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  1. I truly think as these leaks come out, we are not only finding out about Chinese Democracy, but also Axl as a person. It seems to me like it was a mix of middle age Axl ego, and the people he surrounded himself with (or the record label forced him to surround himself with) were not good for him and the blatant mental issues he so obviously had. Based on what we've learned over the past couple of years with NITL, Axl and Slash always had that brother bond that was never going to go away, So based on these leaks, or the actual CD songs Slash has played live, which ones do you think were meant to be for Slash? 1. Oklahoma. 2. Hard School (maybe? the band apparently rehearsed it the other day.) 3. Tonto. Idk I just hear slash all over this song. And based on what he was doing with Snakepit, its right up his alley.
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    I've been heavily into the Pearl Jam community the past couple of years. Lucky for me, as soon as I got into that band they stopped touring as often as they used too haha.. not. Anyway, rarely do my Pearl Jam and Guns N' Roses worlds cross over (besides the fact that Dave Abruzzese could have been in GNR... no seriously look it up) but when they do its always interesting. According to a massive PJ insider, Pearl Jam was actually supposed to headline GNR's spot at Pinkpop, the Netherlands biggest music festival, but within the last couple of weeks, probably while GNR were finalizing their schedule, Pearl Jam were removed and Guns N' Roses were guaranteed the spot. How did Pearl Jam react? They added a show at the end of the tour in Amsterdam. That one sold out, so they added a second one. THAT one sold out. My point in saying all of this: How and WHY did Pinkpop tell Pearl Jam, a band with so much Pinkpop history (92, 00, 18) , guaranteed fanbase/ticket sales, and an impending album on the way that they weren't going to headline and give the gig to GNR? Easy. GNR and their management have something to sell. When you're dealing with talent-buying and festival management, you don't just pull the plug on a plan unless there is a better one in place. Axl, Slash, Duff on the same recording for the first time since 1991. A new album. "the next f'n chapter starts now" This is what sold that show to those promoters. And by god, this, hard school on the setlist, and Fernandos most likely intoxicated comments when he found out what Reddit was (welcome to 2019) are the only fucking shards of hope that i'm holding on to.
  3. Used To Love Her This I Love Yesterdays Don't Cry Black Hole Sun My Michelle Out Ta Get Me Sorry Dead Horse Locomotive Hard School Prostitute There Was A Time Catcher In The Rye So Fine Madagascar
  4. Yeah its been a minute! I kinda got off the GNR train around Spring 2017 after the Second european tour. College took over my life, as well as other bands. I actually missed all of the leaks as they came out, but was able to get my hands on them and go back and take a listen. Can’t believe I let all of that pass right under my nose without even knowing! I’ve been lingering around the past couple of months thanks to the leaks/copywrite strikes/setlist excitement etc etc. I actually just saw the band the other night at Voodoo fest for the first time since the first leg of the NITL tour!
  5. I've got a feeling tonight is going to be the longest show of the tour
  6. Now that the trend seems to be resurrecting songs from the dead, especially live and from the UYI era, Do you think the band would give this song a go given what it's about and how Izzy describes this chick??? I know its not everyones thing, but given how sexual abuse has pretty much seeped its way into every fraction of society, do you think the band has chosen to steer clear of even thinking about playing this song? It seems like this song flew under the radar when Duff was asked about the bands past lyrics and how they still feel. I mean hell, they do play It's So Easy every single night. Dizzy even plays a watered down version of this song with his cover band Hookers & Blow..
  7. Anyone who was talking bad about the crowd in this thread obviously wasn’t there. The crowd was massive, and LOUD, and the people in the front had been waiting 4+ hours in A TROPICAL STORM to see Guns. I truly think people don’t realize that last night after GNR came off stage, through the night, we got hit with so much rain and wind that I haven’t had power at my house since 4:30 this morning. This show could have not even happened, but it did! i personally was about 2 rows back, right under Axl. As I’ve already mentioned, there was some sort of magic, or aura in the air last night. Im not sure if it was the fact that it had been raining ALL day, but as soon as GNR came on, it just all of a sudden stopped and cleared up, or something else just clicked. Axl was having so much fun running from side to side on the stage. He sounded and looked SO happy and was smiling and waving to the crowd. The little pocket of people around me was singing And dancing and jumping to every word to every song. When they ripped into Dead Horse we all went crazy and started clapping and encouraging Axl to go for it! We were singing the lyrics super loud and he was dancing and feeling it and Slash was smiling. I wish there was a video, you can kinda see it in Meegans but they look looser, more comfortable. I’d like to mention that there was no ego thrust in the middle of the stage, so Axl and Duff spent a LOT of time standing and interacting with each other directly in the middle of the stage. Some highlights- 1. The absolute POP during Welcome To The Jungle. You can see and hear it in Meegans live video. 2. During DTJ, Axl backed off on the intro and kinda lost the intro and Slash accounted for this and played an awesome little flurish to which Axl came running out into singing Double Talking Jive. It was awesome. 3. This crowd was bonkers. During Rocket Queen, some woman under the influence of some type of drug made her way all the way from the back of the crowd pushing towards the front. She made it to the rail and pushed everyone off of the rail. Security had to literally pick her up out of the crowd and take her away. Fortus was watching it as it happened, but I think word made its way around stage because before YCBM, Axl said something along the lines of “we are getting a little rambunctious out there. Why don’t we try to calm things down with this soothing music” 4. Shadow Of Your Love is so good!! I have some very high def video of Axl absolutely killing this song. My new favorite. 