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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    what if that one song was a fucking great song ala November Rain, Rocket Queen, Prostitute, TWAT or Estranged?
  2. What would be your ideal GNR tour?

    to much perfection for this world...
  3. Honestly... Hell yeah. Women Rule the World Argentina Dash Invisible Don't Know Who To Pray To Anymore Sleepwalking. With Axl any of this songs could be potential singles. Problem is finding the balance between their styles. I think Bumble learned a lot from his time with GN'R and could probably bend to Axl's will of needed, but if they did release something together (as in the two of them) then they have to find some common ground to work on. Dash with Axl seems like a dream come true for me.
  4. Android App for listening to downloaded music?

    Blackplayer EX for android is cool.
  5. I voted perhaps... And now I'm regretting it change it to Catcher, quick, no Atlas, GodDamn you Axl!!
  6. I think he's just more inspired with them. Plus with them he gets to evolve, try new things, really push himself as an artist. The Conspirators is more like a vacation for him it seems, like he's just there relaxing and coming up with cool stuff with Slash, no pressure to try new stuff, just doing what they do how they feel like it. It just seems like Slash is the easier gig.
  7. keep in mind, this is most likely a very old demo, the version Bach heard might be really different.
  8. hering it right now for the first time... Loving it bitches!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Songs about GNR

    Lana must be the world most famous fangirl for Axl....
  10. Mass Shooting at Walmart in El Paso

    I wish someone would shoot the "thoughts and prayers" squad, every time I read that is like saying, we don't give a fuck, but good luck with whatever you're dealing with right now. Can anyone here explain to me why 18 people needed to die in this shooting? why your kids can't go to school without being afraid of some thug coming in and blasting the whole classroom? Maybe is because I've already lost people to gun violence or maybe is because I still have a brain, but some things just piss me off. Arguments like "he would have found another way to take those lives" yeah, so because there are other ways of killing we should just let the killers get the easiest way possible, convenience first people, safety is for pussies and you can always make more children if you lose the ones you have now. Saying things like there's violence in other countries that have bans is also so fucking stupid, like yeah some dumb motherfucker in England might kill another with a bat or poison or something, but I can assure you no bat, katana, axe, or sword will let you kill as many people and as fast as this shooters kill with each strike they take. Also I don't give a fuck about his reasons, racism, stupidity, loneliness, nothing will ever make this any better and of course he's a republican, and so what, you americans as a whole have allowed this to carry on for years now with no real response and until you do (and by that I mean take out the motherfuckers stoping changes in policy) nothing will change. It's so easy to be pro-gun when it's not your family the one that's bleeding on the floor, all because some lunatic decided to buy a gun from a stupid son of a bitch that didn't care to even look at the guy that he was selling it to. I will say that having a president that constantly attacks a certain demographic of your country might not be helping. But hey, so long as your guns are safe, who cares about childrens, family and friends.
  11. didn't he started showing up earlier before Slash came into the fold?? Also when was the last time he caused any riots? 2011?, 12? even before that??
  12. didn't he started showing up earlier before Slash came into the fold?? Also when was the last time he caused any riots? 2011?, 12? even before that??
  13. I mean, I also could become a millionare by this time next year, but I wouldn't count on it.