocals/guitar tone it goes on lol. Sometimes theres no pleasing some of the fans.