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  1. Uzi suicidal will have this removed in 12 min
  2. GNR is similar to the whole Star Wars thing. The first 3 movies came out and popularity soared! Much like AFD, UYI 1 and 2 put gnr on top of the world then after a long break Axl tried to recreate that trilogy with one he personally created and released CD as part of a trilogy that we never saw again. So he was close
  3. Is the next Estranged being worked on as we type?!
  4. That would be awesome! Would love for gnr to return to Austin. I think skin n bones tour began there in 93
  5. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    YouTube said it was a legal complaint and on review they’ve blocked it from every country on earth haha suspiciously it was a day after my YouTube premium account was canceled
  6. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Haha they took down my video of Witchita Lineman from a Texas show...this is dumb.
  7. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    What’s the source on these reunions? (Sorry I’ve been away)
  8. Slow it down on new song stuff. It hasn’t happened since 06 (live debut) for the fans going they will get a great show. For us armchair evaluators we will get to see where they are at performance wise. Axl got better vocally for Chinese and I expect if all the new album rumors have truth to them that we will get a better Axl vocally. I think if you are going to expect something then it is fair to expect a better performance than we last saw. Hopefully a shorter high energy set for this environment and some momentum going into the fall and winter for a new album
  9. Did they go through Kentucky on the NITL tour? I’m all in favor if they do an hour and half set, no solo’s, play a rocker set with high energy and Axl appears to have regained his 2016 form. If they show up to do something like this and play for 3 hours, with a walking through the motions attitude then I’ll pass.
  10. What was Offsrpings beef with GnR?

    No beef, Axl said he liked the message of one of their songs but outside of that didn’t think much of them. I think I recall him saying something like that
  11. Any audios from tour rehersals?

    If you post a video of anything it will probably be removed haha there’s always people waiting to strike another video
  12. Management at the time were struggling to finish the album, they couldn’t get Axl anywhere on time or where they needed him. He went off the radar for long periods of time and the label wanted results. So management went ahead and started booking for a massive tour, essentially told Axl it’s going to bankrupt him if he doesn’t show, and the blame will be on him. Slash and Duff and Izzy were losing their minds in drugs as they had no idea what to do with their free time. So it was reported to Axl that his “break” was killing his band mates and so he also got blamed for their addictions. So without much preparation Axl started the tour and did each show on his terms. He held everyone hostage to his demands seeing as nobody cared about his well being going into the tour and early on damaged his voice. So the UYI tour limped on with a super pissed off Axl.
  13. Yea one would be incredible but I feel like gnr will try to do something unique to capture some more attention on this record. It’s going to be a big deal regardless but I think we will see something unique from this potential release. Reunions have become not so unique but being able to sit in the studio following a reunion and release meaningful work has alluded many bands. GNR can break the mold a bit and come out with something that evokes all the things that made them great. I hope this record has energy. It will be special for the fans in any sense though
  14. They will probably release two albums again. I think once they get together and start putting this stuff down it’s going to build up energy and eventually they will shoot for two full albums. Axl has been sitting on stuff too long.