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  1. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    just found out my Sorry soundcheck video from Nashville 16 was taken down. bummer.
  2. Look, i havent been kept in the loop. And i have no clue whats going on with pro-shots and all of that... but why did the official GNR Instagram post a pro-shot Chicago 1992 performance video? Can someone pm me
  3. Is GNR the most underrated band ever?

    I’m sorry I came at you so harshly, DK6. First things first, I’m jelous of you! The late 80’s and early 90’s are my favorite period of music, and I wish I could have lived through them. It seems like your personal experience with the band is that of many fans that started listening in the earlier days. Once we got to the turn of the decade/millennium, grunge and the idea became all but obsolete, in favor of club hits and rap. By late 2002, the vast majority no longer cared about Pearl Jam except the thousands of dedicated fans they had gained by being uniquely them in terms of bands. I mean look at how Axl’s tour turned out during that year. I’m sorry to hear about your current opinion of the band/eddies voice. Let me try to change your opinion! But first, let’s go back a bit and I can try my best to answer some of your questions! You’re telling me pal! I’m sure your first question is in jest, as if they truly knew how popular those songs would become in the bands formative years, I’m sure they would have done everything in their power to make sure at the very least Yellow Ledbetter would be on Ten. I think what it comes down to though is timing. A rock album that was going to sell and make profit back then was 50 minutes to an hour long. Ten, with an ironic 11 songs on it clocks in at timely 53 minutes. Perfect. Maaaayyyyybbeee they could have slipped State Of Love & Trust in, but where? And if anything, it’s perfect for the Singles soundtrack because the song’s topic is actually pertinent to what’s happening in the movie. The 5 and a half minute Breath, which I think is the most under-rated Pearl Jam song in their catalogue and is far and away better than anything on Ten, would have pushed that run time number closer to an hour, and 5 digits are bigger than six. Yellow Ledbetter is for sure an album closer, but bid it trump Release? No. I’m glad they all of the songs mentioned so far were on later releases, as they were recorded by Dave Abbruzzee (the aforementioned “bloke on Vitalogy” in your comment) who is arguably Pearl Jam’s most aggressive drummer who brought out the best in those songs and that time period. Watch this video and just focus on the drumming. Only lock into his drumming. He’s playing with agressiveness of a heavy metal drummer and locking in completely with Jeff and Eddie: There was a bunch of songs written during the Ten years that are rarely heard by ears that aren’t already PJ fans, and I’m not sure if you have heard of them before, but here are some more songs written around Ten: (you said you are a fan of RHCP, so here is PJ going for their best RHCP impression:) This goes into why I even mentioned anything about Pearl Jam being under rated. They were writing songs like these^ and they had only been together w/ Eddie for like a year. Thats CRAZY chemistry. And these songs weren’t even on the album that got them famous. It seems there was a major shift in the band around late 94/95. Eddie took more control over everything, Abbruzze was fired and Jack Irons hired in his place, they tried to take down Ticketmaster and failed, all the while falling further from the MTV Face of the earth in the wake of Kurt Cobains death. Grunge had killed itself in the garage. Oasis was cool now. Oh yeah, did I mention: Drugs and booze. LOTS of it. The 2 albums we got at the end of the 90’s in No Code and Yield, and all the songs that came from that era, are Pearl Jam at peak performance. It’s literally like Jack Irons was the new office manager that came in and made everyone look at everything differently. Like you mentioned, the song writing was so creative and diverse. It also signified the start of something new, what I like to call the mushroom phase of PJ. Everything becomes about spirituality/morality. Something I think Eddie needed to put out into the world, because he was pushing everybody away from him in the band which all spitballed into Yield which, as had been said on this very form already quite a few times, is an underrated masterpiece. Everything that came after this (Binaural, Riot Act, Avacado, etc) is just en evolution of what happened during this period. For some reason, Eddie put the electric guitar down and picked up the uke and acoustic guitar. I mean shit, at the end of 1998, Eddie was in LA with his acoustic guitar singing Cat Stevens songs. I think it just slowly weaved its way into the music, and that’s why some of the songs on Binaural are toned down a bit. People tend to forget that not only were the band getting older, but Eddie got a divorce in 2000 as well. I think at that point, they had just had enough. And while Binaural rocks, I think a lot of those songs have to do with not wanting to waste anymore time. 95-98 opened the door. since 2000 the band lives like they have a new fire under their ass. And I don’t at all believe it has been at a detriment to the music. See, even you agree that many of the songs on Binaural were good! Riot Act threw the band in an awkward position. Less than a year after 9/11, and most of the songs were politically driven. I feel like it truly arrived at a wrong time. Or you could argue it arrived at the most perfect time it was ever going to arrive at. Not everything will have a perfect timing, and I truly think thats why it suffered. Along with the band having a declining fan base and people just plain growing up and not listening to grunge anymore. It was 2002 after all. Boy bands were in. You see a lot of Vedder’s aforementioned songwriting take over start to happen here again. 