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  1. Axl just ruining PC for the 9000th time...I love the timing of the whistle too haha
  2. I heard Jovi is pretty bad lately. Even people attending can hear it. Atleast we are only in the "YouTube videos don't do him justice" phase. In a couple years in might be the fans complaining at the show too
  3. its all about how Axl is trending. In 2016 he had good nights and decent nights but they weren't consistent. But the shows were all great, in 2017 it's like he's flatlined. I've never seen Axl consistently sing this way with no improvement anywhere. Which tells me he's likely on cruise control and is purposely holding back from what he was putting out in 2016. No doubt about 2010 though. That's the year that you wish he could have kept repeating. Oh well. Maybe AC/DC will throw a GNR cover in their set. Haha
  4. Axl/DC is almost guaranteed to return. I regret not going to see them last year. The worst part is I fear Axl is holding his vocals back in GNR to preserve it for AC/DC...just plain evil. But one other idea to make this thread more official so we don't have any other threads on vocals. Maybe give it a pin so we see it on the first page every time instead of it disappearing then someone comes in and makes a vocal thread not knowing about this one and we get a decent discusssion going only to have it shut down because of this thread that was lost somewhere on page 3
  5. Do it. Also remove the part about clogging up show threads and replacing with clogging up discussion thread. Then we can go back to discussing Izzy's amp being turned off 25 years ago
  6. If every vocal thread gets shut down then we need to rename this one Bc I had the impression that this was the 2017 vocal thread. But if we are talking about different eras then it should stand alone...idk I'm feeling censored when it comes to talking about Axl's vocals. They are clearly the most popular topic...hell we've had an Izzy joining The Rolling Stones fan fiction thread last longer in the main discussion, it might still be there.
  7. He can go sing for the Lumineers if that's all he can hit anymore
  8. And let us not forget this valiant effort in Houston.. Best one between 11-17 here
  9. i love how controlled he was in 06 when he sang this good. It was like he was standing in a studio recording