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  1. I suspect this is an "Axl" /Team Brazil thing. Hard to imagine Duff and Slash going along with that unless it was a GnR corp mandate.
  2. It looks cheesy/cringe since he's no longer the wildman he was back in the 80's and 90's. Hell even '02 Axl could pull that off. Not now. I agree with whoever said that their concerts are starting to feel broadway show-esque.
  3. He actually used "and" in a sentence?
  4. '91-94 drunk n' high peak Illusion Slash > '87-90 drunk n' high prime AFD Slash > '95-01 drunk n' high post-GNR prime wilderness Slash > '02-06 trying to get sober n' failing / end of prime VR Slash > 07 - 08 newly sober Libertad Slash> '09-15 Post-VR solo Slash > 2016-present long past his prime uninspired nu-GnR Slash
  5. Why exactly is Frank called "Thunderchucker"?

    Thunderchucker Frank needs to be renamed to dungflinger
  6. OH MY GOD needs to be played. Dave Navarro guest spot pliz.
  7. Copyright Strikes....

    Please don't click on that instagram link.
  8. Copyright Strikes....

    I cringed when I read that. And Madison was an unabashed Axl fan. She banned a good portion of the die hards on this forum when CD dropped because of our negativity. And her reward was to get a message like that. Rose has a well earned reputation as a shitbag.
  9. Copyright Strikes....

    Ironic that TB did so much (allegedly) to drive a deeper wedge between Rose and Duff/Slash, yet they're probably the biggest beneficiaries of this reunion. That family is set for generations with the kind of wealth Axl has accumulated over the last 3 years. All this success recently in spite of their best efforts to drive the brand off a cliff. I suspect they'll be milking this thing long after Axl is gone. If Paul Huge is Yoko, TB is GnR's Colonel Tom Parker (without an iota of his competence). Wonder how much they will swindle from Rose at the end of this story. If these people want truckloads of money to drop from the sky, just give the fans something to hold onto. The more fan service you do, the more money you will make. See Metallica. They can't even do that properly. Help us give you more money you idiots. Release something. Anything.
  10. He honestly doesn't sound any worse now than he did during 2011-2014. His costumes/dress-up parties are far more problematic. Elton John wants his wardrobe back.
  11. Copyright Strikes....

    At least they were interesting and entertaining pre-2008 - like some insane off-the-rails soap opera. They're just kinda lame and boring now which is why I suspect there is more bitching. The gnr guys are now old farts counting their stacks of cash on a yacht like Kiss.
  12. Copyright Strikes....

    Azoff would be a huge upgrade. Whatever you want to say about him, he's A-list management. Team Brazil aren't fit to work the ticket booth at a local carnival. But what's the point of having an A-list manager when the star doesn't listen to them? Managing Rose is like trying to be Mickey Rourke's manager - both of them are unmanageable pain in the asses. Huge surprise that Rourke and Axl are friends that are both represented by amateurs.
  13. Copyright Strikes....

    Three things come to mind after reading the last few pages: 1. I don't care what Duff and Slash say or whether a lawsuit lists them as co-owners of the GnR brand, there is no way they have veto power over Axl. He is running that band (into the ground). I can't imagine a scenario where Axl cedes control to Duff/Slash. They're in the band on his terms, count on that. Rose needs his 5 course lamb dinner w/ yorkshire pudding each night which these long reunion tours pay for. I imagine Duff has the Doug Goldstein/Paul Huge role now - just asskissing his meal ticket (Rose) so he can buy the next yacht and get invites to Stallone's house. All Slash probably cares about is paying off the small fortune he owes to Perla. 2. I don't know why it took this draconian measure of taking down all bootleg vids to turn on TB, but their toxic influence has been felt for a long time on the fan community imho. In fact even 15 years back there were strong rumors that Beta (and other hanger-ons) were primarily responsible for fanning Axl's hatred of Slash. Whether that was truth who can say but Team Brazil has never really had a positive image in the fan community except with Axl fans (who seem to finally be coming around to reality now). 3. If I had to guess, I'd say a good chunk of this forum (especially older members) downloaded Chinese Democracy in 2008. I don't see that changing for any future release. Fuck em.
  14. Axl has switched over to eating pumpkin flavored pies and cakes this month in honor of Halloween.