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  1. Axl’s voice sounds so empty in the 2017 version
  2. Which brings us back to an opinion that many experts agree on...he’s simply a lazy Axlhole!
  3. GNR’s place in history is cemented. A casual listener will hear Guns N Roses and think Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen. They aren’t grunge, they aren’t heavy metal, they are a big band, with a great name, and timeless music. I think we take too much time dissecting where they belong or what era they came up in. But a large majority of people just group them with some of the biggest rock bands in music history. Its not until you dive into their history that you see the ugly, but for some that’s more interesting and i think any casual listeners who dive into their music find out how talented they were. They have two albums worth of greatest hits on 4 records...it’s quite impressive to me. As time rolls on and less people from the “grunge” era dominate how this band is perceived then they will fit nicely into the timeline of big rock bands and might stand as the last testament to that classic rock sound.
  4. You guys are forgetting one big thing..we just helped these guys clear $100 million each. They aren’t in a rush to do anything haha Slash can wait for Steven and Izzy to return while hanging out with the family Axl can return to his zoo and Duff can hang out with his family and be a writer. Theyll be back when they need a new car
  5. Hopefully Axl isn’t recording anything till he gets his vocals fixed. 2017 was bad
  6. So Ashba is joining WAR as a bass guitarist, Axl is joining WAR as a vocalist, Angus family is joining WAR as guitarist and rhythm, and Chris Slade is their drummer in order to finish their new album Stay of Execution...is that what’s happening haha i always knew the unofficial social media thread would be better than the official one
  7. We need Axl to bump his head and forget all the gnr songs so he has to hire a vocal coach to get him to sound like that guy on the albums
  8. I‎t works on parts. I‎t compliments his voice more when he is sounding good like with acdc. Im just hoping Axl is getting some rest vocally, then in the summer maybe see where he’s truly at vocally. 2017 was an odd combination of fatigue and poor technique vocally. I’m not sure what he needs to do but someone needs to help him see the connection between ACDC practice helping his gnr vocals
  9. Acdc learned to use I‎t with Axl. 2:54 without any effects. 2:51 with that effect.

    This to me was one of the best moments from the tour for Axl. Intro was perfect, vocals are perfect, no hat, one of the rare times where you can see how invested in the song at the moment he is. And now knowing Adler was backstage to witness it I wish he could have been on stage. Plus Axl getting to the top of the stairs for the ending is a rare moment here
  11. That too..as a fan it symbolizes quite a bit. Amazing picture. Glad I‎t exist, I‎t definately captures the moment precisely
  12. This was always a symbolic photo of “where do we go now” i mean they are clearly talking about something simple but I‎t was symbolic of the last show and everything surrounding them
  13. Slash: “you’re early!” Axl: “The f**k you say, Slash?” Duff: “oh no...” on a side note i bet Axl appreciates the big clock
  14. Paradise City Live Lyrics Question

    Always thought he was saying “How can I‎t be me”