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  1. Top 10 GNR Guitar Solos

    I'm sorry to say but Buckehead's Nightrain solo is just a turd. Technically perfect, but still a turd. It doesn't even come close to Slash's composition with his emotional melodies and bendings and these tasteful runs.
  2. Same way I felt when listening to the album first. It took me years to like Ain't Life Grand as well. His two best albums outside of Guns.
  3. Cat Scratch is good but Stranglehold is pure magic
  4. I think he means that they're endless touring. A band's work ethic shouldn't be minimized to their tour record
  5. Top 10 GNR Guitar Solos

    Haha that's exactly what I do And the long version of 14 Years!
  6. Top 10 GNR Guitar Solos

    It was one of the few bad decisions they did regarding AFD
  7. The "New Album" Thread

    But aren't they allowed to go to work? That's what they'd basically do.
  8. The "New Album" Thread

    There will be new music some day. And maybe this break leads them into the studio again, who knows? They had plans to concentrate on a new record then the touring opportunity came up. Now, while they're forced to stay at home, they probably have nothing better to do than working on music again. But, as we all know Axl's work ethic, there won't be anything anytime soon. Most on here were surprised that Slash recorded something for Guns. I'm not surprised att all. It's the most logical thing to happen If Axl wants to overproduce the shit out of the new music like he did with Chinese, we're fucked and we probably won't get new music as long as he is still alive. But if he changes is way of working... we might be lucky and get some new music around Christmas... not next Christmas but some of thd next probably.
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    You did well. Everything's fine.
  10. The "New Album" Thread

    Don't think he needs to do something like this with Slash's solos. And I don't think Slash would be fine with a move like that. But it's not necessary at all. Give Slash a good song and he'll give you a good solo. Give him something special and he creates magic.
  11. Top 10 GNR Guitar Solos

    Yes, just Duff.
  12. Top 10 GNR Guitar Solos

    I think they played it duting the NITL tour
  13. Top 10 GNR Guitar Solos

    Funny... when I thought about TSI I thought exactly about these two songs but went with Reckless Life and SFTD instead. Ain't It Fun has such a great guitar work, I wouldn't cut it down to the intro only and Raw Power has this powerful combination between guitar and drums beginning somewhere at 2:30 til end. Amazing.
  14. Top 10 GNR Guitar Solos

    1. Nightrain Outro 2. Sweet Child 3. Locomotive Outro 4. The Garden 5. Don't Damn Me 6. November Rain 7. Estranged 8. Reckless Life 9. Back Of Bitch 10. Sympathy FT Devil I think these are my favorites in no particular order except for Nightrain. I just choosed from the studio versions, otherwise there would have been some other solos in my list, such as Double Talkin Jive outro, KOHD from Marquee '87 and Out Ta Get Me from Ritz '88.
  15. He's definitely a better drummer than Frank