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  1. Tuesday today, just asking......what would it be worth it for you to get an audio recording of an unknown instrumental song being played at an european 2017 soundcheck?
  2. Nice list! But you have to add some footage of the Vegas re-union shows in there, too. Those were the first GN'R headliner shows die hards all over the world flew in for. Besides that, i dont think a compilation should have US shows only. Fill in some european, SA, Asia stuff etc.
  3. Ritz 88 - best audio version?

  4. (REQ) Argentina 1993

    No time to do that, really! The transfer itself is troubled and would take lots and lots of hours to get it right before i could even give it out. And please.....with all the social media network there should be a way to hunt down Uruguay tv vhs master copys in better quality. it's not worth my lifetime working on gen1 tv broadcast vhs tapes when there should be lots of better quality masters, sorry.
  5. Freezed file is exactly what was on broadcast.
  6. The "Freezed" version is the original broadcast capture, it's a 1:1 grab from the digital sattelite stream back then. It was uploaded just a few hours after the tv broadcast. No better quality to get.
  7. Yestetday in Sweden Fernando told me personally that GN'R will come back to Europe not in 2019, but 2020. That seems to be the plan right now.
  8. RQ 1st song at soundcheck right now!
  9. (REQ) Argentina 1993

    Hello from Sweden! GN'R show tomorrow here, beautiful country! Yes, i do have a 1st gen from Arg93 Uruguay tv broadcast. It has more songs than the Argentinian tv broadcast. Jungle and DTJ for example. But no time to work on that any soon. Audio is no good, also with all the social media connecting worldwide i'd think there would be a master source by now? Where are the collectors from Uruguay??
  10. The folders are labeled correctly. The issue is that inside the disc1 folder says it has 16/44, 24/48 and 24/192 files, but when you check the files themselves for details, they are 16/44, 16/48 and 16/192 only. There isnt one single 24bit quality file inside disc 1 folders! But it's promoted there is! So, this is an issue to be adresses and fixed!
  11. Disc 1 folders on the usb has 16bit files only. There should have been 16/44, 24/48 amd 24/192 files on it, as promoted(!!), but there are 16/44, 16/48 and 16/192 only. They somehow messed up putting 24/48 and 24/192 files on there. This is an issue to be adressed. Discs 2 - 4 folders contain the promised proper files.
  12. metal pedals

    TAY Mystic only got out on cassette tapes and surprisingly was absolutely unknown until 2012 when i transfered an old tape of mine from 1990/1991. It appears Guns gave out 4track Mystic demo tapes at first and added TAY as last song some later. Even Marc Canter didnt have TAY, there is a topic about all this from 2012 in Canter Banter here on mygnr.
  13. Check quality of lald and dead horse videos. The live clips are great great quality (Axl helmet can footage excluded). So are all UYI Proshots, film doesnt matter here, video is killer enough!