7 of the 15 songs on the album have Ed as a credited composer. I’ll try to give you 3 songs to check out from this album, even though I wish you would just take the time to listen to the whole thing again because I can find a little bit of every era of PJ in this whole album, but if you have read this far already I’m sure thats the last thing you would want me to go through! Classic in your face Pearl Jam song: Rowdy and in your face. Yes it may be some power chords, but to me this is a spiritual successor of a “Once” or “Why Go?” Its pj doing what they do best. Something “different” like No Code or Yield: Always thought this song was beautiful. And continues their experimental-esque vision they had at the end of the 90’s and into Binuaural. It almost sounds like a downtuned Radiohead… Something “new”: Besides making a new setlist every night, PJ was never in the business of being a “jam” band in the sense they just jammed on an idea or something like that endlessly live on stage. I think this was their best go at a “jam”-esque type song. Its like if the Grateful Dead was fronted by Kurt Cobain and told to keep up… or down? BONUS: Guess what, the best song from this era isn’t even on the album. Thats right, the catchiest song from the Riot Act era is right here: I swear this song is such a bop. Everything about it is perfect. The harmonies, the guitar tone, Eds voice. I just picture myself driving a car in malibu during sunset for some reason. Obviously there were more popular songs from that album like “Love Boat Captain”, “I Am Mine”, and “All or None” but I picked these 3 based on why you originally liked PJ, how you compared what you thought new PJ sounded like, and I threw a wildcard in there hoping you would be open minded enough to take a listen…. or hopefully like jam music! As for the self-titled Pearl Jam, AKA Avocado, from 2006, you for sure need to go re listen to the first side of that album again… It’s 13 songs, so that means Side A would be Life Wasted, World Wide Suicide, Comatose, and Severed Hand. That ONE side of music is better than any other rock album we got in the mid 2000’s. Compare that ONE side to Axl’s 25 year masterpiece and its a NO contest. It goes a little out there, but has a big moment in the song “Gone”, and finishes with 2 perfect songs. This album is a little marred in controversy thought, as it is supposedly all dedicated to one Johnny Ramone following his recent death at the time, but even PJ fans can’t tell if that means the whole album or not. I personally think it should have been cut a little shorter, but the more the merrier in the long run eh? This is also the last year Eddie sang with his classic drawl before changing to a much different way of signing where he drags out his words. Check these songs out: “Classic” in your face PJ: Again, coming out the gate swinging! They didn’t slow down you know!! A completely Eddie song, and the one that is known to be completely dedicated to Johnny Ramone: This is a slower one. But its a nice little memorable one in the vein of “Sometimes” or “Given To Fly” A diamond in the rough: This song is classic Who levels of good. Its guitarist Mike McCreadys song about mental health a couple of years before the topic became a hot conversation in the US. Its a very sad song, but it gives you a positive out look on the future. I see 2009’s Backspacer as the moment people just stopped caring. In retrospect the album is damn good. And yeah maybe a couple of those songs can be considered filler, but the album only clocks in at 36 minutes. I know its a totally different scenario, but imagine Axl giving us 36 minutes of music right now?! What i’m saying is, they didn’t have to make the album. But they sure as hell did and the songs on it ain’t half bad and i’m sure most of the world doesn’t even know it exists! Classic in your face PJ: I’m telling you guys, they never did not have it! Clearly an Eddie song, but beautiful non the less: This song is truly beautiful. No Code/Yield levels of thinking: Which brings me to 2013’s Lightening Bolt. Another one you should check out! The first 2 sides are all hit after hit. This is the last album of consistency. And the last new album of original Pearl Jam music. I think what’s wrong with this album is that it tries to tackle a lot of social issues (touchy priests/relgion,more politics/poverty/homlessnes/etc etc) in an era where people finally realized they wanted their music to be an escape from all these things. Not an unrealistic cry for help that we as the listener may never even answer or do anything to fix. Many of these songs are still good though! I just don’t think people gave them the proper listen when they first came out! Classic in your face PJ: Now do you believe me that they’ve got it? This is a modern day Indifference and it is perfect to open a show: Since 2013, PJ have been milking the Merch machine as most bands have. We've only gotten 2 brand new songs since Lightening Bolt was released. The later one has only been messed around with live, so PJ fans don't know if its an out-take from Lightening Bolt or a completely new song all together. Only time will tell if we will ever hear anything from them again
  4. Is GNR the most underrated band ever?

    i don't understand your meme
  5. Is GNR the most underrated band ever?

    This is about the only logical statement you made
  6. Is GNR the most underrated band ever?

