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  1. I expect them to kick ass again!
  2. That is amazing- thanks for posting. Steven kicks ass..especially on ISO!
  3. Too bad “Guns n Roses” circa 1994-2015ish can’t be erased. Way more offensive than OIAM in my opinion.
  4. I “liked” this but I truly wish history could erase 1994-2015 ish when it comes to Guns.
  5. **See the Prince debacle happening. — I hope to God Axl has all this shit sorted out so it’s not some gong show with TB when the time comes.
  6. When it comes to the alleged CD2, then yes I agree- give it a rest.
  7. Unless they (Axl/Slash/Duff) re-record it I don't want anymore FakeGnR. Or if it's released call it what it is- Axl Rose (solo).
  8. Hope they run through the US this summer again.
  9. Kick ass top 5 GnR song...love it. I don't understand the double standard when it comes to who can say/sing what (lyric wise) and who can't.
  10. While Steven can drum circles around Frank (when it comes to the GnR catalog), I sincerely doubt he coulda lasted the whole tour and remained sober...and no way they (Axl/Slash/Duff) were going to risk it. What shoulda happened was they should have used Matt with Steven playing a few (here and there) shows, specifically the California shows and a few others maybe. But we have Axl/Slash/Duff back so bitching about the drumming is down on the old totem pole. Izzy- would have been great too but other than a few shows they knew he could have gone AWOL at any time as well.
  11. I think they should- in Minneapolis.
  12. Just watched Plant on The Big Interview. Very cool. He's a pretty private guy and was pretty forthcoming with Rather. Would Axl ever do an interview like this? I think it would be really intriguing. Couple snippets of Plant-
  13. This......just LOL. At the risk of fully de-railing this thread let’s imagine if Stephanie never had a maid or whatever.
  14. We/I want choice 3, choice 2 would be a huge improvement because Frank doesn't know how to play the songs properly, and 1 is more than we coulda dreamed/asked for just 2-3 years ago. Also I'm thinking that they blew their wad on this NITLT Tour with it being so massive (stadiums etc...) that unless they release new music or do media etc...that any future gigs will be festivals/one offs etc....
  15. Well- true. We got #'s 1, 2 and 4. *but without Duff it's unlikely any of this woulda happened