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  1. What is a good guitarist anyway? How can you define that? In technique, in emotions or in output? That's all very subjective. Slash did some things on guitar which I'm missing today but does things now that I really like that he didn't do in the past.
  2. He is a legend and up there with the very best. He can be mentioned with Iommi, Page, Angus and Blackmore just because of his contributions to GNR. Everybody knows there are plenty of better technical guitarists but all things considered he is one of the greatest guitar heroes ever. His place in history is save
  3. Rank The Songs on LIES

    One In A Million You're Crazy Reckless Life Move To The City Patience Nice Boys UTLH Mama Kin
  4. Yeah, best solo ever played for TIL and many people said he sucked after this performance and he was just noodling WTF?
  5. I saw even commercials on television here in Germany. The Dr Pepper bet alone made headlines all over the world.
  6. Bullshit. We are talking about both, Axl's and Slash's gut and hair. Why is it not allowed to express our opinion about Melissa's look? What is more sexist? To speak lightly of a woman's visual appearance or to stop oneself from saying such things while speaking about her male band mate's look is ok?
  7. Slash's birthday is july 23.
  8. It's just a fan forum. You'll always find some people bitchin' about bits and bobs when something gets boring.
  9. Why don't just saying you liked him more before. Statements like the only CD song he sounds good on is Better and his TIL solos are worse than Ashba may be the case from your point of view but these aren't facts. As an example, I like Slash's TIL solos way more than Fincks but like Finck better in Better. Can't do it through one single Ashba solo, so to me, comparing Ashba to Slash is just ridiculous in any way. And I don't know if anybody ever said Slash is a better guitar player now than he was prior. All I have heard about this topic, and I've got the same opinion, s that he is a technically better player.
  10. Truly the best Slither performance of this tour by now. Axl seems to enjoy the song. His vocals aren't out of place anymore and it fist the song the way he sings 'em. With that intro and the part before the solo it is the perfect song to celebrate a little jam session as did VR and SMKC. Maybe... just maybe Slash and Duff still don't feel comfortable with Frank and Fortus as their rhythm section. Pure speculation. Could also be time issues or due to the many other jam sessions by Slash. What I have to say. I'm happy that we've got some YouTube videos from each show but I don't get how somebody can film like that. I mean... I wanna see Axl during a song, when he is singing his parts. But when Slash plays his fucking solo it can't be so hard to film that guy. It's just for 20 seconds god dammit. Then you can switch to Axl again, what's the problem?!
  11. Yes, according to Axl. According to Slash it was written later on. I think during the time with the Buckcherry guys... so who knows whats the truth
  12. Sorry for requesting but have you some inside infos or did I just miss something regarding the 2-4 new songs?
  13. To me it sounds great. I like it more this way when he is bending the notes in the first half of the solo instead if noodling from the start. Builds some kind of energy before the second half. Magnificent.
  14. Lol Who ever uploaded this video on youtube never heard Axl in the 90s