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  1. What Are You Listening To 2018

    Chinese muthafuckin Democracy
  2. holy fuck have you heard Tommy Stintons playing on Catcher In The Rye? Incredible.
  3. It truly amazes me how we’ve gotten this far with nothing like that. Especially when we live in a day and age where bands can literally sell their recorded show as they walk off the stage. If there are people within the GNR camp who think theres no market for this kind of thing, they are dead wrong. (Couch tour for Dead and Company, hello?!, PERISCOPE?!) And if they do think that, then tell them to stop sending their lawyers after everything that leaks! I don’t think you are dumb for paying for that. Thats your choice! I just think the AFD box backlash stems from the fact that its hard to listen to in one sitting, and theres nothing really we haven’t heard before. I can see where people wanted more. Human nature is a scary thing. To me it was worth it though. I bought my 3cd copy to replace my original copy of AFD that was basically shred to pieces from being in and out of cars and listened to. We could have never gotten something like this, and 10 years ago i guarantee you nobody ever thought we would. Although, speaking of the box set, and my point; Those 2 new live tracks from the Marquee that were included with the set is something new and fresh to listen to. HD audio of a 30 year old show! Imagine if they were doing this more often? Isn’t 75% of GNR as an entity at this point touring????? Thats literally what Axl and Co. have done non stop on and off since 2001. The band DOES have a massive touring following. They even know it! Look at their instagram and the endless stream of pictures of dedicated GNR fans in the front row with the tattoos and banners and flags. The market is there. Waiting to eat it up when it comes. If it comes.
  4. Im not even worried about new recordings or songs. Im talking about give us a live pro audio recording of a show, or parts of a show. Once a year. AND make us pay for it. It's just that simple. Put it this way. Would you pay for a Guns N' Roses fan club membership if it guaranteed that no matter what merchandising they decide to do each year, they also throw out a show that was professionally recorded anywhere from 1987-1993. And maybe even bless us with audio from 2001-2015 if the program went on long enough. Those later years would probably be better candidates for full audio. Just saying. Say that in their 2019 Memebership they were going to drop Vault #1. (I assume they wouldn't call it a "vault" recording, but I'm no marketing wizard) "Vault #1" is the 1/04/1992 show from Biloxi, Mississippi. We have heard audio from this show before, but I believe it was crowd sourced. Imagine if we had it sourced straight from the DAT tape that was rolling that night. Since we have heard some of it, we know that there is a Double Talkin' Jive opener, Bad Obsession with no back up band, and Axl sings some of Shangri-la by Jeff Lynne. As well as all the staples. (Im not saying they would have this show, or that this show, or any show from this era would be picked. I'd personally pay for a pro audio show from any era.) This seems like nothing to people who don't care about the music, I know. To them it's a cash grab. But for those of us that do know, this is something we've been wanting to get our hands on for years and years and years. We know they have it. Or at least parts of it. Pearl Jam does it. And they started when GNR were at their peak. Their original drummer wore an AFD shirt to one of their first gigs. They do this AND give you an option to buy the bitch on Vinyl. if you want it straight to your phone, boom and its done. All you have to do is pay your dues to have the right to buy it. Right now you can preorder vault #8 on their website. $50. The Grateful Dead do it for shows that are even older than GNR itself. They just recently put out a BOX SET for a whole string of shows (6 in total) from 1973/1974. Slash and Axl were approaching their teens. You see were im going with this? And finally i mention Bruce Springsteen. He also seems to enjoy putting out older releases. I believe hes done about 2 a year for the past couple of years now. I just have a feeling at least all of the shows from 1991 to now have been recorded and safely stored among all the other hoopla that Axl has. Why do you think things from 1993 and 2001 still leak. Because its out there.
  5. why cant GNR do a vault series of recordings like Pearl Jam or Release a major show from back in the day on vinyl or one major box set a year like the Grateful Dead are doing FROM JERRYS GRAVE NO LESS! i just dont understand
  6. woke up this morning and im in my first full play through. Holy fuck, Steven is powering through these fucking songs @ the London show. The man is a machine
  7. Holy fuck. If someone would have told me Axl would have done a VR song 3 years ago i would have laughed
  8. They still do it. Eddie usually writes the setlist hours before the show like he always has. He then brings it to the band and they can throw in any last minute suggestions they want. If you go and look at their instagram, they usually post the legit handwritten setlist after each show. Some songs will be scratched-out or replaced.
  9. All im saying is i wouldn't mind a box set at this point in their career
  10. @Roadhouse Chalk Farm Road London NW1 8EH
  11. Alright. You've done it again team Brazil. You've peaked my interest. Nap time is over
  12. Last full album you listened to?

  13. Rate this Magnificent Clip

    This will always amaze me at how this man was able to get away with so much of that shit when he did. He did it at the perfect time in comedy where that was funny (and still is to me in my opinion). Nowadays people get their feelings hurt too easily and then start suing
  14. Holy shit I remember this night like it was yesterday. So much build up at Tower Records. No one had any idea what the fuck was going on for so many hours