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  1. Turn it up! Been a while since I watched this- still kicks ass!
  2. I believe starting now (noon Central). Doubt we'll hear any groundbreaking news. I'll tune in on/off. Join Guns N’ Roses bassist and father of two Duff McKagan as he salutes hard-working dads with a collection of hard-rock songs during his guest DJ special on Ozzy’s Boneyard (Ch. 38).
  3. Well- valid points. Whatever happens let’s hope it does GnR well!
  4. Yeah but who knows what chemistry is left with Izzy n Slash...how long has it been since they wrote together (anything noteworthy)?
  5. So Axl does “an hour and half warm up...and a warm down” - crazy. Wow! http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/duff-mckagan-says-first-guns-n-roses-reunion-show-at-troubadour-was-nerve-racking/
  6. No brainer- Axl. Then Slash, Duff, Steven and Izzy. Special nod to Tracy n Roberta.
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/guns-n-roses-duff-mc-kagan-defends-misunderstood-80-s-lyrics-none-of-our-friends-said-grab-her-by-the-180822900.html
  8. Moby=Moron- https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/natalie-portman-slams-mobys-claim-they-dated-calls-him-an-older-man-being-creepy-with-me-161122239.html
  9. Both eras kicked ass. Diamond Dave was a top 5 frontman of his time and the Sammy era was equally epic. People blame him for the synthesizer etc...change in VH but that was all brought on by Ed. Had zero to do with Sammy. None the less kick ass band all around. Good kick ass rock n roll times. Too bad the brothers are “2 miserable millionaires” these days as Sam and Mikey say.
  10. So how was Axl able to carry on as “Guns n Roses” without Slash n Duff?
  11. Guessing at the end of the day Axl still owns the Guns n Roses name, although the big 3 split the "loot" (Izzy). However GnR is Axl/Slash n Duff ....the true employees are Fortus/Melissa/Dizzy and Frank.
  12. Sammy Hagar kicks ass. I saw him Friday night. The Circle is such a great band. And for age 72- Sammy is better than ever. Vince Neil opened up and ----yikes. Looks horrible and sounds bad. But he's a legend so he was fun to see too. Can't say enough about how awesome Sammy and The Circle are though. Here is an example (not my show but a good clip none the less)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc7O7lcdXBE
  13. No clue. That's why I said (for what it's worth). TBD I guess.
  14. Keith Roth (Sirius XM DJ) all but confirmed a new GnR album is in the works/will happen. I was listening to Hair Nation over the weekend when he said this (for what it's worth).
  15. Any new album (I'm talking truly new not old leftover CD stuff) would be as close to a follow up as we'd ever get. CD is an Axl Rose solo deal under the GnR banner because of his stubbornness and cold war with Slash at the time. That and he needed the name to sell, however I think he woulda been happier and done more going full on solo ala Plant or even like what Slash and Duff have done.