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  1. Any Bob Dylan fans?

    I have never heard of that actually. His '60s work is as impeccable as The Beatles' discography, Freewheelin', 61, Blonde on Blonde, John Wesley Harding - don't forget The Basement Tapes. The ''Judas'' concert is also one of the greatest live albums; it is available with the bootleg series.
  2. Any Bob Dylan fans?

    Yes. Used to be a bit of a Dylan fanatic. Saw him live thrice, more than any other act seen by me.
  3. Slash peeing his pants and sleeping in a hotel foyer, the wrong hotel as it turns out from the one the band were staying it. The staff avoided him as he smelt of urine.
  4. British Politics

    ''Miss, Diesel drew a willy on my maths book''.
  5. British Politics

    I did hear King was a strange kettle of fish. He met Hitler in 1937, channeling Hitler's ''mystic'' energy, determining that Hitler would become some sort of Wagnerian hero. And here he is,
  6. British Politics

    Good old Mackenzie King. Canada was also vital in sustaining the Atlantic convoy route from U-Boats; it was vital to pass forth convoys to Canadian resources beyond the range of our long-range bombers operating from England. Canadians, the 2nd Infantry Division, landed on Juno but you'll not find that bit of information in anything American! If the Germans had landed in Britain during Operation Sealion the one foreign division we had was actually Canadian. There is also Dieppe which was a fiasco but at least the allies learnt a lot for Overload.
  7. British Politics

    Will it be French led one wonders (That is a rhetorical question)?
  8. British Politics

    I assume a EU army would not replace the existing national armies but be based upon the NATO model by which European countries draw upon their national establishment in order to fulfill NATO military quotas. I cannot possibly conceive of the French ditching their (military) pomp and ceremony.
  9. British Politics

    European army, - Macron Seems it is directed at Russia then, freeing Europe from NATO commitments.
  10. British Politics

    In the words of Tony Benn, the EU is "the most bureaucratic terrifying system in the world''.
  11. British Politics

    I don't want to move. My family are here and my sports team is an 8 mins train ride away.
  12. British Politics

    And how many of them are personal and not, merely me typing up a film I watched last night?
  13. British Politics

    Soul, you don't know anything about me. You don't know where I have traveled because I am not generally a look at me social media person. You don't know who my friends are. You have little knowledge of what I have/am studying except perhaps history. How can you possibly determine that I am xenophobic? I'm going through them, one at a time... No.
  14. British Politics

    Talking over the person in third-person? Toddler behaviour.
  15. British Politics

    You are like one of those annoying kids who rat out the other kids in school to teacher. ''Look at him miss. He smuggled in fags''.