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  1. Whats the Appeal of Cover Bands?

    Mirin how you never fail to take shots at Axl whenever you can. lol
  2. Classic Rock Show Of the Year

    No Aerosmith? I watched Bon Jovi, Aerosmith/Def Leppard, Guns/Alice Cooper all in 4 days, and Aero was the best in terms of overall performance.
  3. Cant wait! Watching this Wednesday with Dad and my gf in IMAX Dad brought me to the old movies, so now Im bringing him.
  4. Whats the Appeal of Cover Bands?

    Can someone explain to me whats the appeal about them? I understand if the original band dont exist anymore, otherwise, I just find it very bland. I mean, if a band plays covers, I guess thats normal, but for the whole show? And some even dresses like the original band they are copying.
  5. With all the drummers GN’R have over the decades, can you really tell the difference especially live? Like if you cant see who the drummer is, can you tell if its Frank or Sorum in most songs?
  6. Tokyo 2009 VS Los Angeles 2017

    No matter how good a show is, without Slash(and Duff), I wont pick it over ones with them. I fell in love with GN'R as a group, not on Axl alone. Even a bad show with the Big 3 is better... cuz I know Slash will deliver anyway, and I get to see all 3.
  7. GNR Thrives in the PC Era

    I think this. And by Axl hiring Melissa and Duff being pro-active, they wash their hands and sealed their fate. plus them doing that Trump doll in Mexico makes left people give them a pass.
  8. Who do you think he is closer with these days? Put it this way, if Axl and Slash have another fallout, who will Duff side with?
  9. 11/21/17 - Oakland, CA - Oracle Arena

    Is it just me or the replies get fewer and fewer?
  10. Because too many members and the light shows. Watched Guns, Aero and Bon Jovi last Sept in Brazil- Guns got the most lights, fireworks, members, etc.
  11. Who should do the moans in My World? Melissa or Frank?
  12. Say, the first few shows of 2018 is similar as the setlists we have now, will you still watch them, or will you hold off until theres something different?
  13. Whats wrong with Download festival? and Poland- Warsaw is ignored again. Why is this? Its the capital.
  14. Glad I was front and center in Sao Paulo, the stage was so high that I cant see her, Frank, and even Dizzy. Cant even see them when they bowed in the end.