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  1. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    Not denying it though, are you? Permanently off your tits I say.
  2. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

  3. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    He also grows and consumes a copious amount of weed.
  4. Kindness

    Life lessons from Matt Sorum, the replacement drummer for Guns N' Roses, haha.
  5. Kindness

    John Lennon in the house.
  6. British Politics

    Dawn Butler faking up a racial profiling incident. Claimed to be the driver, which she wasn't, and then released edited footage from her camera that has been flipped to make it look like she was the driver! Police apparently releasing bodycam footage, PS She also pulled the, ''do you know who I am?'' thing by pointing out she is a MP! Simply embarrassing.
  7. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    That is generally how it proceeds. The terms ''racist/racism'', everything from breakfast cereals to rice now being considered ''racist'', are now utterly meaningless as terms as they are thrown around like confetti.
  8. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    I suppose we'll just return to taking the piss out of one and another through the prism of Star Wars vis-à-vis my reading habits.
  9. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    Who is the arbitrator of these ''better thoughts''?
  10. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    Orwellian comments like this are the problem. The leftwaffe refuse to countenance the existence of an opinion that is different from their own, be that climate, Trump, Brexit, BLM: an opinion that is different is merely seen as a product of an ''uneducated'' mind, that has been produced in error and demands correction through 'reeducation''.
  11. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    No. I stated Geordie Shore.
  12. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    It is much like Star Wars actually. Very like it. In both we see orange skinned aliens speaking in unintelligible gibberish whilst attempting to mate. The Mos Eisley cantina scene is basically The Bigg Market on a Friday evening.
  13. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    I'd rather watch the entirety of Geordie Shore.
  14. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    I know it well enough that I last saw that character in two pieces falling down a chute.
  15. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    Darth Maul also turns up, despite being certifiably brown bread for thirty years.
  16. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    That is the film with some guy pretending to be Han Solo?
  17. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    That film was released. It was terrible but it was released.
  18. General Chat / Random Musings

    Magwitch is in our midst.
  19. General Chat / Random Musings

    Exactly correct - Aug 08, 1964 - Kurhaus, Scheveningen, Holland - but it doesn't seem to have been connected with any ''tour'' but a random date, although they were in Paris in October. They had toured America before mainland Europe, and would soon go to America again, which is the opposite of The Beatles who had played France (not including their formative Hamburg sojourn) before touring the United States. The Stones do not seem to have toured mainland Europe extensively until they played West Germany in September 1965, although they had played Scandinavia. You could say The Stones didn't care much for Europe.
  20. British Politics

    Pint sized she is,
  21. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    Is that really the best interrogative you could have picked?
  22. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    This is a problem of course when you find yourself lubed-up and on all fours in a seedy Thai hotel.
  23. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    It is every time somebody uses the black word these days.
  24. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    The point is, you defended the Ghostbusters remake.