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  1. I don't know why but i mistakenly deleted part of what i wrote. I didn't mean to sound that angry lol
  2. wtf is your problem with bellies. I am a very skinny person, but i have a rounded belly. Because I barely have any time to work out, but i am still the same skinny guy. In 2001/2002, he pretty much looked the same as always, his face was thin and not rounded at all. In 2006 he looked more "manly" Sometimes, when I read these forums I think stuff like "man, these people better not see me shirtless or they'll say i am obese or something" lol Those people who have been saying for years that 2001/2006 Axl was fat should burn in hell
  3. have you seen the mix made by evader? he nailed the "what can i do with a bitch like you, you know that it's true", it may be helpful
  4. your comment just reminded me this creepy thing i made back in 2012
  5. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    Does anybody know where I can find these kind of socks? Axl has been always using very wide socks that seem very very comfy, and that's something I totally need for my feet considering some problems i do have
  6. One thing is sure, anything is a better opener than Chinese Democracy.
  7. that's what you can say about the five trillion covers he has been played since 2009. This is something else, Slash and Duff own this song
  8. Need an studio version of Slither with Axl on vocals. I thought he couldn't do a proper rendition of the song, but he did, for fuck's sake, he did.
  9. Ballad of Death

  10. I remember reading somewhere that Tommy used to bully Buckethead a lot and tried everything to make him leave the band. And Bumblefoot said that he had a very toxic relationship with some of the bandmembers when he joined, like that they wanted him out. As far as I know he has a good relationship with Robin, so I'm pretty sure Tommy was one of those bandmembers...
  11. Ghost

    Discovered this band like a month ago and it turned as one of my favourite bands ever.
  12. He was just taking a walk around the city centre. It seems that he was less bloated and cracking jokes that day, because he even randomly tweeted "SPAIN ROCKS" when he usually doesn't seem to care about where he is when he is touring considering he is not constantly writting about how great is each country he visits He later went to a hamburger/pizza restaurant instead of eating some Spanish food, something that I think it's very random btw lol
  13. I think it's just that you can play it for free till 6/18? Like some kind of demo?
  14. Ask Staff Anything!

    Feels good to have a new name