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  1. I know you didn't ask me but I think its for a few reasons. 1 being most bands if not all play songs from their newest album Chinese being the newest album. 2 Axl has always played them and it seems Slash and Duff wish to as well. Slash seems to enjoy giving his own twists to some of them. 3 is rather us long time fans like it or not there is some people who are younger and became fans of CD. There may not be as many as the long term fans but there is definitely newer fans. This forum has some in fact. I mean newer as in CD newer. And finally perhaps so many peiole who complained before about not liking the songs cause Slash wasn't on them might actually enjoy them now or give them a second chance. If a band wants to stay fresh they need to keep growing fans. That means target other age groups. From what I've observed at the show I saw or others telling me fans overall at the concerts are enjoying the CD songs. We have to remember GnR has many many more fans outside of this forum and Ive heard other Countries really enjoy CD. I also want to add why wouldn't an artist wish to play music from all his CDs? Do you know how many concerts ive attended where bands only play from the newest album? Plenty bands would play newest album and only throw in a song or two from previous. Guns is mixing it up.
  2. I believe both sides are priced the same. The Slash side just fills up quicker I guess.
  3. Not a bad assessment once I thought about it. I have been a fan of GnR since day 1 but love both the Illusions albums. Of course I'm a fan of albums that can hit every mood or serve more than one purpose. I'm likely not getting my point across with that last line I'm tired lol. I guess I'm a fan of artists who have a broader talent so to speak. I enjoy most of the CD songs. There are a few songs that were like "eh their not bad" but most I like. I don't see Illusions as a solo either.It's like trying to say the ballads were all Axl solos yet GnR became very popular because of them. Most of the band didn't want to do those ballads yet they are a huge part of GnR. Rather people like it or not CD is GnR. As far as CD goes when I was in Cleveland the other day the crowd was excited and singing along and dancing to the songs played. I didn't really see too many acting like they had no idea what it was. Something a little odd though that I never thought about was my boyfriend is more into heavy metal but I'd consider him a casual fan by what most deem casual and he thought the CD songs were heavier and really enjoyed them. In fact, after I bought him his very own copy of the CD at the HOF. They had only 1 copy left. They said they stocked up on cds by GnR knowing they would sale with GnR in town. I also picked up another copy of Appetite which left 1 copy left, Illusions 1 was sold out and Illusions 2 and Lies had 2 copies left each. Spaghetti had 3. So many GnF fans were walking around the Hall of Fame. I also don't think that basing albums sales is a good indicator because most people these days stream music. I looked at my boyfriend like he grew ten heads when he told me he could just add them to his playlist. I told him that's fine but he needs proper albums now as well. I also don't understand why fans would expect a band not to play newer music and only older music. I also have seen many fans on this forum say that they prefer the original versions of some CD songs rather than Slash's takes TIL being a good example of that. I also believe no matter if the band broke up or not we would have gotten some of the songs on CD either way. Many fans seem excited on here to see CD songs played. On each thread they are wondering which CD songs are gonna be played. I spoke to a few fans in line one in particular who has been to just about every GnR performance within a couple hundred miles since day 1 and he said he liked CD as well. They wanted to hear Street of Dreams and said it would be a dream come true if they did. They wanted The Seeker cut and more CD songs added or Appetite songs added. The guy next to me was a different case. He first heard GnR when he heard Chinese and went and bought the album and he was a fan of Slash's from velvet Revolver. He said he went out after hearing Chinese and bought the rest of the CD's then bought the books to find out why they broke up. Now He has his two favorites together Slash and Axl but doesn't like all of Slash's renditions of the Chinese songs. His mom said it's GnR 24/7 in their house. There was a 13 year old cancer patient who only wanted to see her favorite singer ever Axl sing with her favorite band GnR. Listening to the different fans tell their journeys about how they became fans while waiting in line or for the band to come on was awesome. Anyway I think that there is definitely reason to play CD songs and I think that people enjoy them. This I love and Better are both played on the radio stations here regularly now. I also think many forget there are so many fans that aren't on forums that aren't just casual fans. I'm not sure if I agree with my boyfriend's assessment on CD yet about it sounding more heavier overall.
