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  1. I think the comparable would be lifting weights versus cardio. Even though Coma is longer and has more difficult stretches it is more endurance than anything, where as OTGM might physically hurt his vocal chords with where his voice is coming from and how it’s projecting. I don’t think it would be fair to argue which songs hurt him and which don’t. At the end of the day he’s singing and if a song is physically painful then there’s no need for that, I’m not looking for Axl to suffer up on stage. But with what he did with ACDC it makes me wonder if his vocal coach helped sooth any pains he might have using that voice. i know in 06 Axl lost his voice after the first Hammerstein show and Bach got him in touch with his vocal coach and although he helped Axl get his voice back for the next show Axl reported that he got very sick using that vocal technique and had to change.
  2. That’s interesting. I can always give Axl a pass when it comes to pain or damage a vocal might cause. It would seem that vocal style isn’t good for him anymore. Many have said that for years, but having it come from his sound guy says a lot.
  3. 'Move To The City' lyric video just released!

    Nice pic of Axl at 2:11
  4. I think there are some shows Axl takes seriously vocally. On that 06 performance in LA I noticed he had gum in his mouth at times then with ACDC he did it also 2:00 i understand many singers do this, but it would seem Axl is out of gum recently and we should send him some
  5. I like how clear his voice projects when he switched haha End of 06 Axl was killing it. it would be hard to find a mistake in this entire show 07 Axl only existed for a few shows I believe but still sounding solid then disappeared again
  6. AXS "premiere" of London 2012

    I feel like they've already shown this concert on tv many times
  7. Rocket Queen in 2016 was highly underrated. Crazy thing is it doesn’t seem like he’d have to push that much further to reach it.
  8. Philly was great, but Axl can do that on you’re crazy Bc he doesn’t practice it. If it were in the set every night he’d find areas to mickey. He just reverts back to his classic voice for it. 2013 was better
  9. i wasn't aware Axl removed Mickey from this song
  10. just a couple of Axl good vocals and the Russia 2010 show Bc everyone said that his PC at this years show was so good, but I find even with the mess ups in 2010 he sounded better then haha
  11. Neh Axl has the same in ear devices. All his sound guys came over from gnr for the ACDC shows to get his equipment right. Besides with Brian going deaf (probably not fully ACDC related) it would seem Axl had maximum protection. Axl can simply use his voice in multiple ways. I think that China Exchange interview was the most info we’ve gotten and it was a choice to “clear” his voice up for Chinese Democracy and he feels it’s helped him be better at what he’s doing now. But that clean voice wouldn’t fly with ACDC and he knew it. He just went to a vocal coach he trusted and got his voice in proper training to use a high amount of rasp, projection, and took out some nasally vocals to create what sounded like Axl of old
  12. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    Those 94-96 sessions hopefully will make it on the UYI remaster one day. I would love to get the full scope of what sound they would be going for
  13. Boxscore

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/markbeech/2018/07/14/guns-n-roses-heads-for-500-million-tour-earnings-as-november-rain-sets-youtube-record/ some money net earnings in this article. Not sure if it’s been posted