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  1. I doubt they want Matt anymore. I doubt they wanted Matt ever.
  2. Meanwhile back to normal in GNR land after a 2 and a half week break:
  3. Not sure if this has been posted before, but I started a new topic because in my honest opinion this is the most amount of bullshit we’ve heard so far. Some fan twitter sites are claiming Fernando did one of his “dont record me” podcasts (if you can even call it that) on Discord the other day where he said exactly that, then refused to give a timeline on when we may see (or hear) anything new... EDIT: all of fernandos comments regarding a new album: - “thats information I cant share... just know its coming.” - (On Hardschool NOT being played in Miami) “axl knows all the songs.. uhhhh... he has in his Arsenal and... he picks and chooses what goes where and how. He accounts for breathing and the way he feels the concert flows best. The setlist goes how the setlist goes, and regardless of whats on there, it gets played per Axl and the guys.” -(on the possibility of a CD ‘Remix’ album, compared to new music) “we do have some remixes done. Its up to Ax on when to get it. Personally if we were to release a remix before the new music in any shape or form, i think we really just have to lead with the new music, then we will have freedom to explore other material.” - “If the tours weren’t as they are now, we would have had music by now. I believe. Because of everything thats happened and how its unprecedented in our world and the priority of people worrying and being scared of the unknown took precedent. Its coming. I truly believe deep down in my heart its coming.”
  4. NITL live videos on youtube

    I think we are on 2 different wave lengths and im just going to bow out because I don't think you even saw my original point. We are on completely different sections of the Carousel of Progress. Totally see why you took a break from the discussion page Russ. Everything on here makes me sad nowadays. The fact of the matter is this band has gone to shit and I think we can all agree on that...
  5. NITL live videos on youtube

    Okay, but you can’t discredit all the anticipation that was built up before 2016. Idk how so many people agree with that, its kinda sad honestly and shows the mentality of how ungrateful this community truly is
  6. NITL live videos on youtube

    I see your point of view, but from someone elses point of view thats a perfectly valid reason to attempt to cancel someone
  7. NITL live videos on youtube

    I mean that could be the case, either way its laughable and leave me and my tin foil hat alone, its warm under here
  8. NITL live videos on youtube

    Oh come on. You’re going to act like having Duff and Slash back in the band isn’t progress? Not sure what you don’t understand.
  9. NITL live videos on youtube

    Its not a Theory, its a choice. And its the one GNR are making. Metallicas management has chosen to ‘press on’ and continue giving out content. Why? Because content is distracting. GNR and the management don’t understand or care about that. GNR have chosen to go completely silent. metallica also don’t have a song with a racial slur in it. keep telling me im reading too much into it, thats fine. But I have yet to feel any differently. You also took everything I said and disregarded the rest of it completely only to focus on your point about the social media you’ve been trying to hold over me since I even brought it up.
  10. NITL live videos on youtube

