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  1. Best non-Guns Slash song

    There's too many to name one
  2. Best non-Guns Slash song

    I have read this rumor more than once but have never seen a source. I voted for By The Sword but would have voted for Mother Maria probably.
  3. Better song: Coma or Locomotive

    I like Axl more on Coma and I love especially the outro of that song but the outro of Locomotive is one of the best kinds of music in r'n'r-history ever written. Period. I mean... the interplay of those Drums, the PIANO, THAT GUITAR is just so mesmerizing. Even Axl's weird "Love's so strange" fits perfectly. I get goosebumps everytime when it starts and it's one of those peaces of music that could go on forever. Coma is great but it suffers a bit from those "special effects" and these noises.
  4. Wow that's hard... but I could name 40 songs without mention any from CD or its leaks
  5. Paul Huge and the new album

    To me the "Axl alone songs" November Rain and Estranged are as Axl/Slash songs as Coma and Locomotive are. I know Slash isn't credited and to some that's all that matters but im my opinion his guitar parts to those songs are elementery and as important as Axl's input.
  6. The new Blues solo

    I read somewhere it's a cover from Funcadelic... Maggot Brain. Actually I love that song but didn't recognize it when I saw them play it first. Now it's gone and I can't compare the solo/jam to the song anymore. Anybody here who can confirm that? I would love this to be their own composition.
  7. I'm too optimistic, right? I know. It should be enough time for every other band out there.
  8. So they've got November, December and January before rehearsing for the SA leg, right? And they already started. Axl has seemingly plenty of stuff in he vault, so this is more than enough time, isn't it?
  9. They did, but this time they officially announced working on new material after that. If there is another run before we hear new music then I'll lost hope completely. Till then I don't.
  10. So you are attending three times to a show you don't enjoy and then you're complaining about spending more than 1000 bucks on it? I attended to 4 shows since the reunion and I didn't feel bored for a second. Although I'm happy it's the final run because it's time for new music. I don't think I would attend to every tour leg without new music anymore.
  11. There was a video of it but I think most of them aren't available anymore. I would have already post it if I had found it.
  12. I think his best attempt playing TWAT was in the Madison Square Garden in 2017. His outro solo was pretty accurate and awesome.
  13. On this day September 17, 1991

    I turned 8 on the day of their release. We share the same "birthday"
  14. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    I'm interested