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  1. Amateur hour with GnR management continues. A multimillion dollar brand that has been run off a cliff by the redhead and his nanny. The village idiot Fernando has the business acumen of a turnip.
  2. From the GnR website tour page: We are not done yet.... shits just getting started.
  3. Agreed. I am jealous of Beta and Fernando because I wish to be close to Axl.
  4. Boxscore

    Sunday’s concert could prove historic – the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix special closes the Asia stretch of the reunion tour’s 10th leg. The gig will be the 157th night of a 31-month jaunt, which looped the world twice, played to five million people and is on track to be declared the second highest-grossing tour of all time – overtaking even their idols The Rolling Stones. Only U2 has banked more from a single outing than GN’R’s projected earnings of $600 million (Dh2.2 billion) – clocking a cool average of $3.8m a night to date. https://www.thenational.ae/arts-culture/music/ready-for-november-rain-here-s-what-to-expect-at-the-guns-n-roses-abu-dhabi-grand-prix-concert-1.795026
  5. Any new material released now, especially with Fortus/Frank in the band, will only hurt their legacy. This is a band that is frozen in time at its prime. Why ruin the illusion now? Someone above said that it's like if Michael Jackson stopped after Dangerous. IMHO, Dangerous was his last classic album. He would have had a flawless career had he stopped there. Best thing to do is just give the fans an Illusions and Chinese Democracy boxset. Empty the vault. There is nothing they can do now that will come anywhere near the mid-90's GnR material/Chi-Dem sessions.
  6. Rourke's face looks like a beat up catcher's mitt. He's morphing into a real life version of Joe Camel.
  7. Anyone see this gem from Doug Goldstein? Still whining about Niven after stealing his job. Fernando is somehow an even worse manager than Goldstein. Will wonders never cease in GnR land.
  8. This thread is meant as a celebration of all things Axl Pose (James Hetfield's favorite diva). But let's expand this to include all manner of Axl being "Axl" or someone clowning the redhead's diva moments. There is a veritable treasure trove of material from '87 - 2012. Where do we start really? There's Axl and his craigslist band getting bottled in Ireland, fur coats and basketball games in 2002, randomly jumping out of Slash's car, the pimp cane, Axl's white trash bistro, Mike Patton... - endless list really. Illusion era and "Homie"-Axl circa 2002 alone could fill a book. I'll start with my two favorite moments: 1. The Izzy in Chicago '89 story - This is the one where Izzy is driving to the hotel in Chicago to meet the boys and finish writing UYI. As he's driving up, he sees Axl on the balcony pelting fans below on the street with Italian food - naturally, Izzy promptly turns around and drives straight back to Indiana. Classic. 2. The Lamb dinner debacle of 2006 that nearly incited a riot aka "Guns N' Roasties" AXL Rose nearly sparked a riot at a reunion concert by refusing to go on stage until he had eaten a roast lamb dinner. The 44-year-old lead singer of the self styled "world's most dangerous band" demanded a roast lamb dinner, complete with Yorkshire puddings, mint sauce, and gravy before the sell-out gig at Newcastle's Metro Arena on Wednesday. Fans were waiting an hour and 15 minutes in sweltering heat while caterers rushed to prepare his grub. Thousands started jeering and throwing objects at the stage in Newcastle, but wildman Axl - who flew in by helicopter - refused to budge. Fan Saskia Green, 25, said: "It was really hot and the crowd was booing because he was taking forever. "A security guard said the delay was caused by Axl demanding a lamb dinner before he went on - very rock 'n' roll." Colin Revel, manager of the Metro Arena, confirmed Axl refused to play until he had been fed, adding: "Only a roast dinner would do." https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/axl-rose-guns-n-roasties-634782
  9. I think it's a disgrace that there is a Chinese Democracy, Snakepit, Velvet Revolver, SMKC, and Slash/Duff/Izzy solo albums. All of that shit should have been done together as Guns N' Roses. It's tragic that we have all this material out there that's far below the quality of what they all could have done had Axl and Slash only managed their egos. I also think any future album will be a disgrace without Stradlin' and a good drummer. All NITL has proven is that the world couldn't care less about Axl and Slash unless they are together. As for Chinese Democracy, compare the reaction the CD songs get from the crowd to Slither. Game, set, blouses. I love a lot of things about CD but Axl is not Guns N' Roses. To suggest that his solo album is GnR because the band's lineup has been unstable (whose fault is that?) is disingenuous. And nobody cares about the pre-appetite lineup except for 3 people on this forum. The only lineup that matters then and now is the 5 man wrecking crew that recorded Appetite for Destruction and Lies.
  10. I think he sounds great on the verses but I prefer Scott for the chorus.
  11. Agreed aside from the Korn/nu-metal substrata in a few of the songs which is regrettable.
  12. "The perception I have of what Axl's doing at the moment is that he's basically making a solo album but retaining the GN'R name so that he can get at the major contractual advance that's waiting at Geffen for a new Guns N' Roses-titled record. I can't give you the exact figure but I will tell you it's in the multi-million-dollar range. This renegotiation was effected just before I was fired." (Alan Niven, Icon Magazine, 10/97) "GN'R began work on a new album of original material, drawing from a Geffen advance thought to be around $10 million - Madonna kind of money." (Rolling Stone, 05/11/00) The minute Axl decided not to do a separate solo album, the band was doomed. I've always suspected that one of the main fissures between Axl and Slash was Slash's role in the forthcoming album. The 1996 album was allegedly slated to feature a lot of different guest artists (whoever was Axl's muse at that moment) and a potpourri of different sounds (whoever Axl was obsessed with in the mid-90's) - I think Slash's role was probably going to be minimized in a major way compared to UYI where he's everywhere. Chinese Democracy isn't really a guitar driven album in the same way that AFD and UYI are. No way is mid-90's Slash going to be cool with playing a song like "Prostitute". You can see seeds of this shift even in UYI songs like Estranged where there are guitar-less spots that Slash (as he put it) "had to stand around for". Axl had moved beyond riff-rock and was approaching his music as a composer would. In retrospect, I think his head was in the right place that they couldn't repeat themselves but Axl seemed way too preoccupied with chasing trends (though he denies it). Seems like the guy was playing catch-up with whatever was the new flavor of the day. Somewhere in the vault are a bunch of "Moby-esque"/Prodigy sounding demos that were slated for CD2 - along with a few Manson/NIN influenced industrial rockers like "Oh My God".
  13. Oh my God?? "Former member Duff McKagan as well as former employee Matt Sorum failed to see [the song's] potential and showed no interest in exploring, let alone recording the piece. " - W. Axl Rose