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  1. RIP Stan Lee

    Goodbye to the man. I owe him a lot as his characters made my life just that much better. We'll miss you Stan.
  2. Loved the guy, loved the music he made with and without Guns. Honestly he was awesome for me.
  3. hey gabfm, any news on the mixing you were going to do? very curious about what you came up with.
  4. Gabfm have you tried on any other track? I would guess your effect on TwaT vocals could be great.
  5. This Not that I don't like Slash and Duff with Axl, but they should really collaborate with whomever they want, forcing themselves to be together wouldn't be good for the music they create. So if Axl thinks he can be the most creative with S&D then bring them on, if not, then he should really go and play with someone else
  6. Roxy soundboard **NO LINKS**

    I know. I'm just a little excited about all of this. New shows and songs to listen to? and from GN'R? Hell Yeah and bring me some more.
  7. Roxy soundboard **NO LINKS**

    not to sound offensive, but fuck your heart, I thought I would never get to hear this much stuff from GN'R in years. I'm glad there's content to be excited about this days
  8. Astaroth from Mago de Oz... how can people mistaken Jose Andrea with Axl Rose???
  9. Rocket Queen 2010 (Pro-shot)

    honestly, probably my fav GN'R show from that time. Mostly because of the setlist and the KILLER renditions of Civil War, Street of Dreams and basically any given song of that night.
  10. Another day... Another senseless kill in America... Classic. I wonder if it will ever be time to talk about gun control.
  11. No thanks. First of all, while I would have loved to have many more albums out by now, I wouldn't want to miss the one we have, plus there were plenty of enjoyable shows during those years and I don't think Axl would have even reunited with Slash/Duff had he gone underground again. About "legacy" and other bullshit stuff, those things are just that... Bullshit. If I could change one thing and one thing only is the number of albums released by GN'R during those years. I don't like the concept of Guns disappearing again.