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  1. Loving that they played Dead Horse and I think it sounded good for a first time song for the tour.
  2. I thought this guy said he contacted the band was paid money for the music back and signed agreements. Once the music then leaked he was in violation of what he signed and the band gave him the money for nothing. Now of course he is saying others he bought with leaked it but oddly he was the only one I know of to sign off on things. There is more to this than there seems.
  3. GNR songs ranked by popularity (streaming)

    I am not surprised look at November Rain. The song is beautiful.
  4. 10/04/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    I am still catching up in this thread as I had a busy weekend but I want to say something before I do as I am sure there are many comments about it here as usual. The reason why some bands choose to play mostly the same set list only varying a little Is because being honest it's a different crowd at each show usually. They keep in mind that not everyone is following them all over the world watching concerts. Sure there are some who travel several times a year but in reality the percent is not as high as some think. Now if you saw a show in let's say Chicago and a week later they played another show with a different set list some fans would complain as they missed songs that were played. They are more likely to only change 1 or 2 in the set due to this In my opinion. Now I know someone will say but they been touring a few years now most have seen them once atleast. I am going to say still not entirely true as they mostly have not been doing many repeats at venues but the percent is higher. It also makes it much easier when you have a set amount of songs you know you will play and some alts for those times you want to switch up a song or two. This way in an already tight schedule they do not have to worry with constant set changes. The band as a whole will know what songs can be played. The average person does not follow the band all around the world. I would wager a guess that if the concert was polled over half would be seeing them for the first time on the tour at least. And it seems just like SoYL was added last time and played some of the other alts will be cycled in as well.
  5. Yesterdays and Madagascar I love it.
  6. This is not actually easy to do. So the ones I list first are always my favorites Don't Cry Alt version Night Train Patience This I Love Civil War Honorable always faves The Garden, Don't Cry, SCOM, TWAT, November Rain, Estranged Listening to lately more Madagascar, Yesterdays, Rocket Queen,You ain't the First, Live and Let Die The first list and honorable faves I always listen to the second list is ones I listened to today as well. I have not listened to any of the leaks though with them adding the one to the set list I have thought about listening to it but I am still conflicted🤣 Estranged was hard for me because it is one of my all time faves but a few I added to 1st list get played more lately so I put it in honorable faves. I of course think This I Love us a beautiful song and well done.
  7. I voted Slash but I agree with others about it depends on what we are talking about here. I mean Slash is the best Guitarist for Guns and one of my fave guitarists but this does not take away from the talent of all the others on the list. There is something I like about all of them and Bucketheads skills can't be denied. I think they are all talented and I enjoy Fortus live performance. I think this poll surprised me to see many admit that others are great and even some saying better than Slash. While I still think that Slash is the best fit for GnR there are others on the list that bring other things to GnR I really enjoyed. I also want to add to those getting mad some Ranked Izzy down read the question of the poll. It does not ask which guitarist is the best fit but the best GnR guitarist. It is also why I hesitated and almost chose differently in my first choice. Izzy is a great guitarist but many on the list could be better according to some people's opinions.
  8. So slash confirms music being worked on and Fernando seems to have given a better idea of when it's coming and still there seems to be an issue. Sometimes it is a case of darned if you do darned if you don't. I really didn't take the time to read through his Reddit posts thoroughly but seems his lack of denial it is likely him. As his manager he has a right to release the information and I am betting he had ran this through Axl. I really do not understand how people make Axl into some guy who supposedly lives in the dark as his big bad management shields him from everything. This is not to say they do not attempt or ever have attempted to shield him but let's be serious here. Axl is no pushover. He is free to do and say what he wants. His management will operate how he wants not the opposite or they would not be management. This does not mean Axl controls how Fernando speaks but surely you guys do not really think TB control him, Axl of all people. If he said album within 6 months then it is the plan. Why criticize him on one hand for how he speaks with fans then on the other say they do not communicate with fans. This is GnR not Back Street Boys. Sure it does not make it right for him to talk badly to fans but certainly he has a right when someone talks badly to him.
  9. Being honest, I think that many had gotten criticism that had joined Guns during the breakup years and some more than others for whatever various reasons. I put into mind the many times over Slash and Duff have openly stated how they feel about Frank or Fortus and yet fans still have something to say. Some of this goes with the territory as they are artists and we are fans but then again I do feel some Is overboard. I am not a member of any other fan forum for any bands but Guns and Ac/DC and I rarely am on that website but I have seen other forums and no other fans are like Guns fans. We are dedicated and sure we get frustrated but the shaming does happen. Whole threads are made about Axls weight at times. As much as we say they signed up for this when they became famous we are all still responsible as humans and as adults. I can imagine it was not easy for him sure, but some fans even fat shame Axl so I do not think it's just because he was not Slash but most of it yes. I am sure someone will not like my post and it is fine I been around here for years. I look around the world we live in today where some kid was bullied or called names and shoots up schools. I think people wrongfully assume once someone becomes an adult it's ok to bully them and call them names as if it's fine. Sure he was warned to never come to message boards and did but why must he even have to be? So my take yes some of it comes with the job and some was just overboard on some with things said. There is a difference in critiquing or expressing an opinion and say fat shaming or forms of bullying. He was not Slash he knew that but he was doing the job and doing something he loved. I can respect many who came and went in GnR and of course I preferred Slash to be there but it was never any of their faults he was not. As a fan I chose to find ways to enjoy the different things each one brought during their time with Guns and wait for the reunion which we have in most ways now.
  10. Well in all fairness it was discussed by people here they could not get everyone in the doors in time. They only opened doors an hour before show. The band waited until everyone was able to get inside then started shortly after. I reckon if all those people stuck outside still would have gotten in to find out the show was over an hour in they would have been mad too. So the lateness was a possible venue issue. They got over 2 hours worth and this Is a warm up so it's not unusual for it to be a little shorter but more likely they had to make up the time lost waiting for fans to get inside.
  11. So what have we learned tonight? We learned that Beta or anyone in TB doesn't take Axls phone away or hide something from him as they clearly added that song to set list. I never believed that anyway he is a grown man and not a pushover either. We learned the band is either trolling the leakers and those who listened to it or really intend to add it to the setlist at some point. Maybe even all three.
  12. I wonder if Tool has a cool forum like this for you
  13. We already know he has in the past. I say yes and I am sure there was talk in the official camp they purposely put that in the alt list. He knows
  14. Why they were never promised new or leaked songs though I wish they would have played one I am happy for the alt list