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  1. I was there, but I didn't take any footage...sorry! Too busy fighting crippling diarrhea but still trying to enjoy the show I paid $300 to see. I was pretty close to the front too. Looking forward to the final product so I can relive that amazing night over and over....well, not the shitting part.
  2. Critically acclaimed bands/artists you hate

    I only listen to about a dozen or two bands. Some are critically acclaimed, some aren't. When I love an artist I go apeshit and have to have everything, even obscure b-sides. I've never given two flying shits what anybody else says. I love the music I love, and if something doesn't grab me by the balls on first listen, I "next" it. So there's plenty I don't like. There's also plenty that's just "there" and not neither offensive to me or great. Just ambivalent. I will say this though....I'm fairly certain over 90% of the new bands and artists in the last 15 years absolutely suck donkey dick. What a terrible time to be a teenager when this shit is the defining sounds of your youth. The only "new" music I like is the occasional really catchy tune you'll hear on a TV show or movie. As for most of the "all time classics" listed above, they fall into the mostly ambivalent category. I might be a fan of some of their radio friendly unit shifter singles.
  3. Which book about Guns N Roses do you recommend?

    Watch You Bleed is shit. It's cobbled together from magazine articles you've read a million times. The one by Danny Sugerman sucked ass also. I remember pulling the color pics out and tossing the book. Reckless Road is riddled with typos but it's essential for any GNR fan's collection. ESSENTIAL. I quite liked the Rolling Stone special edition from a year or two ago too that reprinted all their GNR stuff over the years, but some of the articles were abridged so that sucked.
  4. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    The fat guy that leaked stuff in the past played the "remix album" in its entirety to several board members. I was not one of them. Just heard about it.
  5. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    I was not at the Vegas Hotel Room Incident, but I've heard firsthand accounts that all that was played was the "remix" album we've all heard snippets from. So really the only "new" Axl vocals played in that room were the re-recorded This I Love, and Silkworms. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I was told.
  6. Major Collection Update!!!

    Here's his Cleveland shirt pic: While we're on the topic of rare shirts, this might be my rarest: Tokyo December 18th, 2012. Sold out show at a club with less than 3000 capacity, and the merch was long gone before the show started: (yeah, it's my avatar too.)
  7. 2002 CD Tour Shirts

    I was at that Cleveland show too! I bought a shirt, but I've never worn it. It's just hanging for display only. I actually really like the design, but I don't see it for sale very often. I just call it the "gas mask" design. It's not as cool as the 01-01-01 shirt, but I think it's definitely the next best thing, as far as official designs go. I always thought that dragon/dog thing was ugly as hell.
  8. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    Someone called Frans N Roses has uploaded this to youtube. Gives credit to Troccoli but still a shitty thing to do, in my opinion. Unfortunately that's the nature of the internet. Once it's out there, it's out there. No getting the genie back in the bottle.

    I collect action figures but that's just waaay too expensive. They don't even look that good for that kind of price. I'm content with my stupid Funko pop figures if the alternative is almost $400. Yikes.
  10. Cleveland 2017 t-shirt...does it exist?

    Thanks to new forum member Solo23_gnfnr I now have a definitive answer: yes this shirt indeed exists. It was sold at the show in Cleveland, not just as a shitty bootleg shirt from Indonesia. Here's the photographic evidence, stolen from his personal instagram page: Looks MUCH better than the lithograph. Thanks for showing me, Solo23_gnfnr......of course this sucks cause now I know it exists and I don't have one.
  11. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    Uh, if he wanted to spread the FLAC around don't you think he would have done that instead of sharing the soundcloud files? Sheesh, just be happy he shared at all. So greedy.
  12. Major Collection Update!!!

    Jesus. That's insane. Holy shit man. I can't believe this stuff. Any chance you'll open a museum to the public? Also, since you may be the only guy that would know....any idea if they made a t-shirt for Cleveland 10-26-2017 with the lithograph art? I've never seen evidence that it exists.
  13. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    Good lord, man. Just when I was about to say "yeah yeah, we get it, stop bragging" you go and share with everyone. Very very cool....much appreciated!! Holy shit....is this new, or just a very very clean copy of the demos we've had since the 90s? I....I think it's NEW! DAMN! (Still jealous though....who wouldn't be? You have more GNR stuff than God!)
  14. Jesus fucking christ...what's with the influx of people looking for this shirt suddenly?
  15. Bumping again to out-bump the other guy looking for one!