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  1. Another day... Another senseless kill in America... Classic. I wonder if it will ever be time to talk about gun control.
  2. No thanks. First of all, while I would have loved to have many more albums out by now, I wouldn't want to miss the one we have, plus there were plenty of enjoyable shows during those years and I don't think Axl would have even reunited with Slash/Duff had he gone underground again. About "legacy" and other bullshit stuff, those things are just that... Bullshit. If I could change one thing and one thing only is the number of albums released by GN'R during those years. I don't like the concept of Guns disappearing again.
  3. Honestly I would enjoy that, can't have to much music. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Axl somehow ended doing one of his songs though, like after so many years he finally gets to have a song with Axl and it had next to nothing to do with Guns N' Roses? That's something that I'll always will be curious about. Honestly, the outdo felt a bit to "Slash-like" for me, but with Ron's Flavor and perhaps some of Axl's magic it would have been a great single. The song it self it's awesome as it is IMHO.
  4. Well he was in the band for a lot of years, you gotta learn a thing or two in such an environment. I couldn't imagine him writing songs like Dash, Invisible and Argentina before his time with GN'R.
  5. I can understand that. You gotta give him props for even standing in front of the mic though, not a lot of guitar players willing to go outside of his instrument, well at least he's a better singer than Joe Perry.
  6. Honestly I could never get into it to much, any particular track you're thinking on? From LBIW I particularly loved Clots, Argentina, Women Rule The World, and Dont Know Who To Pray To Anymore. Also I feel that he himself was influenced by his tenure in Guns N' Roses, like he's trying to write his own epic rock song in the vain of November Rain and Estranged but with his own personal flavor. TBH I can't wait to hear from him again
  7. Little Brother Is Watching. That record as a whole is one of my personal favorites ever and shows just how good that motherfucker truly is.
  8. I still like Izzy better than Slash (if only because of their writing within Guns) I like his albums as a whole, not love them but enjoy them from time to time. Doesn't mean that the band should be forced to have him onboard if they can't even reach an agreement with the guy. Plus in a live setting he's really not that much. Would love to have him in the studio though. As for Slash albums, I wouldn't say they're cheesy, just not very inventive, a lot of the same formula and I enjoy my artists better when I see them trying different things, even if they fail after all "failure only happens from originality".
  9. Wanting is great. We all want them to do something, including myself (how couldn't I, I been a fan for years) but there's certainly a difference between wanting and demanding. We can want all we want, but we don't have a right nor the leverage to demand if we did we would a forced a couple of albums, reunions (in my particular case with Bucket head) video games and video game soundtracks, Axl's radio station in GTA V and a collection of DVDs so large we wouldn't Even get to see it
  10. Not that I disagree, but the band doesn't owe us anything, whatever they do is up to us to either follow them or not, I agree considering the last time I was truly excited about the band was 2014 when there still seemed to be some hope for a future record, that things have gotten more than a little boring, but it's not like this is the only band in the world. There are plenty of other acts to follow and listen while we wait for GN'R to do something (that is if they ever do)
  11. To be fair Tremonti is awesome and keeps pushing himself every fucking time. By the way what has Bumblefoot done this year? Has he released anything that I might have missed?
  12. Always was more of a DS-3DS guy, but can't deny that it did have some great games. MK, GoW, Tekken. Although now playing those old games on PC seems to be much better for me.
  13. Damn I've been waiting years and years for this...
  14. You do realise that pushing Axl is the easiest way to have him pushing back right? Slash quit the band in the past trying to gain leverage over Axl and he got fucked when Axl called that bluff, now you expect Slash try and FORCE Adler and Izzy back on board and for Axl to just remain sitting in a corner while Slash takes people that have been working for Guns N' Roses for decades now. Yeah I don't see that happening anytime soon.