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  1. Probably a long shot, but I'm looking for lithos from Copenhagen '17 and Berlin '18. PM me.
  2. How? Did they srll them outside the venue?
  3. Top Gun 2 Soundtrack

    This thread went well.
  4. I can't discuss something I haven't heard.
  5. They could have easily lowered his mic in the chorus if that was the idea, so I don't think so.
  6. You're collecting all his tshirt? I don't get it?
  7. So does everyone in Berlin get their money back or what?
  8. I kinda love how Axl sings the chorus in Slither. Add some rasp to that voice and it would beat the original imo.
  9. How much do these lithos cost?
  10. We were sitting at an angle where we could see what was happening behind the stage, and I can tell you Axl arrived in a black van 5 minutes before showstart. The van came driving through the tunnel, parked right next to the stage and at the same moment the intro began on the big screens. The rest of the band came walking in together as a group 15 minutes earlier, followed by Kat taking pictures.
  11. Have they left Berlin yet? Walked past their hotel and it was empty.