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  1. Duff's credibility blew up with his pancreas back in '94.
  2. Cover band since 1992. "They’re a different type of band – and I use the word band loosely. It’s a guy and some other guys." - James Hetfield
  3. Well the shows are getting rather dull these days and he isn't livening things up with one of his trademark meltdowns anymore. Since he isn't as chatty, they should just feature a rant clip introducing each song. Before the band comes out (after an interminable 2+ hour wait), play the Albany 2002 rant: " People say, you know, without Axl and Slash we wouldn't have had November Rain and Estranged. Well you don't know what the fuck I went through to get that guy to play those songs. Slash may sound like the De La Hoya but he's the fuckin' Vargas. And just because you have a bunch of guys agreeing doesn't mean shit." The confused looks in the crowd would be priceless. "Special Conan Donuts/Axl's white trash bistro" could be an intro for "This I Love" - a meaningful nod to Axl's ever-expanding waistline and bloated visage. Footage of the greasy bbq and pastry platters waiting for Axl backstage could be beamed on the screens to create a more sensory experience. This would be the emotional tour-de-force highlight of the show....."I'll never say goodbyeeee (to cake)". Free Krispy Kreme donuts are passed out during the song like in 2002. The donuts come with a copy of his show rider which demands a 5 course lamb dinner complete with Yorkshire pudding and Dom Perignon (personally delivered by James Hetfield). The audience soon comes to the realization that this is the reason the show started 2 hours late. A riot ensues. The circle is complete. For the encore, "Sorry" can kick off with the now legendary "He's in my ass, that's where Slash is! Fuckhead...go home!" spliced in with "Are you listening to me Mr. Security Man? That guy right there - gone!" "Sorry" could also serve as a public apology to the audience for Axl's wretched taste in fashion. Maybe his Cowboy costume for KOHD could be thrown into a giant onstage bonfire at the end of the song as a powerful symbolic gesture of his repentance. A Sharon Maynard/Yoda-inspired exorcism of sorts. Whatever the case, his entire wardrobe getting tossed into a flame pit will no doubt be a cathartic release for the long suffering band and the fans. A standing ovation moment if there ever was one. The ending of the show needs to be special and cap off the night spectacularly. Forget fireworks. What better way to do it than having special guest Mike Patton come out on stage to shock and awe. In a nostalgic throwback to the Faith No More antics on the Illusion tour, Patton can encourage the audience to pelt Axl with trash while he takes a whiz on the redhead's teleprompter. The crowd of course is only too happy to oblige, chucking everything they have at Rose. In a twist of fate, it's Duff that gets knocked out with a bottle of piss. Punk as fuck. The band is promptly bottled off the stage a la the 2010 Dublin O2 show. Just like old times. Sulking, Rose wraps himself in a giant bathrobe and buries his face in a massive cherry pie as Fernando excitedly talks about his latest designs for the new GnR dildo collection. Fin.
  4. I have mixed feelings with the Chinese Democracy album. If we're taking all the demos into consideration, that puts a more positive spin on that era. All that being said, they feel lacking somehow - like the material hasn't been fully realized in spite of endless tinkering. In other words, I think they probably could have used input from the original lineup to take them up a notch. The demo of Catcher in the Rye probably comes the closest (imho) in recapturing the magic of GnR. My standout selections would be: 1. Sorry 2. Catcher in the Rye Demo (studio version is a dumpster fire) 3. Prostitute 4. If The World (too bad about the 70's blaxploitation meets porn groove which drags things down) 5. Oh My God (the best rocker of the CD era)
  5. Better chance of Wyld Stallyns having a new record than this happening.
  6. The mid-90's situation where Axl is forcing new guitar players on the band seems analogous to a guy who is bored of his current gf and wants to date other girls - so he keeps bringing new girls home which sends mixed signals to all parties involved. He said it himself, he was bored of the old style of music from AFD/UYI and wanted to mix it up - which ostensibly included new personnel in the band. He was fixated on Dave Navarro as a replacement for Stradlin since the early 90's. Imagine if Zakk had joined the band, would Slash be sharing lead guitar duties with him like Buckethead and Finck? Seems likely. Which would mean that Slash's role in the band was essentially going to be downgraded. The problem was - going back to the analogy - the guy felt the grass was greener and broke up with his old gf, dated a bunch of different women, and then eventually realized that the first gf was the right person after all. He didn't know what he wanted with either the music or his own band mates. I forgot if it was Marc Canter or Doug Goldstein who said that Axl's insistence on a third guitarist in the band broke Slash's heart. Canter has often said that the Izzy replacement guitarist issue became one of the major fissures in the Axl/Slash breakup.
