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  1. Your favourite live albums

    Tori Amos - Venus Live, Still Orbiting Alice Cooper - A Fistful of Alice Iron Maiden - Rock in Rio Ozzy Osbourne - Tribute Children of Bodom - Tokyo Warhearts
  2. Bands performing albums in their entirety

    I think they randomly did it at a festival show in 2008 as well (in Spain I think), though I could be wrong on that. A lot of people praying for Justice in full next year. I've seen: Fear Factory - Demanufacture Alien Ant Farm - ANThology Morbid Angel - Covenant Enjoyed them all. Seen a few shows where artists have come a song or two shy of doing the full thing (Sheryl Crow with 100 Miles from Memphis, Kacey Musgraves with Same Trailer Different Park off the top of my head). The Offspring have done this a lot (Ignition, Smash, Ixnay and Americana), would've liked to have seen those shows. Actually had tickets to an Ignition show in London but couldn't go. Less Than Jake have a DVD collection with their first six albums played live. Slayer have done Reign in Blood and Seasons in the Abyss, again two shows I'd have loved to have seen. I think I'm right in saying all of Welcome to My Nightmare was done by Alice Cooper in 1975, though not in order. That'd have been ace to see. And of course Maiden doing A Matter of Life and Death (wasn't too heavily into them at the time sadly). All of Blizzard of Ozz is available on Tribute (in one shape or another), though I'm unsure if all the songs (minus "Dee") were ever done at one show.
  3. Best debut albums from the classic rock era?

    Iron Maiden Blizzard of Ozz
  4. Alice Cooper songs you're pretty much guaranteed to hear live: I'm Eighteen Ballad of Dwight Fry No More Mr Nice Guy Under My Wheels Billion Dollar Babies Only Women Bleed Poison Feed My Frankenstein School's Out
  5. New Alice Cooper Album // "Paranormal"

    Good, solid album. Don't think there's any amazing tracks ("Fireball" is my highlight at this moment in time), but no duds either.
  6. Loudest show you've been to

    My ears were ringing for several days after Fear Factory in 2010. Alice Cooper in either 2005 or 2007 was really loud too.
  7. New Alice Cooper Album // "Paranormal"

    Here's the title track. Some nice parts but feels a bit all over the place.
  8. Marilyn Manson | Heaven Upside Down Tour

    I saw him for the first time ever on The Pale Emperor tour. I'd seen a few recent youtube vids at the time and thankfully he wasn't as bad as he came across on them (not that he was great though). I have a ticket for the show in Manchester later this year. Looking forward to both that and the new album.
  9. Ozzy Osbourne appreciation thread

    Yeah, too many Sabbath songs. Two at most would suffice. Nice to see "Believer" and "Desire" back, but I can't say I'd consider them big surprises like "The Ultimate Sin" and "Killer of Giants" were with Gus. Other than that, bog standard setlist, but at this stage I'd just be glad to see him live.
  10. New Alice Cooper Album // "Paranormal"

    A few new clips from the album at this link: https://www.capital.it/programmi/708090/puntate/708090-del-04-07-2017/?refresh_ce 27:55 - Paranormal / 34:45 - Genuine American Girl Alice has also said they might play "Roses on White Lace" at Wacken as it's a more metal crowd. Sure to please some long time fans who've been wanting this for a while. Whether it's part of 'the trilogy' remains to be seen.

    A few other games I always enjoyed that I haven't seen mentioned: Plok Jurassic Park Alien 3 Turtles Tournament Fighter Aladdin
  12. 70's AEROSMITH

    First five albums are golden. Get Your Wings is my top pick, Draw the Line runner up.
  13. The Death Metal Thread

    The greatest death metal song, from the greatest death metal album, recorded by the greatest death metal band there ever was.
  14. Untypical songs

  15. New Alice Cooper Album // "Paranormal"

    Good song. Alice sounds great. Looking forward to the album of course. Seems like an eternity since W2MN.