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  1. Still think he looks like one of the blokes from ABBA.
  2. I do not believe Peace Trail will be rehabilitated in thirty years somehow!
  3. Neil Young probably has as many average albums - and a few stinkers - as great albums now, but it is never uninteresting following his career, and there is always something to look forward to. If Neil releases an average-poor album, you merely wait a year and there will be another one out that may be much better. It may even be a masterpiece like Le Noise. That was just 2010. His last album was terrible haha. Peace Trail. Crikey!
  4. I think there has been enough presidential assassinations in American history. Jesus, what is it with you Yanks bumping off your Presidents? The President of the United States must have a life expectancy lower than a butterfly. What is it, four killed and two injured (including Reagan by a Jodie Foster/Taxi Driver obsessive).
  5. Hundred Days, the End of the Great War by Nick Lloyd. I think I am going to enjoy this.
  6. The news brings back my days idling in Barcelona. None of the television reports are mention the skanky prostitutes and peep show which reside at the bottom of Las Ramblas, nearer the Columbus' statue end. Not that I partook of course - honest.
  7. If I have one bad customer experience I am never going to that place again. Something I live by.
  8. I'd knock the old hippy out haha. I certainly wouldn't be rushing home to listen to his albums. If by the same token, a waiter was really rude to you in a restaurant, would you go rushing back simply because you like the food?
  9. It is weird how nobody is mentioning the Barcelona attack, yet if it occurred in England - as it has recently, three times! - or America somebody would've made a post by now. Is it because they are me no Inglesh or a bit swarthy in complexion?
  10. I've watched both (Ali v) Berbick and Holmes. What sort of idiot allowed Ali in the ring for those?
  11. I'll just wait until somebody mentions Wagner - whoops. His name is usually the first one which crops up in these conversations. Just for the record I'm not discussing whether they are twats in toto, but whether they are a twat to me personally. As I said, if I have a bad customer experience in a restaurant, I do not go back regardless of the quality of food.
  12. The Who ended with Keith Moon. Cash grabbing old farts.
  13. ''The Farewell Tour'' line. You can spin a farewell tour for ten years.
  14. Rhetorical question: would you now be able to watch Jim'll Fix It knowing what you know now? It was after all quite an enjoyable show.