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  1. It is all part of Axl/TB's plan to make us all Brazilian.
  2. 2018 Travel Thread

    Last time I was in Sheffield was for Slash's Snakepit. I was stupid enough to get National Express!!
  3. 2018 Travel Thread

    The public schools are different. They produce probably the greatest share of county/test cricketers. It is a bit of a posh boys sport, and even the non-posh Northern lads, people like Joe Root as soon as they are talent spotted, are often put on scholarships by public schools. That is a different route in for people of all social groups, through the county academies - that is something Yorkshire and Durham do very well at. By the time we were at (state) school pretty much everybody (sans the Asians) had ditched cricket for Premiership Football. The Asians sort of keep themselves to themselves, having their own leagues in Yorkshire and Lancashire and not integrating into the mainstream county/England set-up. That is something they're trying to change - obviously the emergence of Asian role models playing for England helps, Moeen Ali and Rashid, etc.
  4. 2018 Travel Thread

    Just at school. I went down the whole academic route, plus general farting around, laziness and drinking.
  5. I do not think Guns N' Roses would consider themselves to be anywhere near The Rolling Stones's level, especially Izzy and Slash who both worshiped at the alter of Exile on Main St.
  6. 2018 Travel Thread

    A bunch of games plonked together, usually in a lovely old traditional outground rather than your familiar stadiums, and with marquees and other attractions. It is the Durham fixture I'm seeing. https://www.gloscricket.co.uk/cheltenham-cricket-festival/ There used to be far more of them at one time. This has been running since 1872.
  7. 2018 Travel Thread

    Cheltenham Cricket Festival tomorrow.
  8. Nobody knows! We've had his conversation many times and it doesn't make sense, Rose's grievance against Slash. Briefly, Slash was the model of restraint, and what Slash did say that could be construed as pejorative was no worse than statements by Izzy and Duff, neither of whom seemed to attract Rose's opprobrium.
  9. the eating stuff thread

    Or how is her head more to the point, if he was on 18 cans of the olde wife-beater haha
  10. Anyone with this hairstyle was most definitely not punk, (Not the best quality but for the full shocking mullet, turn to your Illusion booklet.)
  11. AXS "premiere" of London 2012

    The only good thing about that is it has Izzy Stradlin.
  12. Bohemian Rhapsody trailer released (film due Nov)

    There is a lot of stuff being squeezed into there, isn't there? From forming the band to AIDS in two hours!
  13. Top/bottom five, Nightrain Mr. Brownstone It's So Easy Double Talkin’ Jive 14 Years ... Silk Worms Scraped Shackler's Revenge Chinese Democracy My World
  14. I always used to laugh at that picture of Duff in Robert John's book where he hasn't even bothered to, or can't, fasten his zip and his big belly is protruding. Picture the scene, ''fuck, it won't fasten. I know. I'll wear it proudly as a sort of 'punk rawk' statement''. Or maybe he simply said, ''I'm big, sassy and proud''.