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  1. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    What an A-W-E-SOME solo. Overall a very cool song but that second solo is a beast
  2. The Boxing Thread

    It took 7 rounds for AJ against Breazeale but that was an impressive KO by Deontay Wilder. What did Breazeale think? That he's able to walk through Wilders punches?
  3. Let's rather watch Wilder vs Breazeale on Sunday morning
  4. I think it depends on what ends up on the album. If it's just a re-recorded CDII, or if it even has guitar leads from Ashba, Finck, Ron, Bucket etc on it, then surely not. If it's new music by this line up with some old and new of Axl's vocals snd ideas then I would consider it GNR.
  5. Axl led his version of GNR for like 20 years on his own. He managed to release one record. If you think that is successfully leading a band, than more power to you. I think he just failed. And yeah, Axl and Duff should have considered using some of Slash's Snakepit stuff.
  6. And exactly that was the problem. Everybody leaved because of Axl and his behavior. You wanna make something on your own? Then do it on your own, but GNR were always more than just Axl Rose. Even if it is an unpopular opinion to some people. In fact it's a fact.
  7. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Problem is, he's got a damn big back catalogue. Beggars would be awesome, I agree, but there are plenty of other great songs too. I think he shouldn't just stick to SMKC stuff but mix it up a bit every night. Keep GNR untouched but play some VR and Snakepit.

    No way! I think we will see Liverpool vs Ajax.
  9. Slash's 20 min version of RQ from 2012/13 was pure magic. Never liked the extended KOHD version. I love GNR's studio version but just until the second solo ends. From then on it just getting weird. It suffers from Axl's typical UYI-oveproduction. So there ain't no better version of that song than the Marquee version '87.
  10. It defines exactly Izzy's input to Guns. It's this "mature" rhythmic song structure. Than you had Axl snd Slash doing the rest. This and the other way around.
  11. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Nice position Right before the headliner
  12. The Boxing Thread

    He's got some fast hands and good skills but he's just too inferior physically. I don't think he's able to make a better fight than Povetkin against AJ
  13. Not bad as a single choice imo. Not the best maybe but not bad. Personaly I would like to see a music video for The Great Pretender or at least for TOYLIG but Slash used worst songs as singles. The video is nice. I like simple live videos so nothing wrong with that.
  14. So great to see Slash without top hat!
  15. Maybe it WAS respectless not to release this second record back in the day. Now with Slash and Duff back you've got a different band and it would be respectless to not give'em enough space and allow them full bent just because you want to use 15 years OLD shit from other people on a NEW record that you weren't capable of releasing before.