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  1. Guns N Roses Logo

    The new-GNR logos are terrible.
  2. I wouldn't mind her doing the "background" dancer like GNR had in the early days.
  3. Mind Your Manners Music Video

    Actually a cool idea but unfortunately the wrong song selection again.
  4. IMO there's a difference in replacing one member and keep the name or being the only member left and keeping the name
  5. Like I said, he delivered on the songs that were important to me most of all a GNR concert is more than just Axl to me.
  6. It's not illogical. Will you argue that the energy, the atmosphere and the fun you'll experience on a live show can be transferred through a youtube video? I don't say Axl sounds perfect live. He doesn't. But after all it's a rock n roll show with a lot of energy and there's more to enjoy than just Axl's vocals. And even that. We all know he has his problems with certain songs. But stop acting like he sounds awful on every track while praising the 2012 shows. The songs I like the most he managed to sing very well. So yeah, definitely. The shows I went to were awesome shows IMO, and considering the reactions from people I talked to after the shows, I wasn't the only one feeling that way. But it's easy to stay home and judging over something you weren't part of while 70K people who have watched the show have a different opinion.
  7. Sorry but your opinion doesn't mean shit when you even refused to attend to a gig. The Hanover concert in 2017 was probably the best gig I ever saw regardless of peoples opinion on Axl's voice who judge while watching periscope or lame youtube videos.
  8. Why should they as long as GNR is active? If GNR broke up again I can see it happen. It's the most logical and the easiest thing to do for Duff and Slash if they wanna do somewhat bigger than their solo careers are. I think it's possible that we might hear the third VR record with Corey on vocals as well some day.
  9. [Poll] What's your favorite track on "Living The Dream"?

    Both songs are not for me either
  10. Axl's 90s net worth

    I don't know tbh but that source is laughable.
  11. Axl's 90s net worth

    Bullshit site. They have Dizzy listed with 40 mio and Duff with 40 as well. So how's that possible? I remember they had Slash listed with something like 20 mio before the NITL tour. And Dizzy has 40 mio
  12. Ok different pictrure but obviously the same session.