  4. I really liked seeing the different age groups there. A lot of young people rocking out.
  5. The concert was awesome. Axl's vocals were on point most of the night. Night Train was bad a**. The crowd was really into the whole show including CD songs and the covers. Live and Let Die was spectacular as well. It was packed. Everyone was dancing and having a good team except for a few here and there who seemed a little on the shy side but would scream Axl's name a lot. Axl was in a great mood.
  6. Id love to hear Shacklers tonight
  7. Cant wait for the show tomorrow. I hope everyone enjoys. Hoping to hear some new takes on CD songs. Doors open at 6pm.
  8. Yea the Axl vs Slash was a crazy time on the boards. I didn't understand how one side would tear down the other based off words of another that may or may not be true. I'm a fan for the music and that includes all members of GnR. I wished Axl would have defended himself long before he did but no matter when he did people still didn't believe him or trashed him and ice versa. As far as Steven and Izzy go we may never know the whole truth. It would have been great to see Adler tomorrow in Cleveland but again I only know what's been told and it's not enough for me to say who's right or wrong. It reminds me of my friend growing up who hated her mom because she wouldn't get back with her father. All she knew was what she thought she saw but her mother had her own reasons that she found out many years later. Typical adult stuff you know. On Izzy it sounds like it is more of a financial agreement which all three would have to agree to I assume. For all we know the money offered was great per show for him. Then again it could have not been great. It's as much Izzy's fault in this as the others. He wanted equal they wanted to honor the old deal of his payout of his share. I can't say I blame either side. It just didn't work out. Axl mentions Izzy a lot at shows and most assume they play wish you were here for him as well. I hope that Izzy is on some new songs though. That could still happen. It would be great.
  9. I appreciate you explaining more of what you meant and respect your opinion. I do hope they work it out somehow. You're right about Adlers mom. The book was released right after his last show but they likely would have known what was written before hand. I'm sure there was discussion and honestly it could have nothing to do with how things went down. It's something that we as fans aren't privy to because it's between the band and they haven't us. Perhaps it's for the best they don't as we saw how it turned out last time. Fans were split. I mean wasn't that whole AXL/Slash thing fueled by things being said in the media? Someone can be sentimental but we aren't there we don't know their reasons we just know our opinions.
  10. I lean towards a combination. I'm not sure if it's about Slash but perhaps part of it is and parts are about other people. It reminds me of a poem I began as a teenager and finished as an adult. It ended up being about a mixture of people. I can definitely see where the idea of it possibly being about Slash comes from. When my mom passed away I found it in an album of hers and realized I had never finished it. On the song sorry though one line in particular stands out. "You know where to put your shut up and sing". Those who remember the Axl chats will remember that line. I also think Sorry is about different situations and people.
  11. Me too. I think it's the beauty in a song that so many people get something different out of it.
  12. Your opinions don't make things a fact. In fact Axl Slash and Duff have said nothing on most things. It's your opinion that GnR ended 25 years ago and that Axl made a mockery of it. It's your opinion now that Izzy was going to be treated as a stage monkey when in fact noone knows how involved he could have been only that he wanted an equal share of the loot. His own words. Fact is that he sold his share of EQUAL loot years ago. His own choice. That's a fact. I don't worship money I just am realistic in knowing that a man who sold his share is not gonna get equal share of the loot with guys who didn't. It's not my authority over Adler just my opinion on what happened but Steven said Slash met up with him and spoke with him. Steven also claimed he was to perform half of the show and Frank the other half. Steven should know better to allow his mother to release a book and use the GNR name on the cover and blame the band for his drug use in interviews and in the book. I mean why did it take a interviewer who knew better to get him to admit he used before GnR? Instead he would allow his mother to make it seem GnR was his reason for his addictions. I mean it's clear if people are gonna believe Stevens words as gospel that something changed to take him from half a show every night (he did a more specific breakdown of what he was to perform) to a few songs here and there. I commend his mother for writing a book that may help other families of addicts but she clearly tried to capitalize on the GnR name and put blame with the band at points rather than her son the addict not to mention she implied Axl was a junkie. I'm sure that went over real well with the