    I've been holding off on saying anything about this because I am just so disappointed at this point. At this rate, I see it like this: It's extremely telling to me that the band hasn't said ANYTHING on social media in almost 2 weeks. When is the last time thats happened? So many people want to come on here and tell me "oh GNR just doesn't update their social media and its nothing to look into, this is just the norm.." Bullshit. GNR have 3 primary social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. One of those accounts is bound to get updated at least once a week, even if it is a bullshit picture of the band or, recently, something to sell us. So, now you're telling me GNR land has gone silent for 13 days straight in the wake of a black mans murder that has literally turned the world upside down, but yet want to be vocal about things like "covid-45" and the current administration when this indirectly ties into the current administration and pretty much all of life right now? Right. They are afraid of getting cancelled. There can't be another excuse. It happened recently to J.K. Rowling, and many other 'celebrities' or figureheads around the world. They see the smoke, and truly they don't want it coming into GNR land. That one word on that one song from 32 years ago has the power to put a pause on all the progress the band has made since 2016 and certainly anything they are about to do in regards to 'new music' or rereleases. Anyone denying that just isn't in-tune with what is going on in the world right now and how the younger generation thinks and acts. The Band thinks that if they are silent, no harm can come from it. Fernando's 'excuse' is absolutely laughable in every way. I'm surprised he even said anything to be honest because it seems just as easy to be silent in this case. The band themselves didn't even post a statement of solidarity regarding anything thats happened with George Floyd. They were peer pressured and forced by their peers and the music industry at large to post an ominous black square with a simple hashtag and thats fucking it. If no one else did it, I doubt they would have themselves. So why now all of sudden its "we are doing this in respect for wold events." Are you fucking kidding me? The amount of laziness from Axl right down to Fernando is amazing. If theres going to be no music, nothing worth any amount of substance at all anymore: WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT? You can't maintain a multi-million dollar business in this day and age and have absolutely ZERO communication with the people who have PAID to put you there. I think im going to have to take a break from here and this band until literally anything picks up again. Its too much bullshit and makes me sad when I think about. Theres a reason why I've gotten into other bands since NITL started. Theres more value in other artists who actually care for their fans, and some have younger managers than Fernando, and some even do the management and promotion themselves. It seems like the only 'value' GNR have given their fanbase recently is drama, drama, and more drama. They should try to put Vince from WWE out of business because Axl and the boys have a way better storyline going on.
  11. Need your help!

    what if they took that time to start a "vault" series like Pearl Jam does? Release ONE ahow from that era, then release a new show every year as a "Vault" or "Select"
  12. Tracii Guns

    to me, he comes off as the guy who didn't have faith in Axl or the OG band. Its probably hard to swallow being the one band that you weren't cut out for was the best selling band of that genre and generation. I mean hell, Tracii has spent 30+ years trying to prove he is better than Slash
  13. Need your help!

    So I guess this really does beg the question then: is the band really considering releasing any new material at all? Because this would totally cut into a new album by them.
  14. Need your help!

    Screw everything I said give me this on a loop for 10 cd’s:
  15. Need your help!

