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  1. Epstein Dead: Reported Suicide

    To be fair he was friends with a lot of guys from both sides
  2. Mass Shooting at Walmart in El Paso

    Ugh. I'm on the phone. Can't figure out how to quote the original. But it's not easy to compare just like that. For example I know for Serbia cause I lived there 25+ years. Small country 7.5m citizens. There were 3 mass shootings in the last 20 years but all 3 of them were big ones cause all 3 of them were in villages where the victims were family and neighbors and the police isn't close. We didn't have a single one where a dude just decided to go and kill random people. I'm not saying that's necessarily better, I want to say those things need a lot of context. Numbers aren't everything
  3. Avengers: Endgame

    I watched those that came out before the first Avengers movie including that one and stopped cause they were progressively more boring for me to watch. I remember I saw that Taika Waititi (easily my favorite "younger" director) directed Thor: Ragnarok but I somehow forgot to watch it until a few days ago I saw that he's doing another one so I decided to finally do it and it was glorious. Like, I don't even remember the story but I loved how just bizzare and stupid it was, love that Thor became basically The Dude with muscles. It felt like an improv then I watched some BTS and basically a lot of it was. Jeff Goldbloom doing Jeff Goldbloom was great. Then I got hyped and wanted to see how they ended it and watched Infinity War and Endgame. The first one was good, it had everything one good comic movie should have and they prepared it really nicely for the ending. Theeen the Endgame, I thought it wasn't good at all. I don't like their big resolution, it just creates a lot of room for plotholes but I had no problem with that really. They handled it well enough. Good things were, ending fight was really good. Captain America was badass. Ironman doing the final blow was also good and felt satisfying. Professor Hulk was fun What I had problems with: They figured out way too easily how to travel through time. "I can't do it. That's stupid" /5 minutes later/ "There we go". I didn't like the death of Black Widow, it really felt cheap. Fat Thor was fun then his resolution was really fast and non believable. Captian Marvel was OP and they ignored her cause of the plot. We NEVER saw what a real world looks like now with the half of population gone. And genuinely I really didn't enjoy watching the movie, I didn't get immersed in and I was annoyed a lot because I didn't feel that the ending fight was earned, it felt like they got there cheaply
  4. Free, new album by Iggy Pop

    Yeah. I had a convo about this with my friends just yesterday and I was explaining that lifestyle is way more important. Used this as an example: Anthony Kiedis and John Frusciante, both really fucking heavy user at the time. One in a band, doing tours, recording music, eating healthy. The other doesn't have a band, just binges heroin and whatnot and doesn't leave the house. One looks healthy, one looks like a corpse
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    What do people here think about Trump "helping" A$AP Rocky beat the Swedish law system? At first I thought it was funny, then I realized he's trying to interfere with a law system of another country and is mad cause Swedish PM isn't doing anything
  6. Well this song is amazing
  7. I'm listening to Wouldn't You Rather every other day or so and I still have no idea how the song goes. Like, I know the riffs are really good but I can't recreate them in my head I don't know if that should've been a lead single. Addicted to Pain and Isolation I remembered immediately for example
  8. Live Nation gave Tickets to resellers

    This has been happening for years in Europe too. It doesn't even have to be an arena, this can happen with bands that sell out big clubs. Sale ends in 0 seconds but there're 500 tickets on resale The worst instance where I noticed it was with RHCP in 2016. All 3 shows in Itally (Bologna and Turin) sold out in seconds and there were 1000s of tickets on resale sites. Then a few months later after those resale tickets didn't sell out and they disappeared and got released as additional tickets for a regular price
  9. Slash obviously trains a lot but he also obviously doesn't care about his eating habits Dude has a lot of muscle and a lot of stamina, he just (probably) eats way too much
  10. Literally 95% of bands don't use backing tracks And when they do it's because there're 10 layers of vocals. There're only several bands that use it as cheating and they're usually trashed for that like Kiss or Shinedown
  11. SCOM is nearing 1 billion views on YouTube

    I think that SCOM is the only GnR song that when played live never came close to the studio version. They never matched the energy of the second half live
  12. We need a cricket thread here

    I checked some of the earlier championships and it does look like the same teams play the same. Here in Serbia we have that thing with waterpolo, it's a really big thing for us but that sport is being played at a high level only by exYugoslavia, Hungary, Italy, USA and Spain
  13. We need a cricket thread here

    You made look again Wimbledon, BBC1 - peak 9.6m at 7.05pm, average 6m Cricket World Cup final, C4 - peak 4.5m at 7.25pm, average 2.4m (C4 morning coverage - peak 2.1m, average 1.2m) Sky Sports Main Event peak 1.13m, average 550,000 Combined peak figure for C4 and all Sky channels - 8.3m
  14. We need a cricket thread here

    Ha. Didn't know that. I watched the highlights cause I saw it everywhere and I thought it must've been really good then and it did look intense as fuck near the end. I thought that the rule deciding the winner was stupid. Ironically I didn't like the rule that ended tennis either. Let them all battle it out, don't have tie breakers in the 5th set or a rule about "who scored more of this type wins"
  15. We need a cricket thread here

    I thought cricket is a really big thing in UK but then I saw an article that 6m in average watched Wimbledon final between a Swiss dude and a Serb while cricket had a 4m average
  16. Dave Mustaine Diagnosed with Throat Cancer

    Not really but watched them in a club back in 2006. One of the best gigs ever. Dave said they didn't have that intimate show in years The Strokes are also really huge there like nowhere else? I think I see them almost every year on that Lollapalooza lineup
  17. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    It's different now. Yeah tickets are really overpriced but someone like GnR would literally never be able to survive with 35$. The whole production cost is astronomical these days. Muse Drones tour had tickets around 40-80€ and it was literally sold out in the whole europe and they only broke even in the end. Then they went on a festival tour with nothing except like guitars to actually make money Around 100$ should be more than enough tho
  18. Dave Mustaine Diagnosed with Throat Cancer

    No. Serbia But I remembered this video and thought it gotta be Argentina:
  19. Dave Mustaine Diagnosed with Throat Cancer

  20. Who is Slipknot's new member 'Burn Victim' ?

    Anyone watched Rock am Ring stream? Dude is obviously very young but still can't figure out who he is
  21. Rammstein

    I like how he broke his nose and possibly jaw with one hit
  22. Denzel Curry is a must see: his own songs are bangers too. This is somehow the slowest song on his album lol
  23. There's not much for that group here honestly. Only Post Malone from the first 2 lines
  24. To be fair democracy would be terrible there or in general during the medieval time
  25. Dany going ham on King's Landing and dies from Jon's hand cause she lost friends, one/two dragons, Jon doesn't love her after finding out about his parents, we see openly how people of Westeros don't like her. Basically the same just without bullshit made up scenes of ambush ships. Wall going down but in a different fashion. Maybe that horn mentioned a lot. White walkers being dead but I have no idea how, I don't think Martin knows/told D&D either Jaime fighting against WW and then dies with Cersei. The same really, just with more inner thoughts. Pact with Cersei from season 7 is different and not cause that bullshit quest. But I guess she ultimately betrays it and Jaime leaves (f)Aegon and Varys end up burned alive by Dany like Sam's family did in the show Bran gets to be a king, but we are left to wonder if he's evil or not. Kinda like the show did just more subtle My guess