    Only on a GNR forum can you offer evidence for why a band is under rated than get told you only like that band “because MTV told me to like them.” Yeah, okay buddy. Do you not see the irony in that? You are literally proving my point @DeadSlash. I don’t give a rats ass what radio station you worked for at the time. Your experience is subjective to your point of view. For all I know you worked at a Top 100 station. So yeah, I assume everyone in there would be dumb enough to think that 50’s classic was done by Pearl Jam. I actually just googled “how dumb were people in the 90’s” to back up my results. Or maybe you can tell me since you were there.... you act like you didn’t see a Guns N’ Roses shirt on every college campus BEFORE this reunion tour. And whats the point of bringing up the tour anyway? Numbers??? Relevancy??? Doesn’t that work in favor of the “over rated”??? What really confuses me though is you are diluted enough, probably because your favorite band is Guns N’ Roses, to believe that an album every 2 years from 1994 to 2003 is a BAD thing... since when? Pearl Jam put out 8, count them, EIGHT albums, when it took Axl and a rotating cast of STUDIO MUSICIANS TWENTY FIVEEEEEEE years to make ONE mediocre album. One live album. And a remaster/special edition. Did I mention Pearl Jam has recorded every single one of their shows since the year 2000? Thats over 600 bootlegs to choose from. And since 2011, they have offered a vault archival recording on VINYL... I’m sure you haven't even read my other post, but if you did, you would notice that I said PJ does a good job of keeping pockets of fans in every state that are willing to travel to go see the band every time they perform. They don’t need magazines, or interviews. Thats how peons like you know they are still around. Then you will see the cover of the magazine and laugh instead of maybe opening it and learning a thing or two, or ACTUALLY listening to the music you so easily talk shit about. Im sure you will find it is more than a goat boy warble.... and ohhh i “freaked out?” And linked to one of their 5 up tempo songs? Exactly why you need to look at their catalogue more. You are talking shit you know nothing about. I offered evidence for song writing, creativity, all of the band members credits, their touring and live shows, and what do I get? “I know it all because I was in radio at the time” alright bro.
  7. Is GNR the most underrated band ever?

    This is why I think they are so under rated. They seem to have done a good job of having a huge pocket of fans in at least every state that are willing to travel to see them every year. Other than that, the “casual” music fan thinks their career died when Kurt Cobain died. Which is completely untrue. I feel like those same people are the ones that complain that theres only been one original album of GNR content in 25 years. Pearl Jam have produced 5 in this DECADE with the same lineup... I’d take you one further and tell you to listen to their 4th and 5th albums ‘No Code’ and ‘Yield’ back to back on an intense mushroom trip. Not because you need to be inebriated to enjoy the music, but because that is Pearl Jam at their most tribal. And you can hear it, and feel it in the music. Jack Irons really brought that spirit out of them. I know everyone gives Eddie all the praise (or discredit.. depending on how you look at things) but Stone Gossard, the rhythm guitarist, is one of the most under rated song writers of that decade. Of the 11 songs on ‘Ten’, Gossard wrote or co-wrote 8. With main credits on “Alive”, “Even Flow” and “Black.” Yes. The man himself wrote all of those hits by himself. Mike McCready is also probably one of the most under rated lead guitarists of that era as well. I feel like many people don’t even know his name! While many guitarists of that day were taking a page out of Aerosmith or Led Zepp’s book, Mike was taking SRV’s licks (Yellow Ledbetter duh) and making them grunge. He could WAIL on the guitar. Case in point (start around 2:38): You also had Jeff Ament experimenting with different basses and bass sounds. Fretless (Oceans, Alive, Even Flow), 12-string (Jeremy, Deep) and even Upright Bass. (Daughter, Dissident) Not many bands were being THAT creative or going out on a limb to do things like that yet, as far as new bands are concerned. As far as music passed that golden era of PJ is concerned, we’ve already talked about Yield. For those of you that would like to sig deeper, I suggest this lil nugget from their 6th album, Binaural: This is a slower one, so your boy DeadSlash might take offense to it, but you can see how mature the band became from the first video to this one. They almost broke up in the late 90’s, then came back with an interesting album that completely wreaks of growing up. This was the onset of Eddies “favorite” president Bush being elected. So many of the songs started to become politically charged. But you also had a lot of songs talking about how the band dealt with human emotions, as by that time they had run the gamut of highs and lows etc. This particular song, as Ed mentions in the intro in the video, revolves around the topic of saying goodbye to a friend, or not being able to say goodbye. “With heavy breath, awakened regretsBack pages and days alone that could have been spent, togetherBut we were miles apartEvery inch between us becomes light years nowNo time to be void or save up on lifeYou got to spend it all” Amazing song writing and lyrics. Again, what was Axl doing during this period?
  8. Is GNR the most underrated band ever?

