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  1. Buhler has slacked off in the past too. There were times he was posting his designs as soon as they were unveiled, but then other times he plain forgot for months. He still hasn't posted the rest of his AFD boxed set lithos, unless they don't want him to. Besides.....artists. They live in their own little worlds on their own time schedules. They're not like the rest of us.
  2. Soundboards for Slither and Shadow of Your Love?

    Didn't we only get the first two or three songs from those "officially" streamed shows?
  3. Soundboards for Slither and Shadow of Your Love?

    I guess someone sneaking in IEM recording equipment might also be our closest option, but that only seems to happen in Japan.
  4. Between Apollo and LA 2017 we have just about every song in the NITL catalog in soundboard quality. Now we need these last two and whatever covers they might add when another famous singer dies. So obviously I don't have these, but I just wanted to post this as a reminder....if we get these two songs in soundboard, or any other missing NITL tunes, let's all share, cool?
  5. Well aware of Warpig. He's a fucking piece of shit that passes off fakes as originals. I wouldn't piss in his face if his warehouse of fake lithos caught on fire. I'd only be interested in ETHICAL reproductions. Different dimensions, different card/paper stock, very obvious disclaimers that these are not the originals.
  6. Unless some enterprising soul (pirate) starts churning out high quality repros, I think that lithorati.com is the only way most of us will ever enjoy our favorite images. I personally have no problem with buying a repro as long as it's clearly labeled as such and priced accordingly. Hell, I have this bad boy proudly hanging in my spare room and it sure as shit isn't an original, (cause you old school nerds know how much originals are worth,) but it's a LOVELY full size copy and was advertised as such and cost me 20 bucks. I've been daydreaming about an oversized coffee table book with reproductions as a consolation from Team Brazil will never do it cause that's too much effort when "My Daddy Likes Guns N Fucking Roses" onesies for babies are easier and more profitable. There's simply not enough of these to go around to all of us that want them and the prices are only going to climb and climb. I don't want bootlegging scumbags to profit but I do wish someone with the means for production would make some nice repros of the more desirable ones, clearly marked, different sizes so as not to pass for an original. But bootleg scumbags aren't known for their scruples, so I guess lithorati jpegs are the way to go for us that simply can't afford market value. But like I said in an earlier post....these aren't for everyone. We are NOT ENTITLED to own every poster. They're perks and bonuses for attendees and devout fans willing to put in the legwork and put their wallet where their mouth it. I hate to quote Axl's cliche, but it's apt: "Life doesn't owe you a happy endng."
  7. London Ripper is in the top 5 or 10 most desirable lithos for factors of elegant, striking design as well as being one of the biggest cities in the world. Perth is a big ugly spider. Red foil print is cool, but who the hell wants to look at a big nasty spider on the wall? There's no comparison. London Ripper is easily one of the very best out of all 150 + posters, and Perth would be lucky to crack to top 50.
  8. I like the Poland one the best of the 2018 lithos so far.
  9. No. That's not going to happen. These will not go down in price. I'm also confident they will never be reprinted officially. If GNR reissues them, I'll personally mail you a Kobe reprint for free.
  10. Nobody is retiring on these things. They are luxury items for aging Gen Xers with disposable incomes. Personally, I think it's ridiculous to spend a thousand dollars on a piece of paper unless it's a hand drawn piece by your favorite artist. But the market decides the value of an item. It's worth whatever people are willing to spend. I don't own a Cinci. I'd fucking LOVE one. I'd frame it and gaze upon it in awe every day. But I'm not willing to spend the asking price, so I have resigned myself to just looking at the jpeg on my screen. Sorry, life isn't fair. These are a perk to concert goers. That's all they ever were. You didn't go to the show and you still want it? Pony up the cash. These are never getting reissued by the band cause that would require work and effort, and Team Brazil has proven that they're way too lazy for that kind of shit. I own a few lithographs. I stood in fucking line for hours to get them. I'm keeping them, cause they represent a cherished memory of seeing my favorite band. But if I ever were going to sell them, I'd put them on ebay for the going rate without batting an eye. I stood in line and I bought them myself. Anyone that did so can do whatever the hell they want with these. Just cause they paid $50 for them doesn't mean they owe it to you to make sure you get your super rare highly sought after lithos for cost, or less. Good luck on getting that Cinci and Kobe and Paris, pal.
  11. And I want a Lamorghini Countach. Red. And it should only cost $2000 cause that's all I feel like paying for it.
  12. I thought Slash recorded that for the "Kid Stays in the Picture" soundtrack....not a leftover from the 90s. It's credited solely to Slash, after all.
  13. Alan Niven bootlegs

    That fucking warchild or wfa cunt. Some dickless piece of shit with nothing better to do. Damn. I'm glad I grabbed the Marquee show when it was up for a few minutes. I was always under the impression that this show never circulated cause that's what it said (and still says) on gnrontour and that site was the authority for a long time. I've had Live From the Jungle EP forever though, and always wanted to hear the rest of the show. It's fucking amazing. Maybe even better than our beloved Ritz 88. Every fan needs this show in their collection. Crystal clear soundboard audio and the band at their grittiest best. It's awesome to finally hear it after all these years. Better late than never! Thanks to the uploader, before those cocksuckers got it taken down.
  14. Nice job. But one thing sticks out to me like a searing poker under my fingernails.....the piano version of Estranged is NOT Axl. It was a cover posted on youtube and we've debunked it time and time again. Just cause some bootlegger ripped it and put it on a CD doesn't make it Axl. No legitimate demos of Estranged have ever circulated other than rough mixes of the album version.
  15. This current leg has had pretty shitty designs. That quasimodo is butt ugly. Sure hope they get Buhler back for some more other than those stupid boxed set pictures. So far the only one I think is remotely interesting is the Gilsenkirchen smoke design. And that one's not even that great.