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  1. Now that the trend seems to be resurrecting songs from the dead, especially live and from the UYI era, Do you think the band would give this song a go given what it's about and how Izzy describes this chick??? I know its not everyones thing, but given how sexual abuse has pretty much seeped its way into every fraction of society, do you think the band has chosen to steer clear of even thinking about playing this song? It seems like this song flew under the radar when Duff was asked about the bands past lyrics and how they still feel. I mean hell, they do play It's So Easy every single night. Dizzy even plays a watered down version of this song with his cover band Hookers & Blow..
  2. Has anyone ever considered having November Rain switched around, or completely dropped from the set? or is that too much of a hit? I really wish one day they would do a Double Talkin Jive and do some fancy jammy outro that leads into November Rain.
  3. I will be here. Lining up about 2 hours before the gates open. Anyone going to be out there rail sitting all day? This will be my 4th show of the NITL tour, and my 5th GNR show all toll. I'm hoping for a Locomotive at this show! Come find me all weekend and we can smoke on something
  4. I could really do with My Michelle. I'm glad they brought it back consistently in 2017, but now its been thrown away yet again. What if they switched between YCBM and My Michelle???
  5. https://twitter.com/TWhite514/status/1184274510066999298?s=20
  6. https://twitter.com/give_me_a_raise/status/1184267585581395968?s=20
  7. Of course, but that wouldn't stop Slash from at least knowing of that tune from way back in the day. I'm sure thats one of the reasons why he is playing that song almost every night on the NITL tour. Okay, I would say these things pre-2016... But all of this kind of goes out the window given what we know now. Slash may have not contributed at the time, and thats fine this is totally a hypothetical. But given that Axl was *apparently* trying to not only reach out, but actively have Izzy and Slash apart of his projects in the early 2000's says tons about the multiple visions he had of the band, and I think all of that is laid out perfectly with these tracks. Most are industrial pieces of fuzz, but a good few of them sound like classic GNR rockers. Would have made CD more successful, isn't that what Axl wanted in the long term any way? I don't think thats a valid argument point as both musicians egos were so clouded at the time, and the money was rolling in from AFD/UYI sales that success wasn't really the light at the end of the tunnel at that time so to speak. Does this meme also apply to.. I dunno... literally anything that happens in GNR world? We literally bitched about when Axl and Slash would give up this fued for DECADES, only to be more excited by demos of songs Slash never even worked on! Is it not okay to speculate on wether Axl would have wanted Slash to work on only a select few songs and not the industrial rockers that most of these CD's are, and what Chi Dem ultimately became? Very true. Probably 100% fuled by what his description of events were in his mind, and people telling him to take 3 steps forward, only to have him take 2 steps back anytime he tried to do something with the band. Seems like the general consensus is that Oklahoma is the track? I get real UYI meets Snakepit vibes from that song, Especially that little breakdown part. That is classic UYI era GNR.. Even listening to the bass, it sounds like Duff. I mean you could literally put this song on Slashes album from last year and nobody would have been able to tell the difference.
  8. I thought there was discussion ad nasum in other threads about how Disc 1 may as well have been the album Axl turned in to the label in 2000/2001 before everyone started fucking with him. He said at Rock In Rio 2001 that he wanted an album out in Summer. They played Silkworms and Oh My God live at those early 2001 shows. Using live shows to promote new music is not a foreign concept. Exactly my point I was just trying to make. It seems based on many interviews from that era that this is basically a list of finished and "nearly-there" ideas that Axl had circa 1999-2001. He wanted that album out Summer 2001, at least thats what he said 1/14/2001. My thoughts are, anything on these disks, especially 1 and the nearly finished tracks on the other disks are all fair game. You really think Maddy? I always thought Axl thought that was his November Rain part 2. Thats why he unleashed it to the world at the VMA's. Because he could have that attention and go "Look what the fuck I made world." It would explain why its #1 on these disks. If I were to show my friends my new music project, I'd obviously give them the one I thought was the best first. And when you're working on technology like a cd where thats going to be the first thing that hits you when you start it up, it makes sense Axl might have written this one to prove everyone wrong. Ideally, I don't think he would have wanted Slash on it, but thats just my opinion. I can for sure see and hear Slashs playing on Sorry. TWAT is an interesting one because based on the CD 1 leak, TWAT doesnt have an outro solo. Im surprised because I can totally see Finck giving it a go, especially back then when the only other guitar player before Bucket came in was Tobias. Maybe Axl was able to give Bucket a vision for a crazy guitar solo a la November Rain and Estranged. I believe the story goes that This I Love was actually written sometime around 1992/1993? So Slash for sure would have known about that song. Interesting that was one of the first songs fleshed out, but one of the last to be recorded.
  9. I truly think as these leaks come out, we are not only finding out about Chinese Democracy, but also Axl as a person. It seems to me like it was a mix of middle age Axl ego, and the people he surrounded himself with (or the record label forced him to surround himself with) were not good for him and the blatant mental issues he so obviously had. Based on what we've learned over the past couple of years with NITL, Axl and Slash always had that brother bond that was never going to go away, So based on these leaks, or the actual CD songs Slash has played live, which ones do you think were meant to be for Slash? 1. Oklahoma. 2. Hard School (maybe? the band apparently rehearsed it the other day.) 3. Tonto. Idk I just hear slash all over this song. And based on what he was doing with Snakepit, its right up his alley.
  10. Am i going absolutely insane, or did I read somewhere at some point that Axl shared a studio with Shaq? Del James said they were in there "rapping" till 4am or something. Am I wrong in thinking anything on this disk he could have rapper over? Even ITW....
  11. Had a go at mixing the sorry vocals into the track. because these are not stems, but rather a un-edited semi-finished track, it's hard to mix the vocals directly into the project. The vocal stems are also already processed, so adding any wet effects muddies up the mix way more than needed. Put it this way. With the vocals, I'd much rather prefer the finished version we got w/ bucket. Just saying. Its interesting to hear what Pitman was doing with some effects, but other than that the finished version would be the A+ version of this uncut demo.
  12. okay. what the fuck is going on around here. I haven't been around in a minute, so does someone mind shooting me a pm and giving me a quick timeline of what has happened in idk the last 6 months?! I can't remember the last time the top three threads on here were leak threads... (no but it would be seriously appreciated if someone could catch me up)