band. I mean for all we know the band may think the road isn't a very healthy place for his addictions. We don't know because they're not running their mouth about things. It's my opinion that the band may have a lack of trust with him and or his sobriety. I formed that opinion based off his own words about Duff not liking how he played and how Duff thinks he isn't a good drummer and Slash thinks he isn't sober. Steven's own words. Again since no one else has spoken on it I have nothing else to go by. I still don't believe half of what comes out of his mouth. Sure Izzy helped found the band and wrote or co wrote many songs to which he still gets royalty but he still sold and received money for his share in the equal loot. You nor I know what they were willing to pay him or how much he was asked to play so why assume and accuse. All you know is Izzy wanted an equal share to which he isn't entitled to legally or morally. He specifically mentioned the band being sued and how he thought they would lose everything. He thought he was making a good decision unfortunately he wasn't Facts are still Facts. Your problem is you think that because Izzy is a founding and important member that they should give up their money for them, do it for the fans. Izzy didn't want to be there during the many lawsuits and whatever else despite what the fans wanted. "I don't really know what to say about Izzy," shrugged Rose. "It's like you could have a conversation and think it's one way, and the next day it's another way. And I'm not trying to take any shots at Izzy. It's just his thing is kind of his thing, whatever that is." Bulls--t. They didn't want to split the loot equally. Simple as that. Moving right along.." Izzy's tweet back. I see it as Axl not being rude and telling the world their financial discussions when put on the spot and asked a question. As for the rest of your comments I'm not money hungry I just happen to understand reality and that selling your share of equal loot and washing your hands of the bands dealings good or bad for 30 years to an agreed upon amount doesn't equate to equal share of the loot. In fact I gain no money from the band I spend money on tickets and such. How does that make me money hungry?Just like if you owned a company and sold it you don't get equal share. I'm certainly not some crazed Axl fan I am a normal fan I have been a member here for many years now but post when I have time in my life.I am a fan of the band as a whole which includes Izzy and Adler and Sorum in fact but I don't expect anyone to sale their selves short for me. I hope they come to an agreement all sides are happy with soon. I'm not going to trash the other members because they won't do it for the fans though. Izzy knew there could be consequences to what he did. I do wish Sorum would have ben back for some as well. Understanding reality doesn't mean I am in a cult lmao or worshipping anyone. It's sad fans expect bands to give into their whims to appease them. It's just common sense to me. Oh and Adler a producer???
  13. You can't tell me that if you owned a company and one of your partners wanting out and you paid him a huge sum that years later you'd allow him yo have an equal share in your company. Keep in mind your ex partner was afraid of the lawsuits which you stayed and handled. Fast forward 30 years and your company is booming again. I think many people are just realistic. Rather we as fans like it or not its a business. When it comes to business there's no way Im buying out a partner who wanted out for whatever reasons and giving him an equal share after I sweated blood and tears to keep a company on top. Nope. And its no diss against Izzy its called reality. Izzy said equal share of the loot to which he is no longer entitled to due to getting a payout for his share in GnR. It doesn't mean I dont love and honor his contributions and him being a founder of the band. You also assume it was Axls decision alone. Im sure Duff and Slash both didnt want to split their loot with him equally. This is why interviews aren't given because who wants to explain and try to remain diplomatic when people think you should split your hard earned money to appease them. Its a lose lose situation with the band. As far as Steven goes again love the guy he has such great energy but people believe his words aa gospel even after he admitted he didn't remember his drug years and asked for stories from friends. I mean I knew to take much of what he recalled as possibly not true. People forget those interviews he was spouting during reunion talks about Slash thinking hes not clean or lying about bis sobriety length. He also said Duff didn't like him and thought he wasnt a good drummer. He said no words about Axl during those interviews. Steven's problem is his own mouth and of course his mom basically called Axl a junkie when everyone even when they disliked him has always said he wasn't. Im sure his mothers book didn't help. She blamed his drug use on GnR and the interviewer got Steven to admit he was using before GnR. As far as them and new music I think its coming. I think they are getting along better now that years and age has passed. I can't wait. Oh and I've been a GnR fan since day 1.