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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    Only reason he gives such interviews right now is because he has to deal with Axl's inactivity. The problem isn't being in a room with Slash but being in a band with Axl. A band that is managed by TB...
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    Nothing new. He said something similar before. Confirmed there's material and recordings.
  3. My Best Of wouldn't be a Best of If I'd stick to the rules of this topic, this onr would be it: 1. Nightrain 2. Out Ta Get Me 3. It's So Easy 4. Sweet Child 5. Rocket Queen 6. Reckless Life 7. One In A Million 8. Patience (live AMA 89) 9. Civil War 10. Dust N Bones 11. 14 Years 12. Double Talkin Jive 13. Locomotive 14. You Could Be Mine 15. Don't Damn Me But I'd rather would do a "Guns side" with my favourite rockers And a "Roses side" with the ballads and the best mid tempo songs like Yesterdays and KOHD That would be a Double album with st least 20 songs. Could easily do 30...
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    I can beat both of you... I hope I'm allowed to post the following video due to the new YouTube policy on MyGNR Having said that, Slash has hundred of collaborations. Most of them are pretty cool to awesome. Compared to the amount of guest appearances he did over the last decades, there are a few which you didn't would expect him doing and very few which are ... embarrassing.
  5. The "New Album" Thread

    I'm not very optimistic regarding new music but when was the last time we paid so much attention to a rumor? Wasn't it the rumor about the reunion. We all know how that ended.
  6. What would be your ideal GNR tour?

    I came here to write something similar
  7. *Top 10 GNR Moments 2019*

    I haven't heard a single leak. I'm waiting for officially released new music. Even if that means that I will never hear new music of Guns ever again.
  8. The "New Album" Thread

    TBH the only rendition of TWAT that I liked with Slash was in the Madison Sqare Garden. While I was dissapointed with his other attempts on TWAT this particular one impressed me. Sorry was sometimes good sometimes not so good. What I really loved were his first versions of TIL. They were mesmerizing to me. CD was pretty cool and while he did good on Better I think the original by Robin was superior to Slash's.
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    Thats your point of view. Mine is he saves them as far as that's possible.
  10. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I liked the NITLT
  11. The "New Album" Thread

    Right, but they were arguably THE lineup of GNR.
  12. The "New Album" Thread

    Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff and Steven weren't objectively GNR? Sorry my mistake mate
  13. The "New Album" Thread

    LOL The productive years
  14. The "New Album" Thread

    If you don't see the difference it's not our fault. It never was about the Richards, Gilbys or Melissas. It was about Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven. 5 members > 3 members > 1 member
  15. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Won't spend any money without new music.