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  1. I had no problem with it years ago and have no problem with it now. The media can easily twist someone's words. Sounds like Slash doesn't want a repeat. It's actually quite common. The reason why we don't hear about others doing it as much is because their fans don't make big deals about it like some GnR fans have in the past.
  2. STEVEN ADLER makes a cameo on a Willie Jones video

    Nice to see Steven working with other people.
  3. "Nobody wanted to do press and there was nothing to do press about". He also mentions not needing press for GnR as it's basically successful on it's own where as he has to get out and promote the Conspirators. I guess there wasn't any so called gag order as many assumed 😆😂😆😂😆
  4. I was surprised to see many fans say the same as you even if it's true. There are alot of fans who brought up the longer sets and songs they haven't heard.
  5. Slash Q1043 interview

    Great interview. I've always loved how he dabs in horror stuff. It gives me a headache how people think Axl is lazy because he sounded so well with AC/DC and claim he doesn't give the same effort in Guns. I'm reminded of back in the day when he said they'd go into the studio and record a song and when they toured realize how hard some of them were to sing. Not sure of exact wording as it's been years ago he said it but maybe someone else remembers the exact words or quote. Guns songs aren't easy to sing either. If he was being lazy he surely wouldn't be out there 3 plus hours singing and putting on a great show. Please don't even go comparing Bon Jovi or whoever else you want to compare and claim they're older and sing just as good as they did 30 years ago. I understand where he's getting at with the cleaner voice though many may not. Either way I'm sure his vocal chords are more important than what anyone thinks anyway. Slash said Axl found a way to not harm his vocals doing AC/DC. That same way may not work quite the same with Guns songs. It's not easy to explain as many are just gonna say but rasp this and that. In fact Axl is known to have one of the greatest vocal ranges ever. No singer from AC/DC is. Guns songs go through several ranges in one song. It's not an easy feat. Sounds like the NitL tour is over. So perhaps the next tour will be named after an album. Time will tell. Sorry if I come off bitchy I'm not intending to be it's been a long week.
  6. I'd have loved to hear Axl's take on it but people forget the lyrics wouldn't have been the same Scott wrote those lyrics. It would likely have been a very different song. I like what Scott did with it. I do believe Axl showed interest in the bits Slash played him and thought he could write lyrics to it. It likely would have turned out great too but I'm also a fan of the song Scott wrote.
  7. I think it will help their sales. Fans of GnR may decide to go check out a show or buy the album, curious what it sounds like. It's a smart move. If GnR released an album I'd say his sales wouldn't be as high as most will buy that. There's also genuine fans of his and or that band.
  8. People are so sure that Izzy was screwed over without knowing what the offer was or his demands.
  9. He's already said similar things in other interviews people just aren't reading between the lines.
  10. I get why people analyze and debate their comments but Slash has said in so many words they intend to record new music. He was being careful not to make it as some sort of official announcement as they haven't hit the studio yet. Fans however, keep twisting and interviewers keep asking so he tried to make it a little more clearer. Each statement gets more revealing. Hopefully this time people get it. They have talked and want to record. It's a well known fact Axl has many songs. He himself said he has vocals done on things and showed some stuff to Slash and Duff. I think he may have been worried about revealing too much at first.
  11. You pretty much just said the same things I did. My comments were in response to you saying his band has never been about the singer but him which I see as part of his problem in success. It seems we both agree.
  12. If that's how he thinks that's the problem. Steven is a drummer not a lead guitarist or a singer. Sure he has fans but GnR fans aren't suddenly gonna attend his shows because it's Steven. Steven isn't even one of the greatest drummers known not even close. At least Slash is a highly respected and considered among the greats at guitar. Axl is considered one if the best frontmen. It doesn't correlate. It's why he's not able to succeed in his own. He would be better served to create his image and band and use his singers strengths instead of trying to present his bands as something they aren't and can't even come close to. Sure some fans may go see it once to support Steven but that's about it.
  13. Oh no no no no no. The jungle was ok for a cover band but Don't Cry sounded awful. I really wish Steven would just join a respectable band. It seems all he wants to do is try to have a cover band. He should value himself higher than that. Nothing wrong with him doing GnR songs but it seems he's trying to build a band around mimicking GnR and failing miserably. He needs to figure out what kind of music he wants to make and build his band around that. He's losing even more respect from people.
  14. I'm gonna give it a listen after work tonight. Thanks as always