5. Civil War > Dead Horse > Coma. come on!!! How can you complain about the setlist when it’s like that right now!!! I think I peaked during this. I was waiting for Locomotive to make an appearance and it looks like it was scratched from the setlist? Im glad we got Dead Horse though. I think this was the show they wanted to make it their bitch, and wouldn’t be surprised if its dropped after this and only added at the last show. 6. Here is my stance on the covers argument: I agree, some of these songs maybe should have been dropped by now. But for whatever reason they keep playing them. But if this is what we get, so be it. The covers in the encore maybe were overkill, yes. BUT, apparently Axl said Seeker was an Audible and that they “called a quick team meeting and we are going to play another song.” So we could have left with 24 songs instead of the 25 we got, and that means you can tell they were having fun and wanted to stay a little longer. 7. As for the sound/timing/band issues, I honestly think this is Guns N’ Roses in its final form. This band is just SO good. So fucking good. Everyone around me was into it the whole 3 hours. Not many acts can do that these days, trust me. I think this show will go down as one of those secret gems that people who were there will remember forever. Axl sounded great. The whole band was having fun. Theres not much more you could ask for. There may never be a bootleg or full videos from this show thanks to the rain, but that is what makes it great. Those who were there know! To address the Axl being angry incident, Axl chucked his regular mic into the crowd as the band left the stage after Paradise. When they came back on stage after to do the bow, there was no 2nd mic. Axl was looking around like a mad man for a mic and he finally found one and it wasn’t turned up so he threw the mike towards stage left and then walked up to the front with the rest of the band, bowed 2 times, then took his hat off and threw it stage left as well. Seems like it was just a situation of trying to get a mic in a small amount of time and he couldn't. oh, and uh. I have a friend who was backstage and sent me a picture of the unedited setlist with the alts on the bottom. As of last nignt, Hard School is still on the alt’s setlist backstage and not presented to the public on social media. I think we can stop considering it a troll at this point. i’ll post some photos and videos when I can figure out how to
  8. Just gettting out and stuck in traffic. I havent really kept up with the band since spring 2017, but Axl looked the happiest he as in years up there. Slash also brought out his og 87 Les Paul with the cig burn in the rain and loved every minute of it!!! My mind is blown
  9. Holy shit they played Dead horse and it was flawless
  10. Its been storming pretty heavy for the past 40 minutes or so. theres a couple of people by the main stage but man is it wet. Other bands are still playing though. Moon Taxi is about to come up
  11. Just witnessed a guy buy 50 of the same shitty litho. Greed is real
  12. Yall need to stop wishing bad things upon us! We are standing in an absolute downpour right now
  13. Now there is a tropical depression in the gulf.. GNR in the middle of a hurricane?!
  14. Get that bad juju out of here!!!
  15. So, its rained all night in Nola
  16. They are saying 2-4 inches of water will fall in the metro area between 7 am tomorrow and 1pm on Saturday...
  17. Actually its more like 28. I believe they take the stage at 8pm Central Standard time. That is about 28 hours away. Just to make it clear for all of our international friends and family. Less than 24 hours until we are there with our wet asses waiting for the Gunners!!! the stage faces the North, and many of our rainstorms come in bands from the south. I plan on staying at the main stage all day, so if it is raining, the rain will be coming directly at the stage all day. as for being something you cant handle, I think the only thing that might cause a problem is the mud. NOLA is basically a fish bowl that collects water at the bottom. This festival site usually becomes a muddy mess this year, but I’ve been told the sites has told Voodoo to be as prepared as they can possibly be, or they may have to move the site. And I can tell you that theres absolutely nowhere else to put it in this city. I think extra measures are being taken so that everyone will be okay.
  18. Thanks for the tips mate, but this is my 9th consecutive year going to Voodoo and im a nola native! Trust me, I know what we are in for when it starts raining. It turns into a scene out of The Pacific
  19. And literally just as I type that the National Weather Service issues a flash flood warning from 7am tomorrow to Saturday afternoon.... fuck
  20. Im not trying to speak it into existence, but Initial forecasts have us starting to get rain at 9 tonight, all the way into the weekend..... maybe we will get a november rain with some rain???
  21. This is why I don't think Frank needs to keep time: Anyone else feel more relaxed after listening to that intro? Slash was in his bag in 1993 ladies and gents!
  22. Looks like he was telling him to keep the melody going. If you remember the actual song, it just goes to a tape cut. So, Slash could have ended at any time, Axl told him to bring it back around so he could sing it.
  23. I didn't even think it was that bad. I think the only think that took me off guard was Axl not singing the lyrics. You would think the man that wrote that whole song would be able to at least remember the line that sells that whole song and the way it's set up. As for the actual performance, beside the already mentioned vocal flub, they were GOLDEN up until the solo, and even the first part of the solo is Slash being Slash. If I was the band, instead of having Frank keep time, I'd just have Slash go for the intro, especially if Axl's not playing the guitar. I honestly think Frank keeping time threw Axl and Slash off their game. In the beginning of the clip, Slash is hunched over in his "Berry" stance and literally looks like he's about to shit himself, mean while Axl is going faster than the underdog at the Kentucky Derby. Duff is literally standing there. Axl literally looks like he turns off mentally and pshyically before "maybe if I look real hard....." Duff turns and looks at him like "bro are you there?" Fortus does play the wrong rhythm which probably threw Slash off. But Axl really just came in out of timing, which in turn threw the whole band out of wack. If you watch this video, at the 3:00 mark, Fortus THINKS he knows where he is in the song. But Axl fucks up the lyrics again throwing him off. He also realizes the band is in a whole other part of the song. If you keep watching and pay close attention to Fortus, I think hes so lost at this point he starts turning the volume up and down on his guitar until he can hear where everyone else is at in the song. This seems painfully obvious to me around 3:10-11.