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  1. Nicky Sixx and Slash were always on good terms since Mötley took GNR on tour I think.
  2. The titel of this topic is based on the Pollstar article and of course money and success go hand in hand. I told you my reasons why I'm happy when they're successful. Your opinion on this topic doesn't change anything.
  3. That's not a step forward, that's a step back. I think he'll tell us some news about his off-time like plans he has with the Conspirators in the following 5 months if he's on Six Sence.
  4. I'd prefer someone with a dirty rock voice.
  5. That might be your opinion. I heard a lot of Slash songs that I love. Maybe that aren't songs at all when he clearly isn't a songwriter? Is there something more boring than a complete instrumental album? I could never became a Buckethead fan just because he's exactly doing what you think Slash should do.
  6. I might be the biggest Slash fan but Order of Nine is totally right. I love Slash's solo work but it has not the class GNR had. I'm sure a lot of his stuff had the potential to be iconic if there were Izzy and Axl adding their parts to it. But GNR created the albums at the right time like capturing the zeitgeist. That's not possible today neither with Slash solo nor with GNR. Edit: Just read his first post. Of course it's bullshit that a 17 year old would write something like WOF on his lap top.
  7. The only one preventing them from doing a GNR record is Axl. That should be clear as fuck. Let's see it from Slash's point of view: You have almost written a complete album before the reunion. During the NILT tour you had enough time to write more music. Considering Slash's work ethic and the time frame passes by, he most likely has enough material for at least another record. So what do you do now? Give it all to Axl? There's a strong possibility that giving it to Axl is like trashing it. Throwing it into the garbage can. Is Slash willing to surrender Axl his material just that Axl can pick it to peaces? Are Slash's ideas the direction where Axl wants to go? Are they able to write new music together, since their way of working is utter contrasting! Is Axl pushing Slash to working on some CD leftovers? Is that what Slash wants to do at all? Contribute some guitar parts to something of Axl's vault. Have they already worked something out or thrown some ideas together? Like: "Hey, that part you played on soundcheck might be a good fit to a song I have, lets try it..."? Maybe Slash gave Axl the stuff he wrote during this tour and what he considers best or he let Axl choose what he wants to work on. What are the alternatives? Myles seems to be busy, so the Conspirators are lacking a singer. Is it fair towards Myles after all the time he spend in the band to replace him immediately just because he wants to focus on his solo record after all this years? I mean, he joined 2010. Its almost 8 years... and anyway... who should or could replace him? Who is available? Is it possible to find a singer who likes what you do and who can write vocals for all your songs and record them in about 6 months? Seems unlikely. What else, just touring GNR and waiting for Myles? Or even surrender Axl the SMKCIII material? But what about Brent and Todd? Much to wierd.
  8. I can't imagine Slash doing nothing for 6 months. I can't even believe that he's willing to wait for Myles until 2019 or 2020. I hope he finds a new conspirator to finish this fucking record.
  9. Who cares about how much money they do? They've got enough money, that's not the problem. But seeing my favorite band filling stadiums after 25 years of hiatus? This big demand for a band that performes nothing but real hard rock / rock n roll ... a music genre that was already considered dead by many people, in times of Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift? That's what I'm happy about. If that's not about art wtf is it then? Not the amount of money they make is important, the amount of people that attended to the shows. There's still a market for RnR!
  10. I'm happy when they're successful. The more people hear from them the better. Being successful extends the chances to keep the band going. Hopefully with some new material in the bag someday.
  11. Slash's New Album - Conspirators III

    I just looked it up. In october 2015 in this thread Slash2baz said writing was 90% done and they were up to go into the studio in spring 2016. I think they're ready for recording. Some changes can be made everytime. I don't even care TBH. I just wanna hear new music. It's been a while now! Edit: 9 out of 10 songs = 90%
  12. Does Geffen Records still exists. Didn't it became Interscope in the meantime or even in the late 90s?
  13. I'd rather have SMKCIII than CDII but prefer a new GNR record.
  14. Another rumor says only thing he had to do was to apologize in public, so he could play on some songs of CD, which, of course, he never did. I always had the impression a reunion depends on Axl. I had never the impression Slash would suck cocks to get back in. He was never the one "hating" his former band mate, so he has openly talked about doing the reunion is a possibility for him. But he was never depended, he had always his things to do. At the end it was Axl that called him. Not the other way around.