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  1. Problem with a posthumous record is how many Axl full vocal unreleased songs are there anyway. For years and years the bands have always had shitloads of instrumentals they have recorded but Axl rarely recorded and put on any vocals for them.
  2. Axl and Kurt...friends.

    Axl was a fan. But yeah if Kurt was alive today I reckon they would be friends or at least respect each other. Dave Grohl and gnr are fine now.
  3. Leaks idea.

    I dont think using songs left off gnrs least popular album would be a bright idea. Not commercially anyway. I would prefer new tunes created off axl/slash/duff chemistry.
  4. Corey Taylor - CMFT

    The first few stone sour records were great. Worth having a relisten.
  5. I found it weird to have Sympathy for the Devil still on there myself after how upset slash was over it.
  6. Corey Taylor - CMFT

    That first track is terrible. It sounds like a limp bizkit rip off. The worst kind of new metal. Second track is better but still not great. I thought coreys solo would of been much better. These first two singles are disappointing
  7. Rolling Stones Eternal Touring Thread

    Steel wheels 89 tour cant wait
  8. Hi Guys Could not find a ac/dc thread in here so opened one. Ac/dc are starting to ramp up for the Back in Black 40th anniversary. Finally starting to release videos again on YouTube and post on social media. Heres hoping we get some great content. New series The story of Back in Black. Episode 1 The Story Behind You shook me all night long Episode 2 The story behind Hells Bells Newly released. What do you do for money honey. LIve 1981 Japan. Brian looks so weird with no hat Updated store https://store.acdc.com/dept/back-in-black-40th-anniversary
  9. https://www.metropoles.com/colunas-blogs/leo-dias/brasileira-conta-detalhes-de-romance-que-prima-viveu-com-axl-rose Google translate Brazilian tells details of romance that cousin lived with Axl Rose It seems that Axl Rose really has a thing for Brazilians and it wasn't just Ellen Jabour who won the heart of the Guns N 'Roses leader. Pernambuco native Janaína Godeffroy, who lives in Switzerland, lived a romance for more than a year with the singer. It all started in 2012, at a show in Basel, Switzerland. Janaína and cousin Waleska Vitorino lived in Lugano, but since they were fans of the band, they went to Basel to follow their performance. Axl was leaving the venue when he met her. He asked the then manager of the band to call Janaína, with his cousin, so that they could go to his bus to chat. On the bus, Axl would have confessed that he always saw her at shows and that he was enchanted by her. The chemistry crashed and Axl and Janaína spent hours and hours alone on the bus. The other day, the singer called the Brazilian to follow the band's tour with him in Europe, but she couldn't go because she was with the dog, Zara, and had no one to leave. So, they agreed to meet at the end of the tour at a concert in Spain. There, they enjoyed a party after the show and got together again. “Axl always showed that he wanted something serious with Janaína and asked us to stay in Las Vegas for a month. We went and, it is important to say, that we always made these trips with our money. There it was all wonderful again. Axl and my cousin got along very well. He called her Brazilian Swiss (Swisilian) and called us 'cousins' (the cousins). The following year we repeated the dose and went to Vegas again at his invitation ”, says Waleska. But, in the following year, the romance would have cooled down, as Waleska and Janaína fell out with a Guns Roses producer, also Brazilian, who, according to them, had been chasing them since the beginning of the relationship: “She implied a lot with us and one day , during breakfast, she humiliated my cousin a lot, calling her by bad words. She said that she would not accept that my cousin had a serious relationship with Axl and that she had already talked to him about it. He would have to choose between her or my cousin, ”said Waleska. “We are family and we don't accept the way she (the producer) treated us and we decided not to go to the next show in Vegas. My cousin sent him an email telling him everything that had happened. We still met Axl a few years later at another show in Bern. He once again wanted to spend the night with Janaína, but she didn't agree, because she was already married. Nowadays, they are just friends and exchange messages on important dates like Christmas and birthdays ”, said Waleska. *Any money the mentioned producer was actually the manager beta
  10. Showed him for like 10 seconds in the studio. No performance just talking how important the record was for him.
  11. Slash online right now https://www.facebook.com/acdc/videos/287122562553655/
  12. Ac/dc - Back in Black Discussion thread

    Live Stream concert/party has begun https://www.facebook.com/acdc/videos/287122562553655/
  13. Ac/dc - Back in Black Discussion thread

    Wonder what Slash will bring to this special
  14. Ac/dc - Back in Black Discussion thread

    Look back on the death of bon scott and the joining of brian johnson. Amazing it happened only 6 weeks after Bons death.
  15. Prince - Sign O The Times - Super Deluxe

    One of my fav prince albums and period. Will be looking into this release.
  16. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    I liked their first album but anything after that was so so.
  17. Ac/dc - Back in Black Discussion thread

    You shook me all night long live in Tokyo
  18. Slash may be streaming a back in black performance. Will have to wait and see https://consequenceofsound.net/2020/07/acdc-back-in-black-40th-virtual-announce/
  19. Rolling Stones Eternal Touring Thread

    Scarlet feat jimmy page has now been released
  20. Suck a big fat one keyboard warrior.
  21. Ac/dc - Back in Black Discussion thread

    Acdc episode 2 story behind hells bells
  22. Why because i don like the shitty synthesizer sounds that was used on this song. Your comment is really the donkey nuts.
  23. Cornell sounds great. I dont like the symphs and other things they have going on in the song though.