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  1. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I met Matt Sorum waaaaay back in the summer of 1999. Cool dude, he signed my UYI LP for me. I asked him about the SPIN artlcle tha had just been published and he laughed and said something like "Yeah, Axl wasn't too happy with me about that." Knowing how Axl holds grudges over the years, it could be as simple as he didn't like that Sorum was dishing dirt on him in the press over 20 years ago. Of course, Sorum has said much worse since then, so I can understand why Axl wouldn't want him around. He's a "Suppressive Person" as the scientologists would say.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a recording of the Caram mix didn't make it out to collector's circles did it? I know we have to talk in code about such sensitive things now, so let me try to be reaaal subtle..... Somebody should really make a nice high quality recording of this. And then maybe send it to some people. And then those people can send it to other people. And we can all be happy. And enjoy it. And enjoy being good and following the rules. Remember when there was a download section? I made a post a while ago....
  3. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Looks like I'll be pestering you a little later Russ.... https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/13/record-store-day-latest-event-postponed-amid-coronavirus-outbreak-12393800/
  4. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Oh man, I'm OCD as shit about stuff I want....believe me, Ill pester you!! Thanks again, and you'll be hearing from me!! (And yes, I'm not gonna freak if you can't score one....I know how limited these RSD are....I'm just thrilled you're gonna give it a try! THANKS!)
  5. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    That....would be absolutely capital sir. I truly appreciate it. If you want some....uh....really awful looking Japanese shit I can try to get something for you? But for real, that's awesome of you to try for me...that SLINT record sounds so sexy!!
  6. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Yo....Vinylheads........ Can anyone help me? Record Store Day is coming up....and we have it here in Japan. BUT....all they have for sale is Japanese SHIT. I really....really....want the SLINT 12inch that's available on RSD but it's obviously not even an option in my country. I think it's limited to either 1500 or 2500.....those are not great numbers. Anyone think they might possibly be willing to try to pick this up for me, and I'll either pay you or trade you something cool? Any help is immensely appreciated!! (PS.......Lions is a dope-ass Black Crowes record....lots of awesome tunes....I was lucky enough to see em on that tour co-headlining with Oasis!)
  7. Nightrain Fanzine?

    The "sucker" remark was just for the zines I remember being foisted on ME back in high school and college. Some kid with a smudgy black inked manifesto about communism and punk rock and stuff like that....stuff I had no interest in. I'm sure I'd have picked these up back in the day since there was ZERO news from the Guns camp from about 1993 to 1999.
  8. Nightrain Fanzine?

    Remember zines? Homemade magazines made with a copier and distributed to friends or suckers that would pay a few bucks for an issue? Apparently someone was making a GNR zine for a while. Just found this listing for sale in Japan.... https://item.mercari.com/jp/m18161103549/?_s=U2FsdGVkX19BShvGfli0fhZMzY8aACyFwXrmZu7aBM8nHNEDN-3SbkmxRpEQ0oM7ZVN5QLG5jitDpDplmqQP5dCfgjPGm9s922-TWF-f-qHbWml49MWLhqAqpKCguFIj Is this something anyone would be interested in?
  9. I got the super deluxe last year when it was like $32. That was a steal. Imagine my shock when opening it to discover that it also included the fake tatts. What a bonus!!! Team Brazil is the gift that keeps on giving! I can't wait to see what amazing household items Fernando will slap the AFD logo on next!!
  10. I know some people were looking for the increasingly rare 2002 "Gas Mask" shirt. Well....it just showed up on ebay. It is undoubtedly, 100% a FAKE. Sellers are from China and Taiwan and Hong Kong....so, yeah. Tag doesn't match my genuine shirt either, and the artwork looks less sharp. BUT....if you really want one, a fake is better than nothing, and of course the price is right. If you're interested, check it out: https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Vintage-Guns-N-Roses-Chinese-Democracy-Start-Now-rock-band-tour-concert/312867076717?hash=item48d854ba6d:m:miJp9UNRo-CPp6VlVCNcLeA
  11. You don't know jack shit as to when or if this band will ever release even one new song. Same as the rest of us. I'm sure this thread will be locked or merged in a matter of minutes, but no, in my personal opinion, which has no basis in insider knowledge, the leaks had no effect on any kind of upcoming release. Since there never was or will be one. A for youtube videos getting taken down, that's all due to one or two pyschotic eunuchs that have made it their life's mission to make everyone as miserable as them. And they're succeeding.
  12. As for Oklahoma.....I would HOPE that there really are lyrics cause that's one song that Axl actually described as being "inspired" by the time he was sitting in court being sued by Erin Everly on the same day of the Oklahoma City bombings. BUT.....it's always within the realm of possibility that there never were any vocals. I'm not trying to be negative; just pointing it out. Maybe after court he heard the instrumental track for the first time and said "Yes, I like this one....it's a keeper....let's call it 'Oklahoma.'" Hopefully not....but the only reason I even say that is cause when it was played for the Rolling Stone reporter in 1999 it was only an instrumental. If he had supposedly written something or been inspired by that day in 1995, why was it still lacking a vocal track in 1999? And then changing it to Berlin at some point in the next decade. Weird. I really hope there are lyrics and we get to hear them someday. That's probably the most anticipated GNR song since "This I Love" since it's the one we've known about the longest at this point but still haven't heard. Just hearing the instrumental after all these years was very cool, but it needs vocals!
  13. Marc Canter's videos

    I didn't preorder it, but I picked it up in person at Canter's about 10 years ago, and I also didn't get shit. It's a nice looking book and a really great resource, but it's riddled with typos, sadly.
  14. Marc Canter's videos

    When I got the book years ago all the links were dead.
  15. Concert Posters Thread

    Geez, still no love for Kozik or non-GNR posters it seems. In the early 90s I was in high school and such a PJ fanatic. I'd have proudly displayed this poster to be all aggressive and get in the face of Pro-lifers, cause I considered them "evil brainwashed bible thumpers, maaaaan." Ah....the stupidity of youth. I'm 42 now and I don't give a crap either way. Someone starts talking about abortion and I just peace out of the conversation. But those loudmouth SJWs Pearl Jam had to have an agenda for everything. Cool poster though. Another great PJ from later in their career was another one with those crazy perspective letting like the beginning of a SW movie. I'm a sucker for that: And I finally found a decent(ish) pic of my 2000 Europe subway poster. I still have it. This pic doesn't do it justice. It was about 2 feet by 5 feet....just MASSIVE. And I love the gas mask face. This pic is small and sucky but it's all I could find. Mine is currently rolled up in a tube for the last 20 years but I'm so glad I have it!! This is for sure the one I have cause the same cities are listed. It's never for sale...wonder what it's worth? A lot of PJ poster are worth biiiiig bucks... So come on guys....let's see come cool godamn rock posters....60s, 70s, 80s, 90s....whatever! Let's see more!!