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  1. 2002 Tour Promo

    Did a Google search and the old video popped up, but when I clicked it it said the uploader's account got removed unfortunately.
  2. Still no high quality version huh?
  3. Damn, what a fucking day. Snippets of Atlas and a studio version of the General and even BETTER a demo of MY WORLD!
  4. Of course it doesn't hold a candle to the 1991 video, but I thought it had some fun parts for a background visual. Perhaps I'm easily impressed.
  5. So how would you make music- or stage videos for Gn'R then? Just a plain black background?
  6. The people who make these are Creative Works London. This one feels a bit rushed, but I really like their 2018 YCBM video tho.
  7. I went to both Plato Leiden and Velvet Leiden numerous times in the past. Haven't checked for AFD posters yet tho.
  8. It's actually the location of the Velvet Leiden record store. Not the Plato. Vriendelijke groeten, een mede-Nederlander who lives close to Leiden.