    "Just faded away" here is a picture of their last show in 2018 @ Fenway sooooo not sure what you mean by that all of the dislikes you listed seem to be the "unpopular" popular opinion of the band. They deserved all the buzz they got. Their debut album was a fucking banger and each song on that debut was a hit, they followed it up with the best sophomore album of all time, they toured their ASS off and played some of the most insane live shows of the time, and STILL went up against Ticketmaster when no one had the balls to do so. Slow and "grinding"? Get passed the hits: "goat boy warble?" not every mans voice is high pitched and "girl screechy" like Axl Roses. Hell, Axl Roses voice isn't even like that anymore. People always pull this bullshit card. It's a matter of opinion and what you like. Obviously you don't like a man's voice to sound like a man's voice when he sings. So for some reason you have to degrade it and call it a goat warble when in my head i have no idea how you made that comparison because it sounds nothing like a goat. your description of everyone "fawning" over Last Kiss is dumb and totally discredits everything they were doing musically during that time period. 2 albums and a cover in 3 years at the end of the 90's. What was Axl doing again??? So what if people liked it over the original. God forbid we got a Knockin on Heavens Door, or Live and Let Die out of them for fucks sake.... I've never disliked people who don't know what the fuck they are talking about more...
  9. Is GNR the most underrated band ever?

    So do you leave dumb comments like this is all threads, or you just have a personal crusade against Pearl Jam?
  10. Is GNR the most underrated band ever?

    Something funny?
  11. Is GNR the most underrated band ever?

    nope. Pearl Jam are far and away more Under rated.
  12. yall think this man was on the way to the hospital and he was like 'god dammit people are going to think i tried to kill myself?"
  13. I saw him live saturday night. No way
  14. stab yourself in the stomach tho????
  15. Okay, now that this weekend is over and everything is starting to feel a little less… blurry, maybe I can add a little insight into this conversation since I just saw the man himself, never saw the AFD5 live in concert, and I’ve practically listened to every GNR iteration under the sun.. First off, about the show. Honestly, I truly think this is the closest you can come as a fan to a 1987-1988 Guns N’ Roses club show. At least atmosphere wise. I walked in 30 minutes till show time, took my place with one person between me and the rail, and had absolutely no expectations and hoped for a fine ass rock show. For some reason, people tend to have a negative-bias against something they might consider a “cover band.” In this case, to clarify my statement, a “cover” band could be one or maybe 2 key members from a particularly famous group who went off to make money on the songs they had a hand in making during a specific period with a different lineup, new members, or a whole new band. Think Queen w/ Adam Lambert (“tHaT’s NoT qUeEn”), Journey w/ Arnel Pieneda, Or idk, Guns N’ Roses from 2000-2014. On paper, given the definition I just gave you, it seems like this is, for all intents and purposes, a cover band. 4 younger people up front, with Steven on his riser in the back playing the drummers hits of old. The rhythm guitarist had a hat like Izzy, the bass player fit in the least (and not because she was a woman, and an attractive one at that), the lead guitarist was able to perfectly replicate Slash’s tone and had enough fake “relic” marks made on his Les Paul with sandpaper to make even DJ Ashba jealous. And a singer, from Argentina, was able to belt out the lyrics word for word and even replicate Axl’s vocal prowess from the late 80’s. I’m sure any classic rock “purist” would be completely and utterly turned off by my description of events so far, but it wasn’t at all about the way they looked and presented themselves. Even if they ARE hired hands, so what? If they are the vessel through which Steven needs to travel to be back on stage, I’d take it over him being at home on his ass, or worse… The sound they made, though! Holy fuck, half-way through Nightrain, which was the second song in their set, I was telling myself that this was it. This is probably the closest I’ll ever get to FEELING something like people may have felt when they saw the AFD 5 in the late 80’s. You know, the feeling that attracted people to this band. And the MUSIC they made. Not singular members of that band or their mindsets. Something I DIDN’T feel when I saw Slash in 2012. That show felt more about the performer and not his history of music, as it should have been. There were a couple of songs that stood out to me the most. When they played My Michelle, everything just felt sooooo tight. Adler really did play the fuck out of that song. Go back and actually LISTEN to that song on the record and listen to the way he is playing the shit out of his kit. Rocket Queen was another. It sounded so punctual and not rehashed, sped-up, and “tinny” for lack of a better way to describe it, the way I think Slash’s version, or even the “Three-Union” version does. Steven also played some pretty deep cuts that we may never hear from “Three-Union” including Reckless Life and Anything Goes, as well as offering two of his own contributions, ‘Good To Be Bad’ and ‘The One That You Hated.’ Steven remained happy and upbeat throughout the whole show. Always smiling and giving the thumbs up and horns. My favorite part of the whole show though was getting to hear Adler play Civil War live, something that has literally only been done in GNR history once… Also, it’s almost like he had something to prove by playing ‘You Could Be Mine’, which sounded completely raw and different then it usually would. I wish I could post some pictures, but I'm not sure how to do that.