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  1. What is the Brazilian response to the show? Did they like what they saw? That's what matters at the end of the day...
  2. He's actually really good on The Seeker. That voice suits him perfectly now. I wouldn't mind him adjusting all the songs to lower register if it's going to help him sing better.
  3. Watch YCBM and Coma. The show started fairly strong - towards the middle, Axl crosses some red lines that we haven't seen this entire tour ending with COMA which he just barely makes it through - they pull it together around Used to Love Her and save the last 1/3 of the show. Overall, decent show but the bad parts were *almost* yellow Raincoat Axl bad. Lots of people are complaining on twitter with #mickeymouse. Crowds of people were also seen leaving the show halfway through the set. Dude needs a long break basically. Have no idea how he's going to pull through the arena shows now.
  4. South America loves Don't Cry more than Patience unlike North America
  5. Did Axl just get a second wind or what? They've saved the last 1/3 of the show from being a disaster...
  6. Axl is out there earning for Beta and Fernando's retirement fund
  7. Yeah, he sounded like he was in trouble on Coma. Yikes. I can't imagine him doing another European tour next year sounding like this. His voice needs a long break.
  8. I think you're letting off Axl a bit too lightly here but for sure they're culpable - mostly in being passive and not taking the reins decisively enough although apparently Slash was extremely involved in the PR and even financial dealings of the band. There was intra-band friction creatively between Axl and Slash starting with Lies but it looks like Slash figured it was better to let Axl get his way for the sake of moving the band forward. Appeasement to avoid conflict. That seems to have ultimately backfired. Not checking Axl's power moves were a mistake however, I think the band would have broken up in 1989 if Slash, Izzy and Duff had not gone along with the program. We may never have gotten UYI had they confronted the situation as Alan Niven wanted them to. Fair point. I think as you said before, they were trying to avoid dealing with what was happening and retreated into substance abuse as an escape which just spiraled things out of control faster. Not sure I agree here. The translation for Slash "taking over the band" = Slash standing his ground and not making any further concessions. I think Slash felt he had made so many compromises with Illusions that he wanted to turn back the clock and get the creative control he had during AFD/LIES - unfortunately he had ceded too much power to Axl and there was no going back. Releasing a solo album and touring with Snakepit was Slash calling Axl's bluff and saying, "okay, you just want to tinker in the studio with a few of these songs and reject most of what I did? Cool, then I'll just tour it all myself." Axl was shown up and I think that the anger and humiliation over losing future GnR material and Slash defying him led to the disastrous idea of drawing up contracts and demoting everyone. Essentially a power play to prevent another Snakepit like situation from happening. I think he realized that he couldn't continue without Slash legally and that all of the partners could checkmate each other - only logical move would be to demote the other partners so he could proceed in whatever fashion he wanted unimpeded and control their activities in the band as well. It appears from all these interviews that the 1996 album was going to be a compilation album like Use your Illusion with a potpourri of different styles and sounds. I think had Axl given in for once and let Slash do his cock rock GnR album, it may have saved the band. But if Slash had requested no changes and to "Just shutup and sing" - well, then it's no wonder that fell apart. The only guy who could have saved the situation was Duff and it looks like he gave up when Robin Finck was recruited into the band as a permanent addition (Duff quit after 1 or 2 jam sessions with Finck). That probably killed any hope of Slash rejoining the band and Duff didn't want to continue without Slash.
  9. Seems like the 2002 tour was an unmitigated disaster. Wonder what was going on with Axl personally - he seems even more unstable than during Illusions.
  10. This is the interview that Duff is referencing in the above interview - specifically the comment about him and Slash not liking new trends:
  11. I don't think I've read anything from Duff that has captured him in such a frustrated state of mind. That interview is even more revealing than the one I put up. 1999 must have been a difficult year for Duff - maybe him and Slash finally realized that Axl was really going to push ahead with the new band and move on without them. Live Era appears to close the book definitively on the classic band in more ways than one personally and professionally. It was the final nail in the coffin/bullet in the head for any kind of reunion/reconciliation. Some initial thoughts: *It appears that Izzy and Duff were trying till the very end to save the band and bring Slash back into the fold. It's Axl and Slash who appear to have walked away from it all. *Axl didn't know what the fuck he was doing - no musical direction. He was playing musical chairs with the lineup to creatively inspire him which alienated Duff even further. *Duff bringing up that he is from Seattle and not a country kid like Axl is classic. Never knew that he was the one who was introducing Axl to different kinds of music like grunge, hip/hop,etc - it makes sense now thinking about it. *Axl has taken a shot at Duff in the MTV interview which I agree is uncalled for and a flat out lie. No wonder Duff is upset in the interview. *The interview confirms further that Izzy wanted to return to the band in some capacity - the last ditch effort being him going to Axl's house and trying to see him unsuccessfully. *Both Duff and Slash seem to bring up the attrition of the band over and over again. How it was absurd and unthinkable to do it without the others. It seems to be a core ideological stance that has shifted w/ NITL. Why is it different now? In '97, Izzy had been gone 6 years. Steven, 7 years. Maybe Duff is speaking to the shock of losing Slash and Matt in the span of less than a year? In this same interview Duff says in so many words that he mentioned to Axl that the three of them would be fine carrying GnR into the future. So perhaps even then, he saw Axl, Slash and himself as the core of the band. These final years of the classic band during the late 90's are incredibly fascinating to read about. Wish there were more detailed interviews of that time.
