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  1. what's up with all these sex scandals?

    James Levine, the classical conductor at The Met also. Why would such an Adonis resort to sexual harassment? Surely the chicks were lining up for the guy,
  2. Road Crew would be more GN'R than Nugnr but they wouldn't even know about it as GN'R wouldn't have been invented.
  3. what's up with all these sex scandals?

    Morgan Freeman now!!
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    I ordered a second hand dvd from Amazon marketplace, opera, Meistersinger von Nürnberg, and the second disc consisted of an old Czech comedy film!! What do you expect for £1 something I suppose?
  5. Are you a nostalgic person?

    Oh you Guns N' Roses fan, you.
  6. I do not agree with that statement so... The way I look at it, Velvet Revolver equates two fifths (of Guns) whilst Nugnr equates one fifth (of Guns). Two is bigger than one.
  7. Assuming Rose sings like he would for AC/DC.
  8. I am serious. If there are representations of Rose during the (for lack of a better description) ''interregnum'' it is only fair to highlight what Slash and Duff were doing during that period also, whether through Velvet Revolver or solo songs.
  9. I wonder how many children Jagger sires between now and tomorrow?
  10. Are you a nostalgic person?

    The general trend for (genius) classical composers is to work within the confines of the aesthetics of their day, learning, crafting - not breaking through any doors but perhaps nudging a few doors open, hinting at future possibilities - only to break through with a distinctive style of their own which may (or may not) be highly revolutionary (they could for instance espouse musical conservatism such as Brahms and Verdi), but certainly will be highly personal. Thus Mozart began composing classical pleasantries in the spirit of The Enlightenment and Classicism before producing sublime masterpieces which reflect sturm und drang and perhaps foreshadow (Mozart was never much of a revolutionary it should be pointed out) Romanticism. The three Da Ponte operas, final five or six symphonies and Requiem best reflect this late period of Mozart. Beethoven operated within the Haydn-Mozartian orbit but broke through during his Middle (heroic) and Late periods with genuinely revolutionary music. Wagner's early operas are in the Mozartian-Weber-Meyerbeer tradition before he theorised and then realised new possibilities regarding sonority, harmony, form, musical space and German nationhood: Gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art).
  11. I wouldn't mind an occasional Chinese song if a ''Slither'' or a ''Fall to Pieces'' was played also.
  12. Are you a nostalgic person?

    That is not always true. Wagner's youthful operas, Das Liebesverbot, Rienzi - even ubiquitous The Flying Dutchman - are considered less significant works than his later masterpieces like Tristan, Parsifal and The Ring Cycle. The younger Beethoven worked within the confines of 18th century classicism, pleasing, yet lacking the revolutionary impetus of works produced during his ''heroic'' and Late periods, e.g., the 3rd and 9th. Shakespeare's great tragedies - Hamlet, Othello and Macbeth - occurred ten years into his career as a playwright. Dickens grew, from serialised satire into intricately plotted novels.
  13. Are you a nostalgic person?

    The best example of it is kung fu films. I grew up on Hong Kong films. They are in my DNA.
  14. Are you a nostalgic person?

    I do not even listen to rock music right now. The whole Anglo-American rock thing just depresses me.