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  1. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    And people said that New GnR were a joke. Why do I even still come here?
  2. Thank you guys, but if I think that stuff is for guitar, or am I wrong? Is that software guitar pro able to "extract" the piano notes in the background of the song?
  3. Hello everyone! Hope this is the right section. Does anybody know where I can find piano sheets to the CD songs? I've searched my ass off and it seems the commercial sites only sell guitar sheets. I'm especially interested in Prostitute. Maybe somebody knows something?
  4. Haven't heard the one that "leaked", but maybe that's because the original leak from a few years ago was of rather bad quality. Somebody improved the audio quality back then (was it Evader? Not sure). Maybe this new "leak" is based on this improved version and this guy had never listened to that one before, but only the original leak. If I remember correctly, just an idea.
  5. How is thesoudn quality of these? Those that I found are of terrible quality and are like 2,5 mb, is that what's out there?
  6. Somebody help me out with a link?