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    Really quietly today, AWOL announced a new tour, single, and album: Album: "Here Come The Runts" due Feb 2018 Single: the other new single that was released a month ago: Tour dates: http://awolnationmusic.com/ @downzy looks like they are opening this all new tour in your neck of the woods! Have $159 laying around? It can get you this: https://www.cidentertainment.com/events/awolnation-tour-2018/?utm_source=partner_referral&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=awolnation_tour_2018
  2. holy fuck.... Slashs TWAT solos he stayed so true to the original ones but added his own flair to it. It sounds so good i don't even miss Bucket and Finck when I listen to it

  4. its a way for the drummer to hear himself better i believe
  5. last minute request for Locomotive as my 2 year relationship with my girlfriend came to an end today perfect crime will do as well
  6. imagine the shit we would be seeing if Keith Moon were still alive
  7. just found a picture of tonights setlist.... not sure if i should post it or leave it up to the fates to see what gets played
  8. Your favourite live albums

  9. Figured I'd give an update on the only concrete evidence we have of an opener so far. Not sure if anyone remotely cares, but this is big for me because it could mean the crossover of my two favorite bands of all time. Okay so my only evidence that AWOLNATION is going to be opening the first part of this tour is all over the place, so stay with me. AWOLNATION currently has 2 members of another band named Irontom touring with them, Zack and Dan. Irontom are about to be on the road opening for this fairly small band Arkells. That tour starts on October 4th and goes to October 7th. On October 7th, both bands play San Francisco, then the tour drops off for another month. Both Irontom and Arkells don't tour again till November 2nd in Detroit.... That's almost a full month. Odd right? On October 8th, one day after Irontoms members come off tour is the day GNR start their tour in Philly. When Irontom and Arkells do in fact go back on tour, its November 2nd in Detroit, the same night GNR play Detroit.... Zack (AWOL/Irontom Guitarist) has been known to fly around the US to catch both Irontom and AWOLNATION shows within the span of 24 hours, so I don't see it being a problem getting from Cali to Philly in 24 hours. Theres also the fact that AWOL were supposed to open for GNR in South America.... But as we all know, could be something, could be nothing. #ididthemath #CSImygnr
  10. i don't think I ever saw someone say that here.
  11. Yeah i'm honestly starting to think that there aren't going to be any openers
  12. You think they plugged the Nightrain again because they are going to announce openers soon?
  13. Crazy high thought right here, but anyone think Slash has become addicted to his phone since quiting smoking? I see him in so many pictures and videos with Meegan on his phone and it makes me wonder if hes one of those dudes who follows a bunch of horror pages on Instagram and he reposts what he thinks is cool. Think about it, Big bad Slash didnt know what the fuck a twitter was 7-8 years ago