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  1. Not sure I’d call Tommy a “rock star”. Lol
  2. What made GnR special??? Duh.
  3. Pretty sure he's cool with the cameras- "$584.2 million grossed from 5,371,891 tickets sold across six continents' worth of shows."
  4. Lies

    Happy Bday LIES! This day 1988.
  5. I don’t think Axl is over Appetite, to tell you the truth.
  6. Credit Mitch Lafon from his Twitter. This is cool. This is exactly how it was like back then. Whatever city they were in it was huge. I remember when they hit Mpls and it was all over local news too. Such a kick ass time. -
  7. While I don’t consider it a GnR album (it’s Axl solo) it was released this day 2008. I remember how pumped I was. SOD (The Blues), TWAT, Prostitute etc....great songs. I could opine more but it’s just hard to believe from UYI’s to 2019 that’s all we got out of Axl and or Guns.
  8. First ever GnR song that you heard?

    Jungle. Whenever it broke on the MTV/radio. Then SCOM...PC and then it was off to the races. Was a great time to be a teenager.
  9. Lies

    LIES kicks ass but no, it's not GnR's best album. It was really cool at the time with it being 1/2 live and 1/2 acoustic. 1-AFD 2- Illusions 3-LIES 4-Live Era 5-TSI. I don't count CD as it's more of an Axl solo project.
  10. Show Opener and Closer

    This should be how they open every show-
  11. Yeah I see your point on some things, however if it were solely the money wouldn't they have been better off never breaking up or just reuniting 15 years ago? They lost out on many albums, many tours (boatloads of money). Axl especially by keeping what 4-5 musicians on salary year round whether they were touring or not. And with a big of an ass he was about not wanting to reunite I believe with Axl t really wasn't about the money...he has deeper issues The dressing rooms and not talking all day- who knows or cares? I could give a rats ass what goes on all day or backstage. Going on hours late/midnight and playing til 3AM - when I was 19 great. I'm pushing 50 so I'm good with the 8-11 or 9-midnight slots.
  12. Setlist for 2020

    Tokyo Dome set circa 1991. With Sail Away intro into Child. Zero new shit.
  13. I used to love KOHD but in all honesty I don’t need to ever hear it again.
  14. Fuck. About now I’m really regretting not being there. Enjoy everyone that is there. And I hate you all 😀😀😀🎸🎸🍺