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  1. The 6 Nations thread.

    I'm going to see England v Italy in September. Just a £25 cheapy up in the Leazes End.
  2. Was McCartney replaced?

    Five Gene Vincents, Four woofters,
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    Why are they celebrating July 4th? These Norwegians are not traitors to His Royal Majesty George III? Apparently - I see Spunko looking - there is a Welsh colony in Argentina. No sheep are safe, not even among the pampas.
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    It is cultural appropriation gone into overdrive.
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    This is depressing. Listen to Grieg.
  6. It is explained in the documentary.
  7. General Chat / Random Musings

    There used to be a bloke in an estate near me who had 2-3 bona fide 1950s styles Yankee cars (Cadillac possibly). I don't know how he managed to obtain them and get them transferred to Britain as he just lived in a semi-detached suburban house, and this was before the internet. Our streets are not even built to withstand such tanks thinking about it. Being an Elvis fan and something of a devotee to 1950s ''Americana'' I was very impressed as a kid.
  8. Taking to its logical conclusion, Streisand is advocating legalised pederasty.
  9. Was McCartney replaced?

    That is the best look. 4 (well 5 actually as they had Stu) Gene Vincents. Epstein got them into off-the-peg suits and they looked like a bunch of bumboys.
  10. A lot depends on the person. If someone has a record for being the wanker that makes them fair game. Rose has been thus since his heyday on account of his diva-isms, lateness, tantrums, lassy-bashing and yes ''One In A Million''. A more extreme example would be somebody utterly repellent like Gary Glitter; would anyone leap to Glitter's defence if somebody called him a ''fat old ugly fucker''? Nope, because he is fairgame due to his noncing.
  11. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    The most controversial opinion here would of course be, Axl owes you something.
  12. The Boxing Thread

    Probably not so much if you're British. Joshua/Fury is surely the big one if you are British.
  13. The Boxing Thread

    It'll be, and I say this more in relation to Fury v Joshua, just be the Pacquiao/Matweather thing whereby they fart around with discussions forever and then they're too old when they do fight. Boxers are greedier than footballers or rockstars. Apparently Joshua was flogging signed boxing gloves at his fight for £200 or £300! Bet some lackey signed it also haha.
  14. The Boxing Thread

    It'll not happen for ages and nor will a Joshua fight with Wilder/Fury. This is why boxing pisses me off.
  15. The Dirt (Motley Crue)

    I feel that about every music biopic, even the ones with a bit of financing like the Cash and Queen one. They all have this tv-movie feel to them for some reason. Probably the one exception is The Doors which tried to do things a bit arty at least. Well, they seem like the latest thing what with Elton John's arriving and the success of Bohemian Rhapsody. Expect a lot more of them.