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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/slash-talks-addiction-recovery-fortunate-didnt-die-didnt-go-prison-142948931.html
  2. Great memories of the release. Huge lines at midnight etc....what an exciting time.
  3. Love how Slash is just non stop touring and or making music. It truly is his life. Band sounds great- Myles is "solid". Voice is kind of annoying at times.....
  4. Wonder how much Axl has to pay TB per month?
  5. Well his band is probably 1000X’s better than say “Ashba’s CD” etc... And at least he can drum properly.
  6. A lot of people are doing deep dives on this interview. I just think it's kick ass we at least got an interview. Take the answers for what they are...it's hard to tell on paper vs in person the tone.
  7. Never understood the “industrial” crap. Especially for a GnR album. OMG and CD would have been better off being called what it is- Axl Rose solo. Like Plant did.
  8. What is Axl up to these days?

    Well whatever did or didn't happen I will say why would anyone buy an autograph and/or autographed item? I mean unless you actually get the item signed in person or get a personalized autograph what's the point? I've met a few celebs (Magic Johnson in his prime....Jon Bon Jovi....) and never asked or wanted an autograph. Just shook hands and verbally/literally patted them on back and went on my way. Both were great by the way.
  9. The Ulrich Schnauss Incident

    1. Who Gives a shit. *couldn't agree more
  10. Not sure why i watched that again. Axl- i had almost forgot about his rapper over sized baggy stage. LOL
  11. I don't know what to post...but what I will post is -
  12. Why can't Axl (or Slash or Duff) do a normal interview? It's always some jacked up translated interview. How about Rolling Stone magazine or whatever happened to Trunk saying he was gonna interview Axl or one of the 3? Kurt Loder around still? Stern?
  13. Kurt Loder- dude was great. Great memories...... Nice post- thanks.
  14. On an island- given 1 song to pick. Gonna be Estranged. It's Alright Aint It Fun SCOM YCBM Yesterdays Civil War (live- UYI era) Dead Horse (live- UYI era) PTU OIAM Look at Your Game Girl
  15. I hope they do another US arena leg. I could go for a GnR show again....