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  1. I agree. I mean if fans can say things about him his family or the band surely he has a right to say something as well. From what I read he said some not all.
  2. Matt Sorum is just as much a drummer in GnR as Steven was. I get it we all love Stevens drumming on Appetite but I also love Matt's drumming. The problem I have with Steven right now is he tries to pit the fans against the band. In all honesty here I don't blame the band for moving on once he got hurt. Here's a band that hadn't played with each other in decades and on top of that had personal issues in the past. They had a lot riding on things. It's only fair the band wanted to rehearse. From Steven's own mouth he mentioned there being doubt from Duff he could drum well and or play certain songs. As they're booking dates and rehearsing I'm sure the whole Steven situation was right there. They had to make a decision. People wanted stability and at the time they had no idea what Steven could offer as he didn't rehearse. Decisions had to be made to secure things. Steven was out. They also needed to get their groove back as a band. Perhaps as time progressed they felt Frank was there and could do it. Perhaps, and we may never know those guest appearances could have led to more down the line. Steven however, ran his mouth over and over showing that he can't be trusted in the end. No matter how much I love Steven as a drummer or want him there I'd never expect them to throw his weekly interviews under the rug amd welcome him into the fold. They all seem to be getting along great ans bringing a controversial person in who talks shit about them when things don't go his way would be bad for the band IMO. Don't bring drama where there isn't any. Steven didn't play his cards right.
  3. I agree. Fans complain about new music. Well keep up the requests and that shows GnR still has quite a bit of value. It's a stepping stone to new music.
  4. Im with you Tom. I actually agree on many points as well and don't think Fernando has as much power. To comment on other posts as a collective I agree there has been some comments from Axl with the Izzy situation being a prime example. TB has handled things perhaps without Axl knowing at the time but I don't think Fernando or TB rule Axl. Over the years people have amazed me how one minute they are saying Axl is in charge and calls all the shots blaming this or that on him. The next minute and as it suits some TB are in charge and took over Axl's life. Again as killer said there are some examples where TB have seemed to make decisions on the fly but at the end of the day from what we know they tell Axl of that decision. Steven being invited back to hang out with Axl after being asked to leave is a prime example. I know this isn't popular opinion here but don't care. I believe TB makes decisions to protect Axl rather he needs that protection or not. I don't feel there's evil motive behind it. I certainly don't believe they run Axl's life. Axl is his own man. I do believe he is open to their suggestions and or opinions they are his management and like his family. As far as Steven's interview, as most will agree here, I'm usually hard on him however, I honestly don't feel it was that bad. I feel he answered a question he was asked. Most of his interviews I think he kicks himself in the arse but this one not as much.
  5. It's doing good considering but a new song would top the charts. This shows how interested everyone is.
  6. Yes if there were no songs added and interviews perhaps. For example once a month maybe, an interview with different and members including Axl, Slash and Duff or a new song. I'd also love to hear some of the vault even if snippets monthly. New music has to happen and all eras of their music must be available. Of course I love buying the actual album for the artwork as well so I'd still want to be able to purchase it physically as well. They could even offer members a stream of certain concerts.
  7. Sounds even nore definite we're gettibg Axl/DC album
  8. Yes but how many attend the concert? The concert Lithos are sold at concerts. A much smaller crowd. The box set is a much bigger audience then thousands that attended a concert. So 10000 worldwide isn't very many just as 500 for a concert of thousands isn't very many. The Lithos are one of the things that bumped it up higher. Those who end up wanting one will pay very high on Ebay or where ever.
  9. So you must have missed Axl's intwrview where he said he's shown some songs to Slash and Duff and it is up to them if they record with him.
  10. That was a poster on another forum. Very cool though
  11. I chose Super Deluxe. I was willing to do $650 but $1000 not so much. If It goes down a bit I'll get Locked n Loaded. If it stays 1000 I'll go with Super Deluxe. I want the book for sure. I may also end up with some of it digitally as well.
  12. It's not been erased. It's still on the album it was intended for which isn't AFD.
  13. Or Guns can tour in the same areas as them. They could book their tours around Guns or vice versa.