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  1. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Can't stop trolling discogs for LPs and 7 inches......you people have created a monster.....

    Do you have the spaghetti all-over maxi print, the single ugliest GNR shirt ever made?
  3. Ain't going down versions

    Pinball Machine version sounds like shit. It's a midi file. It's all tinny and compressed.
  4. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    And now here it is, sitting in my room next to my clear vinyl Hyperspace by Beck and a 12 inch of Legal Man, also by Belle and Sebastian.........Tigermilk by Belle and Sebastian on baby blue vinyl. My man Dean came through for me....only 700 of these pressed and he got one for me and mailed it to me in Japan...a complete stranger! What an amazing guy!! Thanks so much man, I owe you big time!!
  5. I have boxes of those back in my parents' house. Can't imagine any of them would be worth more than 50 cents. They were homemade and mass circulated. I was glad to have them at the time, but every bit of content is available digitally and sounds better. But then again....this IS gnr we're talking about. Some weirdo might actually pay money for 30 year old mix tapes.
  6. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    You get a pre-order in or anything? It's about $400 in Japan!!
  7. Unreleased Greatest Hits

    No shit??? When was this? Was this the same show he actually sang the snippet from Only Women Bleed? Ya know, some bands are in the habit of surprising fans by playing entire album in a row, unannounced. Pearl Jam's done it. By the third song or so, the crowd goes apeshit cause they realize what's happening. Just imagine a universe where Axl actually gave even the tiniest iota of a shit about his fans, and they did TSI? straight through, just for the hell of it. It's a lovely dream, but the chances of that happening are lower than me being the meat in an Erin Everly/Stephanie Seymour sandwich.
  8. WTF Finck Solo

    Hands down the single worst guitarist to ever perform under the GNR name. I'd take fucking Ashba over him any day. Cause at least Ashba played the goddamn songs the way they were meant to be played. Robin's take on the AFD stuff is excruciating. He sounds like a little kid that found his dad's guitar and just started fucking around with it. I saw him with NIN and he was great, but for fuck's sake, was he godawful in Guns N Roses.
  9. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    You sure about that? I read every scrap of GNR news I could find voraciously in the 90s (still do) and I never heard anything like that. There were some very obvious and fake fan speculation threads that the reason the band broke up was cause Axl found out about Slash and Stephanie...maybe you're thinking of that? (I would know cause I'm the one that made it up and posted it here years ago for a laugh.....it was promptly deleted.)
  10. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Only if what he's saying is actually true, which it very well might not be, and also only if Axl still gives a shit. I've never met Stephanie Seymour and never will, but I have seen women do shit like that, so I for one, believe him. Some women are just fucked up, same as men. I've actually sat at a table with a couple and the woman started rubbing the crotch of the guy next to her, a complete stranger, while the man was oblivious. Or was he? I've always wondered if he knew she was doing it and was some kink he was in on. If this crotch rubbing really occurred in the GNR world, it's possible that Axl was very aware and turned on by it for some reason. Or maybe he'd have lost his mind and beat the shit out of everyone involved. Or maybe it's all complete bullshit. We'll never know.
  11. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I'm not interested in getting into an argument with some white knight that thinks these guys are something they're not. I suppose all their arrests which are a matter of public record are "fake" and that they were just "misunderstood?" Grow up.
  12. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I've known from the first time I saw a photo of these guys in 1988 that they were a pack of scumbags and not people I should aspire to be like. Didn't make the music any less awesome. If you really think this pack of drugged out sex-fiend degenerates are/were "nice" guys, and you want to preserve that idea of "their personalities" then yeah, don't read the book. In fact, don't read any books or articles about them. This shit is hardly news. These guys really are assholes.
  13. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Yeah the dolphin thing is not from the book. Someone on gnfnr decided to write their own fake excerpts which is really easy to do considering how sophmoric and amateurish the writing style is. And the fact that each "chapter" is basically a paragraph or two. Can't believe it took Matt and TWO ghost writers to get this down. Seems like it could have easily been written over the course of a long weekend. Maybe it was. I thought it was funny that Matt claimed that there was some kind of green rabbit creature stalking him when he was coked up out of his mind.....didn't Slash also get chased by some demon animal when he was all high in his book, that led to him smashing through a glass wall naked in Hawaii? Don't do drugs, kids.
  14. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    PS......the passage where he claims that Stephanie Seymour starting RUBBING HIS BALLS while sitting right next to Axl was probably the most entertaining GNR moment of 2020 for me so far.
  15. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    This pile of tabloid trash was so poorly written it only took me about 2 hours to finish. I started at the chapter when he joined Guns of course; I don't give a shit about his childhood. Holy shit, this guy clearly doesn't give a fuck anymore. He has burned every single last bridge with every member of GNR, even going as far as calling Fernando the "ten year old manager." It's actually really fucking funny, but in an unintentional way. It's nothing but gossip and trash talk. Just drugs drugs drugs and sex sex sex. Everything was everyone else's fault of course. Axl was an asshole. Slash stabbed him in the back over and over. Duff was spineless and betrayed him. Weiland was a fucking junkie mess. Frank Ferrer is a shitty drummer. The only ones he says nice things about about were Gilby and Izzy. If it ever gets officially published he'll be an even bigger laughingstock than he is. This book is utter trash....I was shocked at the end it revealed he even had ghost writers to help him! Holy shit that's embarrassing. Download and read it.....it's extremely entertaining, but it's also hilariously bad!!
  16. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Dude, that would be very very cool of you!!
  17. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Hey guys....I've already come to this thread a few times to ask Russ to help me grab the Slint record on record store day....now I've returned to ask for favors again. Anyone in the UK? Apparently their version of RSD is called Love Records Stores or something, and it's on June 20th. I'm a huge fan of Belle & Sebastian. It's probably weird that my two all time favorite bands are GNR and B&S but that's how it worked out. Apparently, they're doing a pressing of Tigermilk on baby blue vinyl, but it's limited to 700(!) and only sold at this UK event. That's my favorite record by them, and god, I love colored or translucent vinyl. I know it's a loooong shot, but if anyone is reading this in the UK and can help out, I'd appreciate it!! In the meantime, I AM in Japan and we sometimes have some good/rare stuff here, but the downside to collecting in Japan is that stuff is really expensive. (Also, for the foreseeable future, the Japan Post Office has suspended outgoing international packages. But hopefully that will be lifted soon.) Thanks guys!
  18. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Regardless of all the Mod/not mod....I like GNR/I don't like GNR shit....I don't give a crap. You were always straight with me, so I hope when the time comes we can still work something out for the Slint 12" on record store day! Take care man!
  19. Looking for Street of Dreams promo single

