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  1. Really? Then that gets my vote for the laziest official lithograph hands down. Nothing to do with the message or the cause, but jesus that thing must have been slapped together in MINUTES. I'd be shocked if someone actually spent longer than 15 minutes designing that thing.
  2. That Tel Aviv skull promo was utterly wretched. I still wanna know if that rainbow heart Orlando was an official release by the band or just a promoter thing.
  3. lol It seems this thread has degenerated several times into huge arguments between people that buy/sell these things for what the market bears, and others that seem to think they should be free to everyone. (I guess from my snarky tone you can tell which side of the argument I'm on.) Anyway....back on track. We're hours away from a new GNR show and potentially some South American designs. Have we ever confirmed that there were NO lithos for the SA shows in 2016? Do we expect any this time?
  4. I.....don't get it. In layman's terms what does this mean? Obviously it means there's a recording of the show, no? But it's not gonna get out or someone will get sued right?
  5. Cinci's is so much cooler than Osaka's. This serendipity guy made out like a bandit.
  6. Only other band I know that's done it for a long time is Pearl Jam. OT but our boy Buhler is doing Rolling Stones posters at the moment for their current tour. One thing I think is really interesting is that all of the designs he's showed so far on his instagram just say "Stones" and not "The Rolling Stones." I think it's funny that the band would use shorthand like that in official merchandise. It'd be like a litho that just says GUNS or GNR on it. And is it just me or is the font used for "Stones" in the last two posters just fucking hideous and amateur as hell? Looks so bad in my opinion. Devil face poster is fine but my god, the font on Stones looks like shitty photoshop.
  7. Jake La Motta RIP

    Thought he died years ago. Oh well. Guess he's dead now.
  8. Has Marc posted here since the reunion? Is he not allowed to talk about GNR anymore?
  9. Yeah, the Ottawa/Endmonton/Montreal all with the same font/style probably look awesome together. I'd be down for more "themes" like that, too.
  10. Our main man Buhler just posted his design for a new Stones poster. Can he pull double duty and give us some kick ass imagery for the upcoming (final?) US leg? Time will tell. Fingers crossed for something amazing for my hometown Cleveland.
  11. No idea but please buy me a shit and litho and I'll pay you.

    No. Warpig is a known bootlegger. Don't give him your money.
  13. Ask Staff Anything!

    Yes, thank you!
  14. Ask Staff Anything!

    Hey there...me again....requesting another "delete" in my lithograph archive thread....thank you!