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  1. No, Matt said he wasnt asked for NITL tour.
  2. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    If someone could hook me up with pw for FOS1 in Hamburg.....i'd be thankful for that pm! edit: could someone report that youtube clip above please? ;-)
  3. Rock in Rio 2001 Video good quality?

    Hey, thanks, axlvai! That was a really cool time back then with Sladdi's HUB, i liked those first steps of fan communication/trading all over the world "within 1 room". Grettings Lim
  4. Live Era

    Brownstone/Wembley91 is musically re-recorded (at least partly) aswell. Matt does a fill mistake in the beginning (to be seen on a "real live" clip from a tv report and also to be heard on audience recordings). That mistake is not on Live Era.
  5. A few years ago Marc Canter said Guns only had 1st gen copies of the Sound City Demos, the original reels stayed with Manny. That'd mean we have the Sound City Demos from a 1st gen copy - not from the original master reels.
  6. Well, as i said, we need a list of what is really lost and NOT backed upped properly. It's all coming down to that. Then, and not before, we can cry or party, whatever. And no, i get it, loosing masters is surely a no go and there have to be consequences, yeah. But again....if it has been backed up in high end quallity, it doesnt matter at all. You would never get analog multitracks for your listening pleasure as consumer, they are all digital releases coming from "back ups in 24/384 and/or DSD" (or so). So, as bad as all this is.....it's about what has been backed upped digitally from the best possible sources.
  7. Well, we noramally would never have listening pleasure for UYI multitracks and doubtfully are supposed to have ever. So we wouldnt miss anything at all for ourselves as fans.
  8. If they backed up the masters in a proper and professionell way like 24/384 or DSD, then it doesnt matter THAT much if some are lost. That's the ultimate quality these days, all releases are downsampled from that. We wouldnt hear the sound difference at all - even it's a copy from a copy. Do we know for fact, by the way, if the Sound City Demos are from the master reels?
  9. We need a list! That being said, we might be safe with lots of artists music master tapes being transfered high quality (f.e. 24bit/192khz indiviually tracks) already over the years. It's an huge amount of work, but over the years that's what had to be done and be stored seperately digitally. Hell, that's what we fans do since end of the 90s! Also, and maybe there is some hope here, when there are copies of individual masters, they'd be 1 generation lower in quality but still be very good quality!
  10. AFD box: They left out a good portion of AFD stuff audio and, unfortunately, exspecially video. We dont know how much good video sources are in the vaults from the 80s, but we know that Marc Canter has about 30 master AUD videos from the club days. We also know that there is some issue between Guns camp and Marc Canter, that's probably why we didnt get any Canter master video transfers along with the box. Therfor they've decided to concentrate more on audio (as proven by the talk of mine to Fernando last year) to represent that era. That being said....as opposed to other die hards in here, i'm still very pleased that they've decided to put out THAT MUCH of the golden era! you dont wanna know how much time and money i spent the last 30 years on trading/buying/hunting for stuff like that. They could have done much better, yeah, but at least they did release smth.(!!) from that (you would never have thought they'd do that), HELL YEAH! Seeing they did that, it's a step to the right direction, that they are more opened up for getting out stuff from the vault. i spent the whole 999€ by the way and seeing it goin for 399$ now.....off course i'd like to use the extra money for other GN'R shows or so, but basically i dont care. At points you also have to financially support the band you're fan from!! As for UYI bix set: there is sooooooo much gold in there to be used! We know about Perfect Crime documentary, we know about 192 UYI Proshots, we know about existing demos like Ain't goin down, 14 years alternate take (w. different vocals), Coma (working demo), instrumental versions like Estranged and many of the songs. There should be tons and tons of audio to be there for potential use in a UYI box set. Though this time they might be a little better off to hear the fans' voice. So...question for the admins here: could we do a topic with ideas for the UYI box set, so we fans could raise our voice and collect ideas? And then later do some kind of mixed down "serious wish list" and forward it to them?