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  1. It’s pretty well known that they worked on many tracks in the late 90’s with Slash and even Fortus recently mentioning working on the material in recent years. Axl felt some of the work Slash did during those years were his best, and as Axl took some of the new songs into his nugnr, Slash took his ideas to VR. Neither ever complained that they stole ideas but if in 2018 the best material Axl has is from a 22 year old movie project then any future album is screwed
  2. this was a cover that I would love to hear him try in his own way. I get he’s singing like Neil Young here but when your Axl Rose people want to hear how Axl would sing it. Which IMO could have been one of his better covers if he just liked his low voice.
  3. this is the alternative voice to mickey. It’s his clean low voice with no rasp. Axl could use his natural low voice to sing like this. I don’t care for the song but I like his voice. At 2:30 he has that rapid fire vocal so you know he’s in a natural register versus that manufactured mickey nonsense.
  4. He’s been terrible at times with gnr on his timing and being out of key. With ACDC it’s not a problem Bc everything hits at the correct time, so it’s easy to stay with the music. There’s too much going on with gnr so he gets lost sometimes on his phrasing and if he needs to catch up or slow down. It was much better at the beginning of the tour but sometimes he just gets lazy I think
  5. 1989 was a big year for the band Slash says Axl disappeared Slash says they got bored and fell heavy into drinking and drugs they probably started getting money in their pockets at this time so this is where the divide began and probably the year they wish they could have back
  6. I can confirm from multiple sources that this is in fact 100% fake haha it is good though, but Axl doesn’t sound like that. Even when he’s going all out and singing “I feel good” or ACDC it’s different. This would sound more like a late 90’s Axl
  7. love his emotion on IRS especially 1:08 on LA vid. But just thought I’d post some comparisons of LA and Bucharest, both great performances. I’d still put LA on top
  8. Axl’s well aware people don’t like that clean voice so he couldn’t perform With ACDC using unappealing vocals. I think the clean voice goes back to 02. His VMA interviews he talks about rebuilding a band that was so big into something else and not being sure it’s ever been done like that. I think his mind set was we are the same band but new people on instruments, so he changed his “instrument” to fit into this new band and distinguish itself from what was the classic band. 06 was a correction to 02 as he was trying to get back to a classic sound versus a new experimental Buckethead gnr. And then 09-14 was just depression...all the phases starting with anger then the “fu*k this” phase of 11-14 haha
  9. Yea it’s a voice that would make you stop what your doing and see who it’s coming from. The moment he started singing on that song it became about him. The mickey/clean voice he uses is so far from his natural voice that it took him a long time to develop it and he worked to get his voice like that. It would be like a singer with a naturally high voice to become a baritone. It would sound odd and probably not be very good. Thats why many feel Axl should stay closer to his natural low voice. Some mistake his mickey voice for Axl losing his voice but it’s a style choice and a poor one at that. I’d say LA 06 is better but I think both were perfect based on where his voice was at that time so it’s really just a matter of preference
  10. Axl’s fans starting to bleed over to Slash...welcome to the crazy
  11. That’s Axl’s natural tone. He was trying to Blend in with Jagger by not being as nasally as he normally is like on Lies. He could still sing like that, it might sound slightly different with age but it’s very much in his natural register and it comes with ease for him. The only issue is that vocal style wouldn’t work on a faster song Bc of breathing issues. But it goes to show you what a naturally beautiful voice Axl has. He could have been a great acoustic artist. Sounds like Axl’s high notes on the end
  12. The only problem with politics is everyone has a strong opinion on it yet most people don’t like talking about it because most of us don’t take the time to study the broadness that politics encompasses and we end up in arguments with each other based on false stats, untrue stories, and my favorite “because that’s my belief”. So I have no issue with Axl commenting on what he’s watching/reading/studying about a certain topic. He’s making an effort to be aware and educated on the subject. We are all different people who grow up in different neighborhoods with different beliefs...there’s a good chance we are going to have differing opinions. We don’t have to agree with everything our favorite singer says. And he shouldn’t have to shut up about it. It’s twitter, he’s not going out of his way to spread a message. If you don’t want to read it you can ignore him. With that said, I’m with those that hope he’s as dedicated to new music as he is the news haha
  13. Not saying this as a negative to GNR but I’d like to see GVF blow them out of the water with their performance. The world needs a high energy, fun to listen to rock band. It would be cool to see a band go on stage and capture the audiences attention like GNR did when they were opening acts in 87-88
  14. Greta Van Fleet is the Led Zeppelin sounding guys right? I hear they are pretty talented