    Okay, I just took a quick post workout shower and my thoughts started flowing: one thing that I think should be handled differently with this box set is the live material. Obviously it looks like the band is trying to gauge interest in live material, something that should have been done for the AFD release, but is totally awesome its being done now. the 3 tracks that came on the AFD release besides the ‘Live Like a Suicide’ ep (which wasn’t live btw) were from the Marquee club, and I believe all 3 had been previously used on British versions of singles in 1988 if im right? Maybe not Whole Lotta Rosie, but I’m told they only had good tape of a few songs? As much as I love the almost 3 hours of demo’s, b-sides And re-records of songs we’ve heard a million times already (and some for the first time in a clear studio version), I think a lot of people were attracted to this band especially in the early 90’s because of the live shows and the reputation of being the baddest band in the land and never knowing what could happen on that stage. The band were able to back it up as well and it made for a great show, one of the greatest tours of all time. to handle this material, I say don’t put all your eggs in the same basket in regards to the live material. I felt like on the AFD box set, the ‘live material’ gets kind of drowned out in different versions of songs. Especially on that second disk, it feels cluttered and there are a bunch of things happening on that disk. It just feels like there could have been a separate disk with a full live show from that era, anywhere from 1987-1989 and it would have just made that whole package THAT much better. Even if it was the Ritz show thats forever engrained in our memories as fans. I think if the band are going to do this ‘massive’ box set correctly, they need to prioritize the live material, not over the studio material, but just prioritize it in general. Also, you have to take ‘Live/Era’ off the table. Don’t include it with this, just don’t please. You guys gave AFD 4 disks and a cassette. Give me 10 disks (DVD’s included) and a USB drive and I’ll rock your marketing world: Remaster UYI. Give us a UYI 1.5 with all the leftovers/re-records from the studio. Remaster UYI II. Give us a UYI 2.5 with all the leftovers/re-records from the studio. the 5th disk will be rarities/b-sides/demos that never made it past a demo and misc. stuff we may have never heard before. Disk 6, 7, and 8 (and I can’t stress this enough) NEED to be live material. If you know anything about this band at that time, there were almost 3 ‘eras’ of Guns between 1991-1993, and I think all 3 of them should be immortalized and remembered. I will admit, I am not the biggest Gun’s bootleg collector, but before the Youtube bans, I had my favorite shows saved and marked as favorite. So, I will say this, I don’t care if the show is widely circulated already, theres a reason its widely circulated. 1991 will be remembered for the pure raunchiness and stripped down band and: IZZY. This band was so fucking tight and were this big badass rock n roll band making a shit ton of noise. Perfect Crime, Dust & Bones, 14 Years, etc. shows were different lengths. A 1991 show in full, perferably from the U.S. run of shows would be absolutely amazing to have in full HD audio. Slash, Izzy, Duff and Axl screaming for his life, some nights with a broken foot. Clean up the audio, cut the solos if you need to save time. Oh man thinking of it is giving me goosebumps. 1992 has the Tokyo shows forever immortalized in history, so I wouldn’t totally be opposed to having those redone for BluRay or even 4K isn’t there a way to hook up Dolby Sonos and have like really clear and crisp audio? All the big bands like Metallica and Pearl Jam are using it. It would be something to look into, but im not sure about the market on that. A new show from 1992 would be over the top, especially from that UK tour. Those UK fans were out for fucking BLOOD bad then. At concerts. Football events, you name it. The band was in its most glorious form to date: Tracy & Roberta, Dizzy, Teddy Zigzag, the horn section. The fireworks. The ‘razzle-dazzle’ it was all there. If im not mistaken, MTV filmed most of the Wembley show from that year? 6/13/92 is amazing and has Brian May play Queen classic’s with Axl singing unlike the Freddie Tribute show... but if you REALLY want to drop the fucking bomb and blow EVERYONE’s minds, the show the next night in Manchester OPENS with Nightrain. Holy fuck!!! They did that very randomly in 1992.. I feel like the sentiment that Axl went down a list of songs and just picked is some what true from that era. I think if he was really feeling it, they would open with Nightrain instead of the typical Easy. Although you could sub this whole section for Milton Keynes 93 and give us a different 1992 show if you wanted which leads me to 1993. Any Skin N’ Bones show would probably be a good listen as well. They got back to the roots, stripped it down and also played a little acoustic for the first time since Lies. You also have Gilby in the mix and probably more audible and better mix then some of the 1992 shows, hes also had time to fit in and be around the guys more. It would be cool to get that Saskatoon show that essentially threw off this whole GNR-youtube ban, but the easiest thing to do would be to finally get the ‘last show’ in all its HD/4K glory. Disk 9 can be the remastered UYI era Tokyo show as one DVD. The next DVD can be of one of the shows on CD, so you can have the audio AND the show. Or you could just do one, either or the other. it could be 2 CD’s and a DVD, or 3 CD’s no DVD, etc etc. Any way you want to frame it, I think all 3 ‘eras’ need to be represented in some way, even if you water it down to a ‘live-era’ esq compilation that isn’t live era god dammit, Axl shit the bed when he released that. put it all on a USB drive so that you can import the files into your Itunes and get the videos to pop up on your Computer or TV and theme it like early/mid 90’s HTML coding with little gif images of the band from that time period, because? 90’s. I don’t think Studio stuff starts to matter with this band until the Chinese democracy era. I hope this release has the live material from this era everyone has been hoping for and waiting for SINCE that time period. i just hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears either, even though my hope for this band had pretty much run dry. it truly isn’t hard to put in some effort.
  16. Need your help!

