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  1. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Ridiculous. Is demand really that high for a 3rd leg arena tour in NA?
  2. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I wouldn't mind checking out a show if it's in a smaller venue - the Vegas shows seem like they might be worth a trip. IIRC, the acoustics at the stadium show I went to were a mixed bag so smaller venues in NA are a plus imho. Only thing that would make me hesitate is if the show is another bloated 3-hr affair. One can only hope at some point they consider an all killer no filler approach - just a 2 hr gig with minimal covers (2-3 max), minimal Axl costume changes (please retire the cowboy get-up from KOHD), and minimal Slash wankery (just end the song instead of adding 2 extra minutes of tasteless noodling). If they do that, even the same old setlist with a few rearranged songs could be made exciting-ish again.
  3. I actually liked large parts of Chinese Democracy but the problem with that album has always been that it was a Frankenstein creation - 3 to 5 different song ideas crammed together on one song with multiple substratum linking back to different producers/musical epochs....and it sounded exactly like that, a disjointed over-produced mess of good and bad ideas stitched together and pro-tooled out the ass. And now they're taking those over-baked songs that didn't make the initial cut of Chinese Democracy - adding Duff, Slash, and Fortus on top - whilst ostensibly stripping out some of the other original contributors/creators like Bucket and Finck who are no longer there....THEN getting Caram/Axl to have another go at producing these already over-cooked tracks. Yikes. That just doesn't sound like the making of a quality album to me - especially given the way Duff and Slash approach their music. Conflicting styles - too many cooks in the kitchen - all that stuff is a recipe for mediocrity. With that said, I really think Chinese leftovers is the only card available to play. Let's face it, Axl's work ethic is quite possibly the worst in the industry and his voice right now is nowhere near what it was even 10 years ago. So if there's a chance that he's recorded some early - mid 00's vocal tracks - it absolutely makes sense to prioritize that stuff. Just get product out there. Cutting new tracks from scratch with Axl (and no Izzy) - you're talking a minimum 2-3 year gestation period...and that's optimistic. One thing that stuck out most to me in what Duff said was that they're all bringing songs to the table a la Illusions. Because that worked so well last time. Why is it so complicated for these guys to sit in a room together and cut tracks organically like any other band out there?
  4. Universal Music Group is what the French call "Les Incompetents". On a brighter note, whether the GnR masters exist or have been destroyed in the fire, it's not like we were going to get shit from Axl either way.
  5. Moby + korn+ nin + trendy bands of 2019 = Axl's GnR "musical evolution"
  6. Your stupid girlfriends tell you, that I'm to blame Well, they're all used up has-beens out of the game This time I'll have the last word, you hear what I say? I tried to see it your way, it won't work today Bullshit and contemplation, gossip's their trade If they knew half the real truth, what would they say? Well I'm past the point of concern, it's time to play These last four years of madness sure put me straight You don't get back 14 years in just one day So hard to keep my own head, just go away, you know Just like a hooker, she said, "Nothin's for free" Oh, I tried to see it your way I tried to see it your way - Izzy Stradlin'
  7. Duff's solo album Tenderness: OUT NOW

    Duff sounds like Keanu Reeves
  8. Loco-Motive

    Slash came up with his riffs for Locomotive in Izzy's house though right? Weren't they basically getting high together while the song was being constructed? So technically...Izzy was involved To answer the thread question - nah. Axl can't pull it off. This song could be great as an instrumental jam...too bad the drummer sucks.
  9. "Slash informed me that Duff was spineless" - Beta Lebeis ~2006 It seems like the former king of beers and Izzy are the two gunners most uncomfortable with the band's sleazy history. Even Slash appears more comfortable with GnR's sordid past in recent interviews than those two. This doesn't bode well for any documentary or movie about these guys - McKagan, Izzy, and Axl would just airbrush the entire thing before it comes out. I think it's a near guarantee we will never see any footage or detailed account from the Hell House days or those infamous Illusion era parties Axl threw - atleast nothing that is officially sanctioned by the band. If Marc Canter gets back into the good graces of Axl and Sluff, I imagine his footage is getting tossed in some dark pit where Paul Tobias is hiding. They appear to have made a commercial choice to not court any controversy at this stage of their career. Ironically, the more they sanitize their brand, the less interesting they become for future generations.
  10. Take a shot each time Duff mentions "punk rock" in an interview. By the end of the interview, your liver will look like Duff's.
  11. Esquire are huge fans of GnR: https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/music/news/a44060/guns-n-roses-coachella-video/ https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/music/news/a44110/axl-rose-guns-n-roses-coachella/
  12. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Off the top of my head: 1. Guns N' Roses as a unit were peaking creatively (especially Axl and Slash) ~ 1994-2001. That's about 2 albums/tours we missed out on where we could have seen the band mature and deliver some incredible performances without a lot of the bullshit and drama that plagued the Illusion albums and tour. Yes, I think that period had all the potential in the world to surpass the Appetite/Illusion era from a creative standpoint. They quit on the verge of the band reaching greatness. 2. In hindsight, they broke up at the right time - they never diminished themselves like Metallica in the mid-90's. They left on their own terms and on the strongest possible note at the height of their fame. 3. Nu-Guns should never have existed. Looking at it now, that era has diminished their legacy. GnR should have regrouped in the late 90's or by 2006 at the latest had they wanted a shot at becoming a Stones tier band. 3. As weak as TSI is compared to the earlier albums, it's still pretty solid. The problem is with the cover songs they selected not being all that good of a fit. The album is produced well and as a band, they sound fantastic on the record. SFTD is another track where the production and sound excel. Clink and the band are in sync and I think it wouldn't be a stretch to think the '96 album would have been a gem had they gotten their shit together. One of the biggest missed opportunities in GnR fandom is that '96 album. 4. Slash is thoroughly average as a creative force without a major talent like Axl or Michael Jackson channeling his efforts. 5. Axl Rose had a short shelf-life as an artist and creative force. While I believe he had much potential, ultimately the man was unfocused and pissed away so much talent in Nu-Guns that one has to wonder if the emperor had no clothes by '94 and Slash/Duff knew it. 6. Slash has been lazy with his compositions post-Axl. I used to think he was a spontaneous, don't overthink it type musician like Izzy but I suspect there's also an element of laziness in developing his work further. Rough drafts need additional drafts to perfect and going by Slash's solo work, I don't think he really cares to dig in and take the time make something great. It's not efficient - Slash's work ethic and MO seems to be driven by efficiency and getting shit done. 7. Slash is a control freak. He never really wanted a strong creative partner on equal footing with him like Izzy. Going by his post-Guns work, he seems to greatly prefer hired guns that he can use as session players to achieve his vision. Basically, he operates in a similar manner to Axl Rose. 8. GnR has no creative juice left and nothing they ever do at this point will even come near Chinese Democracy, let alone AFD and UYI. There's a time and place for everything and this band has missed the boat. If Axl does not have finished 90's/00's vocals in the vault - don't even bother with new music. Let the legacy of the band stand as it is now and release the Chinese leftovers to streaming. 9. Duff is a smooth operator and possibly the most ruthless of the bunch in financial matters. He may be the most changed out of the entire band. I imagine he's largely driving the business engine of GnR. I also suspect he had a larger part to play in Izzy and Steven being out of the reunion than most think.
  13. 1994-2008 "It's been 14 years of silence, it's been 14 years of pain, it's been 14 years that are gone forever that I'll never have again." - Izzy Stradlin'