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  1. I always found it bizarre how Bucket was playing 2nd fiddle to Finck in that lineup.
  2. (Absolutely no substitutions) One gourmet cheese tray One cup cubed ham One Rib-eye steak dinner Large Pepperoni pizza (fresh) Cans of assorted Pringles Chips Deli tray (heavy emphasis on lean roast beef, ham, and turkey) One bottle Dom Perignon
  3. 2001/2002 Axl was arguably crazier than 90's Axl. That was the last time Axl was still "Axl" (imho).
  4. He means that you're the only English lord on this forum.
  5. It cracks me up how each and every news item/update on the band is mercilessly pilloried here with contemptuous ridicule. I don't know if there's another band with a fanbase like this.
  6. Not necessarily, but I think most people don't want an album that promises to be worse than The Spaghetti Incident. Bad product makes me lose interest in a brand I once enjoyed. You might be different though.
  7. Aren't there bad movies you like? If it sucks by whatever metric is used to get a general consensus of public and critical opinion - that's what I would call "objectively bad".
  8. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. One can appreciate something even if it's in an ironic way.
  9. I don't think it's about selfishness or denying others new music. The answer is much more simple. If something is (objectively) bad, why put it out in the marketplace? It only sullies the brand further and potentially hurts their commercial prospects down the line. For a band that is clearly interested in generating handsome profits from their fanbase, it just doesn't make fiscal sense. And as a fan, I really don't need another TSI. Just like I didn't need Terminator 3 or Indiana Jones 4. Sequels that just left a bad taste and sullied the memory of the originals. More is not always better.
  10. In all fairness, I bet there's a good album that could be culled out of the CD sessions. Far better than what we got in 2008. I still enjoy some of the old demos/live versions from the early 00's. What Axl needs is a great producer to sift through that stuff and re-edit the whole thing. Get Slash, Izzy and Duff to help arrange/re-record and keep as much Buckethead as you can. There's money in nostalgia. Just do it right. Ditto with Illusions - if the band has that much regret over the way those albums turned out (as they appear to), take your legacy into your own hands and do a 2.0 version with a new mix and bring in Steven and Izzy to re-record. If Axl can't stomach Adler, have Brain record Adler's work like what he did with Freese on CD. That would absolutely be relevant to the fanbase and generate a mint. It's just too bad these guys are in it to turn a quick buck. So many missed opportunities with this band.
  11. Blood on the Dance Floor had some good cuts iirc. If those leaked Brain and Melissa clips are any indication, the CD remix album appears to be a trainwreck that the label wisely shelved.
  12. Yes, they should release it. What we need now is a new GnR travesty to stack next to The Spaghetti Incident.
  13. GnR to me is basically mst3k fodder at this point - deserving of the utmost derision and mockery. The band has descended to such a pathetic state that trolling the redhead and his entourage of imbeciles has become a coping mechanism for most diehards. Half the fat axl memes probably originate from fan forums. Unless you're into overpriced branded junk, stale setlists, and repackaged old shit selling for 10x more - there's really nothing worth giving a rat's ass about. And it looks to be heading that way for the foreseeable future.
  14. Where are you Axl Rose?

    Hopefully this is the end of this Axl/Angus thing. Not that it isn't awesome for them to collab but Axl's work ethic is probably the worst in the history of music. The last thing you want is for the guy who takes a decade to release albums shifting his focus to a side project. Why not make new Guns music w/ Slash. Have Angus duel with Slash on a few tracks if you must.
  15. Fair enough, I could get behind that. I hate to admit it, but if I'm being objective....yeah, agreed. Buckethead era Guns in particular is light years beyond this.