  12. That's a pretty remarkable interview that you've unearthed Blackstar. Here it is for anyone curious: DUFF's interview from BURRN! Magazine (Dec 1999) , thanks to Yesterdaze. (English may be strange due to translation) (How did this 'Live Era '87-'93' album thing happen?) Let me explain this. At first "Geffen Records" was bought up. AXL, Slash, and I were still partners of GN'R. "Seagram" was buying up everything and put them together. Contract, master tapes, everything. I still had one live album to release in that contract. I had the tape in my hand, but I was expected that somebody will use the right. And now is the time. That's great. Me and Andy Wallace were in the studio and mixed the album every day in last August. He is great. Slash called me up and asked me how the sound like, because he was busy working on his record. This album is supposed to be sent to AXL. It's funny thing that guys from "Universal/ Interscope" or something said they won't release the album unless I decide the title of the album. I said that's fine. I said "You are the people who want to release the album". But they were giving me mental pressure. Actually nobody could fire somebody in that band, because everyone was the equal partner. I quit. I left the band two weeks before my daughter Grace(she is two now) was born. It was not fun. That's the reason. The reason why I stayed in the band was to be a bridge between AXL and Slash. That's what I stick to. But I didn't want to stay there, cause that's not GN'R any more. There were only three guys left. What they want us to do? Me and AXL release the album as GN'R? Cocaine dealer has all kinds of drug and start to hang out with them, cause they give me drugs for free. That's it why we all five were falling apart. Each of us were surrounded by close friends and they all have their own point of view. So I had to deal with AXL and dozen of his guys, not only AXL. That's same situation from AXL to me. I want to be hard on myself. I'm very responsible. I was trying real hard. I have been sober since around '94 and I thought we could do better when I recall and analyze. Me and AXL were getting along well and we had very good conversation. Three of us could keep doing together. There was no doubt about it. There was no progress though. And it came to the end without facing and shaking hands saying "What the fuck were we doing?" Everybody was trying to persuade me to stay in the band for money. I didn't want to stay the band. It was not good as it used be. It won't go well. Only three guys, not five. And AXL wanted to do something else. He didn't know what he was doing. I don't want to repeat what he said on MTV. If I do, it would be his advantage. Music wise, he was invaded completely by guys his brought. He brought a guy and said "He is our new guitar player." I said "What a fuck?" That's not right. That's same thing I bring a guy and say "He is a new member." There was no democracy. Slash started to take it seriously said "Fuck it. Is that his band? Since when?" That's ridiculous. Even if I went to rehearsal at nine at night, AXL shows up at four or five in the next morning for about two years. I could not keep up with the schedule. There was no respect for me. That's enough, so I quit. I went to dinner with AXL and his manager. He was a manager of GN'R and still AXL's. I said "AXL, We had very fun together, but it's your own band now. I'm not interested in you as a dictator. I didn't come here to talk about the money advanced for next record. You can have it. See Ya." That's it. (When was that you had contact with AXL last time?) A year ago. That means we haven't talked since he was putting live album together. Our managers talk each other or FedEX it back and force. It was not like Slash. I told Izzy to check out mixing. "You are in that album also. Come check it out." He said, "I might as well check it." (He was the first member who left the band.) Yeah, he was willing to do if the situation had fixed. To tell the truth, he visited AXL's house about two weeks ago. (Really? Are you kidding me?) Yes, he did visit there. But somebody told him that AXL is not there answering over the inter phone at the gate. First he said "Wait a minute" and he came back and said "He is gone." Izzy said "OK" and went back. There is always emotional thing with GN'R. At least the old GN'R. I want to say something against in that MTV interview. He said the he likes the Seattle sound, on the other hand, Slash and me hated the music comes out new. It's stupid, but let me do the self defense. I'm the one who brought ICE-T or Killing Joke etc. in the band and listened to other kind of music. I'm not a country boy from Indiana. I'm from Seattle! (What do you think about AXL's shitty story or what he's saying? It is different, that's obvious.) I'm planning to fix the story that I got fired. The reason I didn't say anything is that is OK with me knowing only myself about how it happened. I don't care what the rumor is, fired or I quit, cause I know what I have done. I heard something that AXL was fucked up by Slash. More I heard, more stimulated to save friendship. Don't say badly about me or Slash! Stop it! I worked so hard and did as much as I could do to keep running the band and recognize the greatest band in this century. That's OK to say things about me, but I live my life frankly and have responsibility. If I do wrong, that hurts myself. I don't care what other people say. I did care about was lying this time. And that was very big one. I don't want to ruin the history what I was the part of the creation for rock n' roll. I couldn't stand that it was insulted by my friend when I watched that interview. He is just looking for excuse to make his band bigger. That's fine, but Do not make me involved in. Slash is a killer rock n' roll guitar player and treat guy. AXL was not able to live in Malibu without us playing on the stage. Most important thing to him now is to make all the lies put it together and not to be contradicted. That's no way to make Slash to be involved. Finally that made me stand up for it. He has what he's saying. Off course each one of us has some. And there's the truth. A lot of things have been happening, but now I think I could show my status. (What was the best thing of GN'R?) I would say relationship of the unit. (What was the biggest pit?) Success. I got no doubt about it.
  13. What happened to GNR?

    The most correct answer on this thread.
  14. But here's the thing, Izzy has never missed a single show with GnR when he was in the band. Why would they feel he is risky for a tour? And Axl thinks Izzy is flaky? Check out the riot thread.