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  1. RIP Stan Lee

  2. You can't make a 100% accurate movie if you want a good pace and story structure. It's impossible to make a good movie if they don't change anything. If you're looking for something 100% accurate to real life, you can see a documentary.
  3. Amazing and beautiful movie, couldn't stop crying.
  4. Ghost is amazing

  5. Ghost

    So here is "my final form" for Halloween
  6. Ghost

    Hope you like my halloween costume for this year, guys
  7. I am actually attend to one of these only for Ghost. Does anybody know if they would have a short setlist? meet and greet? (i am still talking about ghost lol)
  8. But do you have The General, as released song, Axl?
  9. I think Gn'R should work with James Cameron and release a new song with the new Terminator 3
  10. Just imagine CD 2 making an appeareance in the Avengers 4 post-credit scene
  11. Yes, totally! I hope that this situation would make Slash (And the GN'R camp) think about how much interested is people in listening to new GN'R music.
  12. I don't care If the music from the Chinese sessions gets released without Robin/Buckethead/Bumblefoot/Tommy/Pitman on the songs, I'm 100% sure that the demos with these people will leak or will be released in some kind of cashgrab boxset like the appetite one.