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  1. @sl4yer I think you just have to listen to the lack of control he has in 2018. When you can hear him adjusting his voice from line to line that’s a bad sign he is lacking the power to control his vocals. When he’s vocally good he is switching up vocals but it’s much more cohesive and sounds great because he has the power to do so. The biggest culprit of Jungle getting botched is at the Golden gods (not counting bridge school) . He can’t sing “welcome to the jungle” lines with enough power to match that low throat voice he uses on the lines you mentioned above. So you distinctly hear two-three voices making the song a roller coaster mess. When he sings in that mickeyish tone I think it’s an attempt to control the rapid jumps in vocals. He can hear himself better singing in his head voice versus projecting his vocals but idk maybe Axl is saving himself for a bigger comeback haha
  2. Agree on the 06/07 vocals. the best clean vocal I’ve ever heard from Axl is on Sailing from :55 on. There’s no distortion, heavy rasp, or anything to mask it it’s just a great display of singing and for a guy like Axl with a low natural voice to hit these notes makes the vocal more amazing.
  3. Definately..look at the control from 3:30 on here. not even the slightest bit of strain in his facial reaction, he just knew he had it
  4. No links allowed on the forums anymore, you'll have to look elsewhere sadly. Keeps the guys running this place from dealing with a bunch of legal shit I think. heres a YouTube link though, I think those are allowed still!
  5. Hard to argue Atl show not being better, I'd really have to nit pick haha but I will say having listened to both shows numerous times the Atl show he had so much control of his higher register on songs like Highway to Hell that final scream is perfect, it wasn't crazy but again control with power was evident and another example being high voltage he nails that scream without sounding strained. The philly show I felt he controlled his mid range so much better. It was the smoothest I've heard him from beginning to end. Nothing sounded like too much for him. After that show I was convinced he'd found a voice he could use for a while. But in philly you'll hear him take his voice to the brink like that scream on high voltage his voice breaks and it happens a couple times on for those about to rock so ATL he was vocally better in terms of range from top to bottom. But again to me there was an effortless way he went about it in philly that gave me confidence in his future vocal abilities 4:57 ATL show 4:53 philly great shows to look back on in terms of what Axl was capable of. Much of this could have translated to GNR songs
  6. I count Philly Axl/DC 2016 as Axl’s most complete performance. It’s beautiful to listen to haha
  7. I think ACDC did more for him than the broken foot. Coachella was decent until he started singing WLR then it was like “ok the sharpness is back, the power is there, he’s on time (vocally)...” if Axl can hit a cleaner note without rasp but maintain a sharp sound then he can sound good on anything. The chair helped for sure though! Gave him a chance to work on his technique and craft and execute in a live setting. Sadly he just can’t go 3 years of touring without sacrificing something. Especially playing the set he was performing.
  8. And that’s not to say he shouldn’t be taking money or it’s dishonorable...the guy deserves it for the hits he’s put out and the work he’s done touring in his career for the fans. But it’s come at a physical price and it’s becoming evident each year.
  9. A lot of it is this tour is too damn long! Axl had issues in his late 20’s with his vocals from the length and strain of the tour. Now in his 50’s he’s going to experience something troubling vocally from the duration of the tour and shows themselves. But he’s getting the million dollar paycheck so it’s worth it to him.
  10. All we needed to know was that Out ta Get Me was removed from the set due to the strain on Axl's vocals. Once we knew that it is no surprise that nightrain would need to be reworked vocally to avoid the same fate. He can't push those AFD vocals anymore which is strange considering in 2016 he was nailing nearly all AFD songs in the set except for SCOM and PC
  11. id say at 1:05 that’s his natural singing tone based on the deep nature of his voice.
  12. Special Alert for GNR Fans!

    My target had 1 cassette and 1 vinyl. I just got the red vinyl. I thought it looked cool
  13. I say baritone but I can see your argument for bass. Axl is powered by an incredible ability to not run short of breath when singing. He has incredible stamina that wasn’t taught or learned. He was born with it. As he’s gotten older it’s obviously not where it was but there’s a reason not many artist want to or can cover a gnr song.
  14. Axl should always lead the intro. I hate the current one