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  1. To be fair democracy would be terrible there or in general during the medieval time
  2. Dany going ham on King's Landing and dies from Jon's hand cause she lost friends, one/two dragons, Jon doesn't love her after finding out about his parents, we see openly how people of Westeros don't like her. Basically the same just without bullshit made up scenes of ambush ships. Wall going down but in a different fashion. Maybe that horn mentioned a lot. White walkers being dead but I have no idea how, I don't think Martin knows/told D&D either Jaime fighting against WW and then dies with Cersei. The same really, just with more inner thoughts. Pact with Cersei from season 7 is different and not cause that bullshit quest. But I guess she ultimately betrays it and Jaime leaves (f)Aegon and Varys end up burned alive by Dany like Sam's family did in the show Bran gets to be a king, but we are left to wonder if he's evil or not. Kinda like the show did just more subtle My guess
  3. I like the end points in general. What I don't like is how everyone clearly respects Bran but we didn't really see why, looks like everyone knows what 3ER does but we didn't see except some flashbacks and offscreen Tyrion talks
  4. Rammstein

    Album is out and it's very good. Was Ich Liebe - Diamant - Weit Weg part is kinda slow but the rest is amazing. Puppe is one of the best songs they ever done. I listened to it like 10 times so far. That buildup and THAT part in the middle when it gets going is
  5. I've read the ending so I won't
  6. Dude loved the book character. He ranted on instagram like 10 times about he wanted to play book Euron but instead got to play one dimensional pirate. Without him Euron would be even worse. Can you imagine that?
  7. “I had a long conversation with [director] Miguel Sapochnik about it. Dan and David were like, ‘and then Euron dies’ and I was like, ‘No he doesn’t.’ And they said, ‘What do you mean?’ I said, ‘I’m not going to close my eyes. I want to smile up at the sky like life is beautiful, and then you guys have to cut away.’ Miguel kept saying, ‘Close your eyes!’ but I was like, ‘No.'” “He’s that kind of guy, he’s in self denial,” Asbaek said. “He just wants to see the world burn, you know what I mean? He just wants to see people die.” "That said. I think he meant it. He’s the one who got Jaime Lannister, a guy who he has admired because Jaime has been one of the best fighters in the world and is the Kingslayer and has created a name for himself."
  8. I can't for the love of god find it on reddit again but the whole Euron ending came from the actor. He should've just die there but he made them Euron go out with a smile and saying how he killed Jaime because that's Euron, he's crazy, it's all a game for him and doesn't have any deeper trauma in him like the rest of the characters
  9. They didn't use that Cersei will be killed by little brother part in the show
  10. Why not? It sounded amazing and waaaay better than the album version
  11. Littlefinger had his watch for a full scene once. I think it happens for a big and long show like this
  12. Unpopular opinion I think A Perfect Circle is miles better than Tool
  13. I think this part will be (will lol) the same in the books. This whole ending sounds like GRRM but the problem with the show is that they didn't spend enough time on this stuff.