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  1. sure, because it's an edit with less belly and beard
  2. Axl and TB’s thoughts/actions on leaks?

    This only makes me remember that time when Fernando was caught wearing a Justin Bieber hoodie. This guy is the manager of the most dangerous band in the world.
  3. Axl and TB’s thoughts/actions on leaks?

    his recent comments have always been in threads about leaks
  4. Ghost

  5. And probably... Universal has contacted a big portion of the press, asking them to not talk about this... who knows This will be our dirty little secret... for us the fans lol
  6. "everybody knows that we're working on new material" bassically answering to the pics that were posted in IG in the last months and then deleted "Everybody has been sort of like, when we're in town, working on it. Then when we're out of town, obviously not." confirming they have been working together in new music probably recording in the studio, obviously
  7. Terminator - Dark Fate

    Looks good
  8. The part where he says "who's shoulders shrug" sounds beautiful
  9. Why The Ashba Hate?

    No, I'm not. Haven't you seen my signature pic?
  10. Why The Ashba Hate?

    what the fuck guys... he's better than slash