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  1. Heavens Gate

    At first I thought they made a movie about that Comet suicide cult. But now I remember....this movie and Ishtar used to be called the biggest flops of all time. But I think there have been a lot bigger since then.
  2. I wrote a manga but I can't draw

    The Mandela Effect is bullshit. It's just people misremembering and misquoting things. It's as simple as that. Based on what you've said, I think the "Heavy Metal" European style art would work better than manga style for your story.
  3. I wrote a manga but I can't draw

    Why manga? Why not just any art style that can be told sequentially? I tried to read the synopsis but it was incoherent. Like my dream journals when I wake up. Terrible interesting to me in the moment, but complete shit about 10 minutes later.
  4. And if you went there in person you would know that the Hatch print is absolutely the exception to the rule for the entire tour as far as how these lithos were made.
  5. Thoughts on Street of Dreams?

    I loved it the first time I heard it and still do. It was the 3rd new song we got to hear back at 01-01-01 and Chinese Democracy and Riad both left me very very unimpressed. Then The Blues finally leaked and I was just floored....sounded very much like an Illusion track and actually sounded like Axl Fucking Rose on vocals. I don't get too picky about which version sounds "best"....they're all pretty much the same to me since they all have the same vocal track. Live, I probably like the HoB and Rio versions best cause those are the ones we've had the longest and played the most. "OK, never mind!" On a selfish note, as of this writing, the last time it was played live was in Tokyo, 2012, and I was at the show, so if it never resurfaces, I'll be able to say I saw it the last time. Not that it was ever a rare song. Every one that saw the band from 2001 to 2012 heard the song live.
  6. Who is the MVP of GNR?

    No option for Slash is a shit poll.
  7. REQUEST - OG Gn'R Lies

    Try discogs and look at all the various editions.
  8. On the bootleg 90 minutes cassette tapes I used to buy in the early 90s, there was a demo listed on the tape called "Sweet Lorraine." I just about shit myself getting the tape into the player to hear an unreleased, never before heard, NEW GNR song.......it turns out it was just November Rain, mislabeled. I was extremely let down.
  9. The big three on the big ONE. People used to think they could retire off the shitty old comic books and Star Wars figures in their attics, but that shit really is worthless. THAT however.....is definitely going to be worth a fortune.
  10. I love My Favorite Pillow. It sounds like a Brazilian trying really hard to sound like Axl. I've actually listened to it way more than some of the songs from CD, actually.
  11. I'll give credit to Fernando for doing the lithos at all. That IS cool. And yeah, no band has done a comprehensive book that I know of, but artists like Kozik and Ames Bros put out books. Pearl Jam has done at least one book, but it was impossible to be comprehensive. Hell, I've even seen books of "Great Concert Posters of the 80s" and stuff. I don't think a book cheapens the real thing at all. For one, it's a LOT smaller. And it's bound. You'd have to rip the page out to frame it, which is stupid, and even if you did, it'd be smaller. I think the originals would always be "safe."
  12. I'd buy them by year. 2016 volume one. 2016 volume two. Etc. it would be cost prohibitive for any of us to attempt to make on our own if we had any intention of mass producing it. Even Team Brazil is far too lazy and incompetent to give us a quality product that would be worth the money. If TB were in charge I'm sure the book would be riddled with errors and omissions and cut every corner possible, while still charging as much as possible. They suck. Cause they have no passion, not an ounce in their souls; just nothing but greed for cash. Look at how amazing that lithorati site is. It's a labor of love. And it was made by a fan, for the fans, in their free time. And those aren't just internet sourced jpegs....those are actual scans. So that would be one hell of an expensive project. But it's awesome cause the passion is there. Unfortunately, if lithorati wanted to crowdsource the funds to do a proper book version of the site, TB would shut them down in a heartbeat. But that's the difference between TB and the fans: passion.
  13. I couldn't agree more. Other than seeing one NITL show in person, the most enjoyment I've got as a fan over the last year is having that wonderful resource to ALL the images in one place. (It's certainly better than that stupid Appetite re-release.) The only way Litorati could be improved was if it were an actual physical book I could own.
  14. Soundboards for Slither and Shadow of Your Love?

    Eh. Not even Axl could make me like that boring ass song.
  15. I was skeptical at first, seeing these prices, but I see no reason why they'll ever go down. There's never going to be more of these made. The band will always have a much larger following than the number of insanely popular lithos. Meaning, Cinci, Kobe, London 1, Paris, the LA tryptych, etc.....those are never going to be cheaper. If anything, they're just going to keep going up. At first I was baffled people were willing to spend so much on "new" merchandise, but it makes sense. These are truly limited and highly sought after. There are only 250 legitimate Cinci lithos in the world. ALL of them are in hands of collectors right now. Even if HALF of those collectors decide to ever selll them....you really think there will only be 125 people around the world that want to buy them? Demand is always going to outstrip supply for the "hot" ones.