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  1. I like the end points in general. What I don't like is how everyone clearly respects Bran but we didn't really see why, looks like everyone knows what 3ER does but we didn't see except some flashbacks and offscreen Tyrion talks
  2. Rammstein

    Album is out and it's very good. Was Ich Liebe - Diamant - Weit Weg part is kinda slow but the rest is amazing. Puppe is one of the best songs they ever done. I listened to it like 10 times so far. That buildup and THAT part in the middle when it gets going is
  3. I've read the ending so I won't
  4. Dude loved the book character. He ranted on instagram like 10 times about he wanted to play book Euron but instead got to play one dimensional pirate. Without him Euron would be even worse. Can you imagine that?
  5. “I had a long conversation with [director] Miguel Sapochnik about it. Dan and David were like, ‘and then Euron dies’ and I was like, ‘No he doesn’t.’ And they said, ‘What do you mean?’ I said, ‘I’m not going to close my eyes. I want to smile up at the sky like life is beautiful, and then you guys have to cut away.’ Miguel kept saying, ‘Close your eyes!’ but I was like, ‘No.'” “He’s that kind of guy, he’s in self denial,” Asbaek said. “He just wants to see the world burn, you know what I mean? He just wants to see people die.” "That said. I think he meant it. He’s the one who got Jaime Lannister, a guy who he has admired because Jaime has been one of the best fighters in the world and is the Kingslayer and has created a name for himself."
  6. I can't for the love of god find it on reddit again but the whole Euron ending came from the actor. He should've just die there but he made them Euron go out with a smile and saying how he killed Jaime because that's Euron, he's crazy, it's all a game for him and doesn't have any deeper trauma in him like the rest of the characters
  7. They didn't use that Cersei will be killed by little brother part in the show
  8. Why not? It sounded amazing and waaaay better than the album version
  9. Littlefinger had his watch for a full scene once. I think it happens for a big and long show like this
  10. [TOOL] New Album 'Fear Inoculum'

    Unpopular opinion I think A Perfect Circle is miles better than Tool
  11. I think this part will be (will lol) the same in the books. This whole ending sounds like GRRM but the problem with the show is that they didn't spend enough time on this stuff.
  12. Actually the leak about ending (and this episode and bits of episode 3) is 10 months old but everyone thought there's literally no way it could happen
  13. Beware of the spoilers! (or search for them ) Parts of the episode are out, major parts. I guess full episode is coming soon
  14. The Stone Roses

    Nah, it's about their popularity. Blur played just next year and it was rammed. Nick Cave is also always full
  15. The Stone Roses

    Oasis were festival headliners in Europe and played arenas. They were popular but they were just another band like let's say Mumford and Sons or Florence and the Machine are now. Stone Roses were never near that level. They played Sziget in Hungary in 2012 and that was literally the smallest crowd at main stage I ever saw there
  16. Roger Waters is annoying but he's right pretty much every time. Bono on the other hand is both annoying and wrong
  17. Shinedown is one of my worst concert experience. I saw them at Rock im Park (sister festival of Rock am Ring) in 2016 and they had like 60 minute slot and the dude, singer, whatever his name is talked for like 25 minutes. It was so annoying. Also pretty sure they had a big backing track with a lot of guitars and some vocals
  18. Dave Grohl's drumming on Them Crooked Vultures and Songs for the Deaf should alone be enough to include him in Hall of fame
  19. Don't know about imdb but rottentomatoes is about the content. Parts from the bad reviews: This long awaited, much hyped, final showdown between the armies of men and the armies of death felt strangely anticlimactic. The bodycount may have been through the roof but the emotional impact was strangely AWOL. Well colour me disappointed. After all these years, all this hype and two whole episodes of set up, today's episode fell a little flat. Killing off the major villain without ever telling us his motivations seems like a turning point for a TV series that's more confused than ever about what it's trying to say. It's a strangely unsatisfying conclusion to a story line that has sustained the show from the very beginning. They were all bad. These were all bad scenes and none of them were pleasant.
  20. Episode is 75% on rottentomatoes. The only worse is Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. Pretty much the rest of them are all 90%+. On imdb it's 9.1 where literally all the rest big episodes are 9.8 or 9.9. That's not good for an episode that had SO much hype behind it They have to put on a miracle to not ruin everything in the next 3 episodes.
  21. They have a lot of information about the enemy except for their numbers but they know that those are big. They know fire kills them, so make more fire everywhere. Jaime should be an experienced commander. Not Tywin level but pretty much the best from the rest of the alive cast. He's here since the rebellion and has training since he's little. He attacked several cities before and he should know trebuchets shouldn't be in front of the infantry and other stuff like that
  22. This isn't a hippie fest. It's as mainstream as it gets. Mainstream rock, mainstream hiphop, mainstream indie