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  1. Regardless of who is better, at the end of the day... Buckethead left the band over a decade ago and whatever unreleased work he did with GnR will either be stripped out or languish in purgatory within Axl's vault. Slash peaked in the 90's - and all of his glorious mid-90's unused riffs will likely continue rotting in Axl's vault. GnR fans lose again.
  2. I'm a little confused here - so I was under the impression Slash has been trying to divorce Perla for awhile prior to the GnR reunion and she has been dragging things out. There was an article a few months back iirc where Slash's lawyer was saying that Perla wasn't signing off on required documents needed to move things forward and had to be legally coerced into it. Perla's saying here that Slash was dragging his heels on the divorce. Assuming she's telling the truth, what's the motivation for Slash to delay his divorce with Perla? It seems like a messy divorce (more than usual anyway). I wonder why Slash wanted out after a decade with Perla...
  3. Matt wasn't asked to be part of the reunion - he said so himself on twitter. Gilby was asked and turned it down due to scheduling issues (hard to believe but okay). Either he was considered as an Izzy replacement or for guest appearances ( which would have been bizarre - that's like asking Paul Tobias or Teddy Zig Zag to guest - why bother?).
  4. It was going to be based on Reckless Road: https://themusicuniverse.com/guns-n-roses-movie-in-the-works-with-howie-hubberman-and-james-franco/
  5. I think Slash is basically referring to Doug Goldstein when he talks "outside forces" that created issues between him and Axl. Slash and Duff have been quite outspoken about their loathing for Goldstein. The yoda thing is interesting to consider - I'd be inclined to agree with you that she probably started to really get into Axl's head during the mid-90's when his life was falling apart. I wouldn't be surprised if she (along with Del and the hangers-on) slowly picked away at whatever issues he was having with Slash. There's also this alleged story: "CURTAIN CALL FOR THE OLD GUNS '96" September 16th, 1996. Phoenix, AZ. It had been a series of tribulations for the 'most dangerous band in the world', now washed out, out of fad, with the same problems as ever. Slash's drinking was an issue, which escalated whenever he was kept off the road. Axl had kept him off the road for the past year. The Snakepit album had been a source of contention between the two. Axl wanted have his pick of the litter to pick the songs apart and rebuild them. Slash said, no. He'd wanted the album done, so he'd recorded it with his own band. No more waiting on Axl. They'd been taken to record a Stones cover soon after. Slash delivered a bluesy solo, which Axl thought took too many liberties on Richards. Axl sang the same words as Jagger, one might say. Paul Huge did some overdubbing, there. Slash was furious, and Axl was probably aware of it. The next year had been worse. Slash had toured with Snakepit for the first part of the year, before Axl told Geffen he'd be ready to work on the next album whenever Slash is. Axl passed out his letter of resignation from Guns and began a year-long legal tug of war with Slash. Into the summer, Duff and Matt had taken off with the supergroup, Neurotic Outsiders, and had everything going their way by Halloween. They had a record deal by playing weekly in Johnny Depp's bar. Guns was in absolute disarray, with Slash and Axl at odds and Duff and Matt with a good thing going. Axl had spun his webs by creating a shadow group of musicians, who would pretty much Minecraft Axl an album, developing and recording musical ideas in a painstaking fashion. Earlier in the summer, Axl had summoned up Slash to finally share his vision of the band. It would be centered around them; Axl had in his mind an idea of a blues-rock-based album. That must've been a first for Slash in a while: his Snakepit album was rejected by Axl and Duff, because they saw it as overly-familiar ground. Musically cultured, they were wondering how they should adjust to the times. Axl'd wanted to do a solo album with Trent Reznor. Slash just wanted to play. Last month, after what seemed like forever, Axl and Slash got into an agreement as to how to proceed with Guns. There was a contract, a trial period. Everyone was on Axl. There were rehearsals. Paul Huge