    I want it too, but a badly photshopped pic of Bai Ling on a disc that might even be a CD-R sure as shit isn't worth almost $300.

    It's not just news....it's EVERYWHERE. It's IN all the entertainment. It's even in THIS thread!! It had to be cleaned up cause people can't stop talking about him! Where can I escape??

    Nah. You could go half a day without hearing the word "Obama." As long as the next president is media/liberal approved, it'll be a whole different ballgame. This throbbing, pulsating hate boner for Trump? I've never seen anything like it in my lifetime. I with you on the virus thing too. I'm already dreading when TV shows and movies come back and they're all gonna be about people sitting around in quarantine but 6 months too late. Snoooooooze.

    I don't like Trump. Ever since I first saw him on TV back in the 80s he just came off as a smug blowhard. But I have never in my life witnessed the mass hate of ONE individual infiltrate and seep into every single aspect of my life. Movies, TV, comic books, cartoons, fucking internet forums about bands......I can't. Fucking. Escape. Just for ONE day....ONE DAY.....how nice it would be to not have to read and hear the word TRUUUUUUUUMMMMMPP every five milliseconds. It's exhausting. I'm so goddamn tired of it.

    Yeah thank god this old 80s hair metal band has the BALLS to take on Trump. FINALLLLLLY. NOOOBODY in the mass media, entertainment industry, or the internet have spoken out against him in the last five years. But FINALLY someone is brave enough to do it and it just happens to be our favorite band GNR, known since the 80s for having a sterling reputation of good behavior and morals.

    If you think this shirt is "clever" than i guess a guy falling face first into a pile of dog shit must be the very height of comedy.

    God, can you imagine....we've been waiting all these decades for new music and if it actually happened and it was just more boring Orange Man Bad bullshit? This ain't the 60s and Axl sure as hell ain't Bob Dylan.