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  1. Totally agree. Any GnR/rock show is better than no show. If you told me they were in Mpls tonight I'd be there in a second. Bret Michaels (say what you want) is here in MN tomorrow night. I'm going and guess what- it's gonna be a blast. Gotta see our bands while they are still around. Look at Mick and Ozzy- both cancelling/postponing shows due to health (age) etc... I'm also going to Sammy & the Circle in a few weeks...that will kick ass as well.
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/duff-mckagans-wife-reveals-secret-to-lasting-marriage-with-guns-n-roses-rocker-details-on-new-book
  3. LOL. Yeah it's like he just makes shit up and says it. Revisionist of history. Wasn't he quoted (back when he was in the cold war with Slash) of saying "Slash should have left (GnR) or never been in the band in the 1st place"? Some stupid comment like that I remember reading. maybe it was in on of his/TB's "statements" that were released.
  4. I was supposed to go to the St Paul show. Then Axl came down with "throat problems" and GnR was no longer on the ticket...so I bailed.
  5. The kick ass era! https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/guns-n-roses-dont-cry-japan-axl-rose-slash-791036/amp/