played rhythm. Axl showed up late. Slash opted to get drunk in a strip bar next door while waiting for him. On most nights, he waited for hours. Axl provided with the songs, or at least, drafts of songs, melodies and structures by his shadow group. It was, to a degree, about filling the blanks. Axl wanted to hear the proper interpretation, the secret recipe of a Guns song. Duff and Matt had dates happening with Neurotic Outsiders, as their band mate Steve Jones was available from the concurrent Sex Pistols reunion tour. They'd only be at it for September, but Axl wanted them to be around. The other week, they'd had a four-day break between Toronto and Detroit region. They had flown to LA for some more Guns rehearsals. Now, the tour had continued for a few days and landed them in the Electric Ballroom, a large venue with even a curtain to cover the stage. Slash might've seen the irony of a curtain call when he was prowling about there, cigarette in hand. What was he even doing there? Playing one show with the mates, lending them a hand, having fun. On a Monday night in Phoenix. Why not have the same fun the coming Wednesday, when Neurotic would play at The Whiskey in LA? Why bother traveling to the desert to meet up with your friends? Before the next band meeting in LA. Or in Phoenix. Of all the places in the world where Axl could've been that day, a two-hour drive up north is a possibility. The story of Yoda is perhaps best recalled by Peter Bradshaw. Axl taking Slash to Phoenix is not all that far-fetched. Tom Zutaut, an A&R Man on all Guns' studio albums, accompanied Axl to Sedona in July, 2001. According to him, Axl felt the trip necessary as he felt they were "surrounded by negative energy". There was more than enough of that in the 1996 lineup. Paul Huge and Slash never really hashed out their working relationship, which had been enforced by Axl since the Sympathy for the Devil sessions almost two years ago. "Paul will play on the song, Paul will write songs, Paul will rehearse with the band..." Paul must've looked good on a photo that day. Later that month, Slash admitted to have lapsed into a suicidal depression over his position in Guns. He quit the next morning, with a month-long resignation period. Axl had made up his mind, Paul Huge wasn't going anywhere. Axl might've thought his old buddy would made a wonderful replacement for Izzy, to have that Lafayette songwriting mojo back in Guns. He might've entertained the notion of dismissing Paul to appease Slash - but if Paul read well in Yoda's mind, he would benefit Axl's album, right? It all went sour. The Guns rehearsals were stopped, dead on. Slash and Axl were at odds again. The album was, again, in disarray. Slash joined Neurotic Outsiders on stage that night, and the three that would be Velvet Revolver had their last night out as Guns. There's no telling whether Axl was there that night. http://www.gnrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?id=13213
  6. So going by this interview: 1. Izzy and Steven were most likely asked to participate in the first run of shows (Troubador, Coachella, Vegas) for the entirety of the gigs. 2. Once Izzy walked away from the table they ostensibly pulled the original offer for Steven and gave him a few cameo spots as a token gesture. The original rumor was that Izzy was upset with Steven for signing on to guest - perhaps angling their non-participation as a negotiating tactic. This recent revelation adds some plausibility to the rumor. 3. Either soon afterwards or somewhere along the way during NITL, the decision was made to upgrade Fortus/Frank from touring members to permanent status (going by Duff's recent interview). Either to appease Axl or after taking a liking to Fortus, Sluff probably passed on Gilby and DJ Ashba as potential Izzy replacements. But it doesn't really add up - if we're to take Slash at his word, they only looked at Axl's hired guns after Izzy walked. Meaning they offered to reinstate Izzy into the band permanently. Does anyone really believe that Axl would do that given his loyalty to his nu-guns band mates? Pittman was going to be part of the reunion for christ sake. If I was a betting man, I think even if Izzy had signed on, he'd have only been offered the first 5 shows before the stadium tour was announced. I think the stadium tour was always going to feature Frank and Fortus - they're the only logical choices given the band dynamics.
