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  1. This is truly interesting line up.. Who the hell gonna be the lead vocalist? Is Todd gonna be the rhythm guitarist while Chip is the bassist? People from Axl side and Slash side randomly getting along with each other, what a time to be alive tough.
  2. For almost 20 years of Slash solo era, he keep Steven away as far as possible, only collaborating on at least three song, why the fuck people think he suddenly want Steven back is bamboozling me. He didn't even fight for Matt, his regular drummer and one of his biggest cronies, let alone Steven. Tarnished legacy what kind of bullshit is that, the legacy has been tarnished long time ago for god sake. He hate synths? LOL. They had a fucking CHANCE to ditch the 2nd keyboard position when Pitman out, yet he was agree with Melissa recruitment. Of course he will do that fucking handstand of happiness the moment Axl ask him for recording song with Fortus and Frank.
  3. I think Slash gonna invite Dizzy (for some piano lulz) and Fortus (Slash doesn't have a rhythm guitarist) for one or two song, because that's gonna create a buzz among Axl's fan and also because both of them were cheap as shit. Slash love money and cheap marketing gimmick doesn't it?
  4. http://www.cosmopolitan.com/career/a13140857/melissa-reese-interview-first-female-member-of-guns-n-roses-get-that-life/ There's a nice little story of how she joined the band and how she meet Axl first time on 2012.
  5. 09/23/17 - Rio de Janeiro, BR - Rock In Rio Festival

    The only member whose always deliver 100% and never disappoint for the entire history of GNR show is Dizzy Reed.
  6. 09/23/17 - Rio de Janeiro, BR - Rock In Rio Festival

    I'm not gonna blaming Slash about shredding because y'know, people can become interested on different style/genre at anytime, and trying to incorporate it on their own style.
  7. 09/23/17 - Rio de Janeiro, BR - Rock In Rio Festival

    Next time when on broadcasted show like this and Axl going disaster, they should do a collective fucks up, one by one, that's gonna shift the blame from Axl Rose disaster to Guns N Roses disaster. That'll do bad on media, but that's a real friendship and real Rock N Roll. Imagine it'll be fucking glorious too see Dizzy stumble in the middle of Estranged piano solo.
  8. 09/23/17 - Rio de Janeiro, BR - Rock In Rio Festival

    He's look very nervous at first, probably it's a downside for coming stage on time. He still human being after all.
  9. 09/23/17 - Rio de Janeiro, BR - Rock In Rio Festival

    They were still the most dangerous band in the world on fuck up and toying their fanbase department.