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  1. They're all sexist songs really - in fact, probably 80% of rock n' roll songs produced are sexist - but this is just a stupid conversation as nobody should go to Guns N' Roses expecting a nuanced portrait of femininity and/or interaction between the sexes! You wouldn't listen to the operas of Richard Wagner expecting Bell canto, would you?
  2. Who is the greatest one album band?

    The earliest technical albums were ''books'' of 78s, and were all classical albums and spoken word releases (e.g., comedy records). The long-player vinyl was not even invented until 1948, first utilised in jazz and easy listening (alongside the aforementioned classical and spoken word releases) before proliferating in rock-pop, although the 45 still remained the dominant format until the ''album age''. So any popular act before 1948, by default, never released an album basically; think the great jazz-swing and blues recordings, Louis Armstrong and the Hot Five, Robert Johnson, etc. The album as an ''artistic'' medium is a slightly different topic and that only began, pertaining to rock-pop, from circa mid-'60s with the ''album age'', Blonde on Blonde, Pet Sounds, Pepper, etc.
  3. The Boxing Thread

    Imagine if twitter existed during Frazier v Ali haha?
  4. The Boxing Thread

    I had Joshua winning only rounds four and six, before the knock-out. One-two were clear cut rounds for Povetkin. PS These slow starts of Joshua's? Nobody has managed to capitalise yet but...
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    Frozen food section of the supermarket. Nothing advertises singleton than a depressing looking ''meal for one'' lasagna from Tescos.
  6. Duff To Play Charity Event

    Whiney studenty bumfluffy vegany pretentious bollocks.
  7. Duff To Play Charity Event

    Amazing as in, that is an amazingly large dog turd, amazing?
  8. Duff To Play Charity Event

    Coldplay, U2 and Radiohead send me apoplectic.
  9. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    The Stones were never more American than on the Exile album (unless you are discussing their earlier ''covers'' era). It runs the whole gauntlet of American folk musical traditions, from blues to country, from gospel to rock n' roll - you can really hear the strains of Bessie Smith and Robert Johnson in there. Between the Buttons however is as English as fish and chips. What on earth else can one make of, - ''Who's Been Sleeping Here?'' And there are multiple lyrics describing ''Swingin' London'', of which ''Amanda Jones'' is certainly one, stuff like,
  10. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    They are similar but ''All Down the Line'' is much better - and I'm a big admirer of the Goats Head record. I find it strange how you prefer The Stones's American basis yet extol by far their most English sounding album, Between the Buttons which is clearly ''imitation Kinks'' at its least impressive.
  11. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    ''Sweet Virginia'' and ''All Down the Line'' weren't filler: they were played live on the 1972 Exile tour (cf., Ladies and Gentlemen film), and have been revived occasionally since, especially so since the 1990s. Further, if there is a track which epitomizes Exile more than any it is ''Casino Boogie'', and no ''Torn and Frayed'', no ''Ventilator Blues'', no ''Stop Breaking Down'' - these are some of my very favourite songs by The Rolling Stones!!
  12. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    You have just decimated one of the greatest albums ever!!!
  13. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    It is more concise and of the ilk of the Kinks and Beatles than Exile. Exile is like one of those mass musicologist research projects experts did in the early twentieth century - not just in the United States but in places like Africa - the aim being to record folk-tribal music before it vanished completely. Pertaining to Exile, It is as if The Stones had visited the cotton fields of 1930s America and captured snatches of ''negro music''. ''Amanda Jones'' sounds like something you'd bop to in a London nightclub in 1967 with Jean Shrimpton in tow!!
  14. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    I couldn't even imagine a song with that lyrical content appearing on Exile.