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  1. Damn I've been waiting years and years for this...
  2. You do realise that pushing Axl is the easiest way to have him pushing back right? Slash quit the band in the past trying to gain leverage over Axl and he got fucked when Axl called that bluff, now you expect Slash try and FORCE Adler and Izzy back on board and for Axl to just remain sitting in a corner while Slash takes people that have been working for Guns N' Roses for decades now. Yeah I don't see that happening anytime soon.
  3. You're right. She must have been thinkin somewhere else I guess. I still don't see the "bashing" others where talking about in this thread, and even Ashba himself seemed to enjoy the show. Seems like she was the unlucky one in that scenario.
  4. TIL, This I Love, why would anyone get emotional over the arena???
  5. If Slash refuses then Axl will just move on, to a much smaller venue but he will move on. I don't think he brought Fortus and Frank all this way to ditch them on the side of the road, also I doubt Duff would side with Slash in that scenario. But maybe Slash could make a band with Izzy and Steven if he really feels the need to work with them.
  6. Is that supposed to be bashing? I mean nothing there suggested the band sucked or anything just that she didn't had the best time being sober in a room full of people drinking. Her being emotional about TIL is also normal, her husband used to play it for a living after all, last but not least she probably has watched hundreds of GN'R shows by now being married to a GN'R guitarist so it doesn't seem strange that she wasn't as excited as us hardcore fans. OverallI don't see this as bashing.
  7. Go cry me a river, we just got the longest set list yet and you wanna complain? Goddamn is a four hour show, what more can you ask for?
  8. Mmmm.... Hard question it's been so long... 1) Chinese democracy from RiR III or any 2010 show. 2)WTTJ Rock Am Ring 3)Better Rock Am Ring 4)Civil War Philly 2012 5)You're Crazy Philly 2012 6)Street of Dreams Philly 2012 7) It's So Easy RiRIII 8)Nightrain 2006 Los Angeles 8)Live and let Die 2002 9) Heavens door 2006 Rock Am Ring 10) Rocket Queen Venezuela 2010 11)I.R.S Rock Am Ring 12) Prostitute Las Vegas 2014 13) This I Love Reading Festival 14) November Rain almost any version from 2010 And to many others to name...
  9. 2006 is just that much better. Better instrumental arrangements, better vocals, better ambient and sound. I'm not even sure if it can get better than that. As far as the whole show goes 2006GN'R>2017GN'R although the Apollo set list is awesome as well as the current one (way better than any set list of 2006 I believe) the performances themselves were better back then.
  10. So many years have gone by... Well, just 6 more years to go.
  11. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    Same could be said of Robin playing while Bucket is in the band. Personally the only thing that annoyed me was that they sort of sold him as the lead guitarist of that lineup instead of Bumblefoot who was more talented in my opinion.
  12. II over I. Don't cry is better, Breakdown is in it, Locomotive. I also can't stand You ain't the first (and you ain't the best either honey) sorry for the bad joke. Also I like Estranged more than November Rain, all the way until the end a November-esque tips of ending would have been awesome in that track, and you know what, I'm just much more into it, whenever I want to listen to studio versions of Guns N' Roses, that's the first album that always pops up, along with CD which is my personal favorite.
  13. Tyler has been working in his voice for decades. He's easily one if not the greatest singer you will find, specially at his age. That being said, his shows are far shorter than Axl's, and his songs are arguably less demanding. So there's that to think about as well.
  14. Famous Rapper Chief Keef wears GNR Duff Denim Vest

    Didn't Lana del Rey wear GN'R clothes in 2012? I really don't think is so weird, maybe you're looking to much into it.
  15. Your dream line-up from GN'R

    Axl Rose Bucket head Bumblefoot Slash Tommy Brain Melisa Dizzzy Background collaboration from Izzy, Pitman and Huge, you know the guys that don't like touring so much but can write with Axl more often than not.