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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    To collectively punishing even those who weren't complaining and are interested in more? No need to say most of the critism is understandable, though. It should be for their own good to select the best videos possible than some random stuff.
  2. NITL live videos on youtube

    I wouldn't say they shouldn't have started it because it's better than nothing IMO. But the way it's done is typical GNR. It sucks that they can't do anything like a normal band would do
  3. Meegan posted a picture of Slash with a bandana. He should keep wearing some kind of cap instead
  4. Every average music fan out there has Axl and Slash in mind when talking/hearing/reading about GNR. Slash made history as one of the best guitarists in one of the biggest rock bands ever. Imagine you settle differences with your lead singer and you're able reform this band, wouldn't you do it? GNR is Slash's baby as much as it's Axl's. He doesn't need a divorce to reunite what he has built in the first place. Particularly as Slash's GNR buisness has nothing to do with his alimony to Perla.
  5. It's a fact that SMKC has played several arenas in Europe with a capacity over 10000. They usually do a lot of gigs and some in smaller venues but to ignore the fact that they can fill an arena is just trolling.
  6. Unfortunately yes. Even young Axl isn't the better singer but he would easily outperform Myles with his power, his timbre and his overall performance. Now, all that's left is his stage present.
  7. NITL live videos on youtube

    To me it's Axl's low energy voice and his Mickey Mouse voice that makes it sound bad. Then you have Frank on Drums who doesn't have a feeling for the old songs at all, to the point where it sounds even worst. And when Fortus decides that he has to play leads on the GNR classic... that sucks too. I really don't mind Melissa because I really can't hear her most of the time. Criticizing Slash and Duff who are carrying the whole show is a little bit strange IMO but to each their own I guess. I don't say Slash and Duff play their parts perfectly or couldn't do better but to criticize those two while you have so many, much much weaker elements in the band is kind of funny and sad at the same time.
  8. NITL live videos on youtube

    Yeah... and some like CD more than any of the classic abums. Some maybe prefer dog shit to a peace of chocolate. That's fine, but I don't have to agree.
  9. NITL live videos on youtube

    I'd pay everything I have to see the Illusions- tour-Axl. He was incredible back then, though he was even better in the '80s. The band played it how the song should be played. Nothing to moan about it.
  10. NITL live videos on youtube

    Are you telling me there weren't good performances of SCOM during the UYI tour?
  11. Nobody should do that, ever.
  12. You don't even know how much I want this to be true. And you got a point with jamming with Axl.
  13. You're right. He didn't collaborate with anybody other than Axl and Duff but he didn't say he writes music only for Guns. So basically he separates writing music and recording guitar stuff for Guns. It could mean everything but it sounds like he doesn't know who he writes music for. Could be for Guns or for anybody else if Axl's not interested in this music. Most likely for himself or SMKC. Recording guitar stuff for Guns sounds like he's been doing guitar parts for already existing music... probably CD 2 stuff. But hopefully it means he records parts which are definitely going to be used as GNR stuff and nothing else (unlike the "writing music" quote).
  14. I haven't heard the interview myself but somebody mentioned earlier on this thread that he concentrates solely on Guns right now and isn't involved in other projects. That would mean new music for Guns.