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  1. give me the whole Greece show. I love the energy on the proshot songs
  2. I went back to 06 to find a nasally performance from Axl because I felt like that was the most nasally his vocals ever were and the first video I go to is Patience being sung like it’s 80’s Axl. It sounds like the AMA performance from 89 with the tempo and his voice is clear with most of the nasal vocals gone. Probably the best version I’ve found come across since the 90’s. I know Patience doesn’t have a lot of difficulties and most sound the same, but this one stands out to me for its clarity. Sometimes I feel like Axl sang it in a joking way. This one feels like he just got done writing the song with Izzy and is trying it out.
  3. Locomotive vs. Coma Live

    Locomotive: It would be perfect for his 06 voice. Since the song is really nasally vocal wise it wouldn’t require any rasp, but breathing control would be a major issue. I think the song is very difficult to track as a singer. Axl could get off very easily and the song would likely be a mess
  4. the sources you speak of have a bias and look to protect Axl on every last subject matter. Which is nice! Sounds like he’s got a cool family and people looking out for him. But in this case the evidence points to most of this story being true (I admit a comedian might embellish some scenery around Axl to add to his King like presence) And honestly it’s funny, understandable and cool. I think Axl liking comedy is cool, and I get why he hates the late jokes. Again, the evidence shows this guy even has a rare picture with Axl. I’m having a hard time believing it was made up.
  5. I’d bet money it did happen. Only Axl would say he’s a comedy enthusiast Only Axl would be upset people are still telling Axl is late jokes
  6. He worked really really hard with a vocal coach to get his voice cleaner. as a professional singer I’m confident his voice needed some maintenance in the form of surgeries to protect his voice. but I’d say the style he changed to was intentional
  7. Joe Rogan on Axl Rose and Guns N' Roses

    Yea I think Rogan would be surprised with who Axl is and they’d probably talk about kickboxing or something. but for sure I think Axl would come across much more normal than Rogan seems to have created him in his mind. It would be a good chance to adjust the perception of Axl. They just talk about how awesome gnr were back in the day. How crazy Axl went and how he’s come back. But then are shocked by current photo’s of him. They don’t know much about Axl which would make it a fun interview
  8. mr brownstone being used to go to break during cowboys rams game haha I found it funny
  9. I don't think Axl ever intended to have as much rasp in his live performances. I think his vocal issues got rolling early into the UYI tour and once that tour started there wasn't much downtime to get right. So every time he took his voice up a notch it came out raspy. So yea I think he explored cleaning up his voice later on. Likely around the time live era was in the works, I'm sure Axl had a listen to some of the tapes of his live performances and didn't like the amount of rasp. Also would give reason to the idea that he re-recorded so much of that record and it sounds different than the actual live performances. But then again Axl is smart, he knows the fans like that raspy sound, but it was just something that didn't work for him anymore and he felt he needed a change. I don't think the clean vocals were a result of damaged vocals, Axl's cleaner vocals would have taken a lot of time and work to change. It was intentional, he wanted a different sound. I'd say 99-01 was when he really went to work on cleaning his vocals, if they had toured in the mid 90's I'd expect his vocals to be on par with what we hear on live era and sweet child from big daddy.
  10. Depends how much they are willing to pay GNR to come. I'm sure there's an invite, but GNR isn't doing it for a discount. Coachella put up a lot of money to get them, everyone else has to do the same. So I put it at 15% chance they play. But I'm not even sure when it is, or have I looked at slash's schedule. So it might simply be no chance.
  11. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    I think this is lingering too long and people are over analyzing it haha it’s just a cool cartoon cameo thing. Axl can now say he’s been on an episode of looney toons. It was fun, hearing Axl sing again is great. But we don’t need to start grading the song in a cartoon as an artistic project.
  12. Fortus has a great sense of humor. That’s part of why Axl likes him so much
  13. Lots of old Recordings

    Axl claims fall to pieces came from the gnr sessions in 96
  14. Lots of old Recordings

    Axl has had access to the tapes since they were made. I’m sure these aren’t his. Someone with the band might be making sure they aren’t “in the wrong hands” and get leaked, but it is funny they were sitting in a storage unit for so long
  15. Lots of old Recordings

    “HE ALSO enthuses about the new material Guns N' Roses have been writing. Apperently, the band members are currently trading tapes amongst themselves. "It's amazing stuff," he says. "The songs are really good, and I have a good vibe about it. I wouldn't want to go out and do a bad Guns N' Roses record." -Kerrang 1996 first mention from Slash about tapes being passed around in 95-96 but we do know Axl didn’t misplace his tapes. He’s kept them close "I have the rehearsal tapes. There's nothing but Slash-based blues rock and he stopped it to both go solo and try to completely take over Guns. I read all this if Axl would've put words and melodies on it could've… I was specifically told no lyrics, no melodies, no changes to anything and to sing what I was told or fuck off." I’m as interested in these tapes as any gnr fan, but facts are they weren’t released. This is someone else’s property. Might be Slash’s lost collection. Could have been someone from the record company.