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  1. New album with most of CDII?

    But seriously, Who can imagine silkworms in a new album. It's crap. A new versión of OMG, Seven, the general, atlas, and others maybe. But if you listen Slash or Duff material during these years, even VR, they have great songs which fit perfectly with GNR. Do silkworms fit ? I'm afraid the answer is NO
  2. I remember an Axl interview a long time ago saying the second and third part of the trilogy were more electronic and industrial oriented than CD. Second album more electronic and industrial but still guitar oriented. Third album much more electronic than the rest. If this statement is true, can you expect Slash and Duff working and feeling confortable with an industrial NIN oriented álbum? Duff saying that what he has heard is magnificient? Strange in my opinion.... Anyway, i'm not agree with the term 'leftovers'. Who has told us that CD is the A sides. I think CDII or evento III must contain great songs which i'd love to listen. 14 songs: 7-8 of CD era and 7-6 of new material created during the tour. I'd love that choose.