    Documentary of UYI tour. Idk if the rough cut is 8 hours, I want all 8 hours. is there a way to get the full live performance from the estranged video with soundboard audio? I think a live video matched to the audio of just the concert scenes would be amazing, almost like an extension of “Making fucking videos”
  17. I think the bigger problem is and lately has turned into: “whats the point anymore?” you mention 2016 compared to now. In 2016, we never would have thought this would have happened the way it did. Duff joined Axl’s last Nu-Guns era band in 2014, and then the GNR entity ceased to exist for a little more than 2 years. it seems like during that time, 2014-16, somewhere along the lines, one of those 3: Axl, Duff, and surprisingly (but maybe not unsurprisingly) Slash saw the money signs, saw that big retirement check floating on the horizon and essentially figured 2016 was the best time to secure that money. heres the thing: in 2016 I would have never said that. I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t want to think that Axl Rose, the man who had literally spent a decade and a half trying to show the world he was better without that top-hatted guitarist everyone knows and loves, that he didn’t need those guys. Now all of a sudden, a little more than 4 years after snubbing a R&RHOF reunion, its peaches and cream in GNR land and Axl now wants to share the stage with Slash? Right. It all happened so fast, along with AXL/DC and stadium tours and Slash playing CD songs... it was all alot to handle and it was easy to get lost in the chaos. a chaos that GNR so rightly earned and deserved with their history. but now, its come to 4 straight years of touring, playing essentially the same structured setlist they have been playing since the UYI era, with Chinese Democracy spread throughout, and with no end in sight. You have to look at that, mixed with the fact that BOTH Duff and Slash have put out albums, ALBUMS, and not only promoted the fuck out of them, but TOURED them in the same time GNR has been touring the same “Not In This Lifetime” that should have ended late 2017-early 2018. This whole time period has seen no music but a re-release of an album Axl once compared to ‘jerking off’ only 4 years after creating most of the songs on it with a song on it thats 30 years old.. i don’t ‘hate’ any of the big 3. I think they all have become in some way ‘savy’ business men in the 30+ years they’ve been in the industry. I think its more all a situation of cirumcstance: -duff rejoined the band and Axl saw how different a persons life could be when you have 15+ years away from the circus. -duff was probably in Axl’s ear during those nu-gnr’s years telling Axl that slash has ‘changed’ ect, etc. probably anything to get the 2 in a room together. -Axl and Slash get in a room together and talk and figure it out once and for all. This is the moment we as fans always wanted, and sadly we may never get to hear unless Axl writes that ‘tell all’ book we’ve always hoped for. -Slash, fresh off the fruits of 3 Slash albums and a slew of live albums and tours, as well as a shit ton of alimony from a divorce (lets be real here.. it happened, and he lost a LOT of money, we shouldn’t deny it) as well as establishing his brand and image over the whole music industry was probably ready to bring his image back to Guns N’ Roses. Why? Money. It was probably great to fix things with Axl, but come on? Whats the next conversation after that? “when are we going to tour this thing?” That had to be the first thing SLASH asked. - they did it, and have been doing it since 2016. Its almost like you can tell now they don’t know what to do. Even if they WERE going to play Hardschool, that song is 20 fucking years old already! the argument with the big 3 is simple: you’re telling me the big 3 who created Appetite, Lies, and both UYI have been up each others asses for 4 years, FOUR years don’t have a single piece of music written? Anything else, the looks, noodling etc is all bitching for the sake of bitching or bias to these arguments. of course, we all know it goes way deeper than the big 3. GNR could be a well oiled machine, even if they don’t have a new album to promote, but of course as we know the management lacks the simple capability to communicate in any sort of capacity...
  18. NITL live videos on youtube

    Only metallica can pop off with a box set based on an idea they had 15 years ago... how fucking hard is it GNR?
  19. hope hes buying a guitar he will use on the next album
  20. its been a full week since they've said anything on social media, and that post was forced. anyone else feel like they are laying low for fear they may get cancelled if they release any sort of statement?
  21. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    the state of this band is truly laughable
  22. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    It was cancelled by the published, but leaked by people who got advanced copies of the book in PDF format
  23. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I wonder how much weed axl has smoked, or still smokes? Or is weed a ‘loser drug’ compared to all the crazy shit they were doing back then.. i cant see them smoking it nowadays trying to be clean and what not, no one ever talks about it in GNR land.. theres only that one picture with Axl looking stoned as fuck with a big ass bud during the UYI era