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  1. There are talks about it. Slash's latest statement was that he's touring with the Conspirators til august and then they will focus on a new GNR record.
  2. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Didn't you watch any of the reunion shows?
  3. Kravitz on recording with Slash in 1991

    I've never read this before but it seems possible.
  4. Kravitz on recording with Slash in 1991

    Well, it wasn't. Slash thought it was too funky for GNR and never introduced it to Guns. That's at least what I've read on anothe source.
  5. That's more likely I think. Adjustments made by Slash directed by Axl. But no pro tooling. That's just what I believe. If they ever thinking about doing a new record.
  6. They're mature now but I still don't think Slash will allow Axl to "pro tool" his solos.
  7. Wow... this LA Guns music is really awful. That singer is 10x more generic than Myles
  8. Anyone meet Slash after his solo shows?

    Probably Axl would jump out at him, screaming something like "lame ass security" and damage his camera. I think it's offensive to take a picture even this way, when a person says no pictures... but that's just my opinion.
  9. Hey, let me tell you a secret. Slash isn't real. He never existed. GNR were just Axl and Izzy. Izzy wrote complete songs on his own and what you thought to be a Slash solo was Axl. Every guitar solo on GNR' discography is written and performed by Axl on his synths. With the exception of Back Off Bitch's intro of course. That's actually Izzy in fact. But all the rest. But hey ... keep it secret please.
  10. That's some serious trolling dude
  11. It's the first time he announced a specific timeline... sort of. Before that it was always like "we want to do it, but we haven't talked about it yet". Now it's definitely more accurate. "When I'm back home we will focus on a new record." That's a statement and it has more weight to it than anything Dizzy and Richard have said over all those years.