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  1. Next step will be removing videos from GunsNRosesVEVO.
  2. Very interesting. It's nice to know how all this happened. When I saw all that stuff magically surfacing, I really wanted to know how would this happen, there is always some mystic around all of these leaks, and the real story behind it, doesn't disappoint, it's totally unreal to see this happening. I have loved Russ rant about this situation, because it's clear that some fans would do unbelievable things to listening to new music. They fucking want to give money to Axl, and Slash and whoever is in the Gn'R camp, because this is a band, and we love their music. But what I wonder is... what if Axl and the GN'R camp actually want to release new music, or they have been trying for years, but Universal is just not interested? I would understand the neverending touring and all these clothes Fernando seems to love Thank you guys!
  3. Guns N' Roses WERE the new The Rolling Stones
  4. i want to know how do you know that Seven, zodiac, beta's barn, atlas, soul monster are out there
  5. I'm starting to think that it's not that Axl doesn't want to release music, it's Universal who doesn't want to release Nu Gn'R stuff
  6. so, the question is, do you know if there is more unreleased songs circulating?
  7. shit, it seemed vey serious lol btw, you should change the title of your terminator thread in "seen that movie too"
  8. I don't give a fuck, I don't give a fuck about GN'R, GN'R is one of the worst bands ever, don't wanna know anything else about this band, like EVER again, fuck it bro, i don't give a shit
  9. Hey Russ, this is not asking links or anything, or posting leaks, can you tell us more about this? like, how do you know about this, what is the story, etc
  10. Terminator Franchise (New film on the way)

    hahahaha it's been 3 years since Genisys. And i have to say that I don't have the same point of view. I still consider it better than T3 and Salvation, but the movie had a good idea and they just didn't developed anything about it... The relationship between "Pops" and Sarah could have been developed in some ways like adding some flashbacks that could make you feel some empathy about their relationship, understanding how strong Sarah is, understanding what they have been through. Same for Sarah and Kyle, what a waste, I consider ridiculous how Sarah fell in love with Kyle in T1 but at least there was CHEMISTRY. The script was just terrible, like they didn't even want to take it serious, with some development, real dramatic scenes, some TENSION (those scenes in T1 and T2 where you just don't know what is going to happen) would have made this a real Terminator movie. But they just wanted to make a Summer Blockbuster, empty, just a cashgrab movie from people that wanted to take advantage of this license. I am very hyped for this new movie. James Cameron is producing it, and he talked about how he is looking to doing something totally different than these last 3 sequels over the years, that he has a whole team of people studying stuff about real problem with machines, etc. He is part of the script too. This looks like a "The Force Awakens" treatment, they have the original cast, and they want to make something new by introducing us new characters, and I think it's a good idea. We had enough Sarah and John Connor over the years and a ridiculous amount of recasting. Hope this will be the real Terminator 3. A good oportunity to have a new GN'R song too (one can dream)
  11. yeah, he called "argentinian tango" at first. I guess it's more like he wanted to make and release music but Axl didn't. Ron seemed very frustrated with Gn'R like for years, some of his comments seemed very bitter, like he couldn't stand more of this situation of just touring