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  1. The Wildhearts

    I'd never heard of them until a Japanese friend introduced me to their song "I wanna go where the people go." Haven't thought of them in years.
  2. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I called bullshit cause other than the Troubadour show that's the single biggest scoop in the last 20 years.....and not a single mention, rumor, blurry pic or video, spotting of Izzy at the airport.....NOTHING??? FUCKING nothing??? Niven's an old man. Someone was probably pulling his leg and he believed it. I'd love to be proven wrong but an event of that magnitude would have a SHRED of evidence other than ONE guy who wasn't even there claiming it happened about a year or so after the fact. BULLSHIT.
  3. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Niven was also the only person that claimed that Izzy attended a soundcheck in Tennessee 2016 (with Adler no less) and then left in a snit before the show. I'm gonna have to call bullshit on that. Think of all the security they had for the Troubadour show, yet within minutes, we had actual footage from the show. Cause it was HUGE. It was one of the biggest moments in rock in the last few decades. So Niven wants us to believe that Slash, Duff, Izzy, AND Steven were all on stage together, plugged in and playing GNR songs, and not only did NO footage of it ever exist, but he's the only person who ever claimed it happened, (and he sure as shit wasn't there)...?? If that happened it would have been one of the most historical events in this band's history. And there would have been dozens of witnesses. So why do we have zero evidence of it? Cause it never happened. Niven is full of shit.
  4. i re-watched it several months ago in beautiful HD to celebrate when I got my Alex action figure. For decades they told us it was impossible. They'd never make a figure of him. Well, something changed, cause now there's tons of options. In fact, I even made a crude MS Paint comparison pic for the savvy buyer: (For the record I went with the MAFEX and I absolutely love it!) The film holds up so well it's just not even fair to the shitty filmmakers we have today. Every frame is a masterpiece. Real horror show.
  5. all in 0ne series

    You can't. Some dumbfuck made sure fans can't listen to or trade live shows any more.
  6. A quick question

    Eh, you guys are gay. Hot chicks are always fun to look at. Stop being such old schoolmarms.
  7. I'm still gutted by what we could have had for the Cleveland litho. Two of our landmarks that, admittedly aren't masterpieces, but are big, imposing, somewhat iconic, and have presence. Part of our history. Instantly recognizable to locals. And the smashed guitar just ties it in to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, where dozens, or even hundreds of one of a kind historical guitars reside. We could have celebrated this: Instead we are "mocked" for perhaps our lowest moment other than when LeBron left.....the Cuyahoga River Fire of 1969. I swear Clevelanders never get a goddamn break. Well. It could have been worse than all this combined. I sobbed and snotted uncontrollably with rage and heartbreak when this happened. I'm undoubtedly taking this shit to my grave. Why oh, why oh, why oh, did my parents have to bone in Ohio???

    I don't recall ever seeing it on ebay. I remember just one of those "Concert tees" sites from over ten years ago had them, but then they sold out, and now those tees shirts are even harder to come by. People just sell stuff on amazon and ebay these days.

    Yeah, I snagged the gas mask at the official merch booth in Cleveland, 2002. By far the coolest design of that tour in my opinion. If you recall, back then it was mostly that dragon/dog thing, and some Communist looking stars. I definitely made the right choice! I saw them for sale online from shirt re-sellers a few years after the show, but I gotta believe the supply has dried up. I can barely find any pics online to prove it existed! I've never worn mine, I just keep it as a souvenir from the show.
  10. Aman......thanks so much for sharing that original Cleveland image. That was one of the most exciting things I learned/got to see when I visited you cause as a native Clevelander, this image would have been a hundred times better than what we got. I'm glad that thanks to you, Cleveland fans can get an idea of what SHOULD have been!!
  11. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    Yeah....I got suckered on my first listen cause there's no crowd noise, the audio was so low, and the fact that Gilby sings first and Axl doesn't join in til later. I thought "holy shit....could this be legit?" But by the second time I listened I knew it was just a 93 show. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, right before it cuts off during the guitar solo, someone says "Your turn Slash!" so yeah, that's a dead giveaway right there, unless we believe that someone actually had the audacity to make a Slash joke onstage in front of Axl at his first public appearance in almost a decade.
  12. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    Shit. I got too excited at first, cause the audio quality sounds like it could have been recorded in a club. But listening again, I'm almost certain this is just a clip from 93, cause it sounds like 93 Axl and the full band playing acoustically. I've never heard this particular recording though, but I'm sure someone can identify it. https://vocaroo.com/i/s0fdVLQPhtzy
  13. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    (listening a second time, and it might be a skin n bones performance, cause Axl is just too raspy here)
  14. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    .......... Well. This is interesting. This is very very interesting. If this is a fake, it's the most convincing fake I've ever heard. If it's real, how the fuck did some random dude end up with it in 2019 when it's been common knowledge for almost 20 years that were no circulating copies?? Either way, I've never heard this before, so I'm impressed as fuck. Damn. Didn't think I could be surprised anymore. Well done.