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  1. I say they open up without a big screen intro. Just have Duff come out and say “listen up you guys” then break into Shadow of your Love...then never play the song again. It would be epic
  2. Just start the show with Jungle everyone will go nuts here for a couple hours saying how cool it is, then next leg they can kick off with ISE and we can go crazy again for a few hours and just repeat that cycle haha
  3. Best Version of KOHD.

    probably the most powerful version with the crowd and so forth
  4. Has Axl lost his piano chops?

    Axl said he forgot how to play Estranged on piano shortly after they recorded it.
  5. Slash’s solo on SCOM reminds me why that’s one of the best solos ever recorded. He nails it
  6. LALD is a highlight! After that the show slows down too much, but Axl standing over the monitors with the mic stand in the air is always iconic It hurts me how true this is
  7. Axl just chooses to sing many gnr songs in a very poor style. He can still sing like this and hold notes like at 2:55
  8. The setlist contains songs that Axl can mickey. CITR, UTLH, Yesterday’s, are all in there to give Axl a vocal break. He’ll sound good until Better then coast the rest of the show.
  9. As long as Axl sings like he knows how then I don’t care if the set is the same.
  10. I think I may have preferred seeing Axl in that sliding Chair in Vegas than the Grohl one!
  11. I gave that non answering Fernando one job! And now peoples channels are coming down. That sucks
  12. I thought the videos were on there since 07
  13. Maybe they will, Fernando only seems to come around when they have something going on but I guess the new tour dates cover that. Always trying to be optimistic
  14. I think his voice was feeling the strain. He removed OTGM and actually lengthened the set but added songs he could sing in a falsetto (yesterday’s, UTLH) Part of it was likely a conscious effort to coast his voice and finish the tour, but also just being worn out singing songs that presented a certain amount of force. Axl’s voice is always a fun topic he sounded this good during the 2017 tour but it’s one song on one night. So it’s tough to tell if he had it, was hurting, or preserving the voice plus there’s this..so idk what Axl’s deal is sometimes.