  7. #WokeAxl

    Agreed. He may have genuinely had issues - but there's a bit of posturing in his interviews from the early 90's that make what he's saying lack a bit of authenticity (to me atleast). I also think he used his mental health as a crutch to explain away his douche-tastic behavior. There are many maladjusted people in the entertainment industry - plenty of them are able to keep their shit together and be professional when it counts. Personal responsibility and accountability are two things Axl clearly has never heard of.
  8. What a shame. Axl really is such a douche.
  9. Funniest lyric

    "Panties 'round your knees with your ass in debris...doin' that grind with the push and squeeze, tied up tied down up against the wall, baby be my rubbermade and we can do it all - Anything Goes "She loved him yesterday, he laid her sister, she said okay" - Dust N' Bones "Your stupid girlfriends tell you that I'm to blame, well they're all used up has-beens outta the game" - 14 years "I know this chick she lives down on Melrose...she ain't satisfied without some pain. Friday night is goin' up inside her...again. Well crack the whip cuz that bitch is just insane." - Pretty Tied Up
  10. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Not my intention and sorry if it came off that way. I keep seeing "lack of evidence" bandied about here but many times there just isn't any in sexual assault/rape cases. I don't see that as a disqualifier for the victim necessarily. Fair enough. Common sense and from what people who have known him have said over the past few decades. He doesn't have a reputation for treating women very well. I didn't realize this was something open to interpretation. So only court verdicts count? You don't see the problem in assessing things through such a myopic lens? Perhaps, but the number of rape/sexual assault victims who are telling the truth far outweigh the liars if the available data is to be believed. You seem to have much more faith in the justice system than I do. As is your prerogative. Okay. But whether she's telling the truth or not, it doesn't change the reality that Axl and the band were most likely degenerate shitbags who treated women like crap.
  11. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    I'm not taking a stand for or against. I simply take a shot at Rose when the opportunity presents itself. The hyperbole is intended to take the piss out of people questioning Michelle's story/credibility and saying it lacks plausibility while in the same breath ostensibly defending Rose, a known abuser of women. For an example of the right way to assess both sides in a respectful and neutral way, see Blackstar's recent posts. Respectfully, so what if the alleged witnesses were passed out? It's not plausible that people hanging out in a place called "Hell House" would be drunk/high to the point of passing out? It was literally a den of hedonism - I'd be surprised if anyone remembered anything 35 years later given the amount of booze and drugs that flowed through there. Is there a possibility that Axl is innocent? Sure. Is it likely given his track record? And what evidence would be sufficient 30+ years after the fact? A DNA sample on her clothing that was torn off? Izzy remembering Michelle's rape and calling out Axl and Duff publicly? Even if he does remember - is it likely that he would go on the public record about it? If Michelle is telling the truth, I suspect the people who know about this situation will most likely stay silent and avoid any unwanted scrutiny. For sure, aside from Stephanie and Erin probably. Love you too sugarplums.
  12. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Axl has always treated women with the utmost respect. I believe Axl is a true gentleman and feel that his reputation in the industry as the lowest of bottom feeders is entirely unfounded.
  13. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    I suppose we can kiss goodbye to any documentary or accurate recounting of the pre-AFD Hell House days - none of these guys have the stones for it. Needless to say, any Illusion era documentary they release officially will be an airbrushed pg-13 version where they photoshop out the drugs and groupies
  14. Izzy was very concerned about GnR's finances - it doesn't make fiscal sense to dump your shares of a brand that is exploding upwards - he got out right before the release of UYI, one of the most anticipated albums of its day. The only logical explanation I can think of for voluntarily relinquishing his shares would be if he thought the band was going to be bankrupted by their myriad lawsuits. It would make sense on that note to remove any legal ties to the band.
  15. How exactly would he regain his shares when old GnR was functionally dead from '96-2015 and the partners were not even on speaking terms for 2 decades? You don't even know if he had interest in coming back - as far as we know, he tried to come back in '95 and there's a Marc Canter quote that speculated (perhaps incorrectly) that Izzy was supposed to be present at the Fall 96' sessions with Slash.