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  1. But nobody's hoping for a new SMKC album instead of a Guns album.
  2. Even on this two songs Slash added his parts. But the fact that a random forum dude is going to tell Slash he should take guitar lessons is hilarius.
  3. Wannabe insiders lol You're right, we can't know for sure but why should Slash agree to tour with GNR but having issues to make a new GNR album? Considering Slash's work ethic and Axl's work ethic the most realistic scenario is that Slash has already written enough riffs/songs for a new record and has no problem with creating and releasing something. Releasing something under the GNR name is probably 20 times more profitable than realising it with SMKC. Not to mention that he basically has a SMKC album ready to record. Axl on the other hand... well, I think it's obvious. All you have to do is looking back and see how much music Axl released since taking control over GNR. Compare that to Slash's and Duff's output and you'll know who's responsible that GNR is not releasing any music. I hope I'm wrong and they're working on stuff and Axl lays some vocals down. Really, it's my biggest hope regarding GNR. But if that doesn't happen it's not somebody else's call but Axl's.
  4. If you aren't interested in this material, cool. But Slash releasing a SMKC record or not has NOTHING to do with a possible GNR album. A GNR record depends on Axl. Is he willing to write some lyrics and go into the studio with the guys? Would be cool but I doubt it. In fact we don't even know what they're doing. They could already be recording. But as long as there aren't any news on that, I doubt it. And I'm happy to know Slash is a workaholic so I can expect something new anytime soon. There are enough people who are happy about a new Slash album. Nobody would prefer it to a Guns album but as long there is any sign for that we're glad Slash rocks on.
  5. Nobody. But who prefers no music instead of a SMKC record?
  6. The Boxing Thread

    The Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight was 3 years to late imo. Joshua and Wilder shouldn't wait longer. This fight needs to happen in 2018. The sooner the better.
  7. Don't buy it if you don't like it but I'd like to choose for myself if I think something is a good compensation compared to a GNR album or not.
  8. The General and other epics Sorry, somehow I never heard them. I prefer one WOF over 10 CD. Sorry, not my music mate. But it doesn't even matter as long as Guns won't release any music. It's not like Slash prevents them from releasing anything. He will release his solo stuff BECAUSE Guns ain't doing shit. Why the hell should I be upset with that. Basically you're saying no music over a SMKC record. If that's how you feel, fine but a lot of people are happy with a release at all.
  9. I want new GNR music. I don't care for the CD leftovers in the slightest. If not new music, I'll take SMKC over CD II any day if the week
  10. The Boxing Thread

    I really hope so because Wilder is a fighter and his fights always entertain me.
  11. The Boxing Thread

    Obviously Wilder is faster and his stamina should be above AJs. If AJ won't KO Wilder within 6 or 7 rounds he might get some problems.
  12. The Boxing Thread

    That 7th round was crazy. I don't know how many good shots he took from Ortiz but he managed to stay on his feet . I thought it's over every moment but it seems like Wilder has a better chin than most people thought. All in all Ortiz did a good fight. He is a good technical boxer and Wilder needed his time to find a way to hurt Ortiz. It was very dramatic asnd exciting. Great to watch. Joshua would outbox Wilder, but Wilder is able to end the fight every moment with one right hook. He's a killer.
  13. The Boxing Thread

    Did anybody watched Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz last weekend? It was a great fight IMO!
  14. I couldn't disagree more. How likely is it that Guns will release something anytime soon? Before no new music at all I'd take a SMKC record in a heartbeat.
  15. So now I know what's happening! Myles is busy with himself as we all know by now. The Conspirators are convinced being in the studio. Slash definitely was sighted in the studio. The answer is obvious. He records demos with the Conspiritors for a new GNR record to show them Axl And when Axl hears the drumming on these demos he will ditch Frank. Man life could be easy like that.