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  1. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    In RHCP only Flea and Anthony are real brothers. John and Flea used too but we'll see how it'll go now
  2. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    They did some benefit and played a few together
  3. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    Oh yeah. He quickly mentioned GnR. He admires Slash and said how they shared a stage for RnR HoF and said he became friends with Duff but didn't go anything deeper there
  4. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    Well it's probably easier to accept the fact after they made him a multimillionaire (judging by his comment that he lives in a house near Flea and has a big warehouse for his guitars ) and trusted him to replace John in the first place who's reputation is "one of the best guitarists ever". But yeah, he was all class. Marc even tried at first to trash talk the other members but Josh was having non of it
  5. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    Josh did a podcast with Marc Maron a few weeks after he got fired. Got released today. Starts around 18:40 http://www.wtfpod.com/podcast/episode-1091-josh-klinghoffer If you don't want to listen. About this topic he said: John approached Flea and Anthony and they started hanging out again (Especially with Flea). The day they asked John to come back, they told Josh he's out and put it on social media. No hard feelings from each side. Flea and Josh went on a dinner together a few days after that where Flea told him that it was really hard as it was the first time someone got fired without any issues with members. If it happened 5 years ago he'd be mad and miserable as that would mean he wasn't good enough but the fact they kept him for 2 albums and worked on 3rd means it's not him. It's just that the chemistry and history with John is really strong and he isn't mad at them.
  6. It's very Duran Durany but I don't mind it. Liked it

    I, for example, don't know a single person who enjoyed it
  8. Do you mean: "deck the f*ckin' halls" They can't even swear
  9. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    They don't really discuss money stuff with the public but I remember seeing Flea say several times that Josh's opinion weights the same in band meetings and is an equal. They kicked Dave out because all 3 of them voted him out. AK couldn't kick him out alone, he kinda made them go "me or him".

    Watch Clone Wars. There're some filler episodes that are basically like Obi-Wan and Anakin go to a planet and win without doing anything special but there're a lot of episodes that add A LOT to the whole Anakin story and a lot of backstory to the Jedi order and Siths. Also, it's fun on it's own

    Still a lot worse than both VII and VIII (too lazy to check), no?
  12. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    A friend of Josh said the same but also really emphasised there's no bad blood between them
  13. The Witcher (Netflix)

    It's okay to good. I feel like they rushed through a lot of scenes tho. Especially in the first few episodes. Maybe that's just a book reader in me, don't know how someone who didn't read is going to see those

    I have to get back to this. In LOTR movies we see Arwen ruin Nazguls as she summoned the big water wave and nobody questions her either. Nobody questioned Daenerys in GoT, as a matter of fact, people got mad after it turned out she wasn't perfect. Hell, Hermione in Harry Potter series was the most perfect of them 3 And that's only some of the biggest franchises

    I'm not an OG or even a prequel kid, I watched all of them in I-VI order when I was like 15-16 in 2005/6, somewhere around when Episode III came to the DVD and I didn't know what the people thought about each one, I felt like everyone loved every single prequel like the rest of them. I liked the first 3 movies and thought they were entertaining but I didn't really get what's so amazing until the 4th one. Like I distinctly remember in the middle of the 4th movie thinking how I want to look into the Lego sets (big fan then and to be honest now ) of Millenium Falcon and Death Star but I couldn't give a single fuck about Legos of young Obi-Wan or Anakin. Sounds stupid maybe but it really was like that. Darth Vader vs Luke vs Darth Sidious scene was an amazing experience. Watching the new Star Wars movies don't feel like watching Star Wars, it feels like watching Marvel (I don't like at all) in S P A C E