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  1. I mean in 2000-2001 it was still somewhat normal recording session. Every album is produced like this. OK Computer from Radiohead demo tapes recently leaked and it's like 20 hours long with a lot of versions of the same songs
  2. I just watched this and read through the thread so I have something to add Bruce Lee looked exactly how I imagined he'd look. If it was a biopic I'd be annoyed by him but it's a Tarantino movie, you know what was he going for unless you're an idiot. Also it was a memory, that car got destroyed after one hit... Basically what I want to say it could've shown anything and Bruce Lee shouldn't be judged by that. The other thing, Manson. Well, he's not in the movie that much but his influence is really big. The whole ranch scene was terrifying because of his name. If it wasn't Manson's ranch there would be 0 tension. Acting was superb. Literally everyone, from the noname hippie actors to the all A listers. Fighting scenes were really funny. I loved over the top violence that got the hippie bunch in the end. Music was amazing, it was shot beautifully, it was colorful, full of life. Immersion was amazing, I'd watch the big 3 just living their lives for hours. I hope there're be a longer cut. But the thing I loved the most BY FAR was just the tittle and the ending. Everyone got a happy ending, Cliff saved lives and his name after he shot his wife, Rick gets an opportunity to be a star again, hippies are dead, Sharon Tate is all well and happy.... Then the screen pops up "ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD" - oh yeah, it was all a fairy tale and those people didn't end up like that. It really brought me back down after the adrenaline rush of the last part. I'd rank this just under the top tier of Inglorious Bastards, Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. I'll watch it again when it gets released on BR and DVD
  3. Well I'm blown away by both songs that leaked tonight I was losing all my hope after Atlas and Hardschool but this. This is what I wanted from Chinese Democracy album. Updated UYI sound
  4. Oh, I thought I won't like a single song from the leaks! It's a REALLY good one
  5. Since several years ago. All the biggest music news sites are just there for press releases, interviews, reviews of albums, shows and festivals. You won't get stuff like this. I already posted how it worked with RHCP. This stuff leaked at the same time: https://www.rhcpsessions.com/1998-teatro-demos - Tellin' A Lie, Andaman & Nicobar, Mommasan, Boatman, Plate of Brown, Sugar Sugar, Trouble in the Pub - never heard before songs recorded with Frusciante for Californication + completely different version of Californication + demos of released songs https://www.rhcpsessions.com/20012002-by-the-way - bottom part of this page - Fall Water, Goldmine, Rock and Roll - also "new" songs with Frusciante https://www.rhcpsessions.com/1997-album-7 - and this one song with Dave Navarro There was 0 coverage for the first 2 and that has to be a bigger story cause Frusciante is the most important guitarist and a dude who played on all of their biggest records. But there was a ton of coverage for the 3rd one after Navarro made comments about it. Before that they didn't. Navarro's comments made that legit. Even Rolling Stone covered it. Basically imagine if tomorrow 2 songs leak. One with Slash and one with Buckethead and Buckethead comments on it "oh wow, I forgot about that one!" and news only make the Buckethead song newsworthy. We all know what's a bigger story there. Which could only mean that they won't cover leaks like that. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/hear-red-hot-chili-peppers-lost-navarro-era-circle-of-the-noose-106666/ Another story. Tool album got leaked in a ridiculous fashion 5 days before the release and nobody gave coverage to that on the big music sites Yeah. Demo discs of some sessions from Cali and BTW era got released with a lot of cool stuff. See links above
  6. The thing is. They'd ruin relationship with GnR. GnR is bigger brand than any music news site. That's why they don't do that. You'll see that there're almost none really negative press about bands in those. All the negativity comes from TMZ, Daily Mails and shit like that
  7. About newsites not doing anything. That's just how they do it now. A few years ago RHCP had 2 demo discs with some new songs with Frusciante leaked and one demo song with Dave Navarro. News ignored literally everything except that Navarro song cause he reacted to it on the twitter and it kinda made it legit
  8. [TOOL] New Album 'Fear Inoculum'

    Because according to Adam Jones they need a proper packaging for the music because it's incomplete otherwise
  9. DAMN is a just a really good modern rap. You may or may not like it (I don't except 4-5 songs) but To Pimp A Butterfly is just a stone cold classic on a first listen. You really should listen to that album, especially if you like Anderson .Paak
  10. [TOOL] New Album 'Fear Inoculum'

    Because it sold out It comes with a screen and a speaker and it sold out. They said they'll release another limited edition very soon. Check their social media, I saw it somewhere for sure
  11. It would be received much better 1000% sure. I'm not saying it wouldn't. I'm just saying there are no stone cold hits on the album. Velvet Revolver managed two with Slither and Fall To Pieces. CD even back then didn't have songs that could be popular as those 2. Californication is one of the worst produced (popular) albums of all time and it's considered a classic now. It's not a death sentence
  12. CD, Shakler's, Catcher, IRS and Prostitute all tried to have big choruses
  13. Well he tried to have catchy choruses on a lot of songs, he just failed to create a single one. He wanted to do everything in one album and failed
  14. There're exactly 0 hits on that '00 album. Not a single one. And remember at that time there were a lot of huge rock anthems. Which of those songs could compare to Californication, Time Of your Life, In The End, Everlong, Bitter Sweet Symphony etc etc I'm not talking just about quality, I'm talking about potential to be a hit. Exactly 0 Would they be played more than in the '08? Sure, but there're 0 big hits there and GnR should be compared to the other rock giants
  15. [TOOL] New Album 'Fear Inoculum'

  16. There're sooo many good rock bands out there it's not even funny
  17. [TOOL] New Album 'Fear Inoculum'

    Strange there isn't more hype on this forum. I know that leaks are happening right now but this is the biggest metal release since Metallica's last album
  18. [TOOL] New Album 'Fear Inoculum'

    Album is amazing. I can't believe they delivered after all the hype. I feared it could be polarizing like CD was but no, it fully delivered 7empest is just too good. I feel like there were 45 different riffs in that one and all of them were good. That solo around 11th minute is It's 80 minutes long but it feels short
  19. [TOOL] New Album 'Fear Inoculum'

    No no, it's out but I can't post links
  20. [TOOL] New Album 'Fear Inoculum'

    Yeah, here's the story: https://www.reddit.com/r/ToolBand/comments/cv4hz4/after_13_years_of_waiting_this_night_couldnt_have/
  21. [TOOL] New Album 'Fear Inoculum'

    Album is out
  22. The Matrix 4 (with Keanu Reeves)

    They did V for Vendetta which was huge, Speed Racer which was trash. Cloud Atlas was okay. Sense8 is good Maybe I'm missing something but it's not a bad record. Obviously they never repeated Matrix but there aren't many writers/directors that can really
  23. [TOOL] New Album 'Fear Inoculum'

    There're some reviews online. Looks like there will be heavy stuff too. Can't wait
  24. Epstein Dead: Reported Suicide

    He shouldn't be able to kill himself on a suicide watch. He had one matress, clothes that look a sack of potatoes, one book and court papers and was checked on every 15 minutes. He didn't have anything that can be used to kill himself