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  1. 49 People Killed in New Zealand Mass Shooting

    She worked as a policy adviser for Tony Blair! https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/96123508/jacinda-ardern-i-didnt-want-to-work-for-tony-blair
  2. Well it depends on how you define manipulation. Somebody of a cynical persuasion who solely views paedophilia punitively and who has accepted Leaving Neverland's claims, could say that Michael Jackson's entire persona, his feminine voice, Neverland, his charity work - certainly his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley - was a thorough media construct and an exercise in manipulation. As Wade Robson said on the Oprah thing: ''we were groomed before we met him''.
  3. The people active in this discussion now. It is just there wouldn't be such an emphasis on ''Michael's bed'' if they had watched it, and people would actually understood just how some of these children did ask to sleep with Michael. And it is alright judging what your child would or would not do, or you would or would not do, but even the flimsiest look at the parents of the four main alleged victims will tell you they're not exactly ''parent of the year''. All this is in the actual documentary.
  4. Has anyone else bothered to watch the documentary besides myself?
  5. Oh, we come to the crux of the argument. Inflation of Soul's already over-inflated sense of ego.
  6. No. And I never said that. And anyone who has watched Leaving Netherland will know that it never worked like that. We don't know of an incident when there wasn't a progressive escalation in the relationship between the child and Michael. He first met Wade Robson for instance in Australia at a talent concert, and then later met him at a concert; at no stage was any of this private. He first met Safechuck during a Pepsi commercial. During the first visits to Neverland (and this includes Chandler), the families were present. It is difficult to even construct a hypothetical scenario whereby what you describe could have happened, given that the children initially met Michael in a very public way.
  7. Also, by assuming ''no child would propose sleeping in Michael's bed'' you have to assume every child the world over is identical, and that every child's upbringing (i.e., parents) is identical. We have already been introduced to the high calibre parents: Evan Chandler, the Arvizos, Wade Robson's mother.
  8. It is completely academic to whether or not they were molested, considering they were molested in every place conceivable including outside the Neverland Ranch. If you are going to query whether your child would sleep in Michael's bed, you could just as well ponder whether your child would agree to watch a film with Michael in his private cinema. Both cinema and bed were scenes of the crime afterall! The fact Michael also molested them in his bed is probably one of the least surprising things about Leaving Neverland in light of what we already know from Bashir's documentary.
  9. Well you don't know anything about me so. We have already established that when you said some nonsense about me pertaining to foreigners and travel. I don't publicize my life unlike you. Why are people so obsessed with the sleeping in the bed? I repeat (if we believe the documentary) - please look at the facts clearly people, - MICHAEL HAD SEX WITH THE CHILDREN IN HIS PRIVATE CINEMA. - HE HAD SEX WITH THEM IN THE TREE HOUSE. - HE HAD SEX IN THAT SUITE OF ROOMS HE LIVED IN LA (I.E. NOT EVEN NEVERLAND). - HE HAD SEX WITH THEM IN OTHER HOTEL ROOMS (these kids went around the world with him). - PART OF THE ''FUN'' WAS ACTUALLY THE ''RISK OF GETTING CAUGHT'' SO HE HAD SEX WITH THE CHILDREN IN MORE PUBLIC PLACES THAN HIS BEDROOM - THEIR PARENTS WERE NOT OFTEN PRESENT (SO YOU HAVE TO ASK WHETHER YOU WOULD LEAVE YOUR KID IN HIS CUSTODY BEFORE PONDERING ON ANYTHING ELSE) Would you believe your child would agree to, go to the Neverland cinema with Michael? Why aren't you asking this question? The bed thing is not even the issue! Some of these abused children might have had an innocent sleepover with Michael watching ET yet been molested somewhere else on the ranch. Some of these abused kids may have never seen the inside of his bed for all we know!
  10. I don't agree. I think you are underestimating Jackson's cult like appeal, fame and fortune. Also, you are removing a vital stage from the ''sleeping over stage'', i.e., the removal of the parents. Often the parents were not even present - not even on the ranch. Jackson sent Wade Robson's family on a USA jaunt whilst Wade was left with Michael at Neverland. Before you ask the question, ''would my child sleep in Michael's bed'', you might want to first ask the question: ''would I leave my child in Michael's care and bugger off to Disneyland?''. And again, believing the documentary. the sexual acts occurred all over Neverland. The sleeping in his bedroom was not a prerequisite for their molestation.
  11. Kids have sleepovers, don't they? There is your explanation. That is how these things are depicted in the Bashir thing and elsewhere - minus the paedophilia: one big sleepover involving popcorn, Spielberg films and so forth. Watch the clip I posted above.
  12. British Politics

    He was doing it for some project which never materialised. My dog ate my homework also.
  13. I'm sure you do a sterling moonwalk Soul but there is really no comparison here. No one - and I'm including nonces here - has quite fashioned what can only be described as a ''children cult'' quite like Michael Jackson. Nobody has had the financial resources and will power to create an environment for the aforementioned cult like Michael did with Neverland. Nobody, outside Presley and The Beatles, has even been as famous as Jackson in the 20th century and therefore managed to reflect a persona back onto the general population.
  14. British Politics

    Wrong member of The Who!
  15. What you describe, and all this paranoia about children, is rather bleak. It basically assumes every adult is a paedophile haha.
  16. Londoner arse face syndrome writ-large.
  17. There does not seem to have been this great demarcation between private and public space here. They were in ''Michael's domain'', and often separated from their parents for significant periods of time. It was all one big childlike paradise, his bedroom included. Besides, if we believe Leaving Neverland, the sleeping in his bed issue is rather academic as sexual acts occurred all around the ranch, in his private cinema, etc.
  18. Well that is the key. Imagine what a child witnessed when entering Neverland. It was literally the ''kid in a sweet shop''. He/she would be bombarded with sensory overload of child related themes, Disney, fairgrounds, zoos, sweets, toys, gadgets and games. The actual setting is a sort of bucolic paradise with trees for tree climbing and so forth. Then you have Michael who successfully created/cultivated an image of being the perennial child, ''Peter Pan'' - so thoroughly asexual that parents allowed this (''sleeping'') activity to happen. The entire world basically bought into this image, so what chance do the actual children themselves have? Now what do kids do? They have sleepovers, or slumber parties or whatever they're called stateside. It doesn't surprise me in the least that they wanted to sleep in his bed.
  19. I see no reason to doubt any of this,
  20. I actually disagree. I believe Jackson was being honest on the Bashir thing when he said ''they all want to sleep with me''.
  21. 49 People Killed in New Zealand Mass Shooting

    I wasn't discussing Princess Diana. I was merely using her as an analogy as someone similarly in possession of the common touch. The Prime Minister of New Zealand was the subject of my post, but you know this already and are simply trying to trigger an argument.
  22. I have not really been following the argument too closely in fairness. The psychology mutterings of Rose are nonsensical at the best of times.
  23. 49 People Killed in New Zealand Mass Shooting

    I mean what I said. She has the common touch. How many world leaders would be seen, She is neither dead nor British.
  24. 49 People Killed in New Zealand Mass Shooting

    Jacinda Ardern got the Princess Di common touch I see?