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  1. Aerosmith even sometimes liking Kat GNR related pics on IG.
  2. He'll only get Duff solo section aka TSI song, without Axl on stage, it's gonna be hilariously fucked up.
  3. Gilby probably just afraid getting outclassed by Fortus onstage.
  4. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    How tf you talking about logic yet comparing Dizzy and Ashba? Comparing Melissa to Ashba it's make sense, but comparing Dizzy to Ashba? Really son? But okay tho I'm not gonna argue further with you, with that "flawless" logic you have there.
  5. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    How tf you don't like Dizzy he was there for like 25, it's already fuckin late if you still hate him. If GNR made an album and if it's include them, it's your problem if you don't like it, not me.
  6. Lol so the big 3 actually isn't as heartless as what people said.
  7. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    I hope Slash didn't let SMKC cover any GNR tunes again, seeing Mylo singing it was fucking infuriating. And also it's gonna be very stupid to play it with this mediocre band, when he can play it with the real deal.
  8. What happened to Steven Adler?

    Damn, i feel sorry for SoulMonster he had to bring those valuable information to debate some people in denial who were defending a vegetable drug addict that'd been kicked 25 year ago, here in 2017.
  9. What happened to Steven Adler?

    "Adler" and "Reliable" cannot be used in the same sentence.
  10. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    That's what i'm trying to say, Sidoris were permanent but just at touring level What Slash need is let Fortus guest on just one song on the album, no need to make him full-time. It would be cheap and effective advertisement for both SMKC and GNR.
  11. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    I think since SMKC doesn't have permanent rhythm guitarist it will be worked great, even if the song is very mediocre people still gonna flocking to it since it was like a sneak peek of how future GNR album gonna sound like.
  12. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    You will got Fortus for SMKC.
  13. The music is by Brain & Melissa. Melissa's fuckin rules!