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  1. Southamerican tour announced!

    No Rio? Rock in Rio performance confirmed?
  2. WTF?! This site should have the neg option! So youre saying CD is beyond decent or below?
  3. Your Least Favorite Among the GN'R Hits

    Strong hate for KOHD and LALD. lol But yeah, the live version, esp the long solos are a bit too much. But damn, some of you dislikes SCOM/PC. I never get tired of them(unless I listen to them 10x straight).
  4. Great album! Very underrated. Lots of my highschool buddies got this album but werent too impressed. On their next tour, GN'R should just get covers from their own cover album instead of BHS, WL, CD songs, etc. My fave is DOTF, Hair of the Dog, and of course, Human Being!
  5. Your Least Favorite Among the GN'R Hits

    PC?! You always were crazy @killuridols, but I never knew you were THAT crazy!
  6. For me, not really a big fan of November Rain and Don't Cry. Just not a fan of their very slow songs... same thing I do not like I Dont Wanna Miss a Thing of Aerosmith. Love the outro guitars of NR, but thats about it.
  7. Well, anything over CD songs for me.
  8. They played RAW POWER?! Agree on DOTF. Human Being would be awesome!!!!
  9. CD SUCKS! I really tried listeninf to the album a lot throughout the years but I cannot love it, or even like it. But its under the GN’R name(no matter how much of us dont consider it a GN’R album), so I guess I see why they(esp Axl) feels the need to play it. It validates all those years I suppose. atleast they should play a song from TSI though! And not just Attitude.
  10. We got Locomotive, Sympathy for the Devil, and Bad Apples!!! Jealous?
  11. I dont mind him voicing his political views. But its kinda sad when he tweets more about that and hardly about GN’R/music. Unless he is the one behind the official GN’R twitter page?
  12. WTF. They played SOYL and not in Philippines?! Ugh. Atleast we got Locomotive!
  13. Will make November Rain more epic!
  14. I hope they play Locomotive, Sympathy for the Devil, and Bad Apples too like they did last Sunday!
  15. So is Steven getting some royalty from the shirts sold?