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  1. Star Trek: Picard

    I am really fed up with this show, and modern Trek in toto. It just seems that Star Trek these days (Discovery, Kelvin timeline films, Picard) is adverse to being Star Trek, to having those slow-paced character building episodes which usually also operate as lessons in morality and humanity. During a ''standard'' (not a specially great or bad) episode, TNG-VOY say but to a lesser extent Enterprise, you could plonk two characters in a shuttlecraft - one location - come up with some space babble to create a ''problem'', a space distortion anomaly or something or other, and use it basically as a vehicle to character build. This is the bread and butter of Trek really, not big Borg and Klingon episodes. Take ''The Inner Light''. It is just a poignant character development piece set on a class m planet. ''Measure of a Man'' is a legal drama on AI, the nature of sentient life. Now the action set pieces all have to be Star Wars. The quipping has to be continuous and post-ironic. The editing has to be fast paced and unrelenting. The locations have to change all the time. The episodes have to be stuffed with fan service, Easter eggs, cameos and in-jokes. Post-irony and cynicism have prevailed over Roddenberry's utopianism. It is over.
  2. Friends HBO Reunion Special

    That is true. I cannot think of anything more subjective than humour.
  3. Star Trek: Picard

    And Dr Bruce Maddox's return, from the classic ''Measure of a Man'' (TNG). Again different actor - here is the original, New one, He has had a hard paper round!
  4. Star Trek: Picard

    The last episode felt more like The Fifth Element than Trek. It was wank if I'm honest.
  5. Except Guns N' Roses were about as dangerous as the spice girls. That line, ''most dangerous band in the world'', was media hyperbole.
  6. Friends HBO Reunion Special

    Except Friends is about as funny as a punch in the face.
  7. General Chat / Random Musings

    Ridiculous heavy handedness and waste of resources. You can tell the police like to trigger arrests to fulfill quotas. You see this on that Booze Britain thing often where they are chasing after people to arrest them for innocuous stuff.
  8. The Boxing Thread

    Hearn makes Joshua difficult to support.
  9. The 6 Nations thread.

    You're assuming the star players will want to stay. You are still probably right though even if there are mass defections as the quality of championship Rugby is so poor - Falcons have steamrolled it. You're playing teams like Cornish Pirates and Ealing Trailfinders and those are two of the better teams. The funding has just been cut also so it is only going to get worse. It is probably France's Grand Slam as I cannot see them losing to Ireland.
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    As I get more into small brewery crafty type ales I have becoming increasingly aware of how poor quality mass-distributed lagers and beers are. It is all - everyone of this same bunch of lagers, Heineken, Carlsberg, Wifebeater, Fosters, Carling - owned by about three corporate conglomerates and contains additives and sugars. The taste is synthetic and foul in the extreme and there is no care or authenticity. Guinness is not the worst offender - indeed, I would have considered myself a fan of the stuff until a year ago - but with that also I now detect a synthetic presence (it is hard to put into words). Guinness is owed by Diageo which is British. Yes, Guinness is British. Newcastle Brown Ale is Dutch (Heineken) and Peroni is Japanese (Asahi). A bunch of conglomerates snapped up every beer in the world, and if there was anything good there to begin with, it probably isn't now. People in Britain go to these same brands like sheep. It is the Macdonalds effect.
  11. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2020 Edition

    I am reasonably clued-up on German film-making but this has seemingly passed me by.
  12. The 6 Nations thread.

    Scotland v Italy was a dull match full of handling errors, but Wales v France was very exciting, marred by some poor refereeing penalising the Welsh. At a domestic level, I have been to three Falcons games this season who are certainly going to bounce back up to the Premiership. I will probably go to a fourth before the cricket starts up again and all my interest is directed there.
  13. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2020 Edition

    Is it good? I haven't seen it.
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    I do not often remember the names but Samuel Smith comes to mind. Tinned beer is full of shite. A can of Guinness has 5 tea spoons worth of liquid sugar in it.
  15. The Boxing Thread

    If I wake up through the night I might stick it on the radio. That is if the radio isn't paywalled to buggery also? PS Talksport. The problem with my usual - torrent the bugger for free in the morning - routine is you have do the Likely Lads and avoid the outcome.
  16. Friends HBO Reunion Special

    I'd rather stick knitting needles in my eyeballs than watch an episode of Friends.
  17. General Chat / Random Musings

    And it was a good racist joke. Another bit of trivia is that Guinness sired 21 children.
  18. General Chat / Random Musings

    Arthur Guinness was actually a Unionist and Anglican. He opposed the 1798 Rebellion.
  19. General Chat / Random Musings

    I have decided this last year that I don't really like Guinness. Packed with sugar and other synthetic extras and buggers up your innards. You can find better real English ale stouts.
  20. The Boxing Thread

    Does Guns N' Roses run boxing now, 58 quid to watch a boxing match on the box?
  21. ELVIS

    I have,
  22. He could have been paraphrasing Pitman.
  23. Yes. Somebody else will have to supply you with the quote as I cannot find the interview.
  24. You must have missed the interview then.
  25. General Chat / Random Musings

    Shipyard is quite good. On the pump in most 'Spoons.