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  1. I am actually attend to one of these only for Ghost. Does anybody know if they would have a short setlist? meet and greet? (i am still talking about ghost lol)
  2. But do you have The General, as released song, Axl?
  3. I think Gn'R should work with James Cameron and release a new song with the new Terminator 3
  4. Just imagine CD 2 making an appeareance in the Avengers 4 post-credit scene
  5. Yes, totally! I hope that this situation would make Slash (And the GN'R camp) think about how much interested is people in listening to new GN'R music.
  6. I don't care If the music from the Chinese sessions gets released without Robin/Buckethead/Bumblefoot/Tommy/Pitman on the songs, I'm 100% sure that the demos with these people will leak or will be released in some kind of cashgrab boxset like the appetite one.
  7. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    When I was an emo teenager, I used to rip off the guy from tokio hotel I literally would use his leather jackets or t-shirts, comb my hair like him, the makeup... the black and white nails... and tried to bassically copy everything related to his style. I feel disturbed and ashamed every time I think about it.
  8. oh, so Slash is the real musician behind the Lady Gaga album, huh? what a surprise
  9. That's amazing buddy, nice lyrics
  10. Axl's quotes that should be part of the lyrics

    The city I was born and live. This happened only a month before I was born.