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  1. Terminator - Dark Fate

  2. Terminator - Dark Fate

  3. Terminator - Dark Fate

    That CGI is terrible. Don't know what to expect... not a good start. Not enough Arnold tho.
  4. Ghost

    They have a lot of different styles in their songs, you should listen to the mix of sounds they do have in "Ritual" or "Con Clavi Con Dio" for example Con Clavi Con Dio is amazing live tho
  5. Ghost

    I was able to meet The Cardinal. When I was in the waiting line before meeting him, I was very calm, but in the moment I entered into the room, I was unable to look at his eyes, I shaked his hand and said with a tremulous voice "Hey, nice to meet you", he told me "we have met before, right?" And I said no, that it was my first time. There were a few things I wanted to tell him, like telling him how much their band has grown into me in only a year, or congratulating him for their last album, but I wasn't able to tell him what i wanted, It's like I forgot the English language (English is not my mother tongue as you can see, but I have no problem speaking it) because how nervous I was, the things I said wouldn't make a lot of sense. I told him "hey, i hope you get the facepaint very soon" and he said "oh i hope so, you know, its a very long process and you got to wait etc" and I said "i see" and "thank you" like 3 times, don't even know why. At the same moment we were having this conversation, I was walking backwards, like I was unconsciouslly doing this because I didn't want to bother him or waste his time. He told me to enjoy the show and I answered "thank you" like 3 times again... I just really hope Tobias is used to these kind of situations and just assumed I was very nervous instead of thinking I am very stupid lol I left the room smiling like an idiot, and I kept smiling till the end of the concert, I just couldn't change my face expression. I couldn't believe this just happened. I am a very quiet person at concerts but this time, I couldn't stop moving, singing nor smiling. They played for almost 3 hours, and they were very very friendly and kind with their crowd, The Cardinal wouldn't shut up nor standing still in any moment, he was constantly talking and playing with the crowd, saying a lot of stupid and funny shit. Same for the Ghouls, very playful and energetic. They also had an amazing scenography, the use of lights, the imagery, the whole enviroment... very cinematic and artistic, and that's something I always pay attention to. I mean, who does that? It's amazing how much passion and effort is in what this band produces. I will say again, I kept smiling like an idiot till the end of the concert. I know I look younger than I am (I'm 26) but I have been in many concerts, and, this has nothing to do with Gn'R. I mean, when I saw Gn'R in 2016, they played for 3 hours and that's it. They don't really interact with the crowd, but look at Ghost... seriously, it's very enjoyable to be a fan of this band, they not only release music, they do fucking amazing concerts. One of the best experiences of my life.
  6. Ghost is amazing