  7. Excellent point. And I'm sure it played a role in his decision. As DZI said earlier, Izzy probably weighed the pros/cons out in his mind and as before with VR, it just didn't seem to be worth it to him in the end. My guess? Duff lowballed Izzy as a non-partner contracted employee for the Coachella/warm up gigs. The rumors around early '16 were that he was offered a low 5 figure sum for each show. Izzy wanted all 5 of them to split things as equals for those few shows (maybe even merchandising, who knows) - and the rest is history. GnR made a wise business decision and Izzy decided that his nostalgia for the old band wasn't worth the disrespect shown from whatever paltry sum they were offering. It appears that Steven eventually felt the same way after the initial reunion euphoria wore off. It's also very likely that the terms offered to Izzy as a non-partner stipulated that had he rejoined GnR, he would have faced the same situation as '91 where Axl, Slash and Duff were running the band and he was just riding shotgun. We know from his '91 interviews that he deeply resented Axl and Slash for trying to diminish his influence - no way he was going to go through that again + work for a pittance like Steven. Looking back at the whole thing, it pretty much played out as most of us predicted back in late 2015/early 2016.
  8. The way I see it, Axl needs the original lineup to get anything done. And the original lineup needs Axl to turn out anything good that stands the test of time. Buckethead and Brain are way too creative to be tied down to a band like GnR - especially since they seem to be firmly stuck on AFD for the last 20 years. The problem we have is that Axl's interest in pushing himself forward musically has been extinguished by the failure of Nu Guns. He's accepted the deafening clamor to just rehash 1980's GnR because it is a financial bonanza. You see that manifested in his interest in AC/DC. I don't think Rose cares anymore - he has chosen the path of least resistance. And you throw in an older Slash who was already lazy when it came to how much he pushed himself outside of his comfort zone - and now has established himself as a brand outside of Guns with very little to prove - can anyone see these two doing anything worthy of the older material given their current approach to music? There's no interest or fire in these guys to top the old material or even match it. They're coasting. Add in a shit drummer and a session guitarist with no writing chops and you have a future album from this lineup that does not inspire much confidence. At best, we might get something along the lines of Contraband I imagine.
  9. Bucket and Slash would be epic. But Finck? Iirc, his live playing was loathed on this forum back in the day. Good studio musician though.
  10. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    Will Axl still be a waste of ammo for Arnold?
  11. Nice catch there. I think it's the former scenario you mentioned - Fortus was probably the first player he rehearsed with. I don't think Ashba really had a chance to get in on this given that he had the "Slash" role in the band prior to the reunion. Unless there's some truth to those insane rumors that Axl still wanted a 3 guitar lineup for the reunion. Also, if Frank made the final cut (someone Sluff reportedly had difficulties gelling with initially), I suspect Fortus/Frank were heavily backed by Axl to be a part of this whole thing and Slash/Duff just went with it as a way of appeasing him. Even Brain wasn't considered for the gig despite being far superior to Frank - and we know from his interviews, he would have leaped at this if given the chance. The only guy who didn't make it into NITL was Pittman and even he was there until the 11th hour before getting the axe - and only because he ran his mouth. Point being, I think Axl was very loyal to his Ashba era lineup - he even admitted in that China Exchange interview to being very fond of that lineup. Having said that, maybe there was some truth to those Ashba rumors then and it was the one Axl request that Slash vetoed. Personally, I think Slash's preferred choice would have been Gilby since he brought him in for the HOF induction.
  12. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    The plan for 2019 is the same as 2016-2018, make money repackaging old crap and selling it to thirsty fans desperate for anything. Fernando has even said that he'll be hand selecting next year's merch from whatever random chinese factory they're pumped out of. Thrilling news. Only the best for GnR fans.
  13. Fascinating. Another piece of the puzzle in how this reunion came together. The only logical choices as others have mentioned - Ashba and Gilby. We know for a fact that Gilby was asked to participate in the reunion and he played with Slash at the HOF in 2012. If Slash is referring to Izzy in that quote though, he's completely lost his marbles like the redhead.
  14. "This makeup of this band is what it's supposed to be now and it's really good, it feels good, and it's the right mixture of people." So we finally get some statement on the post-NITL band. Izzy/Steven will probably never be involved with the band again and we're stuck with the current lineup. Brilliant.