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  1. Check out Idles if you're going only for the Guns day. Modern punk (not pop) from England
  2. RATM are back

    They talked about having a great time on tour but having a miserable time in the studio so they decided they won't recording anything to not ruin relationships again I wonder if they'll change their minds now
  3. RATM are back

    They had a big tour in 2008. Then a handful of shows in 2010/11 and that was it till now
  4. There's a forum called efestivals and 2 guys that always have good inside info said AC/DC. Kusy and Ken19. You can check their history to see. Kusy called that Tool tour last year and Ken19 basically always leaks Rock Werchter stuff in advance https://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/232425-graspop-2020/?tab=comments#comment-5800639 edit: they didn't say today it seems, maybe I mixed with some other fest I follow But they said Ac/Dc and I believe them
  5. People say they're about to be announced for Graspop today
  6. Can you check RHCP? Here I can only see the last 12 months and from the bands I checked only RHCP had more in that period https://charts.youtube.com/artist/%2Fm%2F0dw4g?date_end=2019-10-13T00%3A00%3A00Z Oh, Metallica too
  7. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    Listen to this then if you think his singing is fake
  8. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    It's not that Lars is bad it's him trying to simplify stuff and him obviously not practicing enough. He makes rookie mistakes a lot
  9. Fat Damon was the highlight for me
  10. A lot of is that people know what to expect. For example Glastonbury sold 135k tickets in 30 minutes. Some metal festivals like Wacken or Hellfest also sell out. And you know that all 3 od them won't disappoint You also know what to expect at Lolla too. If you don't like the bands you can always sell your ticket
  11. That's not a good lineup. It tries to be everything but it doesn't have enough names for each genre. But I guess it will sell good cause it doesn't have any real competition
  12. Hey, Armin was good party music back in the day. Like 2002
  13. EDM dj and producer. Had some big hits over the years. Like David Guetta just a lot younger
  14. They've been successful for 20 years without any dip in popularity since like 2005 after being really massive for a few years
  15. Cause there's no time for breathing. They chopped that vocal track in studio a lot, it's overlapping a bit (or close to it) on a lot of lines. Kinda like what they do with rap songs. Try to follow Axl just with speaking and pronounce every word and you'll see what I mean
  16. Well just listen to this. You can do whatever vocally with 0:50 - 1:10 and then there's already a melody for a little chorus, you can't fuck up that part. 2:40-2:53 also leave a lot of space for vocals etc etc. Davious Batards for example has a nice part for verse vocals from 0:25 till the riffs kicks in at 0:55 where I have no idea what one can do vocally. It repeats like that a few times where I have no idea where a good chorus can go
  17. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2018-2020

    Was it streamed? I can't find it anywhere
  18. Those net worth predictions aren't trustworthy at all. We don't exactly know what they did with the money. If they own 300 McDonald's or they just keep in the bank or if they tried something riskier. Maybe they all got 300 Ferraris and have no money left, who knows
  19. What Are You Listening To 2019

    Nick Cave just released the best album of 2019
  20. Even Flow music video was out in January 1992, around 6 months after the Smells Like Teen Spirit came out and a few months after it became a hit. I mean, in the end of the 1991 there was a tour which had a running order of Pearl Jam then Nirvana then RHCP. I mean a few months is nothing really. It's basically the same time but Nirvana really had the first big hit and broke first by inches
  21. It was Nirvana that broke first then Pearl Jam took the lead around 1993-4 then Kurt killed himself and it was back to Nirvana
  22. Well it was always self indulgent. It's actually the main theme of the record
  23. Means that everyone makes mistakes but CD album wasn't one of those
  24. I'd more like to say fuck you Axl. He rejected pretty much every Buckethead's idea and dude had some great ones