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  1. Fortus: Hey Slash! Good news, I'm in town today Slash: Yeah, whatever dude Fortus: I've got nothing to do tonight so I thought I'll... Slash: Oh yeah, no problem. I'll put your name on the guest list Fortus: Wait, I thought I can... Slash: Ok dude, my managment will give you a backstage pass Fortus: Oh no, I thought I'll surprise the crowd Slash: What?!... Fortus: Yeah I'll make a guest appearance onstage! That's gonna be huge! Slash: Eh I don't know man, you're great but... Fortus: I know man. That's cool, I'm gonna play the gig with you guys. That will be awesome! Slash: Uhh... I don't think you know the songs dude. Fortus: Oh don't worry I can play everything Slash: O...ok. You can play Rocket Queen with us. Fortus: Oh and I can play... Slash: Rocket Queen's enough mate. Fortus: Yeah cool! Rocket Queen man. Later this evening... Slash: Hey guys. There's this dude from GNR. Richard what's his name? He'll join us onstage tonight... Guys: ... oh ok... however
  2. At this moment I dig it more than the previous two records. I don't know if I dig it more then WOF by the same time of its release. Probably I do. But I remember not digging Slash that much in the beginning and now it's one of the albums I'm listen to quite frequently.
  3. If Its Just Slash or Duff Who Came Back?

    I think for the general public all it matters is Axl and Slash
  4. The longer Slash plays the better with exception of 90s KOHD and Patience versions compared to the versions of the 80s.
  5. I think I'll have to go back and listen to battleground again. Maybe I missed something
  6. I like Bent To Fly as a song more than TOYLIG but it lacks this epic solo TOYLIG has. Bent To Fly's solo is good but nothing special IMO. Never was the biggest fan of Battleground and its solo always was a weaker NR solo version to me. But TOYLIG's solo is as epic as it gets for me as a Slashfan. Overall the solos on this record blew me out of my mind.
  7. I asked that myself. I don't know if Slash like Myles' contributions, if he chose him because of his ability to sing Slash's entire back catalogue or if he just don't care what Myles sounds like as long as he's putting some vocals over Slash's music so he can express himself through guitar.
  8. I was talking about Slash's guitar. Not about Myles. You have to be able to get the difference between Slash's guitar playing and Myles' vocal melodies
  9. You can like or dislike the songs but whoever's calling Slash's guitarwork and solos on this record uninspired just doesn't know shit about rockmusic.
  10. I hope the release something serious as a single with video. The Great Pretender or one of the ballads
  11. Everytime when there's a new album to be released I'm saying to myself. Don't judge to early, don't say awesome, best ever or anything like that. This time I started just fine but as soon as I heard the whole album I was just to surprised. But you're right, time will tell what's really good and what's not.
  12. You're A Lie is typical Slash single choice. Very bad
  13. I know where you coming from and while I feel the same way on its chorus I even like the outro how it is. I think it fits. It's the case with Locomotive too I suppose. A lot of people don't like Axl singing "Love's so strange" but I love it. I think it fits.
  14. Almost every solo is ace on this record so I really can't say which one is my favorite. Slash did an awesome job this time for sure.