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  1. Literally 95% of bands don't use backing tracks And when they do it's because there're 10 layers of vocals. There're only several bands that use it as cheating and they're usually trashed for that like Kiss or Shinedown
  2. SCOM is nearing 1 billion views on YouTube

    I think that SCOM is the only GnR song that when played live never came close to the studio version. They never matched the energy of the second half live
  3. We need a cricket thread here

    I checked some of the earlier championships and it does look like the same teams play the same. Here in Serbia we have that thing with waterpolo, it's a really big thing for us but that sport is being played at a high level only by exYugoslavia, Hungary, Italy, USA and Spain
  4. We need a cricket thread here

    You made look again Wimbledon, BBC1 - peak 9.6m at 7.05pm, average 6m Cricket World Cup final, C4 - peak 4.5m at 7.25pm, average 2.4m (C4 morning coverage - peak 2.1m, average 1.2m) Sky Sports Main Event peak 1.13m, average 550,000 Combined peak figure for C4 and all Sky channels - 8.3m
  5. We need a cricket thread here

    Ha. Didn't know that. I watched the highlights cause I saw it everywhere and I thought it must've been really good then and it did look intense as fuck near the end. I thought that the rule deciding the winner was stupid. Ironically I didn't like the rule that ended tennis either. Let them all battle it out, don't have tie breakers in the 5th set or a rule about "who scored more of this type wins"
  6. We need a cricket thread here

    I thought cricket is a really big thing in UK but then I saw an article that 6m in average watched Wimbledon final between a Swiss dude and a Serb while cricket had a 4m average
  7. Dave Mustaine Diagnosed with Throat Cancer

    Not really but watched them in a club back in 2006. One of the best gigs ever. Dave said they didn't have that intimate show in years The Strokes are also really huge there like nowhere else? I think I see them almost every year on that Lollapalooza lineup
  8. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    It's different now. Yeah tickets are really overpriced but someone like GnR would literally never be able to survive with 35$. The whole production cost is astronomical these days. Muse Drones tour had tickets around 40-80€ and it was literally sold out in the whole europe and they only broke even in the end. Then they went on a festival tour with nothing except like guitars to actually make money Around 100$ should be more than enough tho
  9. Dave Mustaine Diagnosed with Throat Cancer

    No. Serbia But I remembered this video and thought it gotta be Argentina:
  10. Dave Mustaine Diagnosed with Throat Cancer

  11. Who is Slipknot's new member 'Burn Victim' ?

    Anyone watched Rock am Ring stream? Dude is obviously very young but still can't figure out who he is
  12. Rammstein

    I like how he broke his nose and possibly jaw with one hit
  13. Denzel Curry is a must see: his own songs are bangers too. This is somehow the slowest song on his album lol
  14. There's not much for that group here honestly. Only Post Malone from the first 2 lines
  15. To be fair democracy would be terrible there or in general during the medieval time